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3:00 PM
is there a way to tell ng build to build from a specific directory? I'm trying to write an automated test script and bash is all wonky about changing directories.....
@RachelDockter that can lead to possible SQLi issues if not managed correctly.
npm can use --prefix, but that's not working with ng build
what you can do is to pass a parameterized query and an object with query param values.
@KendallFrey lol the video edit is awesome
so power ranger like
then return it to the awaiting function
3:02 PM
I wanted the real footage
wait hold on 1 sec
$("#subscription-form").submit(function(a) {
	var b = $("#subscription-form"),
		d = $("#subscription-form-submit"),
		e = $("#subscription-response");
		a = $("#semail").val();
lemme get my head round this haha
@KevinB quality variables
@KendallFrey just pure luck
3:03 PM
uh huh, sure...
cache: !1,
this user appears to be pre-minifying their code
	function sql(query, values){
		sql: query,
		values: values },

		function(error, results, fields)
			if (!error){
				return results[0];
@KarelG like this?
@RachelDockter your indentation and brace rules and new lines are atrocious
worse than mine. and that's saying something
ahaha im not normally that bad, i just put it together quickly
promise :)
so you reformat the code after that ?
why do not not start with a good format from start?
3:06 PM
@rlemon at least you're consistent
that isn't
if its correct ill properly indent it and that
that was just to ask if that was what u meant
@Neoares sometimes.
sometimes I do code in jsfiddle and my own editor then whitespace gets all fucky
How does towc stay in here for years, and not pick up on "Don't work for free"
visible spaces and tabs helps.
you use tabs or spaces?
3:07 PM
jsfiddle uses spaces
and your IDE transforms it into spaces?
Q: Need help understanding how NodeJS / PassportJS works

davidespI have the following 3 fragments of code taken from a working project I downloaded from internet: file: ./routes.js // ... var passport = require('passport'); var requireLoginLocal = passport.authenticate('local', { session: false }); var authController = require('./controllers/authContr...

cause mine does
@Neoares yes, with a button press
not automagically.
although I'm sure there is a option for that
oh, mine does automagically
but if I press backspace, it deletes 4 spaces if necessary
3:08 PM
I can't imagine Sublime Text can't do it auto. I just don't have mine setup to do that
so, it's like if the were tabs
ST3 does it nicely
that doesn't auto convert tho
uh, mac
is sublime text the best ide for web dev, im still using notepad++
3:08 PM
you have to hit the convert buttons at the bottom. or hotkey it
@RachelDockter uhm no
@rlemon only once though
not sure if I am right about your node library
@RachelDockter use whatever you like. there are benefits to all
what does "best" mean
3:09 PM
@SterlingArcher yes, until you paste in more code with the other option
!!define best
oh right, its ok
but it should be query.(parameterizedQueryString, [param1, param2, ...], errfunction)
erm, most useful, with best features etc
so you pass a parameterized query as a string
3:10 PM
they all have similar features. some do some better, some make you use plugins.
and an array of replacement values
yes thats right, the query is a string like "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?"
and then i pass an array with all the values
@RachelDockter the problem with getting a straight answer here is we're all just going to tell you the editor we use, because it's the one we like.
there is no 'best editor'
just 'best for you'
better to use that function with 3 arguments
OG notepad
3:10 PM
more clear for end user :P
@SterlingArcher ++
!!are you there
@Neoares Yes!
++ is for losers
3:11 PM
the 3rd param is the error function right?
vscode is best
i thought the error handling was inside the function
or use default handling
where ive put if (!error)
3:11 PM
I would make a promise from that
then you can do a simple execute().then().catch()
im currently watching a video about promises as i have no idea what they are haha
rubymine :^
okay ill note that down
@RachelDockter so ignore your current issue, and play with promises for a half hour
thankyou :D
3:12 PM
with simple timeout examples
then switch to async / await
noons o/
because it's the same shit
but prettier
right ok
AKA boilerplate
and you're less tempted to new Promise()
@Neoares ?
3:13 PM
async/await is to new Promise what arrow functions are to regular ones
not at all
I meant syntactic sugar
not even syntactic sugar tho
arrow functions are not syntax sugar
3:14 PM
not even that. they are sugar for promises (.then()), but not new Promise(), the constructor
no, async/awayt is
but not for the promise constructor
to primises, in general
but it's not
3:14 PM
@rlemon it is for functions tho o.O
it doesn't replace promisifying a function
it's sugar for using .then() specifically.
not the constructor.
and if said function isn't promisified, you can't use it with async/await
@KarelG no, they differ from a regular function
or were you talking about something else?
what ?
3:15 PM
they don't bind.
and can't
ah right
they're anonymous
and have no arguments object, too
@Neoares they can be named, i think
then why it isn't syntactic sugar
and before arror functions we still had anonymous functions
3:16 PM
they are fundamentally different. if they worked the same and looked different it is syntax sugar.
and what's the difference
arrow functions are sugar.. but not JUST sugar. There is new behavior, too
I would argue they are not sugar. but they are pretty
that's fine.
we agree on that at least
3:17 PM
might be used in places as sugar, but arrow functions themselves are different from regular functions. so I can't just say they're function sugar.
that's not hentai
that is a pretty arrow ^
They should be just sugar, where the extra behaviour is controlled separately
// But you could say say are sugar for this pattern:
var self = this;
foo(function() {
    self.bar = 42;
3:18 PM
A: Arrow function vs function declaration / expressions: Are they equivalent / exchangeable?

