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12:05 AM
@KendallFrey not here
was just outside
tonight is supposed to be -1 iirc, but the next week it stays above that
rained a bunch this afternoon
@Loktar yea I'm thinking about it. got till the 30th I guess.
it must be super light. because shipping is $6
ohh what, the cr-10 is $7.50 shipping now. it was like $70 when I looked last year
Can I copyright something under someone else's name? Like, take some code provided by them, modify it, and put them in the license file?
I think it depends on their license
In this case, CC BY-SA
but there's literally no other information about it
I assume if you follow that, you'll be fine
looks like you can't
if that's what sub license means
I think that would be sharing under a different license
12:19 AM
are you keeping it CC BY-SA?
That's kind of what I have to do it properly
that's what it looks like to me
sorry, I assumed you wanted to release it under a new lic
The tricky part is I'm cloning something that says it was cloned from someone else, but there's no sign of the "original"
so attribution is basically impossible
is the original author reachable?
not really
only mentioned by a handle in the current owner's blurb
12:22 AM
maybe ask here with some more information
I guess it doesn't say cloned, but "based on"
they have a copyright tag.
@rlemon honestly I think I care 10x more than anyone ever will
very likely.
I'me just wasting time, mostly
12:23 AM
what'cha doin? factorio mods?
I got a spurt of motivation this morning to fix a few of my dark themes
then I'd assume linking to them with a based on note would be fine
no one cares about userstyles.
yeah this one has been explicitly abandoned
is it on github?
you can ask to take it over
nope, nothing but the code and the handle of the author
12:29 AM
I'd go for it then
wait what the frack
the source code apparently has templates
but the style in stylish doesn't
ohhhh my
stylish has customizable styles
fuck this just got 5x harder
debating removing the customizability
it only matters if you care about the other users :D
There may not even be a way to see how the variables are configured
@rlemon oh man I haven't watched zefrank1 in ages
it's a new one, and about frog fish
they're great. I almost got one, but it would have been havoc on my reef tank
12:44 AM
holy that mouth
next time you're in Kitchener, stop by Big Als, it's in the Toys'r'us plaza
they have frog fish often, and a bunch of other neat shit
honestly unless they have zefrank1, I'm not too interested
fish are cool tho
any suggestions on... detecting a legacy machine in a browser? I mean, imagine an old computer running a modern system and browser, I'd like to be able to "tune down" css, filters, animations and videos
oh wait modern browser
12:52 AM
detect a drop in fps somehow, maybe?
then the only thing that comes to mind is running a quick benchmark
maybe there is some "getHardware" API around? maybe
or you just do a math-loop and check for results..? but that sounds foolish
not really reliable
no, I mean use a requestAnimationFrame() loop to determine how loaded the system is (if there is no other API to get that)
idk, doing a small benchmark maybe would be viable.
its viable as long the user isn't rendering a video or whatnot while opening the website
12:54 AM
just timing it with whatever else is animating on the page should be enough. no need to add extra benchmark work
@jAndy nothing stopping you from tweaking the performance along the way as well.
@Luggage what do you mean with "how loaded the system is"?
you suggest to get the cpu/gpu idle time?
You want to turn back animations if they are too much for the system, right?
not just animations
also videos
css filters
all sorts of stuff which heavily influences gpu/cpu
There may be an API for this, for all I know. My idea is just a hack
but, record the time between renderAnimationFrame()s to determine if it's slow or not
12:57 AM
well there's the performance api, but I'm not sure it will solve this
er.. requestAnimationFrame
Q: Get CPU/GPU/memory information

Alex NesterI need to get any information about the CPU/GPU/memory.The number of cores, memory value, memory and cpu usage... I found a way to do this for IE:How to Use JavaScript to Find Hardware Information solutions for other browsers I do not know. Any idea how to do it? maybe webgl has access to inform...

sounds promising... I guess
@jAndy Someone really needs to recommend performance.getCPUInfo(), performance.getMemoryInfo()
to the spec
intentionally maxxing out system cpu is bad
12:59 AM
but then again no... it really doesn't matter what hardware is available, I really need like a benchmark marker
@jAndy no but that is exactly what it should do lol
oh I was referring to that so answer on getting gpu info
yeah GPU performance is misleading
But still I think there needs to be a browser api to detect
maxing the user's computer resources as soon as they open the page is shitty UX
I wouldn't want to know what cpu/gpu the user had and then look up in a list what settings to use, it'd try to turn the animations up/down at runtime based on actual performance
1:01 AM
@Luggage who said it would be the exact name ?
so you really need to do a little benchmark
on pageload
it could be an abstraction that just gives you a system backed benchmark response
people can agree on
it would be missleading anyway.. bringing up my "user is currently rendering a video" situation
and I really would not want to "adapt" or "re-bench" periodically
Games already do that...
it's nothing crazy @ShrekOverflow is suggesting
so just get a live FPS
1:03 AM
@Loktar Thank you!
