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12:41 AM
2 hours later…
2:16 AM
@William so inaccurate
> Node Punishes Developers Because it Disobeys the Unix Way
the fuck is he talking about?
Sounds like some daily whining.
sounds like medium.com
1 hour later…
3:32 AM
"x is cancer" posts considered harmful
3:44 AM
@littlepootis unix is originally pipe based and streams and file descriptors. Node throws all that out the window.
@Ryan Eh?
@littlepootis well not all that, but it is single threaded(technically) and just fairly weird
I actual like node because it was easy to understand everything is a function and nonblocking. No classes or any other fancy jazz but the new Promise functionality isn't exactly bad or good either.
@William The new Promise functionality is amazing! When it's the right solution it's really the right solution.
@monners it makes it slightly more confusing to understand how the code functions because everyone seems to be using there own library here and there.
@William Errr, so use native promises
3:56 AM
@monners what about jQuery promises?
^ don't be a doofus, just use the native Promises
@William fucking no
those aren't even real promises
exactly my point just adds to the confusion
If you get confused by thinking that jquery has real promises, you're a moron
no but is is multiple syntaxes you have to keep track that are similar yes?
Look up thenables. That's the source of truth, even in most popular promise libraries
3:58 AM
@William no, because you should be using the native promises.
Your arguments are terrible
@ndugger syntax confusion is a real issue. I'm not saying promises were a bad idea just until there standard everywhere they are just that different
@William They are standard everywhere! Native! That's what Native means
@William As I said, if you're confusing jquery's diarrhea for promises, you're a moron.
If you're using a library, that's your own fault.
Promises are standard
4:00 AM
@ndugger please give me an example how they are not similar at all
@William Why? What's the point?
@William You're missing the point... jQuery is chalked full of fake and bloated shit that's slow and terribly implemented... just use native promises instead of using shitty libraries.
That's like saying please show how Angular and React are different so I can justify not learning either
exactly there is no point but us having healthy conversations
You're delusional if you think one of us isn't wrong
4:02 AM
Sounds like someone's trying to save face at this point :P
promises are needed imo
4:20 AM
> That's like saying please show how Angular and React are different so I can justify not learning either
No I'm saying "That's like saying please show how Angular and React are different because there are many similarities that make it confusing"
4:34 AM
Just let it go
5:06 AM
I look away for 30 minutes and suddenly there's jQuery promises all over
@Ryan This is what happens when we're left with inadequate supervision
I blame society
mornin all
(from the future!)
@phenomnomnominal Are you by any chance on the viewsource slack group?
5:24 AM
nope :(
6:05 AM
Hi all
Any good book for backbonejs?
6:16 AM
@phenomnomnominal join us....
Bought Mastering Backbonejs
I hope I took right decision
Isn't Backbone considered a little dated these days? (asking, don't honestly know)
I just rejected a proposed change to add an eval topic to the JS documentation.
We get to live another day :D
What documentation?
I agree, backbone is old
but it is still surviving
lol. Using eval(): Don't.
So how is documentation trudging along? Is it still mainly crap?
Yeah.. seems it's still rep-whore city
It's calmed down, and the quality seem to be improving
Ah, that's good news
I wanted to help write som React docs but rage-quit after a day
That edit you linked: did you see the bottom of that page?
6:36 AM
ooops, no I didnt :)
I don't usually accept rep-whore edits :P
You don't need to. Someone else will :)
Heh, I just saw I lost 143 documentation rep somewhere.
It's madness that reviewing doesn't require either rep or a tag score
I accepted an edit that removed an example xD
@ivarni But those with high score have higher-weighing votes.
6:39 AM
Yeah, I saw that announcement
Basically, Mjolnir in docs :D
It helps but I don't think it's enough.
I know several regulars in here write good docs, but a lot of it is still a bad version of MDN
The lower rep limit should be increased
I have literally no reason to read any of the JS docs on SO
Though I see the number of Hello World examples is down to 3
That's something :)
Yea, most of docs is still a poor duplicate of other sites
6:44 AM
I also have a problem with how topics are displayed. Ranking by votes make very little sense. If I was a total newbie and landed on the front page of any topic I'd be totally lost
But then again, it's written somewhere that SO is for professional and enthusiastic programmers so maybe that isn't really an issue
I just enjoy being bitter :)
I don't think JS need another doc site. But Java and PHP can use a user editable doc site.
When it was announced I pictured us developing frameworks, not languages that already have very good docs
When it was announced I immediately know people will flock to copy from MDN.
Consider keystone, their docs are terrible and there are lots of stuff that's not even documented.
I've spent more time reading the source code than the docs page
I think the doc's position and target audience is a bit unclear. A newbie looking for Hello World example is very different from a pro looking for technical details.
6:52 AM
True, and I don't think we should target that newbie who wants to print "Hello World" on the screen
It's not like the web isn't already packed with examples of how to do that
@monners give me an elevator pitch for why I need another slack :P
7:19 AM
I had some kind of similar problem and had the same question as this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24037936/how-can-i-debug-a-link-function-in-a-directive
it turns out something was wrong somewhere else (like the OP in the question).
How should we handle the question? It has +5 upvotes, no answers, only comments
I'd vote to close as not reproducible
Or possibly no MCVE
But if you ask in the SOCVR room you'll probably get a better answer
@ivarni Alright, will do. Ty
Q: How to make an Ajax Call