Felix Klingtl;dr: No! Arrow functions and function declarations / expressions are not equivalent and cannot be replaced blindly. If the function you want to replace does not use this, arguments and is not called with new, then yes. As so often: it depends. Arrow functions have different behavior than fun...

just needs a pixelated square between the legs
>.> there are uncensored hentais as well, y'know
3:19 PM
@Luggage close enough?
this might be a stab in the dark but are promises basically used to run async functions one after another
dont hate me if im wrong pls
Promises are just designed for async in general
i mean, they can be used to do that
In JS, that has to be done with functions
so... yeah I guess
3:21 PM
but that isn't their only purpose
it's a tool
anywhere you'd use a callback for an async method, you'd probably benefit from Promises
can be used for a variety of things
alright, im getting there
So I have a webpack 4 config split into three files (common, dev, prod), and I have a library setting that exposes my bundle as a global var. It works in prod and I can use the global var, but not in dev, it's undefined.
Q: How do I expose a javascript module's default export object with Webpack 4?

Nathan JonesI have a javascript es6 module that exports an object as follows: import HealthCarePlan from './health_care_plan/health-care-plan'; import CourseRequest from './course_request/course-request'; export default { CourseRequest: CourseRequest, HealthCarePlan: HealthCarePlan }; How can I t...

