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4:03 PM
@SterlingArcher nice
and don't worry about my feelings
Anybody up for a debate ?
about what?
@darkyen00 On what?
@jAndy thats an easy debate
4:06 PM
> Does Loktar enjoy games ?
> yes
I'm pro Loktar whatsoever
@Loktar , @jAndy , @erikroyall structuring this application model
i am working on.
4:07 PM
I'm also pro Friday
@darkyen00 ah thats a lame debate
more like a discussion
@Loktar yeah.
hell yeah I'm pro Friday as well
also pro on fridays
I have this :
4:08 PM
Store [ IndexedDB store that works on a worker ]
I want to have a debate about MVC/MVVC respectively classic JS model vs. template view
State -> an immutable cursor on the top of the indexed db
if anybody understands what I mean :P
Material / Views -> Views with each rendering one state
(or well React Components rendering the state )
Services : Other things used by Materials such has button handlers etc
(so you can see there is no place called controller)
I'm the operator with my pocket calculator !
4:10 PM
And there is an event-emitter
which works as a Dispatcher which dispatches updates in the app (this dispatcher guy is common)
IndexedDB store that works on a worker?
web-worker, the api it exposes is abstracted
and allows the ui thread to be extremely smooth :D, even when doing herculian tasks in the back.
You can use IndexedDB inside a worker's scope?
no there is more than that, performed in the worker
the state are also generated and updated in the worker context
and just passed to the main dom, on the time of rendering
thus the app feels extremely fast.
#LFMF if you are unable to find any mistake in your code and yet your result and your solution is rejected by the checker, be sure to recheck the problem description...
4:17 PM
You know whats annoying, having a great idea you could make a business off of easily but you made the mistake of doing something related at work and now you're working on your project for your current employer instead :/
@Loktar care to share ?
We had an innovation week and my idea was kickass
@darkyen00 realtime site analytics
like you see the users cursors, real time heat maps
can follow users through the site as they go through it
in addition to recording all this data so you can play back the users cursors, ect.
4:18 PM
!!tell dark urban lfmf
@dark LFMF Learn From My Fail
@Loktar that sounds leet
@erikroyall the advantage here is that
its kind of like an additional layer of google analytics, google analytics gives you big picture, this gives you a more zoomed in picture
the worker can be shared. ;-)
@darkyen00 yeah I had it all working on zombiegames.net
it was fucking awesome to see actually lol
4:19 PM
so even if the thing is running multiple tabs everything is updated like BAM :D
like seeing 30 mouse pointers all moving around the screen, and seeing the heatmap generate in real time
@Loktar demo ?
@Loktar That sounds pretty cool
user image
(gym instructions)
the gym machine looks like a penis o.O
4:28 PM
Yes, Aaron, that's the joke.
ooo thought the joke was that the instructions of how to use the machine suck
@sippy mexico stole the most obese country title from us this year
hmm is that joke on topic for what this room is about - JavaScript.
Please stay on topic.
@JonH you should know how much off topic we usually go here
But you shouldn't this room is for JavaScript.
If you plan to be posting jokes and such create a room ironically called "Jokes".
4:31 PM
@JonH Says the guy on his second day here
This is JavaScript not Jokes.
This is a chat room not a committee
Kendall - It could be anyone coming to this room...I've been on this room before.
Stay on topic.
Yes, for one day
We are on topic
There's no rule we have to talk about JS
Kendall - Irregardless of how many days someone comes into the rule.
4:32 PM
darkyen00 has added an event to this room's schedule.
If you're not familiar with this room, why should you decide what we talk about?
you mean regardless?
@JonH please don't tell us how to chat. Us regulars are well atuned to JS, and thus we do not always have things to discuss.
@rlemon it's time
If you have a question, ask, and suddenly, boom, js topic.
4:33 PM
@darkyen00 wat
@JonH so, one day you come to parlament and decide that your country just needs more cheese, and that every law will have to be about cheese? Nope.
@darkyen00 its not running anymore live
@Zirak thanks, yeah it was fun to make actually
If you've been for 20 years in parliament you could do that, and somehow still manage to get respect, but that's not your case I guess
I can't actually tell if JonH is trolling or not
4:34 PM
I'm not trolling.
the only thing that actually works now is click "view heatmap"
@Loktar ?
This is stackoverflow and the chat room is always off topic.
Stay on topic.
thats the demo site
but the client code isn't on zg.net
Are you familiar with this new thing called the internet?
4:34 PM
so you don't see the cursors
@JonH What is the topic?
It is less formal (possibly) than your workplace.
There is no rule that says a chat room's topic needs to match its name
@JonH then why stay in here.
@Loktar nice
4:35 PM
@JonH You really should visit:


