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1:02 PM
@Bhuthaya Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
I saw that "Hey".
@bitten well, sure, but quite a few other images have the same gist to them
@bitten honey <3
I prefer corn syrup
I like marmalade.
1:21 PM
anyone ever tried rendering html in a canvas?
its hard!
Why would you ever do that?
yea.. it takes teams of develoeprs years to make a decent layout engine
I just noticed, back navigation does not work on chrome when I press backspace. They have broken it ^T_T^
@FlyingGambit look at the top link on the right side list of starred message
1:23 PM
Aha instant solution. Thanks
but I would jsut get used to it unless you want to be annoyed at every other PC you use
Sometimes I don't understand why they would remove something that was very convinient
yea, why ever change anything at all?
Google hardly ever listens to the public
the same is story with their navigation bar, youtube etc
1:25 PM
Anyone have any terse methods of converting a date string to AM / PM format? Currently this gives me 24hr result.
var datestring = new_date.getDate()  + "-" + (new_date.getMonthName()) + "-" + new_date.getFullYear() + " " +
                            new_date.getHours() + ":" + new_date.getMinutes();
@ndugger actually I'm cheating, I'm rendering to browser 1st
@BrianJ moment.js
@SuperUberDuper but, still,, why?
@ndugger damn straight
sorry its private
I don't care what your or your companies goals are, which may be private, but if the fact your are drawing a web page on a canvas is private, you shouldn't have told us.
@Luggage this is like an Enyo / Cordova project not sure where I would reference the moment lib?
would prefer to do it in vanilla js if possible
Then you are throwing away a lot of work in date handling and starting over if you can't use any thrid party code
I can't help you start from the stone ages.
I stand on the shoulders of giants.
the end use is private I'm afraid
@BrianJ You download it, put it into your www directory and reference it in your HTML
1:31 PM
@OliverSalzburg wow thats interersting
@SuperUberDuper There's also stuff about it on Stack Overflow. Google uses something like that for their feedback tool in their web applications
Q: How does the Screenshot part of the Google+ Feedback system work?

Jakob CosoroabaI don't have an invite but it been used on TWIG. It works as following: You can select a parts to highlight, parts to blackout. In the next step a screenshot of that is created (??) and you can preview what other browser information is transmitted. So how does Google create that screenshot? do...

I looked into the topic some time ago. Very interesting subject
Q: Using HTML5/Canvas/JavaScript to take screenshots

joelvhGoogle's "Report a Bug" or "Feedback Tool" lets you select an area of your browser window to create a screenshot that is submitted with your feedback about a bug. Screenshot by Jason Small, posted in a duplicate question. How are they doing this? Google's JavaScript feedback API is loaded fr...

Or maybe Google renders it on the server side, what do I know ;P
I wonder what it's like to be fit. I fucked up my wrist by painting.
@KendallFrey just like that but, more sweating
@KendallFrey you wake up not feeling tired and nothing hurts.
but you're always thirsty
@OliverSalzburg does rasterizeHTML have a internal layout engine then or does it render to browser 1st?
1:35 PM
it's a secret. :)
the latter doc.documentElement.innerHTML = htmlFragment;
uses an iframe
yeah this is kinda the approach I am doing, using browser to render 1st
@rlemon did you mean? Fit and 130lbs?
hurting your wrist will be bad for fitness
i guess you can run
or cycle
@JossieCalderon no
@KendallFrey will get exercise in about 3 months
maybe less, depends on the weather
@OliverSalzburg I dropped moment,js into the www/js folder
not sure how that's referenced in a view
1:39 PM
@rlemon Actually in a few weeks
I didn't consider indoor mens leagues
I always picture you playing on a pond
We do both
I want to put a text editor for my website just like the one wordpress has for writing posts
Is that possible?
1:40 PM
pretty sure wp uses tiny MCE
@BenFortune thats odd, you say a lot of things are impossible.
No I don't want a plugin for wordpress
1:41 PM
why not use MD parser?
I just want I similar text editor for my own website written in Rails
@Ehsan it isn't
@JossieCalderon Source?
I'm like 99% positive you can use tiny MCE alone
@rlemon, how can I use it, forgive me I'm a complete newbie
1:42 PM
google "tiny MCE without wordpress"
start with the tunymce page. i think they have instructions
see what comes up
@BenFortune youre a naysayer, ben. Im surprised people even still listen to you. Three messages above mine:chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/17?m=31111810#31111810
@SuperUberDuper I think they explain their approach on the project page
what is tunymce? a link would be helpful
1:44 PM
@BrianJ Using a script tag
I linked it above, and you can use google
google has links
Um, thanks
@JossieCalderon I don't see the link.
seriously. just google "tinymce" and click the first link
1:44 PM
How's your chat app doing?
I said I was going to create my own project. You said it's not going to be big.
realistically, it probably won't
I never got started on it. Someone discouraged me.
Thanks, it was exactly what I was looking for :)
1:45 PM
Don't let your dreams be dreams.
Realistically, nothing is until it's done. Realistically, I wasnt going to college until I did. Your argument is unsound.
Moreover, I love its Quick Install!
no look at the number of projects out there and the number that are "big".
statistically, most projects will not be "huge"
doesn't mean don't do it.
Yeah it's because people find reasons it cant happen instead of reasons it can
you'll have to sell that one harder
because I don't really see that as the case at all
1:48 PM
What the hell!? I just followed their instruction and it seems the .js file is outdated.
Is the above adress valid?
I'm suprised theres not a method in an element to get the direct text ignoring inner elements, ie


