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4:00 PM
@rlemon put me on wallstreet ?
You can photoshop the phone into things?
or put a train behind me ?
Think of it like a challenge
or a dildo :D
especially will suit @RUJordan's pic :D
since his is close to mouth :D
@AbhishekHingnikar Looks like he's wearing yellow cleaning gloves
4:00 PM
and his fingers form a bulge :D
var canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
var context = canvas.getContext("2d");
var imageObj = new Image();
imageObj.onload = function() {
context.drawImage(imageObj, 0, 0, 300, 300);
context.fillStyle = "#FFFFFF";
context.fillText("hello", 0, 10);
imageObj.src = imageURI;
dataURI = canvas.toDataURL();
Thankfully my clothes will make it a classy dildo scene
@Retsam I do that even when I switch Operating Systems and don't have my project on a common drive
@rlemon Add a beard big enough to cover the phone and it looks like he's holding it
I should never take a selfie just after shaving my facial hairs
i look sho horrible ! especially with weird hairs
4:01 PM
Sho horrible indeed
@AbhishekHingnikar Interesting edit... Did I see the wrong selfie ?
@SomeGuy Yeah; the git purist in me (maybe it's not purism, I just like trying to keep my commit list clean and organized if possible) balks, but it makes sense.
using this my code is working for write name on the image but enable customize inside my other code
No i realized there are pervs
4:03 PM
please help me
@Retsam Well, I do generally delay rebooting until I'm at a point at which I can commit something worthwhile
any advanced 'wine' users here - the windows 'not emulator', not the potent grape juice? im looking for a good starting point trying to do something rather in depth and off topic for js
@Shailendrsingh O-O
But to me, nearly every change is worthy of a commit
CAM.onPhotoDataSuccess = function(imageURI) {
// alert("imageURI start " + imageURI);
var canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
ctx.drawImage(imageURI, 0, 0);
ctx.font = "20px arial";
ctx.fillText("Hello", 0, 0);*/