export default {}
import foo from './asdf'
3:28 PM
@ndugger but I need to reference the webpack bundle from an html <script> tag
as a global var
It's in a django environment where I need to pass data from the django context to a js function within the bundle
Down votes for a correct answer? — Scott Marcus 1 min ago
Code dumps... doesn't understand why somebody downvoted him
le sigh
a code dump isn't worth a downvote, just a comment
unless it's wrong too
depends one the code :)
correct (works) but unreadable is also bad
@ssube not anymore to me. I downvote any FGITW answer when a CV should be applied
Also.. I think people do the code dump first to get their answer in early with the intent of adding more explanation in an edit.
3:31 PM
aaaaaand it's gone
Also it appears to be wrong
Lol a friend just got a "return shipping", however he never sent a package that looked like that, ever. (Yet his own name was on it).
is he in houston?
So he opened it: and it turned out to be filled to the brim with drugs; at least a 1000 euros of drugs.
@rlemon lol I was pretty sure im gonna fry Larry with electricity
3:33 PM
@paul23 No it didn't
1000 euros of drugs? must have been a small box
@Jhawins Alternatively he ordered 1000 euro worth of drugs and is building an alibi
Yes it did, or well it wasn't send from his name but rather his company.
@KamilSolecki huh?
Why would he have told you
3:33 PM
He should be high af rn
@NathanJones no you don't. Don't shove things in globals simply because you can't figure out how to do something properly
He called the police since he'd rather not have his company get some visit of law enforcement :P
a global for transfering state from a server-rendered app to client side is sometimes needed
Was it weed?
@SterlingArcher would need to be a big box for weed
3:34 PM
basically 1 short lived global. read once on app start
!!giphy what is drugs
No, mostly xtc.
@ndugger ok, fair enough. i'll think of a better way to pass along the data.
3:35 PM
Giphy sucks
but webpack has loaders for exporting globals. just googling "webpack global export" should have worked.
is that toby
That guy sucks
There is nothing bad about globals, the problem is with global mutable state
People keep forgetting that
I'm calling bullshit because only $1000 of weed could brim a box. 1000 euros of pills is only like 50-65 pills and that isn't brimming any box
3:36 PM
The worst thing about globals is that they'r "messy", the problem with mutable global state is that they make code hard to reason about which is way worse
@SterlingArcher 1 jar.
@SterlingArcher what kind of pills cost $1200 for 60
@SterlingArcher a jewelry box
@Jhawins $1200 is a fuckton of weed
3:37 PM
@KendallFrey didn't he rape someone?
Like a year's worth
That's a QP
Maybe this guy has no concept of the value of drugs, and it was actually worth 30000
Yea way more than a years worth lmao
@rlemon FC5
3:37 PM
:42286818 My back hurts and I will be in VA soon
yeah, $20/each is right in the middle
Actually this is not the place to be discussing that
can I sell you my antidepressants?
:42286828 if you think that's a year's worth... 😛
@Cereal There was an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia about this.
3:38 PM
I hate it when ROs talk in secret
You guys is wild
It's like being excluded from the basketball game
yeah, fuck ROs; bunch of lousy jerks
@Cereal We're potentially talking about illegal stuff that we're doing but doesn't actually bother anyone (smoking weed)
@Luggage oxycontin is a very popular pill these days
3:39 PM
@Luggage everything I've seen says to use the library option in your webpack config to export a bundle as a global variable (or as a umd/amd module, etc)
@BenjaminGruenbaum You shouldn't smoke wednesdays
My buddy smoked 3 wednesdays and he's in the hospital now
I inject the wednesdays directly into my eyes
It's funny how weed has been allowed here for ages, yet it's mostly foreigners who use drugs.
woke up 4 days later on tuesday?
Funny/sad/annoying depending on how you look at it.
3:39 PM
Woke up later next to a talking frog
oh, that happens sometimes
Yall need help
y'all need Jesus
we've had quite enough jesus thank you
3:40 PM
man, i want a dare short now
No jesus memes??
3:41 PM
^^^ see
fuck I forgot.
3:41 PM
Are you TheOneWhoMade?
l-mon ruined j-sus for everybody
disabled it on this end this time
no need for a kick
(jk jesus ruined himself)
3:42 PM
lemon is TheOneWhoMade's sock confirmed
It's not the kick you need, it's the kick you deserve.
@ssube jesus dude
@ndugger you only have to do the names of god
@jhawins have you ever used gasket sealer before instead of a real gasket?
3:42 PM
See! only one now
oh my god make it stop
if we don't replace the nouns, we'll have to bury chat in the ground for some years
the system works
