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10:00 AM
ruby's no braces is crazy. today i wrote if !blabla and then 3 more lines and wonder why the chrome console gives me errors :( :D
Unless there's other code
@SecondRikudo there is...
But in JavaScript when coding in teams, shit gets out of hand real quick.
any idea of why google backing python
it like the snake
10:01 AM
@SecondRikudo that's not really a problem of braces :P
@BartekBanachewicz No, but it's a solution.
Educating a team of 50 developers on where exactly omitting braces is OK, or enforcing braces all over the code with Lint
@SecondRikudo can you enforce braces unless inline?
The first time I saw a python function, it was something like this:
def something somethng
    yada yad
    and end

I thought this is either pseudo code, or the code is not complete...
Where does that thing end? No symbolization of that.
so I found it pretty irritating.
import 'irritating'
ruby reminds me of VB
10:03 AM
@AwalGarg just there. Unless the next line is indented just as same, that is
And then... I learnt that there are languages which don't use braces lol
but there should be a de limitter. where something ends and starts. if someone misses the indentation, then he might mess up things
@SecondRikudo or not using javascript
And yet I hear Ruby on Rails is about as powerful as ASP.NET MVC
ok I'll shut up now
10:04 AM
go figure.
@Sippy I've heard that dogs can't look up
@BartekBanachewicz Really?
@Sippy umm... ASP.net doesn't really deserve this kind of praise, does it?
Do you know another language that can be used for client-side web?
@SecondRikudo Anything that compiles to JS,
10:05 AM
@JanDvorak I am an ASP.NET developer so
@SecondRikudo coffeescript, typescript...
Yeah, that won't happen.
but thats js in the end
10:05 AM
Legacy's a bitch.
oh right, I'm sorry, you said so so it won't happen
I wish to learn typescript... but no time :(
the oracle has spoken let's all go home
@JanDvorak MVC is fantastic, web forms is worse than old PHP
I'd like a haskell -> javascript compiler
10:05 AM
It's a hell of a divide lol
@JanDvorak come on! There are three
@BartekBanachewicz We don't even have unit tests in our javascript code
Two actively maintained and used.
@BartekBanachewicz You tried it?
10:06 AM
@BartekBanachewicz with DOM?
@JanDvorak aye
Heck, we don't even have units in our javascript code
Which one should I choose?
@copy briefly. Looks like a less weird Roy
@JanDvorak Do you need type classes?
@BartekBanachewicz custom ones? I don't
10:07 AM
Fay is nicer, but doesn't have type classes.
Haste is pretty much fully compatible with normal GHC
But I'd like me some type checking
I saw a job offer yesterday and the company uses Yesod for server and Fay for client.
I think Fay is a bit more usable as long as you can live with its limitations
What's yesod?
a web framework
good FFI is definitely a benefit. Can I use jQuery in either?
10:09 AM
makeSquare :: JQuery -> Fay JQuery
makeSquare = addClass "square" >=>
             setWidth 400 >=>
             setHeight 400

-- `ready` is the same as jQuery(document).ready(%1);
-- You generally need to wait for this event to fire before modifying the DOM.
main :: Fay ()
main = ready $ do
    select "#elementToMakeSquare" >>= makeSquare
    return ()
I assume >=> means "sequence multiple actions while passing the same argument to all of them"?
seems so
(>=>) :: (a -> Fay b) -> (b -> Fay c) -> a -> Fay c
f >=> g = \x -> f x >>= g
What's the difference between Fay and IO?
well, I don't think you can print in the browser :)
it's just a different "outer world" monad
@copy front row alone :(
10:14 AM
so regular IO stuff won't work, but people make translations
@BadgerGirl :(
oh. Thanks.
oh, got it. >=> is to >>= what . is to $.
@JanDvorak except flipped
(.) :: (b -> c) -> (a -> b) -> a -> c
Fay looks nice, but I'll check both. Thanks
sure. Report with results if you do something nice with them :)
10:17 AM
haskellhorror :(
@argentum47 why do you think it's a horror? :)
sometimes it is difficult to say which room this is :D
(.) :: (b -> c) -> (a -> b) really?