//var a = CAM.getBase64FromImageUrl(imageURI);
//alert("imageURI finish" + imageURI.length);
// today edit
/*var img = new Image();
img.onload = function() {
var canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
4:03 PM
@SomeGuy I've actually messed around with putting a git repository in dropbox before; though usually that's the origin, I suppose.
Is there any built-in function composition syntax in JS?
Yeah, I've seen that too. Seemed strange to do it that way, though
@BartekBanachewicz function func() { }?
@BartekBanachewicz Sadly, no
@Neil that looks like a function definition
4:05 PM
@SomeGuy Putting a "remote" repository in dropbox is a decent alternative to Github for private projects.
Oh, you mean like, automatically generating functions at runtime?
no, unless you count eval
@Retsam I prefer BitBucket.
@Neil I meant "function composition". I am not sure how that could possibly be misunderstood.
coloring is off.
@copy welp thanks.
4:05 PM
but i'm not spending anymore time on these selfies
@Retsam how does that work? will db let you access it with git via the web?
@SomeGuy Yeah; that too. Though at the moment BitBucket is being annoyingly glitchy.
@Retsam How so?
Dang, we make a sexy pic man
4:07 PM
In mathematics, function composition is the pointwise application of one function to another to produce a third function. For instance, the functions and can be composed to yield a function which maps in to in . Intuitively, if is a function of and is a function of , then is a function of . The resulting composite function, notated , is defined by for all in . The notation is read as " circle ", or " round ", or " composed with ", " after ", " following ", or " of ". The composition of functions is always associative. That is, if , , and are three functions wi...
@BartekBanachewicz Ah, well do feel free to be condescending to me again next time you need help. We'll see if I'll try to help.
@SomeGuy I clicked "Create Pull Request" 5 minutes ago and it's still spinning.
Oh. Weird
@Neil I just couldn't get what you could read that as. It always seemed a well-defined term for me :v
blending skin is easy.... so long as the lighting levels in both pictures is at least close
this wasn't the case here :P
4:08 PM
@Joe I've never tried accessing it from a computer I don't have my dropbox account synced with.
@BartekBanachewicz The answer to does JavaScript have x in the standard library is usually no
I should start using Fay already, as it seems.
ret.update = ((x) => this.update(other.update(x))); that has to cut it for now.
but prolly scoping will bite me again and this won't work as I expect it to work
@copy No joke! Haha.
@OctavianDamiean Where were you?
4:12 PM
Here 'n there.
Zirak came and went this weekend, and you weren't even here
please tell how can i write time stamp on pic and save this pic to sd card
@Shailendrsingh I would use Paint.
it has a text tool IIRC
!!tell Shailendrsingh awsm Open Microsoft paint. Click the "T" for text. Type in "time stamp" and click save. Then drag to de SD cardz
@Shailendrsingh Opn Mcrsft pnt. Clck th "T" fr tt. Typ i "tm stmp" and clck s. Thn drg t d S crd
4:14 PM
@Jhawins lol handy
I have already told you how to write text to canvas.
Haha that went better than expected.
saving to the SD Card is a phone thing i'm not bothering with as the two are not related AT ALL
@ rlemon
var canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
var context = canvas.getContext("2d");
var imageObj = new Image();
imageObj.onload = function() {
context.drawImage(imageObj, 0, 0, 300, 300);
context.fillStyle = "#FFFFFF";
context.fillText("hello", 0, 10);
imageObj.src = imageURI;
dataURI = canvas.toDataURL();
by this code i able to write text on the picture but now how can i save this picture to my sdcard?
@Shea I bought rafflemon.com so now you can shut up
1 min ago, by rlemon
saving to the SD Card is a phone thing i'm not bothering with as the two are not related AT ALL
4:16 PM
@rlemon ily :D
go ask people who do phone dev
or if you are using something like phoneGap go ask them
How do you like GoDaddy?
@SomeGuy not bad.
not the greatest, but it is cheap and quick.
@Shailendrsingh Print the image, take a stamp and use it to draw the date, take a tacker and tack it to your screen.
@OctavianDamiean :O
4:16 PM
Then call it a day.
he lives!
how's it hanging
It's hanging low mate.
@SomeGuy Not a fan of their marketing strategies, honestly.
4:17 PM
hot day? or naturally blessed?
@Retsam What? You don't like boobs?
@Retsam well as a company they are dicks for sure.
as for affordable VPS and domains ....
they don't suck so much
To be fair, though, you're right
I like NameCheap
That's what I've got my domains on
fatwallet often has 30%+ off purchase codes for GoDaddy
@ octavian tell me any webside for that
4:18 PM
so like my vps I saved over $200 on
@Shailendrsingh Depends, do you need to buy a printer or a tacker?
@OctavianDamiean Hahaha, nice
@OctavianDamiean tl;dr - has canvas image -> wants to save to phones SD Card
That's a damn shame.
4:19 PM
@OctavianDamiean so whatcha been upto man?
Welp, I added a raiding feature to my game. Unfortunately dying kind of screws up the interval counter so that's not cool
@rlemon Nothing much, I guess I'm slowly reaching the bottom, all I'd like to do every day is laying bed, not talking to anyone and watching TV or something.
@SomeGuy Context is everything. I don't particularly enjoy boobs in the context of an advertizement for internet hosting services.
well then talk to your friends and let us try to help you back up.
or go kill noobs in BF4 - I know how much you enjoy headshots
4:22 PM
@OctavianDamiean You should go to a therapist, I think. Sounds like depression.
@rlemon Put a random number generator on it and make every number "Our newest winner!" who is entitled to 1 month of free use at lorempizza.com
@rlemon +1 from me. I am always happy to jump on TS and chat.
Then from lorempizza they can win by using the site enough. They win another spin at rafflemon.com.
I just discovered the secret to infinite pageviews! :D
4:22 PM
I don't even like to leave the house anymore ...
Well...I've never liked to leave the house much
I don't like to go home.
@OctavianDamiean go see a therapist
I'm just out on a drive half my free time.
@Jhawins I might have been that way if there wasn't always traffic on every road
4:24 PM
I have to drive about 200 miles a month to get to work any back. And I average >2,100 miles/month.
I don't like leaving the house unless it is summer
winter time I would be happy as a hermit
Haha, yeah. It's different here I guess. I only have to turn right out of my drive and I'm out in the country in .1 mile.
I hate summers
But India, so that's why
200 miles a month makes an average of 2100 miles a month?
4:26 PM
@RUJordan no, he means 200/month to go to work, and he drives 2100/month
@RUJordan Because that's how much extra I drive.
I drive almost 2,000 miles a month for (most likely) nothing important.
cheap fuel country...
But I do take at least 2-3 4+ hour drives a month. One way. Visiting people.
Oh gotcha
!!afk meeting
4:28 PM
@RUJordan Why are you leaving me!?
@FlorianMargaine Let's drop free health insurance and education all over Europe for more military and invade some countries for cheaper oil
registration systems / user auth has to be my most hated thing to write
@copy yay! all hail to extremism!
@FlorianMargaine How much is gas over there?
        so tedious