@Luggage TBH even that would help lol
turn down or up the animations/settings until it's in range
I'd freak out if I open a website and my CPU / GPU max out
smells to much like bitcoin mining
he's trying to avoid maxing it you, chill out :)
I'm wondering I don't find more stuff about this on the interwebz.. I was convinced other sites which heavily use "modern graphics tech" are already dealing with that
you've said that 3 times now
1:04 AM
it's really not enough to do that via feature detection imo
@jAndy at colorbay.me our decision was to test it on a macbook, if it worked on such a shitty config, it should work on others
Back then it would crunch browsers with the Bokeh being the worst offender
@Loktar I played for 2 days straight
quite literally
which is exactly what I was looking for
@Mosho hah, yeah I've heard great things about it
I'm playing God of War currently
and random VR games, have Divinity 2 installed though
yeah I might pick up GoW
everything in divinity is voice acted
it makes such a huge difference
actual game mechanics aside
CloudFlare's DNS ( and is pretty snazzy, at least a fuck of a lot better than my ISP's (CenturyLink) - This video reminded me that was a thing youtube.com/watch?v=kqnvrjgyEMc&;
1:07 AM
you can take a talent called "pet pal" and then animals talk and are voice acted too
pretty damn well
and in context, nothing random
it's crazy
@hilli_micha It's gone down on me once though
gears of war?
I am a little nervous about it going down, because it won't be instinct for me to check that.
UPDATE members SET FIR=(SELECT FIR from members where `Member ID`=1400561) where `Member ID`=1812345
cant specify target table
1:12 AM
read that a bit earlier meant to share it
how to update a column from another column
@Loktar If that ends up not happening, I'm gonna be so pissed at you for getting my hopes up.
I wish I wanted a current gen card :(
just waiting for the 1180 announcement
@Loktar yeah bitcoin & co not really recovering
@loktar i have been looking at updating my card right now, what are you looking at
1:13 AM
@loktar wait shit your wife has your old 290x right?
was a really good ponzi though
@HatterisMad no, my backup pc has the 290x
I have a 1080
what does it run at temp wise during gaming?
my kids have rx480's
65c or so 😋
If you buy a 1180, I'll buy your 1080 from you.
1:14 AM
i was looking at getting a 1070 or 1080
damn mine is hot then
@HatterisMad it's under warranty for 5 years, will give it to my kids
@HatterisMad oooh no I mean my 1080
the 290x runs at like 80c under max load
my 290x will go straight to 94c under load
forget your kids, they won't pay you, I will.
1:15 AM
damnit misping twice, oh well lol
they only take your money right now
@hilli_micha haha
yeah I paid extra for the warranty though, like $70 more
I have it setup to get a replacement shipped 2 day priority before they even get my card
it is also cheaper for him to just stick his old components in their rigs than buy them new components when they need them lol
evga has a pretty nice warranty program
@HatterisMad yeah for sure
@HatterisMad ay, don't give him ideas. I want that damn card
1:16 AM
issue is now I have 3 other machines to support 😒
@hilli_micha what are you willing to pay for one
the boys both need new Mobos + cpus
they are on 8350's still, which are starting to show their age
@Loktar you spit out kids left and right but you are worried about supporting 3 more computers smh
evga has an onsite warehouse at loktars place for quick replacements
#1 customer and all
hah I wish!
1:17 AM
@HatterisMad Hard to say, it depends on where the used market for them goes once it craps out.. (if it does), but certainly not what retailers are charging, I'll tell you that.
this is actually my first Nvidia since 2002-ish, and first EVGA ever
but I'm happy with them so far for sure
@Loktar same... i am on the 9590 still and i don't even have bios support for nvme
My current is an EVGA and I've got no bones with it, it's really quiet.
yeah that sucks, it's because bulldozer is so freaking old now:/
I'll probably get the boys ryzen builds
@hilli_micha i was watching 1080's go for ~$430 on ebay this week
1:18 AM
@HatterisMad woah that cheap??
I'm highly skeptical of those prices.
@Loktar yeah for sure
I sold my 290x for like $360 last July lol (one of them, was running crossfire)
think they are only $500 new atm?