@argentum47 yeah it is so much.... readable
(.) <-- chat icon shortcut
:: <-- scope
-> <-- c++
10:19 AM
@argentum47 yep. f(g x) = (f.g) x
Don't judge languages if you're an absolute beginner
. is function composition
g2g, sorry
Also, don't judge languages if you're an absolute asshole
@argentum47 it might help if you understand that it's a type signature, not "code"
@JanDvorak oopsie
is it f(g(x)) = f(?)
@copy How would an absolute beginner chose a language to begin with then?
10:21 AM
There's a difference between choosing and judging.
@argentum47 (.) (dot) is a function taking two functions and returning a new function
@AwalGarg Listen to what people recommend you
function compose(f, g) { return function(x) { f(g(x)); }; }
JavaScript isn't a terrible choice for beginners, in my opinion
@argentum47 f(g x) calls g on x, then f on the result. (f.g)x composes f with g, then calls the composite function with x
10:22 AM
om nom nom JS
Just don't take it as the perfect language that you will use forever
@copy as many opinions as people
There's no such language
There's not many other options when it comes to client-side web stuff, though =(
In that respect, JS is very handy to have around
10:24 AM
Hardly an extensive list
don't call me an asshole. in Social Network, Erica called Mark an asshole.
I didn't
which social network?
also, who is erika?
10:25 AM
!!wiki social network movie
That's one hell of a context switch.
@JanDvorak The Gods of Wikipedia did not bless us
Maybe the word 'film' might get what you're after :)
!!imdb social network
@argentum47 That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
10:27 AM
forget it
@argentum47 ...and he is an asshole
Point being?
!!google social network movie
The Social Network is a 2010 American drama film directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin. Adapted from Ben Mezrich's 2009 book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal, the film portrays the founding of social networking website Facebook and the resulting lawsuits. It stars Jesse Eisenberg as founder Mark Zuckerberg, along with Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin and Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, the other principals involved in the website's creation. Neither Zuckerberg nor any other Facebook staff were involved with the...
(you idiots)
why is he an asshole? ppl call ppl assholes and good things happen to them
10:28 AM
You are have an asshole.
everyone has one
Wish/hope good things happen to @argentum47 :-p
@argentum47 yeah, even assholes have an asshole...
It's assholes all the way down. =(
10:30 AM
What the fuck are you guys talking about lol
Assholes, apparently.
Why's the guy in charge of facebook an asshole? Have you read what facebook has done to its "customers"?
Also, just because he's "succesful" and/or rich doesn't mean he's not an asshole. There're lots of wealthy assholes. Want another one? Mitt Romney (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitt_Romney)
Most rich people are assholes by virtue of being rich
That's harsh, man.
Browser crash in 3...
then in no way i am an asshole. i help ppl (the number of answers to questions is N: 1 in my profile)
OK my browser is still alive and damn that looks cool.
i don't care but i help.
10:34 AM
First and foremost, you don't get to decide if you're an asshole. Second, I've helped lots of people and did some good stuff, but I can still be an asshole sometimes.
I'm probably a total a-hole right now, right?
you're agreeable right now
@Zirak you are always right!
You can affect the decision others make as to whether or not you are an asshole though ;D
But then again whether or not you're an asshole is entirely opinion
Some people might think you're an asshole for helping people without reward
Cos you're 'that guy who helps people so they like him'
So you can never really win.
isn't the point of helping doing something selfless. if u expect a pay or a reward its a job not a help.
10:39 AM
@rlemon @Loktar today is the day! youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY0
That's the difference between charity and a job
@argentum47 The point is that some cynics see selfless acts as selfish, as in they only helped someone so they could feel good about it, they didn't care about the other person's goals.
@copy you're in my team
weird .
Best example is celebrities getting involved with charities. The same people would believe they do it for exposure, they don't give a shit about the cause.
10:42 AM
@BadgerGirl Team Python
@all hey guys can any of you tell me how to call webservice method in mvc
@BadgerGirl I am in your team too. I hold a certification in python via edx
@udaysagar only if you can read the language, in the image :P
@udaysagar you do exercise 1.a
10:45 AM
@BadgerGirl Don't understand which language is that
@all can i want to create controler to call because of any routing
@dazzlingkumar codes please
@BadgerGirl please translate the same to english
@udaysagar I don't know the language either
10:47 AM
holy . please use some jsfiddle @dazzlingkumar
seems that's french or spanish stuff
1 message moved to Trash can
@argentum47 want to change any routing format
@udaysagar It's German >_>
which country are you from @BadgerGirl
10:47 AM
@BadgerGirl Being curious, why are you doing activity sheets written in German if you don't speak it? :D
@Sippy Ok But, I need that question paper to be translated to english from german atleast to know the complexity of questions...:-p
@argentum47 pastie.org/9672175 here
@Sippy I do :p
@BadgerGirl Well that makes more sense.