Melbin MathaiI am trying to make an ajax call to the google page while my sample page is load. But when load the page it doesn't show anything. How can I get google.com page into my page through Ajax Call. Please Help me to do the Ajax Call. Thank you. <body onload = "teamsFeedLoad()"> <script> function...

> "How do I embed google in my website using AJAX?"
A (now deleted) answer:
> "You need to activate cross domain settings on google server."
7:47 AM
Hello cats, maybe someone can give me a hint on this topic.

I'm really stuck on this. Hope you lead me in the right direction
@DasSaffe Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Is Caprica Six a stackoverflow bot?
@DasSaffe Interesting! That was my question also
@Cerbrus Are you sure?
7:49 AM
She's not a stackoverflow bot.
Interesting. I see her in all rooms!
Did you get an answer Ehsan?
Users can be in multiple rooms at the same time :-)
@Cerbrus Sure. But this dude is in all rooms!
caprica six wrote her text 2 secs after my question :o
7:52 AM
Caprica Six top 24% overall

Born: December 24th, 2011. 10:47PM.

I am a bot. Occasionally run by a person, but often just a bot. Don't abuse me and I won't abuse you.
Written in her profile :|
Could I make my profile like her? Bot and User simultaneously?
why not? you can use the same credentials. login via script (or run the bot via script) and if you want to run it by yourself, stop the script and login manually I guess?
Btw @ehsan, did you got an answer to your question?
@DasSaffe No, just had it in my head :)
ah, okay. yeah maybe someone can give it a shot. I'm totally out of ideas. Tried that for 2 days now without success, asked in the jquery-irc and now on SO - seems like thats not doable, hm?
You may try this
CapricaSix is just ran from a browser, as far as I know
But no, she's not a stackoverflow bot.
I can't see the benefit from that slider @Ehsan. Why you think that slider would be an option? havn't checked the hooks yet, though.
@DasSaffe I think you might go for alternative which allows some customizations
8:05 AM
@Ehsan I believe the source code for the bot is here
That episode was awesome!
@ivarni Correct.
@ivarni Thanks!
As instructed in the Readme how can I run the .js in browser?
I don't think that is a customization-problem. The anythingSlider is customizable as well, but I don't know if it is possible to hook into also set up widgets
8:09 AM
We can run it with node.js with :
node test.js
According to this question it's not possible :(
Can someone explain to me why a style definition in an SVG embedded inside another SVG is able to override styles in its parent? This is not the behaviour I expected... :/
By all means, I'll get around this by generating random classnames but I don't think it's cool that a nested SVG can override its parent's style
8:28 AM
@ivarni i thiiinnkk that the svg css is global
you're using the same class cls-1
Yeah, I can see that it's global, I'm just confused about why :)
because like you would expect in css, the later rules overwrites the earlier rules
I suppose that makes some kind of sense
this is isn't probably 100% technically correct, it's just how i see it: the browser reads the css at one time
so it doesn't read some css, parse the next dom element, read the next bit of css, and so on
I suppose I just assumed that a <svg> element was isolated when in fact it seems to work just like any HTML element
8:32 AM
yeah svg's are just regular elements
If I used an img tag with a src I suppose it would work
Oh well, I'll just generate my classnames then
Did you ever wonder where does 'Lorem ipsum ....' originates from?
In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum (derived from Latin dolorem ipsum, translated as "pain itself") is a filler text commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation. Replacing meaningful content with placeholder text allows designers to design the form of the content before the content itself has been produced. The lorem ipsum text is typically a scrambled section of De finibus bonorum et malorum, a 1st-century BC Latin text by Cicero, with words altered, added, and removed to make it nonsensical, improper Latin. A variation of the ordinary lorem...
@ivarni yeah, just treat your svg elements like you would any other, and write css in that way ^^
Bacon ipsum is vastly superior anyway
8:33 AM
@ivarni Lol, fascinating too!
@ivarni haha, it even has Landjäger and Leberkas, awesome!
nietzsche-ipsum.com : This one seems to use some human-readable words also
Hi there,
needed some quick help if you may.
I have a text input field in my website. I am using the site on the phone.
When i enter some text and press enter the android keyboard still remains on the screen. How can I hide the keyboard?
@ShaswatRungta Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
8:35 AM
Funny. Caprica greats everyone! lol
OMG! They have also created a plug-in for generating ipsums :
@ShaswatRungta That probably has something to do with the browser.
So by default it should close?
What browser are you using? Chrome on Android? Phone's default one?
8:39 AM
Chrom eon Android
Does the form you are trying to submit has a submit button?
GOOGLE @ShaswatRungta !!!!
Andoird: http://stackoverflow.com/q/2434532/1461682
Javascript : http://stackoverflow.com/a/5797678/1461682
Q: iPhone crash for feeding base64 to webview

Durai Amuthan.HI am using UIImagePickerController to choose image/video,upon selection I am converting the resource into base64 string and I am sending that to wkwebview NSData(contentsOfURL:(info[UIImagePickerControllerMediaURL] as? NSURL)!)?.base64EncodedDataWithOptions(NSDataBase64EncodingOptions.Encoding6...