Today we're daydreaming about C++26 reflection
I love it when non-regular chatters tell the people who answer the most questions about the room topic to stay on topic
@SterlingArcher lol ikr
@SterlingArcher how often does that happen?
Like someone walking into your house telling you what they want you to make for dinner
@HatterisMad few times a month
4:36 PM
@Loktar make me a pizza
ok :( pizza and filet mignone for all
that's strange, he has 20.7k rep, I'd have sworn he was new to stackoverflow
woot woot
its about lunch time too
@JonH please note that your request may have been more respected if you didn't make the presumption to tell us how to chat, instead of asking nicely, and perhaps providing a topic we haven't already disucssed.
(Trolling aside)
4:37 PM
@JonH please read the chat.
Everyone ping JonH
We were talking about a front end analytics project, and @darkyen00 was talking about the architecture of a project
@darkyen00 what's that 'talking to bot' event about?
just a test?
@towc yeap.
To be fair i was talking about a workout machine penis
4:38 PM
Turing test?
oh, ok
@HatterisMad yeah but that was sprinkled in
@Loktar my whole thing has one single point.
all this can run in a web-worker
and when you sprinkle in a penis workout its ok
that too a shared one. :P
4:39 PM
good to know, will commit that to memory.
does that make it awesome ?
@Loktar "sprinkle in a penis workout" That's the most SFW description of masturbation I've ever seen.
> I just sprinkled
4:40 PM
@KendallFrey lol wat
did you guys really ignored it x_x
woah kendall
over the line dude
Oh I almost forgot that I can bring home my pullup bar from my parents house tonight. Awesome!
4:41 PM
omg plis lets about about js
yes let's
really. going to make it a thing now?
@Loktar does a framework that works completely in a worker
Its regex engine sux bollox
and you don't even need to manage this mess, mkes sense ? the ui is butter smooth because literally nothing happens in ui-thread.
4:42 PM
Is there any lib called pen.js?
!!google pen.js
^ yes
Pretty close to penis.
4:43 PM
@FlorianMargaine you should make penis.js :D
just for the heck of it :D
Why not?
and because if you don't lemon will now.
4:44 PM
lemon will now what?
Lazy. Give me a reason.
@FlorianMargaine a nice funny joke.
put on hn
tbh I was expecting more fight from Jon :(
> SHOW HN: Penis
@SterlingArcher He's not dumb, I guess
Ebola is a great device for spreading fear but a terrible device for spreading Ebola.
4:45 PM
ebola is pretty contigious afaik, it can spread by touch :-x
Only with contact of bodily fluids
I don't think saliva is included in that one
@SterlingArcher thats sweat, plasma, blood, shit
anything in blood stream
yeah sweat is the big one
um, shit?
well shit.
4:46 PM
in the blood stream?
@KendallFrey you shit blood
You mean ebola.js right guys
what is ebola?
@Loktar import no.js
@darkyen00 excuse me?
4:47 PM
@KendallFrey you didn't knew what ebola does ?
@AwalGarg you're joking right?
Ebola makes you bleed from your eyes
@darkyen00 yes, but my dumps are perfectly normal tyvm
@Loktar no. this room is the only place where I have heard that word.
and ears
@AwalGarg oh its a disease
4:47 PM
@KendallFrey lol
@Loktar and eyes, (if you know what i mean)
usually stays in Africa
@darkyen00 I said eyes!
@Loktar kk... never heard of it in India.
@darkyen00 Ebola has been around for a while
4:48 PM
@AwalGarg shush
the day it comes to india it will become a major epidemic.
everybody shush
4:49 PM
everybody slush
everybody mosh
4:49 PM
shu......t up
hurr hurr
shunt up
shunt down
HAHA flag me
4:50 PM
If this offends you: go die in a hole
I don't flag funny shit