       wow                      much consideration

4:30 PM
Holy shit. That's where all my money goes haha. I didn't realize it was that much!
work pays for my gas if I have to travel
@rlemon Hahaha
which is WAY more than it is worth.
200km === ~$20 in gas for me
work pays $100
Me too. Furthest I could have to travel is 30 minutes east. He usually just gives me a card and says to get gas and Starbucks for myself.
@rlemon That's awesome
4:32 PM
ohh they expense it here. They pay more because "wear and tear on the car"
but i'm not taking it off road or anything. It is normal wear from driving
Yeah they say (in the US) it costs you about 18¢/mile in wear/tear on your vehicle.
@Jhawins My least favorite thing about Indiana is that they generally don't seem to believe in Dunkin Donuts.
in the US I imagine worse wear due to your roads.
And that's being very generous. It was most likely a "study" done by someone who got paid by the mile and wanted more haha.
@rlemon USA has bad roads?
4:34 PM
Canadian roads are (ofc this is only based on the areas i've driven both Canada and the USA) better by far.
You've got to come see India's roads, then
more maintained I would say.. not 'better'
Yeah, I'm about to live on a dirt road again. But 5/7 days I week I'm out on some pothole-ridden one lane hillbilly ass road.
When I was there, I couldn't believe how much better the roads were
that was a bad choice of words
4:34 PM
Because my friends all live out in BFE haha.
@SomeGuy I've been to bigger areas in the US, and I've been to my smaller areas. It amazes me how close to home you can be and the area is like a whole different world.
I've also only left Indiana <10 times haha. 4 of which were to Canada.
I'm looking forward to vacation. Time to get lost.
in the states i've mainly been on the interstates and small towns
the Chicago Skyway was the best maintained road i've seen there, but the most clusterfucked and poorly layed out
I think the Interstate does some wear on your vehicle. In a truck anyway. So I never take it.
4:39 PM
I don't know how you guys handle driving on those all the time
In a car that can do >140 if you push it, you're only doing 50%. My truck would (i imagine) top out around 100, or less with my 4.10s. Meaning 70%. The numbers just sound bad haha.
every new slab you feel in your tires. the entire ride is like listening to a vibrator sitting on a wooden table.
My truck?
in a car.
worse in those cars with the high performance low profile tires.
What do you drive?
4:41 PM
I rent cars when travelling to the states now*
don't want to kill my car. but my car is a Accent. '06 4 door
Definitely. My brother likes his Eclipse, but he had an air duct and low profile tires at one point. A slight incline tore the air duct off, which hit the low profile tires and split one of his $300 rims.
He changed his mind.
He slid into a curb that winter and cracked the other side's 2 rims.
I did 1500km in a 2012 Elantra - that was painful.
I'll keep my ranger. I have the extended cab 4x4 with tires that aren't shorter than my shins like some haha. It's getting a new engine this winter hopfeully, so I'm not too worried about the miles.
4:44 PM
Swapping to a 3.9 I4 diesel. With a 5 speed manual from an f150. Should get me the towing power I need as well as 28+ mpg ;)
Reminded of it by this interesting article: what-if.xkcd.com/72
@Jhawins Nobody cares.
!!afk smoke
Mother Fuckers! Adobe was hacked and they got my fucking account info including Credit Card information
Adobe was nice enough to send me a physical letter.... 2 months after my purchase....
4:55 PM
I had to make an account on adobe to get a noon virrtual texbook to work
the class has been dropped and the textbook no longer needed
then the hack happened
javascript has no operator overloading
@rlemon When was this?
@Jhawins There goes the neighbourhood.
4:59 PM
operator overloading is a stupid idea anyway
@FlorianMargaine what
Anyone here heard of a bug in IE's innerHTML which unescapes &gt; even in attributes ?
Q: Javascript Regex wrongly picking up escaped characters in some browsers

tylertrotterI have a regex (/\b(\w+(?![^<>]*>))\b/g) that matches words, but not html tags. It works as expected in at least Chrome and older FF, but IE and newer FF have a problem. In those browsers it picks up the escaped characters &lt; and &gt; as < and >. Here is an example that works in Chrome but br...

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