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9:00 PM
The world just isn't welcoming enough to people with late ideas
It's not your fault
class Item {
	constructor(name, price) {
   		this.name = name;
		this.price = price;

class Cart {
	constructor() {
		this.items = [];

	AddItem(item) {
lol, so I ran SMART tests on two different hard drives this morning
just a very very very simple example
one said it would take 300 minutes, the other said 600
some 6 hours later, both are at 70%
9:01 PM
also someone please look through my js, incase I forgot how to JS because of TS
clearly they stole octoprint's estimation code
@KamilSolecki thanks, I'm processing your code trying to understand
so, OOP is meant to resemble real life objects and what they can "do"
that's the value and most-frequent-criticism of it
the benefit of code structured that way is you can easily add additional logic to the act of adding an item to the cart without the items themselves or the logic around them being modified.
it might help to think in those terms, OO is very much a metaphor
9:04 PM
its tad simple. You have a Cart class that has one property - items, that is an array.
You have another class, Item, which will represent a basic item that has two properties - name and price
but how would that example handle quantity
classes, like modules, are also scopes
so the Cart instance cannot see what's in an Item unless the item allows it to
addItem(item, count = 1) { might be better
just duplicate the item in the array i assume
would make totaling it up easy
9:07 PM
the class Cart also has a method to add something to it (now be careful - it says item here, but its just the property name and JS sees objects only - you can pass anything there and it will not error. It might error out later, when you will be trying to access something stored in that items array and access its properties. If its an item, good. If its not - TypeError
You see a snapchat of a 20 year old punk in his work uniform for Jiffy Lube, redlining a customer's BMW M4 at 100mph. Do you screenshot him in his uniform and send it to work? Or do you move on
the hate has been ramping up ever since we hit question saturation
i bet if you just gave them a bunch of free SO points they'd stop complaining
so in some sensitive cases one needs to make sure that certain things are surely what they are supposed to be
but, this was a side note
It is technically a tech question
9:07 PM
idk I just don't understand a lot of these complaints I guess
people want other people to freely give them exactly what they need for most likely their job...
@Loktar People that suck hate being told they suck
They are entitled to your prowess
lol yeah that's what it seems like, a weird entitlement to other peoples time and knowledge
people have this unrealistic vision of what they think SO is supposed to be
or can be
In it's most ideal state it's a shitty website
9:08 PM
@KevinB well, I think it has changed recently
it used to be that you could easily post a useful question and get a bunch of different answers
i can say i enjoyed SO a lot more 8 years ago.
we've answered most of those and can't create new tech fast enough to produce new questions
Yeah but today we have standards. Good documentation available everywhere etc
a lot of the same questions that i answered back then, are the same questions that are being asked today
@ssube but the JS community is trying
9:09 PM
@SomeGuy Oh, one thing I found that Medium does and was very helpful: View vs. read status. There's a difference between someone looking at your article, and someone reading it
at the same time, the industry has gotten so broad, there are many more users with low-quality questions
so the ratio of good Qs to bad Qs has gone down as the total has gone up
It doesn't go further though, I want to know when people drop my articles, so I can know where to improve
1 message moved to Trash can
@AngelLuis Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
^ that's bad
^ unwelcoming :)
9:10 PM
hurts feelings
so condescending
I mean for real.. based on that article, that is exactly the kind of thing you would see tweeted out and people would be pissed over
9:10 PM
It could be re-phrased and link to that page that helps you format in SO chat, though..
python room one, I think?
oh yeah, we should definitely link that
> I just tried to ask a question in chat, pasted my code but how was I supposed to know what the formatting was, I just gave up and left my 22 year career in programming at that moment
it's actually helpful
> My first few SO questions were downvoted or flagged, and thisforced me to be better at asking questions. Now I almost always get an answer, sometimes just the process of preparing my question in such a detailed way causes me To realize the answer.
9:11 PM
This comment is really, really good
> Lover of Ruby on Rails
nah, just a jelly monster
@ssube I know. xD
> Get rid of the whole community, that'll solve it
@Jhawins hostile. It assume my intelligence
it all makes sense, when people say they don't like Papa John's pizza, I'm legitimately being oppressed on this site.
I'm so glad he made that blog post, it all makes sense
9:13 PM
@Jhawins upvoted with all my alts
i'm kinda surprised meta is so quiet with the existence of that blog post
@rlemon huh, weird. Is there a status code near that?
@Zirak rlemon is afk: beer bank baguette
Like a failed http request?
9:14 PM
@KevinB It's almost like the people that control the site also have the power to remove meta posts.
Puts on Tin Foil Hat
Meta has some good shit
Q: Give askers a way to challenge a duplicate closure

Mad ScientistWhen I read about Stack Overflow or the Stack Exchange network in various other places on the internet, a lot of it are complaints about the moderation. There is one specific complaint I see a lot, and that is that questions are wrongly closed as duplicates. Getting their question closed as a d...