10:49 AM
what you meanth by "want to change any routing format"
@dazzlingkumar What are you trying to do? Not sure you understand how result works.
@BadgerGirl Is that for uni/college/school?
Neural networks is a hard subject :DD
@BadgerGirl are you a student? which course is that? I dont see it's related to programming
@Sippy i want to call the method inside the web service that is not present in a controler but present in root of the project
i think, depending on the selection of a state he is trying to load the list of countries
I cried all the way through it at uni.
10:51 AM
@Sippy but they are easy to use
Artificial neural networks in uni
I really like these complex algorithms
German, mutter ficker. Do you speak it?
are you a sophomore?
@dazzlingkumar Does the AJAX call actually call your service endpoint?
10:52 AM
doing my masters
that's great. I always think only people who work for some company gather here...
@Sippy no the service enf point is not called
@udaysagar @towc and @AwalGarg haven't even finished highschool yet ;)
@Sippy wat!
10:54 AM
how poetic
@AwalGarg wat!
I DENY EVERYTHING! this guy is a troll!
You're better at javascript than I am so stfu
@Sippy me? since when?
10:55 AM
Since I don't know JS
I just hang out here and pretend I know JS
@Sippy me too
anyways, I am better at javascript than anyone in this room including @Zirak lol
it's diwali time here
hehehe @Sippy wat a guy you are :)
Read that
10:57 AM
seems, most of the guys here who meet here regularly have become good friends
i don't have one. no one said me. i am like CIA.
Nah no one likes me
@udaysagar they are all the same bots.
CIA? @argentum47
This is probably a long shot but has anyone got any good links that demonstrate activity based authorisation in ASP.NET MVC?
10:59 AM
i think u guys are busy with something ;) :D
@Sippy do you have any proof on that? LOL
@BadgerGirl waiting for the english question paper!
you're not in the team
@BadgerGirl ooooooooooo banter
hold on
11:01 AM
yeah, didn't u see Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit
...the GAME!
@AwalGarg Fuck off :D
@Sippy got your team now? HAPPY?
@BadgerGirl what are team requirements :-p
@udaysagar You have to be wearing sombrero.
@copy never takes his off.
@AwalGarg wat
11:02 AM
@Sippy the game
Alright, I took half day leave, starting to home. see you guys.
@BadgerGirl pls include in your team
@Sippy hearing sombrero for the first time. what's that
@udaysagar Google.
tl;dr it's a big hat.
its a hat
11:03 AM
i am in office dude
TIL sombrero is Google
everything will be monitored
if that's not a good one......?
watching a hat is not an offense
What you can't google search for sombreros without getting disciplined?
Is your boss a neo-nazi?
:v hah
11:04 AM
@Sippy shutup, I am his boss :p
!!tell UdaySagar help google
@UdaySagar There are no search results. Run.
@AwalGarg OFC JUST LIKE @erikroyall MAKES 400k A YEAR
@UdaySagar google: Search Google. /google query
@CapricaSix LOL
idiots will stay idiots
11:05 AM
see you! will join after reaching home. just a 2 kilometer drive
@AwalGarg lel
!!tell UdaySagar google sombrero
Did he ever explain what it is he does at age 15 that's worth $33k a month?
@Sippy trolls online chat rooms
11:05 AM
Ah nice
That is important job
how do i fire bullets !!
take a bullet, light a match, FIRE!
Put them in your mouth and spit them at people.
@AwalGarg If there's any Americans in here you're about to get schooled on firearms.
@Sippy yeah and then they go to my ignore list lol
@AwalGarg lolol
11:10 AM
i mean in JS, i make a bullet, .bullets{ width: 3px; height: 5px; position: absolute; left: ?, top: ?} and then while (top_or_left < height_or_width) top -= speed; but i cannot connect the dots.
i only have this now jsfiddle.net/wkpo1j62
not sure how bad
@argentum47 I think if you animate move it'll look a bit more flawless.
