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9:01 PM
The equivalent of Order 66, just text instead.
Do it.
"You cannot delete a post that others have invested time in". Who are these "others"? i both asked and answered the question!
I invested a lot of time being unaware of your post, please be considerate. Thanks.
comments? votes? one of them does it
both are negatively voted
one of my highest-voted answer is terrible and I would delete it if I could
9:05 PM
it has 1 comment from another user
Q: Can't see folders for network drives in Aptana 3 Project Explorer

Kevin BI just updated my OS from Windows XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit and installed Aptana Studio 3. All updates are installed, and i installed CF Eclipse. In windows explorer, under Computer, i mapped several network drives and they are accessible and working properly. However, within aptana, i go to t...

maybe it's just comments. And/or edits?
@ssube update it?
also, i just realized i got this PC in 2011
oh, and the comment upvote was mine too, heh. I see no reason i shouldn't be able to delete this question
@Shmiddty that won't let me delete it, though, will it?
make it not terrible
9:12 PM
@KevinB looks to me like you did
i was able to delete it by unaccepting my answer
oh, it's been CW for years and is not terrible
i don't think i minded
it's still PHP and I'd rather not be associated with that :P
wheniwork has a lot of php
don't deny it
9:14 PM
i earned 12 rep from deleting it
i thought it would be too old to affect rep
@BenjaminGruenbaum that GH comment was a joke. Prob makes more sense to Americans
9:30 PM
cuz we crazy
huh, the Anet A8 and Prusa i3 are both on sale for $170
I think everyone in the US already has one, though
The Prusa I3 is on sale for $170?!
oh, wrong one
That's an Anet A8.
yeah, had to cut off the email tags and mixed them up
they also have a laser engraver for $230
9:34 PM
That's a Tevo Tarantula.
@ssube Even better deal...


That's way cheaper than I got my A2 for.
it would be super cool if the laser machines (or CNC machines) would go on that much sale
I have a mini CNC machine I got for like $180.
at this point, with multiple-head machines being possible but not commercial yet, it's hard to spend $400 on two more separate machines
a $400 head assembly with a snap on laser would be a much easier sell
looks like a decent mod
in that you don't replace the head. just add a laser
huh, that looks cool
9:42 PM
Better have a damn good removable lens
looks like the same laser as the engraving machines, which makes sense, cause that's already modular
@rlemon Aquarium-building man is good stuff
@OliverSalzburg yea, and he's got a lot of content too
many many nights of youtube
All that smoke will be all over your laser the first burn. I've had em
between smoke, fumes, and dust from a combined laser/printer, you would want a good hood
9:45 PM
my printer is already covered in smoke
something that could hold heat for ABS and vent/blow the rest of the time
I wonder if the top fan gets any air through the fins
looks like a small amount might sneak past and move some smoke
if not, just mount a fan
we have 3d printers. printing a fan bracket is a normal activity
I was referring to the fuzzy burns you'll get once the lens isn't clear anymore
and we're discussing keeping the lens clear
9:47 PM
yea, we took it somewhere else.
so regular cleaning?
Oh you're just gonna blow it away
yea, if that'll work
I mean, there's already fans in that area. worth a try
print a fang that rotates :P
but just the one fang
and we have other reasons to want to remove air. like plastic fumes
Fume hoods are nice.
9:49 PM
yeah, my printer is in the basement
a enclosure is on my list. need to hit up ikea
I don't want to walk downstairs and get killed by fumes one day :D
dunno if i'll vent it outside yet, but it's possible where I'm putting it
the modular hotend mount i use thingiverse.com/thing:2494642 would let you have a laser, fan, etc
that thing just looks so intense
9:51 PM
for real
it's at least twice the size of the original assembly
but if that'll let me do a laser...
it looks twice the size of the fang
it is large.
and the fang is twice the size of the stock
now add some magnets and a rack to hold spare hotends off to the side...
9:53 PM
it's not that bad/big.
the thingiverse page says that's for the E3D ends, which iirc was the same company making the swappable printer
wow, someone needs to wipe down their bed ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜‰
it is overkill, though. I doubt I need both of those fans.
@ssube it can hold more or be modified.
I do like those gold plated connectors tho
I've used them a few times. very nice connectors
I have a bunch of similar connectors in my cart atm
9:55 PM
gold plated connectors?
was actually looking at getting a bunch of these, the drones use them and they're super secure
I get them on RC sites
ohh, those. yea, they are for RC cars.
well, not those exactly.
9:55 PM
but similar.
those and JST ones
banggood had all of them on sale yesterday ๐Ÿ˜›
I think I have xt60's
but I'll have to dig one out and look
overkill for a hotend amperage
but who doesn't like overengineering?
so, with connectors like that, do you need to worry about the current being too low?
9:57 PM
I got super pissed off at some cheap ones from dx.com that would always shake loose
if I wanted to plug a bunch of 18650s into something through them, it should be fine, yeah?
@ssube no. lower resistance never hurts
so I looked up what "the best hobby connectors" were and was presented with a bunch of RC ones
@ssube I use them for ecig related stuff
but high current connrectors mad be sized poorly for the job. tiny wires connecting to large ends
my drone batteries last ~20 minutes, so you need quite a few
9:58 PM
you wanna charge 18650s?
well, with a chip in between
is it trusted? :P
it's from adafruit?
you know why ecigs go boom. some lipos are no joke.
I have a few different battery charger-leveling-thingies
not sure what they're called, the chips that have power in, power out, and the battery
10:00 PM
well if those don't work you should be able to get a passthrough chip for a ecig for fairly cheap
I gotta plane some wood.
( อก° อœส– อก°)
this is the chip I meant: adafruit.com/product/2465
although I also have a few like: us.banggood.com/…
some days I love my job
this is some code I wrote today:
        from_up_readend = self.master_pipes[0]
        pid = os.getpid()
        while True:
            r, w, x = gevent.select.select([from_up_readend], [], [], 5)