The most meaningful convo in this room ever

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darkyen you amaze me
you too ? I amaze myself too :-(
darkyen you amaze me too
4:52 PM
omg i am so amazing :o
@darkyen00 you missed 'morning' * 4
@AwalGarg i.sstatic.net/jxUdZ.jpg no biggie
@Jhawins I think a better approach is a catious attitude
You can't treat it like its no big deal at all, but also not go overboard either
> The number of Ebola cases so far this year: 9,936. How many people have been killed by Ebola: 4,877. These are the official figures put out by the World Health Organization, widely regarded as the authority on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
4:53 PM
I don't think it's a big deal, honestly.
More people die from alcohol poisoning.
@SomeKittens sorry, morning*
lmfao 10K people is nothing.
Sorry if I'm insensitive but we have 7billion, when it's me who dies it'll still be "that was nothing"
4:54 PM
@Jhawins its kill ratio is the issue
its as leathal as a bullet.
@Jhawins I agree its a small amount
@darkyen00 nope.
more then.
however the number of cases in 2014 iirc is more than the cases from 1979-2013
It's not that lethal. Remember what a month ago the first case came to the USA?
4:54 PM
@Jhawins I'm offended by the poor image quality. Could you please direct me to the nearest hole?
@Jhawins do you realize they treat ebola patients like osama bin laden in custody with hopitality ?
@Jhawins the problem is not the absolute number of deaths. It's how easy it spreads
It's lethal in africa
@Jhawins a guy in the US died as well
in Texas
In USA too
4:55 PM
@FlorianMargaine well that's also simply not true. It spreads the same way as aids.
@Jhawins hell no
Yeah, a guy, then his nurse
^ thats not true
posted on October 24, 2014

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} See you at BAHFest tomorrow!

@Jhawins 10k cases within a month of patient 0 ... not bad
4:55 PM
aids you have to have sex, or blood transfusion, or something else
It does not spread the same way as aids wtf
You cant get aids from sweat
Wtf jhawins
@JanDvorak 10K within a month? there aren't 10K total.
@Jhawins this ebola thing can spread by touching a person with ebola.
Go inform yourself
4:56 PM
I just posted a source and quote for my info.
cases, not deaths
3 mins ago, by Jhawins
> The number of Ebola cases so far this year: 9,936. How many people have been killed by Ebola: 4,877. These are the official figures put out by the World Health Organization, widely regarded as the authority on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Well look at that ^
Ok, it's not the same as aids quite but obviously you guys don't know how to contract aids.
One of our local newspapers has complained that if you claim at an airport you haven't been to Africa they let you in...
4:57 PM
@Jhawins You sound crazy, almost like a person who has Ebola
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@darkyen00 Statistically more lethal than a bullet.
^ what I was thinking
@SomeKittens very true
@Jhawins aids is like slow poison
4:59 PM
Am I scared of Ebola, no, but I'm glad WHO is taking it seriously
@SomeKittens @SomeKittens bullets are hardly lethal at all. The survival rate is like 90%. Good thing to say for shock value or if you're a tabloid tho
otherwise shit would get out of hand.
Ebola is very fast and very contigious.

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