if I just wanted to get Test test2 from the above ignoring the span.
Ehsan is trying to find a solution. We tell him there is a solution and he'll try to reimplement it. But he may fail as above. Either way hes going to keep trying because you're encouraging him.
@SuperUberDuper walk the childNodes and take the textNode without a parent (i.e. don't step into any nodes)
1:49 PM
@JossieCalderon maybe I can discourage you from this conversation. :)
I get it solved by changing the URI
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@Ehsan Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
This is the full working source code!
@JossieCalderon whether or not he keeps on trying is not up to us.
or she
@Ehsan that's nice, but we don't need it.
1:50 PM
or it
@Ehsan Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
@rlemon correct. We are still an influence.
She just deleted it! Whoop
1:51 PM
it's fine.. we can go to tinymce.com if we want that
@Ehsan its a he
you don't have to bring the site to us :)
thanks @rlemon
No, Cap is a she.
@JossieCalderon and if you're discouraged because someone realistically mentioned that your project might not be "huge", that isn't our problem.
ignore it or take it to heart, whatever you like.
he never said "don't make a chat app"
1:52 PM
I thinks it not a human. its a SO bot for sure
@rlemon obviously, it's mine.and a big one
!!tell Ehsan help
@Ehsan Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
that link should go someone 'special' on fridays
Thanks Caprica!
1:52 PM
!!tell Eshan sandbox
@Eshan Please go and play in the Sandbox
you can go there and play around with her commands if you like
But he said it wasn't going to be big.there's no point in doing non big things. It's why we all do js projects, to make games like agar.io
don't spam others, and avoid !!ban or you might get banned yourself.
1:53 PM
@JossieCalderon it isn't why I do them
surely I thought lorempizza.com was going to be huge
I do it because I enjoy it.
I do JS projects because I get off on using semicolons
@ndugger Dirty girl
1:54 PM
I make small things that are usful to me and hopefully become useful to others later on. I don't expect a big pay day (or even a small one)
yea man, I'm in it for the enjoyment.
Hello guys ! :)
At this stage too, it's all a learning experience.
I don't expect npmjs.com/package/jsx-xsl-fo to show up on hacker news
or be useful to anyone but me and like 5 other people ont he planet
1:55 PM
lol half my projects are not even useful for me :D
I'm a talended webdevelopper, and i'm looking for an internship in any contry in Europe !
Anyone intersted ? :D
which dictator are you fleeing?
Who is she?
She makes chaos in chat stackoverflow?
1:58 PM
I make chaos to pizza
Hello guys, I'm having strange issue with the on change event not getting called. I am wondering if it's js specific issue I need to look into it?
Q: onChange event does not get called

Kala JI have this change function that removes or adds the hidden class to a razor dropdownlist. This checks if a value in one of the dropdowns is that string, then on change, either remove or add the class based on that selection. <label class="control-label col-md-4 optional" id="PIdsLabel" for="p...