@DuraiAmuthan.H Is it really IPhone?
I guess some memory leak in javascript causing the issue
8:42 AM
I think OP asked about an android phone
abbreviation for Original poster
@Ehsan No it does not . It has a submit type input tag
This post could help you :
8:44 AM
I am posting problem and it have no relation to what you guys are already discussing
@DuraiAmuthan.H Most Welcome! :)
@Ehsan Thanks Buddy
Um, sorry mate I thought you wanted to answer his question ...
@Ehsan I learned something about how browsers handle submit. Thanks for the link
Your welcome!
8:49 AM
Did you solve that issue on Android?
The site is angular made.
So I am setting the text input to blur() so that it loses focus and the keyboard closes.Testing if thsi works.
Tricky part is the input field does not have a unique ID
I am not really familar with AngularJS( in fact I chose to work with ReacJS ), but I hope you get this blemish solved :)
@ShaswatRungta .querySelector
9:59 AM
is there a way to tar/zip 2 files that are deeply nested amongst other files although in different folders, yet still keep the folder structure?
In node?
like folder1/foldera/file1 and folder1/folderb/file2 so the archive preserves the structure
in foldera and folderb there are a ton of files, i just want file1 and file2
I think it does anyway
@BenFortune yeah.. it does.. now
i don't know what happened but it was archiving them just into archive/file1 archive/file2
guys is there a way using js to force a page to horizontal scroll? the page contains two sections, the second section contains a table and overflow-y isn't working because some css div is causing problems, so all i want is to enforce horizontal scrolling without having to go through the troubles of finding the css problem js and not jquery
some js function
10:54 AM
Hi, I am looking for a library to utilize in my d3 project, which will convert sql data to JSON format
const json = JSON.stringify(sqlData);
apart from code there is no way?
Well you sure aren't going to do it with hopes and dreams.
Seems like you are more into fun mood
some nice software to map wifi signal strength? (linux)
11:06 AM
@ItiTyagi This question has been put on hold for being too broad.
@OliverSalzburg for pc?
thanks anyway
what do you want? like graphs or text?
i used iwconfig and just grep'd/filtered
if you want text, maybee it's enough @towc
11:22 AM
@William sure. But how do they relate? (Node and UNIX_
@William I don't think calling node.js "single threaded" is correct.
@littlepootis Well, if it's not multithreaded, then what is it?
It throws threading out of the window and introduces the event loop, manages everything for you, even threading.
Event loop is weird if you've never encountered that before (like everything else).
I think "introduce" is the wrong word
the event loop has been around for much longer than node
@KendallFrey Of course. Hence "if you've never encountered that before".
Well, you probably did.
If you've written any client-side JS before..
I'm a desktop dev, so yes
11:27 AM
Or that, yeah.
But yeah, node is definitely single-threaded, in contrast to multi-threaded web servers.