            if r:
                path_len = struct.unpack("I", self._buffered_read(from_up_readend, 4))[0]
                path = self._buffered_read(from_up_readend, path_len)
having the occasion to write this kind of code is so nice.
@SterlingArcher sorrynotsorry
@FlorianMargaine A protocol for sized tcp packets?
10:08 PM
@copy it's actually over a unix pipe
and it's single master-many children communication
Do you need to use select if you only want to read from one fd?
Looks familiar, anyway
        from_up_readend = self.master_pipes[0]
        pid = os.getpid()
        while True:
            r, w, x = gevent.select.select([from_up_readend], [], [], 5)

            if r:
                path_len = struct.unpack("I", self._buffered_read(from_up_readend, 4))[0]
                path = self._buffered_read(from_up_readend, path_len)
                self.log.debug("Child process %s got path %s from master", pid, path)

                gevent.spawn(self.get_private_object, path)

            if stop_event.is_set():
@copy more context for why it's needed ^
Ah, timeout
it's not ideal, in that the better way would be to wait for both stop_event and the socket at the same time
but it's painful to do
Don't you also need to handle the timeout in the reads?
10:13 PM
How would you loop through this samples.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/… if you just want to get each day and the responses have like 4-5 per day and only difference is the date..?
nah, the writer is a function above, it's controlled communication over a unix pipe
(it's not network or something. If the unix pipe is failing, I got bigger issues anyway)
I see
@copy ah, you might be interested in a trick I found a few months ago: stackoverflow.com/questions/48703231/…
I thought waitpid could do that
waitpid is from parent to child only
Ah, right
@KendallFrey haha my teeth are no where near that bad
@rlemon dayum!
@SterlingArcher how would anyone know because they're invisible
@KendallFrey say I wanted to make a 90 degree tube, but I also want it to sit at a 45 so I can print it without supports. cad.onshape.com/documents/ac979bb3b38dd82fc1229afd/w/…
this seems stupid
is there anything automagic to make the joint?
What do you mean "make the joint"?
10:34 PM
ideally I'd just like a bent tube like this
and I can add supports where needed to make it print in the right orientation
i just can't
@rlemon Sweep
it was quick
I wanted something to show you :P
@KendallFrey ohh that's handy
Handy? It's essential :P
dude, in this tutorial video he's showed me another option I wasn't aware of and am a bit ashamed
you can show sketches after extruding with the show button
fuck, I've been suppressing the extrusions this entire time
I don't even know how you function
10:38 PM
I jumped into onshape
no docs, no tuts. just onshape and you
I didn't even have me
and I'm still winning
That's what Idid with resct and mbx
Omg Windows has native swipe keyboard
Holy shut
This changes everything
Is that why 7 out of 8 words you recently wrote are typos?
The first message was trying to type normally
It's a 8 inch tablet. Impossible to use the keyboard
Create a logical volume called linuxadm of size equal to 10 LEs in vgtest volume group (create vgtest with PE size 32MB) with mount point /mnt/linuxadm
^ What are LE and PE in this context?
10:46 PM
dat paint near the camera makes me uneasy
@Luggage little endian and phat endian
like big endian, but ghetto
Logical something and physical something?
how much space do 10 little endians take up?
PE may refer to: == Science and technology == === Computing and telecommunication === Phase encoding, another name for Manchester code Portable Executable, a computer file format Windows Preinstallation Environment, a lightweight version of Microsoft Windows Progressive enhancement, a strategy for web design Protocol encryption, a feature of some peer-to-peer file-sharing clients Provider edge, a router between computer networks === Medical conditions === Pectus excavatum Pleural effusion Premature ejaculation Pulmonary embolism, a blockage of the pulmonary artery === Medical interv...
um, thanks
wikipedia usually has acronyms in categories that make some sense
10:51 PM
ahh, physical extent size
damn, wiki failed me again
and logical extent.. ok..
Has anyone here been able to get webpack 4 library exports working? I want to expose a default export object to a global variable.
damn, ender 3 is pretty cheap banggood.com/…
cc @ssube
also @Loktar
not sure if it's always on sale. but 47% off right now
Oh no
11:01 PM
Guess I know where my big base isn't going
@KendallFrey fill it in
I haven't even gotten around to making landfill yet ._.
Also, I haven't noticed a single cliff, wtf
do your mods change map gen?
shouldn't affect cliffs
also, thank fuck for OP exoskeletons
alright, I wrote my question in more detail: stackoverflow.com/questions/50032587/…
11:17 PM
@rlemon hah nice!
wonder if it will be cheaper once they have the US stock
the ender 2's are usually 229 when in CA, but 160-170 in the US on banggood
heh perfect example
damn that's a nice price for the ender 2
11:35 PM
hi everyone, i was wondering if any of you might have experience with google cloud platform? i seem to be missing a step in deploying an update
for my reactjs app
@rlemon they have a couple others on super sale too, an a3 for $170
The last is the best part IMO
11:51 PM
are you FUCKING KIDDING ME itsfuckingsnowingagain
which way is it headed?
you're east of center, too, yeah?
centre what
the continent
11:54 PM
smack dab in the middle of the great lakes
the NE area/eastern lakes look pretty stormy
i swear to god if it comes over here
it's just gently falling down, like a perfect christmas
should be gone tomorrow morning
although it's not supposed to get warm until the afternoon...

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