Like it gets called when the page first loads but not anytime afterward
Well, I dont get it. If you make js projects for fun, how do you...well...get paid?
@Ehsan why are you asking?
Unfortuantely, I am yet 18-
I also do some coding for money.
2:00 PM
@JossieCalderon by having a job
@SofieneDjebali nice portfolio
This is basic adult stuff, man
@KalaJ I know mate, what does she do? Caprica, e.g. manages the chat content
2:03 PM
She holds the key to my heart
she mostly just contemplates her existance.
I'm not entirely sure but there are a list of commands on that github page
waiting for commands
like greet, etc
Googling gave :
2:04 PM
search, wiki, youtube
who the hell is shubhank
who the well cares
Uh.. so this account upvotes all of that guy's answeres?
I saw Hookbastank in concert and I went and got chicken nuggets (i was 14) and one of the chicken nuggets was the hoobastank logo
> 195586 messages
that's insane
No laughing allowed
how do you spell gonorrhoea?
just like that
2:13 PM
No o
gardengnomes killed my grandfather
@SterlingArcher It's perfectly valid to spell it with an o
Check an encyclopaedia ;)
Is that because when you find out you have gonorrhea you go "oh..."?
@littlepootis uhhhh
!!afk fuck
Hi Sterling, How is everything in white house?
@SterlingArcher Put dispenser here
2:30 PM
@SterlingArcher ...
@GNi33 thx :)
@JossieCalderon dispenser goinup
Is anyone looking for a trainee in webdevelopment ? :)
2:31 PM
@SofieneDjebali Me
what is a trainee
Are you in United Arab EMirates
Because I am there currently
@Ehsan private room :)
@Ehsan what
2:35 PM
well, that is creepy
what is happening pootis
group chat for nerds lel
wtf is going on here and why does it sound like a brothel
@ssube speaking of brothels I got my CSM yesterday
2:39 PM
probably a STI
!!urban CSM
@KendallFrey CSM Short for "Client-Side Mod". Most applicable in online games such as Minecraft, where the player installs modifications to allow flight, no-clipping, x-ray and various others to gain an advantage over other players, usually to the other player's dismay.
he has an S4, he doesn't need an STI
Nobody needs an STI
ScrumMaster certification ;D
You complete and utter pleb
2:41 PM
I'm not even surprised that this is a thing
@SterlingArcher aw, w3schools finally sent you the official diploma?
Joke's on you fuckboy I'm certified now
just keep this in mind as you go on a long career in middle management
@FlorianMargaine YUGE DAY
2:42 PM
he's already got the car for it.
Honestly it was easy to get, and my company paid for it so why not get a resume booster
I should shut up, actually.
@KendallFrey @rlemon happy Friday!
@SterlingArcher certified couldn't-make-it-as-a-person-who-does-real-work
@ssube strong coincidence: I was JUST reading about that
2:43 PM
@SterlingArcher sure, I'd get it too. But isn't it completely useless from a "realistic" point of view?
Probably lol
@SterlingArcher because it's not one...
Around here it is. Agile is the best keyword you can have on your resume in DC
It's crazy and kinda sad
like putting w3s on your resume, it's going to get you thrown out of many/most interviews
Programmers must resist any form of control, be it scrum or whatever.
2:45 PM
@SterlingArcher it's really sad considering almost no one does it ri ght
and it just ends up hurting devs
@SterlingArcher cause the government is still years behind. If you ever move, leave it off your resume.
@JossieCalderon LOL
I expected the engi to just kill himself.
Yeah after the training I realize how wrong we do it here
the scrum process is supposed to yield a business ready feature that can effect profits
We had a proper scrummaster come and introduce us to scrum
as soon as he left it started warping uncontrollably
@KendallFrey so did we, it was hilarious
2:47 PM
We use it as "milestones" that are kinda demo-able but not really
we've had 12 or 13 over the last few years and every one has taught a different "this is the only way"
not one of them has actually done anything that helped
It was better for us back in the beginning
we had organization
tickets were small and simple
@SterlingArcher no, it's meant to sandbox developers so they feel like they're doing something meaningful, but actually setting it up so they can't disagree with product mgmt
The biggest problem with agile is the software it produces
it... doesn't
2:50 PM
Basically Conway's Law
everything is ad-hoc
the scrum model is designed to cut work off half way through a feature, so nothing is ever done well
If there's no upfront design, the code ends up full of silly
At least, that's how ours ended up
because the developers and PMs both vote on how long something will take, so the (actual) dev estimate gets cut in half
you get half as much time as you need, do half the feature ("MVP"), and voila
oh yeah i remember when we had estimates
and when there were tickets that anyone could do
the whole reason it has a "cadence" is to justify trimming the time estimates
2:52 PM
now most stuff just goes to a single person
In our case it's like planning lottery
Sometimes, unpredictably, you get something huge
unpredictably given the information available at planning time
if stuff was speced out properly, it's be easier
agile is like communism lite
it's fun to think about when you're earning meaningless pieces of paper, but you'll never see it working in real life
and if you go around telling people about how great agile is, you just prove you'll never make it in the wild
@KendallFrey same thing happened here
we had a dedicated scrummaster for years, he left recently the process is getting shittier and shittier
we get roughly 2 minutes to look at a requirement before having to give an estimate
yeah it's basically "It's Agile, so that means we can do whatever we want"
2:58 PM
and there is no time to actually "Architect" a solution, you just need to get in and start developing
also the BAs commit to what will go out each sprint not the developers
Yeah there's a bit of a problem with that here
hate agile
does anyone actually like it, srsly
Normally we require a list of requirements, and a design to implement them, before starting on the "real work"
@ApathyBear maybe if done properly idk. But even one of the creators talks shit about it.
I like scrums because it keeps me organized and on track
2:59 PM
@KendallFrey hah a lot of times we don't even have design yet
lately I've noticed an abundance of designs stating "requirements are self-explanantory"
which is so shitty, because a lot can change obviously
I see a lot of potential overhead if it's not used properly, like massive planning meetings and shit
I like agie
@ApathyBear apparently Sterling
2:59 PM
But I also see how that can streamline a process and make you more adaptable to changing project requirements
everybody else is over it

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