@bitten yeah, was ending up writing a nodejs thing for it
@Loktar @FlorianMargaine @rlemon 7:00 AM
Node is not single-threaded, you just can't spawn any threads yourself :P
@OliverSalzburg Node is a like a multi-threaded event-loop web server, but without the multiple threads
11:38 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum What's up with them? I just pulled them from the site.
@BenFortune there is a ton of inner links that'll break there
> jquery's diarrhea
Ah yeah, sorry.
@KendallFrey node is multithreaded
It just has one user thread
@KendallFrey that makes sense.
11:39 AM
The event loop runs on more than one thread, it just assumes that the heavy lifting is done by libuv
@BenjaminGruenbaum Meaning that JS code actually runs on more than one thread throughout the lifetime of the app, or that Node uses extra threads internally?
Also where does node's JS code run?
On the CPU
11:47 AM
@KendallFrey There is one JS thread but many libuv threads
Well, it's a tad more complicated, but generally
So a Node server falls under the category of a single-threaded server
Because you can ignore whatever's inside a black box
That's racist
@OliverSalzburg your aspergers is coming out again
12:13 PM
cc @KendallFrey
Anyone know any good node tutorials for multiplayer games that work from zero knowledge up, including installation etc?
@MattCowley That's pretty specific
I only know a couple of mediocre node tutorials for multiplayer games that work from zero knowledge up
12:32 PM
btw, this was all that was needed for the wifi mapper. Ofc I'd have to find out the physical position by eye :/ Unless I wanted to set up some other precise signaling devices in the room and perform trig
 var exec = require('child_process').exec,
    vals = [];

 function puts(error, stdout, stderr) { var ind = stdout.indexOf('-'); var val = parseInt( stdout.split('-')[1] ); vals.unshift( val ); process.stdout.write( ' ' + val ) }

 process.stdout.write( ' + ' );
 setInterval( function(){
   exec("sudo iwconfig wlan0 | grep -i signal", puts);
 }, 500 );
horrible, but works well enough
output is just a string of numbers
and I move the pc around
turns out that however the concept works, it's really not good enough
@towc vim?
minimal changes in space make for pretty big changes in signal strength :/
that map was out of the internet
not quite sure how
hi guys, do you know how can i set ListView to show always bottom like whatsapp. while keyboards shows it shows always at last item?
@EmreTekince Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@OliverSalzburg Links please?
12:35 PM
@towc that's a funny image, with the cables dragging behind you
@towc did you overlay a plan of your (i presume) house and do this?
like that's cool +1
@MattCowley I was kidding
@bitten I didn't do it.
> that map was out of the internet
@OliverSalzburg Well rip.
@towc ah i missed that, sry
well i wouldn't trust that image too much
12:54 PM
I mean, just google "wifi signal map"
i meant more like you don't know how that experiment was conducted
i know little about how it all works but i know that heh

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