Also, please downvote the answer it's gotten. Both are absolutely terrible
The question should be deleted soon enough, then :P Answerer can kiss his +15 goodbye, if that's why he answered it.
11:16 AM
@Cerbrus lol
@Sippy using canvas?
Anyone used Xamarin before?
@argentum47 Iunno, prolly
I meant just animate from one position to the next so that it looks smooth
@Cerbrus I upvoted the answer. Now when it gets deleted, that guy would be so sad lol
11:17 AM
but i have to fire.
@AwalGarg: don't -.-
@AwalGarg I mean yeah awal wat u doin nab
Don't vote just for the lolz
that question was very php-ish. it started with a ?
-1 not enough jquery — Awal Garg 5 secs ago
11:18 AM
The answerer may just be encouraged to answer like that again, cuase, hey, "at least 1 person liked it"
@AwalGarg Is your name erik
@Sippy lol nope
Then stop trolling :D
not enuf jquery!! lulz
@Cerbrus and I upvote again, and he loses that rep again, and gets even more sad lol
If the question was stupid in ANY way, I would not have answered, trust me! — Ares Draguna 4 mins ago
11:21 AM
@Cerbrus you sir have no life. — theclaww 25 secs ago
That's pretty accurate
Guys, I've been reading up on image preloading and the onLoad event. Is this reliable in all browsers or do some handle this differently?
@Cerbrus you sir have no life. — theclaww 2 mins ago
I am resisting the urge to go to town
On him.
2 mins ago, by Cerbrus
@Cerbrus you sir have no life. — theclaww 25 secs ago
Go ahead
You were completely civil with him :@
The question's gonna get deleted any way
And that
I'm not proving your point. I am just trying to inform you about the do's and dont's of Stack Overflow. If you are unwilling to read these official guidelines, don't expect to get a lot of good answers on this site. If you do read these guidelines, and improve your questions based on them, SO can be a very valuable site for all your programming related issues. Now, I've been very patient with you, and you've only been responding with "get a life" comments. That gives me the impression you don't care to visit this site ever again... — Cerbrus 1 min ago
11:28 AM
Too right
I'm being mature.
And not going mad at him :D
But being very condescending too. :D
Apparently I'm bullying him.
Poor guy, he must be unable to handle any criticism at all
It's a kid
If he becomes a developer he'll be that guy who tells users they are using his products wrong
And rages when people tell him he's done something wrong in a code review lol
Meeting, I'll bbl
11:32 AM
jsfiddle.net/wkpo1j62/1 now this feels like no-brakes. applied .animate to left and right
!!afk meeting
@argentum47 Hahaha
You need to animate from point to point, not loop the animation.
If you loop it, it won't know to stop.
@Cerbrus I've never seen anyone get so upset over seeing another person's answer getting downvoted before
@Neil Cerbrus is afk: meeting
11:38 AM
sluts............ — theclaww 2 mins ago
Enjoy ban boyo
@Cerbrus ^ hahaha
Q: How to make a screen that looks like mirror in real world?

user1489073I mean when one opens the URL, one should be able to see themselves. I don't need mirror effect (reflection effect that we get with jQuery reflection js). I don't want to use frontcam or any other cam to acheive this. Any pointers in this direction is greatly needed. Thanks in advance.

this question rofl!
mirror.place.frontOf = this;
@AwalGarg smells of troll
@SomeGuy good one dude.... just needs a lil jquery :P
11:47 AM
@AwalGarg $(this)
There is an undocumented Mozilla feature - window.mirror. Simply set it to true. It may invalidate your monitor warranty though. — Rory McCrossan Sep 3 '12 at 11:20
mirror.place.frontOf = $(this);
no, we need to use a jquery plugin lol
Oh right
Back Guys
11:49 AM
That question brightened my day.
how to do this point to point animate. i cannot find anything in the documentation
@Psychemaster I showed my workmate and his face was one of total and utter "what the actual fuck"
Wish I could have seen it.
I see five.
This mirror can turn you into a celebrity as an added bonus!
!!doge jquery,php,mirror
                 so jquery
                            very php
many mirror
11:53 AM
> Caprica Six has a doge script
Please kill me now.
How evil am I?
0/10 evil
(And how evil is a host that doesn't set DOCUMENT_ROOT correctly?)

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