First comment
Hmmm, I've seen a lot of duplicate closures accepted by Community (which apparently discloses the OP accepted). On the other hand I can imagine, that users feel "insulted" somehow, if their deficiencies about doing research themselves are drawn into the public (similar like LMGTFY). — πάντα ῥεῖ 3 hours ago
9:15 PM
@ssube so it always creates private properties and methods
> their deficiencies about doing research themselves are drawn into the public
didn't that user run for mod
Get riggity riggity wrecked.
@AngelLuis they don't have to be private, although it does allow that
without modules and classes, there would be no scope for private state
9:16 PM
@Jhawins Why can I not upvote this?
I upvoted it
Wasn't logged in on meta.
that box is so broken
9:18 PM
That's unwelcoming to me as an English speaker.
idk how to read alien.
um.. I speak human
Q: Hide downvotes past zero for low rep users

MgetzDownvotes aren't personal but they can come off as personal to lower rep users that aren't as used to the site and the mechanics of the site. By making it appear that there is a downvote floor of zero to users that aren't as familiar with the site it allows them to not feel like they are being ...

the first entry there isn't in human
i hate meta stackexchange
i don't have enough rep to downvote whatever i want to without fear of losing the privilage to downvote
don't go there, then
9:19 PM
Anyone read the last blog post?
Maybe all new users should get a free 1000 rep?
> Too many people experience Stack Overflow¹ as a hostile or elitist place, especially newer coders, women, people of color, and others in marginalized groups.
@KevinB IS that a concern?
Yes, it absolutely is
9:20 PM
"women, people of color" really? How can I tell your color from your code?
@Knu yeah you bright pink people get the brunt of the issues I feel like
If i disagree with an idea, and am unable to express my opinion on it, that's really frustrating.
This is so utterly ridiculous :)
nah, i think you're missing the point
9:21 PM
@Knu I could come up with some code.. but it would be in poor taste
@Loktar uhm no, i want to be made a mod upon registering, anything less than that upset mes
1 hour ago, by Kevin B
people "feel" marginalized. that doesn't mean they are being marginalized.
@hilli_micha hmm I do like that actually..
This is such an American view of the world.
9:21 PM
dude just wait, the mod elections will be targeted next.
@Knu fuck dude not all Americans
The is crazy because I thought SO was past that.
just the tiny blue parts
these politics are everywhere.
and not all of those parts
Last Mod Election gave us all mods from Austraila, should I complain that I am a marginalized burger?
9:22 PM
IMO they're so used to being told that they're being marginalized, that even when they aren't they feel that they are.
I don't dispute that i'm probably biased, but i don't see what that even has to do with the conversation
I mean you could all be women for all I care I wouldn't be able to tell easily.
Who cares anyway.
I wanna see someone guessing the gender from code.
the only countries that don't have annoying vocal SJWs are ones I don't want to live in, like Saudi Arabia or Russia. Take this whining as a sign you live in a place where people have the freedom of speech and time to do this and be glad.
when I initialize i and j and then do {i,j} in the browser console, it seems to return the second (j) every time.
if someone has cheese, crunchy shell, and meat in their code, assume they are a crunchwrap supreme.
@Knu downvotes on SO meta work differently to how they work on main. They are usually used to express your agreement with what the OP said. They also dont influence your reputation. This does make great sense, as it makes for an easy voting system for ideas - which meta generally is. I also think it would make sense to work like this across all meta sites
9:24 PM
but if I do var ob={i,j} it makes a composed object like I would expect.
Having SJW is one thing. Letting someone post such a stupid statement on the official blog is crazy.
@KamilSolecki not at all what he was talking about
@KamilSolecki ur sure it's directed to me?
uh, i misread the context
@Knu Hey don't put that shit on us. It's just some crackpots that got too much FREEEEEDOM and got spoiled
9:25 PM
@Jhawins I think that SO it's a great community, one of the best of the Internet, but there is no place for stupid people like me, I'm banned for ask "stupid" questions. But I only tries to ask things that I haven't found nor Google nor SO. Maybe it should be another community, StackOverflow for Dummies. xD
Well they don't have a comment section on their blog :)
my bad
@ssube how do you leave chat to be productive
@AngelLuis There already is groups for dummies, Facebook Dev Groups.
I need to know
We wouldn't write such a blog; we are the ones they are talking about. :)
9:26 PM
anyways, is my console broken or am I missing some JS concept?