@Loktar lol dude i bought my 290x for about that price in jan 16
1:19 AM
actually i just found the ebay listing, i bought it for $274
on Ebay I'm seeing 500-800 for 1080's
but the issue is you have to worry about them being miner cards
Was it a seller with multiple or Chuck the 40 year old doesn't keep up with technology because electricity scares hhim?
1:20 AM
i have links to three more that sold for roughly ~$450
that was all in a 6 hour span when i was looking
yeah that's awesome prices are def coming down
they were in the 700 range for a while which is nuts
I think I paid 749 new in 2016
but I would hold out for new if possible just because it's hard to know if you're getting some miners card
yeah that would suck
I really wish Capcom would just say "We're putting VR on the PC port for RE7" I would totally buy VR shit that day
I want to play some good horror in VR and be scared shitless.
yeah wish they would as well 😒
I've recently started using my VR shit again, 2 favorite games Pavlov, and In Death
1:26 AM
argh, stylish is malfunctioning
@jhawins got oil in it and the bike started immediately on the new starter, it worked perfectly
1:46 AM
We have like 6 bags of chocolate morsels in our home and not a single one has gone into a cookie, they've all gone straight into my pie hole
Not a huge fan of batman
The controls are all over the place
Have you played any of the Arkham games up to this point?
2:02 AM
@SterlingArcher did you try playing League of Legends ?
we all know what @SterlingArcher likes to play with the most
the Arkham games were fun, but not the best fighters to come out recently
Arkham Asylum was a highlight when it released, but every game that came out after the fact staled my enthusiasm more and more
I enjoyed City (the second one)
the remaster DMC seems to be pretty solid (my gf played through, I watched most of it)
Haven't played DMC, the Mrs has DMC2 on PS2, closest I've come is playing Bayonetta
2:15 AM
they redid one somewhat recently, it's old enough that I imagine it goes on sale often: store.steampowered.com/app/220440/DmC_Devil_May_Cry
it's like the game Dante's Inferno wanted to be :P
@Mosho himself?
Jordan likes to play runescape
He has level 99 fishing
99 WC is where its at
fishing for scrub
Yew trees 4 life
yee, make em into long bows and alch them
make money acquire gf
2:25 AM
@Zirak Haha there, there. I quite liked Sbvtle and Ghost back when I tried them. I wanted more control, so I went with Hugo for now. I'll let you know how painful it is :P So far so good blog.whatthedude.com
@hilli_micha ~~ buying gf 200gp ~~
@SomeGuy Nice post
@SterlingArcher are your jimmies rustled?
Anyone else remember the old game, Defcon 5?
@hilli_micha LOL
2:46 AM
So this is what productivity feels like
@KendallFrey lol
3:03 AM
I didn't understand the Archer premier
@SterlingArcher don't spoil it ok
3:23 AM
Archer isn’t good
@sterling you have 99 fishing?
4:44 AM
@BenFortune couple more updates to the bot: it uses DI now, so new commands can be added hyah, and then configured hyah. I need to merge the DI lib changes into master and publish that, then PR the client changes.
oh, and the cron stuff is in, which should work for reminders and backups. Not sure how well it works, I had to swap out later because it doesn't work with webpack
Hello everybody
have any worked on graphana/graphite monitoring tool using node js
5:17 AM
Q: Three.js load fbx file with Texttures

Xuan Hoang NguyenI have a fbx file with textures https://github.com/nxhoang/Three.js-Fxb-and-Textures/tree/master/models/fbx (S1615BA1019U_AK0018.fbx and myfile.fbx is saved by 3D app from S1615BA1019U_AK0018.fbx) I tried to open file by three.js: var loader = new THREE.FBXLoader(); load...

help me please
Is there a pure unix/linux way to create an fs entirely in memory?
I know how to do so via fuse but that sounds like a massive overhead to implement :P
6:08 AM
@ShrekOverflow WAT?!
@Neil I missed the tar part there
also I am sleep deprived.
Basically I just want to mount a tar archive and pipe to it, not sure if that will work out of the box, I should have tried :P
@ShrekOverflow what advantage could you have to keep it entirely in memory?
@Neil I am pip installing -> zipping -> uploading to s3
pip install takes 5 millenium
zipping -> uploading to s3 is almost instant
so I want to optimize pip install :P
Ideally just pip install straight to the tar
well pretty sure you can unzip and pipe the results directly to another program
so if your other program can be made to read from standard input, you're all set
not really
6:15 AM
ok.. can you elaborate why "not really"?
@ndugger He is too late. Look at those wagons. It consists of ashes only 🙁
@SterlingArcher Alien: Isolation :P
You are not even near the end. Be prepared.
