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8:00 AM
Do you even ping?
uh, fair question. Assume I have a class Foo. Now, that class will have a chaining API, but the chaining should always start with a given method.
Now, Im thinking about exposing only the first chain method in the class interface, and have that method expose all others with some type magic.

Would it be nice or would you rather abstract?
@BenFortune can I has link pls
@KamilSolecki How is "type magic" different from simply using inheritance?
8:07 AM
@Neil by abstract I meant abstracting the chaining api away, not the abstract keyword
@KamilSolecki Just trying to understand what you mean by your alternative solution "type magic"
lemme write this up
Haaaaa, found Trump's sister
This statue of Jesus in Poland provides Internet to nearby villages.
He died for our signals.
8:13 AM
@Ikari And on the third day he rose again from the electrical shortage.
It'd suck if the modem placed inside the statue of Jesus got an update that caused it to stop working
he died for our 4k porn
@Neil a very simple example to illustrate
export interface KernelRegistration {
    For<TService>(): KernelRegistration;

export interface IKernel {
    RegisterComponent<TContract>(): KernelRegistration;

export class Kernel implements IKernel {
    public RegisterComponent<TContract>(): KernelRegistration {
        return this;

    public For<TService>(): KernelRegistration {
        return this;
morning Kamil :D
Now, I do know that its all still available on the Kernel class
as they are public
but im not sure if it bothers me
maybe I should abstract this away
yeah this is wrong
Hmm, I woudln't try to do anything clever
If you can make it work just using normal basic typing with no big hassles, do it that way
8:25 AM
@KamilSolecki good one
@AltayAkkus and good finisher
thank you I like finishing things, like myself
Fuck. I'm out of whiteboard magnets
Now I can't hang up more memes
dw.com/en/… @GNi33 lol
a duck got flashed twice
@OliverSalzburg you do not hang em I think :P
* looks at my whiteboard * UML schemes :|
be careful, @OliverSalzburg
8:35 AM
@KarelG boring
@Neoares Those bastards!
@KarelG Boring!
It's a healthy mix between memes and nonsensical notes actually
And some dope infosheets I worked on way too long to get the fonts right on
How can I generate collapsibles dynamically? All the Code examples have an second object with an ID, but I cant generate an ID
why you can't generate an ID
element.id = "fancyID"
then I have to generate unqiue IDS
i wanted to make everything with classes
then forget about IDs
so use classes
8:40 AM
im sending a example 1 minute pls
@AltayAkkus That shouldn't be a problem though
I don't feel like creating dynamic IDs from javascript
I don't know why but... I just won't do it
i did it once its cancer
funniest bug haha
To generate a unique ID for the client side, you just need to start at 0 and count up
What's the big deal?
what if you already have an ID "5"
8:49 AM
Does it have to be globally unique to ID your DOM element or something?
@Neoares You use prefixes, jeeze
like, unique prefix + incremental number?
the question here is... is it necessary?
cause I don't think so
That's a valid point :D
no, this is a valid point -> .
8:51 AM
@Neoares It's true, that was a valid point
ultimateUuidSpewer() { return random()}
@KarelG haha. Switzerland is pretty well-known for their speed controls, seems they work pretty good :D
@ShrekOverflow It felt too rambly to me, but I gave up trying to redo it :P
I'm always tempted to touch hands with people on the escalator going the other direction
imagine the shock
add a seductive look maybe
8:52 AM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
that'd work
ooooh nice
didn't realize
@Neil i is much sorry, my english bad bad
@GNi33 probably only "well-known" for Australians though
8:58 AM
there is a huge bug issue in drupal (drupal.org/sa-core-2018-004)
guys, I didn't have coffee yet. let me change that really quick
but I could not find the CVE page on NIST
Do you know which portal they use for the CVE?
8:58 AM
@KarelG no idea
> Although a CVE ID may have been assigned by either CVE or a CAN, it will not be available in the NVD if it has a status of RESERVED by CVE.
from NIST
so probably not fully released yet to give some leeway?
@KarelG arbitrary ping
@FlorianMargaine that was my thought too. but usually there is a page within 24h
Gotcha revise it tomorrow
@KarelG what are you looking for?
I got my info here: drupal.org/sa-core-2018-004 but i use NVD as my source for new security issues
Luckily someone posted it on HN because you remember I was helping someone hosting a website
Said to him to not bother with the admin/management part
9:15 AM
guys can anyone solve my doubt on highcharts???
@GvsAkhil Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@GvsAkhil No. They suck. You are right
guys can anyone explain me how to show static image from folder in angular 5
Q: How to make series in HighCharts change Dynamically using Javascript and not Jquery

Gvs AkhilI have searched all over the Stack Overflow Website and can't find a Perfect Solution. So someone who is good at HighCharts can help me out. Any answers will be Appreciated.....Please answer in Javascript and not Jquery.... Generally I am creating empty variables in Series according to my usa...