@paul23 that's because Amsterdam is a great place to smoke in because everyone is chill - it's not that weed is more accessible there or cheaper.
3:42 PM
eye twitch
so 6 months worth or more
@HatterisMad lol yeah
@SterlingArcher if nothing else, it's making you aware how much you say jesus
@BenjaminGruenbaum Yet it's annoying to constantly walk up to people. Especially when they make a point out of it.
3:43 PM
I'm quite aware of how often I say it lol
this is madness
@Jhawins any issues or commentary on your use of it?
@HatterisMad I used too much and ended up with a gnarly oil change
@Neoares no this is jesus
3:44 PM
@Ikari No, this is patrick!
@paul23 people who like to make a big deal of something they're doing are always a pain in the ass. Tourists often tend to feel entitled. I feel your pain :D On the other hand it brings a lot of tourists and money to the economy
Idk. It was temporary, 3 weeks for the clutch cover on my bike. Worked fine would do it again
@Jhawins why do people get "shorty" clutches?
I might have smoked with certain ROs in Amsterdam in the past :D
hopefully with more countries legalising it, there will be less "hurr durr lets get high in Amsterdam" tourists
3:45 PM
@ndugger quick, someone's on to us :O to the moon base!
@rlemon I mean hell, Colorado has basically supplanted the "Amsterdam" meme here.
I thought nazis lived on the moon
I think, as jews, you'd want to avoid them
@ndugger they wouldnt be there without a reason
3:46 PM
@SterlingArcher They have better leverage. It takes less force (and less fingers) to pull them
Anyway, in JS land - we're going to finally land "abort on unhandled rejections" and are having a big discussion about it. If anyone has any strong opinions about why we shouldn't make the default to terminate the node process on unhandled rejections let me know.
@KamilSolecki building up their forces to come back and invade, duh
@ndugger omg
Single finger ones are almost always on wheelie bikes. I buy 3 finger clutch levers
3:47 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum no, please do
@Jhawins how so? Wouldn't a longer clutch make it so less force is required?
now i think there's just something messed up with my dev build. my entry is now to a file that just has console.log('hi') but i never see 'hi' logged in the Console.
@BenjaminGruenbaum ON ERROR RESUME NEXT
@SterlingArcher Nah the entire perch gets changed so they're actually changing the pivot point of the lever
3:48 PM
Like putting the base of a seesaw more biased to one side
@ndugger those are cool ships
@BenjaminGruenbaum will this allow for a decent error stack?
Or they have ones where you have to pull harder but you don't have to pull as far
but I think the 1 finger clutches are dumb
3:48 PM
If I'm including the bundle in a <script> element, shouldn't the contents just run?
@ndugger From what I've heard, Jesus was a Jew. Maybe Jesus was a reptilian too?
Yea I might have a 1 finger and a 3 finger but never just a 1
Fake News, Jesus was American.
Stoopid af
@hilli_micha nuh uh, he never once went looking for oil
Have you guys never seen this?
!!afk pho
@BenjaminGruenbaum then yes plz
@SterlingArcher jelly
3:50 PM
actually, why was the undecent error stack there before?
!!afk twisty sausages
how does this change the error stack at all?
@ssube I have a source that says he did, just not the oil you're used to - theguardian.com/world/2003/jan/06/science.religion
well, you may be used to it, I don't know your methods.
That was an edit; this is the original dailymotion.com/video/x31r1xm
It's (((dope)))
@hilli_micha lol beautiful
3:51 PM
Its gonna be sad when Mel Brooks goes, he's 91 now. (Jesus). So he may not make it until lunch
I'm going to get a keto chipotle bowl again today. No rice, no beans, many sadness.
at that point you're just eating e.coli
@ndugger Who gave Jordan a space ship
that is chipotle's signature ingredient
@ndugger keto ruins burritos. find something else, don't eat a sad burrito and regret it
3:52 PM
mmm this is some nice twisty sausages
John McAffee likes to get pooped in the mouth
@KamilSolecki YOU killed Carrie Fisher?
and ate her hair to gain her power
@KendallFrey omg NICE
BOY mine was better, star trek sucks
3:54 PM
Im mot sure how many I will be able to eat
I guess two
I'll give you a twisty sausage to eat
I would honestly probably tap out at one.
That's a whole lotta sausage
@ndugger see a doctor
3:54 PM
too expensive
his doctor made him go on a meme diet
@ndugger so you're not a fish, but a duck.
yeah, it's called keto
Any advice for when ng build tells you "You have to be inside an angular-cli project in order to use the build command" but you have the dependency on @angular/cli in the package.json file?
3:58 PM
have you tried not using angular?
your project can only hatch if you get inside
lunch time, kind of
gonna bum a cig first

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