I started playing Alien: Isolation. I think I've discovered something about myself and gaming recently that I don't really like games which make me nervous to play anymore
I used to enjoy those sorts of games, but now it seems when my scope is to relax after work, those games don't help. :)
ha. That game is the first and only game where I shrieked loudly. I sometimes get startled, but a shriek?
Even my little brother checked if I was OK
that is surely not a game for heart patients.
but made it eventually with lots of deaths (but not 100 because I did not got that achievement)
I'll give them that.. they did an excellent job with the scares
Maybe I'll play it after a long vacation period when I'm relaxed
6:30 AM
@SarahRiddell Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
After a long day at the office when something goes wrong in production and your boss yells at you, is not the optimal setting for getting the pants scared off you by an alien.
I tend to play games like Factorio and minecraft :)
@Neil pip won't install to stdout
@CapricaSix is it possible to change constant property?
My ultrawide's here
It's awesome
6:42 AM
did you have wanked already?
it's an ideal introduction
He he hello
Hello I've created a question and I've accepted a correct answer yesterday. But now if I'm going back to my question there is no answer and everything is in the comment section ??? stackoverflow.com/q/50019529/8303093
Does a mod had some fun or a bug?
6:58 AM
If the comments are exact copies then it is justified. Link only answers are frowned upon because it does not explain everything and there is a chance of "link rot"
@ShrekOverflow so don't use pip
@Neil not an option
then you're screwed, I guess? if the prerequisite makes the result impossible, you can't make it work
@KarelG Ty
@Jhawins yeah, thanks for explaining
7:12 AM
We interviewed a number of candidates for an junior software engineering position last fall. During one of the screen sharing, code challenge calls, the candidate's 3 year-old son woke up from his nap.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Ideal situation, in other words
I'm just happy dude wasn't shamed for being a dad
"Extreme programming: lesson 1"
7:22 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum thats wholesome :D
@BenjaminGruenbaum ha, I should get kids then
Reminds me of that video I saw a few days ago of a streamer playing a horror-themed video game, and his 3-year-old grabs his leg and pulls it while he's playing, and the guy literally has this second of sheer horror
huh, I had the impression that when you get a kid, you look for a low-profile job
because you don't want anyone to talk badly about the kid and so on
also, stable income, but I guess it depends on how big of a streamer you are
so a father can't be a streamer?
if he has a well-established fanbase providing enough money, sure
but how many people can say they have that?
ok, maybe around 200 actually
7:29 AM
You'd probably be surprised
I bet
I don't know much about twitch, I guess I was mainly thinking about youtube, but almost everyone moved on from it
I doubt if most earn enough to buy a new Lamborghini, but I'm sure a good many could call it a day job
i have issue with select 2 this modified plugin. please check last example in this link : jdecuyper.github.io/blog-select2/allow-repeated-items.html
@CodeEmbassy Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@BenjaminGruenbaum question - shouldnt all ROs be able to close issues?
7:35 AM
@KamilSolecki all ROs are able to close issues, why?
Are you unable to close an issue?
@BenjaminGruenbaum im not
some are members, some are owners
I don't close issues. I only open them
Oh, you're a member rather than an owner of the org, everyone should be able to be on equal footing
Interesting, the team is called "owners" but you're a member of it :D
I'll try to figure out how to make you an owner
Also @Loktar @KevinB and @ShrekOverflow - will align everyone
haha okie dokie
7:38 AM
kk, now all ROs have exactly the same GH team permissions
noice, good jobo
oh man, I wish that TS had variadic types
@KamilSolecki Yes, although most of what variadic types solve can be solved by overloading if you compromise on the number of arguments
@Neil can you find a link? It would be funny to see it
Im currently trying to figure out a nice way to mirror CastleWindsor registration API
I thought you'd never ask ;)
@ssube Nice! Can't believe how fast it's coming along
thanks Neil. Funny and cute
When my brother is around, I place a sign on my door to open the door slowly when I am playing horror games
@BenFortune whatcha two building
7:54 AM
@KamilSolecki Cap 2.0
Using the service that powers Alexa
TS or JS
95% of it is @ssube's doing
He even came in the room and tried to ask me something. But I was so focused, so he patted on my shoulder. I stood still and started to look left with amazemend
because I know that it is odd. I would surely startle if I wore a VR
ben, was Madara not the person that TS'ed it ?
7:56 AM
@KarelG Should have scared him.. that'll teach him ;)
@KarelG I was indeed
@KarelG kinda, but they are making a whole new cap
three pings x.x
That's was a while ago though, I can probably do it better now.
@KarelG here is a fourth one, as I dont like odd numbers!
7:58 AM
that is ... odd.
@Luggage You talking about @Mosho?

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