@DotNetLover That's not possible with Angular5
9:17 AM
that is a nice promo
can u solve my doubt @OliverSalzburg
Oliver why not it is possible
@KarelG For stolen keys?
in tinymce i have uploaded a static image and that's url appearing in tinymce but not showing the image using angular 5
Sorry, "second-hand keys"
@KendallFrey Why not open a PR on the existing repo? Otherwise MIT is my preferred license
@GvsAkhil Not quite sure what you mean, but you should update your question to clean up your writing and have the information gathered in the comments in it
9:21 AM
@OliverSalzburg from key selling site. I have checked them tho
I bought my win10 activation key there
And, some advice for the future, try not to have people play the guessing game in the comments below your question. Put some thought into it and you will get better answers
@KarelG I'm familiar with these sites and I bought my fair share of keys and had my fair share of trouble with them. I don't buy that shit anymore
never had such troubles :P
@KarelG Problems happen at scale
I have an account on two key selling sites. Never used others because I could not check their (re)liability
bought 15 games there
and office for my mom
I bought 15 Windows keys once from one of these sites. That was a major pain in the ass
9:23 AM
i am just saying that the offer appears too nice
Apparently they were scared of being ripped off and wanted a copy of my ID and shit
in tinymce through image handler i have uploaded a image to folder and wants to show in tinymce but only url appearing not showing image Angular 4
<img src="/assets/Images/foo.png" /> appearing in tinymce code
but image not showing..
i am returing uploaded image location from server..


Everything after I had paid
It was just a major pain and so not worth it
9:24 AM
that's why I use paypal
And these stolen keys are just annoying af in the end
They only way to go is a license contract with MS where you can easily scale up/down. That has proper service and support and you're all safe in the law department
@DotNetLover If you want to display a static image, use a img tag. I don't understand what that has to do with Angular
And, yes, I know these keys aren't stolen. They are from third-world countries were software apparently only costs 10% of the retail price. Or previously owned OEM licenses that are also a fraction of the cost but not legal everywhere
And you constantly run into activation issues and have to touch base with MS support to have them activate your shit
Or you need to contact the seller and have them "replace the key"
Which is like a second nature thing to them
If you have to do that shit for 20 devices right before a big event, you don't do that no more
If you need 1 copy for yourself and want to save a couple bucks, sure
eh oliver, for single, personal use it is ok
but for scales / batches ? I won't do that
oh lol, your last comment just came in
need to check my connection
I was wondering...
I really love our Microsoft license portal. So many sexy ISO downloads and keys
I still remember the first time I had access to MSDN. What a glorious day
which iso files are being shown?
All Microsoft products
9:32 AM
From MS-DOS to DynamicsNAV
did not expect to see older OSes
At least on MSDN. In our license portal, we only have the stuff we have licensed
I am curious if you get a request to update to win10 if you install win7
You you're real curious, check modern.ie
9:40 AM
guys, I need a form recommendation
I need a user to enter different options
how should I do that
Use a list
I thought about a <ul> with a lil bit of style and so on but
@OliverSalzburg ye problem is adding things to the list you know
What's the problem with that?
I dont know, appending something to the list so, unprofessional
You're not illustrating or communicating your problem very well
To me it sounds like you just want a list of checkboxes and that's it
9:45 AM
ok the following thing:
I have users who have to enter a menu card into my application
and now im making the add dish thing
and dishes can have different sizes, like when you order a pizza you can order small normal big
but some things have no Sizing, like salad, or bread
Okay, so you need the user to be able to dynamically extend the list of options in the form?
you have to script it. If the user has selected a pizza, do not show the size ...
so I need a form to add different sizes
@KarelG this is just the script to add the menu items not the user to order it
the goal is that the user clicks on the pizza and has a dropdown with the different sizes and has to select one
so I need my client to enter different sizes + prices
And what are you using for the JS part in your application? Vanilla/Native? jQuery? Kotlin?
this is my form yet
I have JQuery imported.
9:48 AM
The way I'd organize it. There are products and then there are attributes of those properties, some of which are mandatory
German! O_O
If they choose a product, they must also provide the mandatory attributes (and optionally provide optional attributes)
save it all in a database and bingo
And a pizza website! The chance to get some lorempizza up in there
@Neil of course
9:49 AM
!!pizza 64 64
but I need the form to add different sizings
pizza is a product and dish size is a mandatory attribute of pizza
@OliverSalzburg Input not matching /(\d+)\s(\d+)/. Help: User-taught command: 'gives <>https://lorempizza.com/$1/$2#.png
thats the best idea ive heard yet lol
lorempizza xd
I think I will make table and style it a bit
what do you think about my design tho?
@AltayAkkus Looks good
9:51 AM
started making it at 8am localtime (its 12 now)
Modern, clean, functional. Good stuff
that was my goal
I dont use anything except white and black, grey and sometimes a lil bit of light blue
The Pizza image has such a nice contrast and really stands out
9:55 AM
@FlorianMargaine A better solution is to not use drupal at all :P
@OliverSalzburg so I should do a list? Like 2 input boxes (Name and price) on one row, and then a button to submit it
so a list with the name of the sizing and a price
and is appending pure html code via javascript to a ul really good style? I try to make my whole website clean as fuck codewise
that RAM upgrade in my work pc feels so good
if the page is rendered at the server, then you can exclude the size input if the user wants to add a pizza
I should've done this ealier
@KarelG what do you mean?
9:57 AM
@KamilSolecki from what to what?
@AltayAkkus Tough call. I live in a very isolated world where I have only used certain frameworks for years. I actually don't know how to build something like that properly without a huge overhead
@KamilSolecki do your chrome run good now ?
chrome is fucked up
It was laggy as hell, I tried to install firefox with it and it crashed so often before I could downlaod it to end my misery
@KamilSolecki You know, they're supposed to be installed inside the computer
@FlorianMargaine originally had 8, but 1 died, so I was down to 4. Went like that for 2 months but couldnt really handle it, still for some reason postponed it till yesterday. 16 now.
9:58 AM
even 8 is way too low
wait, I could use Vue
vue actually makes sense in that case
16 is good
@FlorianMargaine It was a killer PC, but 8 years ago.
Literally almost the best I could have built back then

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