@AngelLuis Tbf it really is a mundane Q&A site and that is inherently for dummies (uninformed)
@hilli_micha I don't use facebook nor social networks
nah, it's just how it works
@NH. it's interpreting it as a code block with comma operator then
put () around it
{i, j} is a block that runs i, then j
and returns the latter
9:27 PM
On chrome I get an object.
with both properties
@Knu yeah, that's my fault
@AngelLuis there is a very good reason to this. When people refuse to answer basic questions, they don't do it from the sheer dislike for someone - they are trying to get him to learn how to do research, which is the single most valuable tool in a developers hands
@Jhawins for me it's the best site to learn, because you can read a lot MDN but the really important it's know to solve the code
Firefox didn't like the idea as much as Chrome
if someone created SO for dummies it would very quickly become a spamboard
9:29 PM
@KamilSolecki yeah i was referring to meta.se, where it has its own reputation system. I fortunately have a decent amount of rep there now thanks to one answer, but i still very much dislike that users of that site with less than 125 rep are limited in how they can express their opinion on a meta site.
@AngelLuis You're one of those people I hope never logs back in, but the staff hopes you stay forever and get free halps
there is lots and lots of really quality explanations of every single basic concept of any aspect of programming really, and repeating them over and over doesnt really make sense
@KamilSolecki And then the "spammers" would get trampled by the actual users... OH WAIT, that's stackoverflow
9:31 PM
@Zirak wanna fix TypedArrays in puppeteer? Could be a cool project and I'm in a busy period
There is some good reading in Tavern btw
@BenjaminGruenbaum what's wrong with typed arrays in puppeteer?
@Zirak what do you mean it is your fault? are you a browser designer?
9:31 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum that's a lot
@NH. not really, but I was the one to implement that, just like you can
my making a pull request?
@KamilSolecki I'm not a clever person, so I try to research a lot before ask, all I know was self-taught, and sometimes I get stucked in stupid/easy concepts. The community can think "oh another guy that haven't researched..." but not, I only get stucked in an obvious concept
@BenjaminGruenbaum hrm, makes sense, passing typed arrays over json sucks
@AngelLuis then come to chat more :D
9:34 PM
Weird that it takes so long though, what kinds of shit are they pulling?
@Zirak yeah, totally does - if you just create a TextDecoder and encode it in a single byte width encoding (like windows-1252) and then encode it on the other end it's done in milliseconds
@KamilSolecki I occasionally get bored of it :P
@KamilSolecki thanks I like to chat, this chat and of course Javascript. I'll spend more time here and less in useless sites, it's great spend time and learn at the same time
It's Petka's idea btw @Zirak
@ssube send help I have code to write
9:36 PM
write my code for me
@BenjaminGruenbaum Nice thinking, I did something similar some time back, also had a weird case of communicating over JSON (js to python I think?)
also my prod changes
@Zirak this is the same problem that I had with Android a while back stackoverflow.com/questions/27034897/…
This room creeps me out
9:37 PM
!!afk home time
!!afk it's a command or only a chat convention?
it's a command the the local bot, @CapricaSix
@BenjaminGruenbaum haha 8859 was the one we used
I miss Esailija
I still talk to him sometimes on FB
@Zirak nope. The request doesn't fail. But the browser bitches at the response. And the websocket never stops listening to that room
9:39 PM
> I came across your profile and noticed your background in .NET and C# so I wanted to reach out!
well those are both lies
Converting binary data to "always printable" text is always fun, you get weird shit
Why do we have such nasty oneboxing
@Luggage I can know that commands?
@rlemon Does it always happen, on every page leave, or is it statistic?
Has anyone seen the twitter oneboxing on meta chat?
9:40 PM
I only tried with that room
@AngelLuis Yup, use the !!help command. Do it in the sandbox please
@Luggage AngelLuis is afk: it's a command or only a chat convention?
But it happened in the past. Refreshing the bot sopved it for a little. Not long tho
@MadaraUchiha halp us we need this oneboxing on SO
9:40 PM
@Zirak I was hoping you'd take a look at it - should be a fun thing to fix
@Jhawins I use the ultimate lemoney darkey theme so I dont have to complain :D
@Jhawins ?
@MadaraUchiha I'm gonna onebox the same twitter post
:42293240 omfg wat
1 min ago, by Jhawins
user image
9:41 PM
^ Meta onebox for comparison
Stop starring it it's an example
On meta it's just a text quote
@Jhawins That looks like a comment
On here it's a huge annoying block
Just put a link to the comment
9:42 PM
@MadaraUchiha It's not. It's the exact same link
Oh jesus
No idea then, post on meta.
He manualy typed it...
Nvm, dumbest thing I've said here in months
9:42 PM
foiled again by cavemen
what game?
nobody expects the mechanical inquisition
> but also suggests that we just might be Zuckerbots who aren’t even trying very hard to pass as actual humans
They said that in the blog, lmao
@ssube Hey screw you man, I love breathing oxygen!
I mean he also said things like this too...
9:45 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum They shitting you? github.com/GoogleChrome/puppeteer/blob/…
It's hella easy
@Jhawins where is this posted?
but not in the blog ofc 😉
They already have a system in place to convert values
@Loktar lel
@Loktar RT lol
9:46 PM
there's lots more.
@Zirak lol, awesome
so is the vice tightening on SE in general?
he insulted all frenchies
Haha that one is actually funny
9:48 PM
alright I'm done 😋
I need to be a RO so I can read that.
:42293386 I missed that one :(
try harder
@Jhawins NOT YET
9:49 PM
@Jhawins oh you...
at least use the stackoverfiow domain
@Jhawins I get a 404. probably the work network blocking it?
@BenjaminGruenbaum they could have done it like ""+JSON.stringify(arg)
!!tell ndugger echo please fix ndugger.com
@Jhawins also it should be nickDugger.com
9:49 PM
@KamilSolecki You can't handle a moist towelette!
@Shmiddty He gotta fix his domain
@Jhawins I banned him from the bot for exactly that
(assuming you knew he has you blocked)
Oh don't get riled up over that
Nobody cares when it's about rebecca black
9:50 PM
@NH. no they couldn't?
dude. if I'm laying out bans to other people, you can't just go and do it
@Zirak I handle moist towelettes with utmost subtlety!
You do your thing buddaaayyy
!!afk home time
ugh. why even have rules if you're just going to shit on them?
9:50 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum why not? didn't you want a string?
smarten up dude
hey the bot doesn't do anything for rebecca black..
!!ban Jhawins
that's all users/us.
@rlemon Jhawins added to mindjail.
9:51 PM
@Loktar no using the bot to get around people ignoring you. that's insta bot ban. I banned dugger for doing it to Jhawins a few weeks ago
then J does it. smh
he did it as a well-meaning joke but you are right to remain consistent on the issue
ooh yeah I didn't even catch that.
I was just replying to the no one complains about rebecca black
@NH. I give you 5 minutes to come up where what they do and what you suggested give a different output - that is - come up with a value such that ""+JSON.stringify(value)" and their code produce different outputs
I think the only time I thought about gender on SO was during the last election. They reveal so much about themselves (to win your vote over) that you could almost tell their sexual preferences. Welp she didn't win in the end.
but... he meant masking links duh.
9:52 PM
@rlemon for some reason I always read smh as suck my horseshoes
@NH. If in 5 minutes you haven't figured it out ping me and I'll provide it
i don't even know what smh means
Stop escalating shit. When something doesn't need to be a problem. Don't make it one.
suck my hands
I didn't know. It was meant in good fun
9:53 PM
so much eh
This blog post is over the top, I wish it could be toned down at least.
shaking my head
Yeah suck my hands too
@Knu I would have to guess it went through some sort of approval process as well
!!tell capricasix echo I'm not debugging jack now because I'm banned
9:54 PM
@Jhawins You iz in mindjail
nah the guy seems to be a top dog in SO
Yes mam
> VP of Stack Overflow
no one vets his posts
Aight I legit in my car now. Lemon, I hate thou. Later everyone else
@Knu heh I didn't realize the position title
9:55 PM
@Knu Jeff Atwood is the co-founder of SO
Unless we aren't talking about his post
wer talking about Hanlon
heh. Interesting.
@rlemon I'll make up for the hate you received with a little love
Jeff is big on the gay issues but he wouldn't go as far as stating stupid shit like that
9:57 PM
Can we counter this with opposite "again" links? There is not nearly enough room. When you've been only looking at the ass-end of SO, everything starts to look like ass. SO employees have been doing ass for entirely too long. — Hans Passant 16 mins ago
meh, doesn't bother me. rules get broken, I'm going to enforce the punishment. I handed it down to other people who were "just joking", and I'll keep handing it down. don't drag the bot into unnecessary drama. if someone wants you on ignore, let them have you on ignore.
@Jhawins As your lawyer, I'm not sure I can keep you as a client
> Lawyer: I'll see you in court!
man being Trump's lawyer must be exciting
not your typical work at the office
but he's a billionaire and has sex with porn stars.. what's not to love?
basically batman
9:59 PM
@Knu very exciting, especially when they pwn your house
it's common in this chat say goodbye or simply leave quietly?

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