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4:00 AM
God knows why their user agent is that long..
Firefox's is "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:39.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/39.0"
I am not sure if the same holds true for Edge, but Windows Phone IE used Chrome's user agent (or something like that) so apps that checked for IE and disabled the site couldn't do that. Maybe MS is doing the same with Edge.
I was in a comma :D
it appears to be so @DemCodeLines
else why would navigator.userAgent in the Edge console give me AppleWebKit, Chrome, and Safari along with Edge. heh
4:04 AM
@ʞɔᴉN Still haven't figured this out lol
Is this a static page or is it really informing me that my browser is out-of-date?
@Shea Static, I hope.
If it's static, I'm pretty sure it's wrong
fuck me, it's not,
4:07 AM
Chrome's about page says I'm up-to-date
I think it isn't, anyway
so they're pushing for es6 for js. i suppose this is because of oop?
05:08:52.125 getBrowser()
05:08:52.129 Object { n: "f", v: 39, t: "Firefox 39", donotnotify: false }
Okay well, all of my browsers are apparently out of date, even the freshly installed Firefox. So yeah, I'm not gonna worry about it
I'm assuming there's a bug.
4:19 AM
when is es6 supposed to be ready?
Judgement day, I've heard. Specs are released, and browsers have started implementing specs though.
4:42 AM
Motorcyclist hits big patch of water, you won't believe what happens next! --> youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=lDi9uFcD7XI
I don't believe it!
Dear bros & sis...anyone know how to make sense of the styles tab in chrome developer tools...?
@DanieClawson ES6 is ready right now. BabelJS works quite well.
You can track the support of your favorite features with: kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6
4:57 AM
^ I meant that
Which part of it do you not understand?
how to comprehend it...looking for some tutorial of sorts...
Styles -> Defined by website
element.style indicates inline style, you can see the "left: 3%" right in the html.
The rest are simply the css rules.
Computed -> What the browser interprets and uses
Event Listeners -> ehhh, event listeners
5:01 AM
in that particular e.g. the span element is selected...but the section after elements has all sorts of classes there (not present on the element)...what are those?
Other classes which the rule applies to.
oh...I think I got it...
it refers to the css rule as defined in the file...
so .ui-widget-content .ui-state-default & .ui-state-default have the same definitions...
Mhm, but you can make multiple definitions for the same selector.
5:05 AM
@deostroll Those show all the CSS rules that are applied to the element, and where they came from
your span inherited its border from that first rule on the list
Hmm...okay I am going to try to mimic that in pure js...
you mean inheritance in general or styles inlined in js?
no i mean...a slider in html5/js/css
so you're aware of the fact that the slider on that site is part of jquery UI, right?
you want to implement that from scratch?
Q: MEAN stack file uploading app throwing unreadable property error

DemCodeLinesI am learning the MEAN stack and was trying to build a simple file upload app. However, I am continuously hitting errors and I may be heading into the wrong direction. My latest error is the following: <h1>Cannot read property &#39;file&#39; of undefined</h1> <h2></h2> <pre>TypeError: Cannot rea...

Any help would be appreciated, literally any help at this point.
5:16 AM
I can offer some comforting words :)
And a general advice against the MEAN stack
And what's that?
Don't use it :)
@DemCodeLines Because things like your question happens ;P
Things like that happen in every language.
5:18 AM
Seconding that advice. I like stability.
MEAN isn't a language, it's a very complicated mix of frameworks
I also like it when I can point coworkers at a project and they know what's going on.
setting up express and mongoose yourself makes it far more likely you understand what the stack actually does and how
making debugging easier
and both mongoose and express by themselves are easy to set up, there's no need to add a complication-layer
Also, MongoDB's kind of uniquely awful.
yeah, but maybe they don't need reliable data storage
mongo is fine for reading data
5:20 AM
5:41 AM
The app I am working on only stores the uploaded image for a limited time before deleting it, so...
nah, it's not those apps, it's a module for something, and I wanted to just use PHP since that's what I am comfortable, but I felt that this was a good opportunity to learn something new. But it's proving to be very time consuming and requiring way too much effort for the smallest things.
go to sleep nick you're disgraceful
close next/ajacent tab or any other tab from current tab using jQuery or javascript is that possible
5:58 AM
6:27 AM
that...just has potential to be awful
@Simply can you imagine how inconvenient that would be for your users? :P
anyone knows why it alerts only after clicking several times?
	close.onclick = function(){
		//dbRequest("server.php", "action=delete&id="+this.parentNode.id);
forget about that.
6:54 AM
so javascripts decodeURIComponent is broken, huh?
comment.innerHTML = decodeURIComponent(text + "").replace(/\+/g, "%20");
@Maurize jsfiddle
@BenjaminGruenbaum Sup fucker?
7:21 AM
@MadaraUchiha Your mom says hi :D
@BenjaminGruenbaum I know! She called me and complained how bad you were
your girlfriend says hi
error: girlfriend is undefined
she was just complaining how bad you were
7:23 AM
@MadaraUchiha apologies for slapping her. It's just that bitches be trippin
morning, dudes
The slapping is nothing. She even told me how bad you were at banging her hard. She said she's been humped by 60 Y.O. harder than you could do ;P
I thought this would be simple: stackoverflow.com/questions/31742855/…
I'm trying to pass callback into another es6 module, but can't seem to bind 'this' properly
why doesn't display: flex work normally in edge?
or...at all?
maybe I need to make my question clearer
7:32 AM
I always get the weirdest errors
@JohnSnow Did you read what I said in the GS room?
I did now
8:04 AM
close next/ajacent tab or any other tab from current tab using jQuery or javascript is that possible(which was previously generated by app)
@Neoares jooo
help me pls
@Simply i said earlier, it would be ridiculous if that were possible
Hi Guys, I have on problem on IE9 related to ajax call.
It works fine on other browser, even on IE10 - It works perfectly but on IE 9 I am unable to send post data to server.
Any javascript ninza there ?
8:20 AM
@the.krish Without you showing some code, the ninjas lack information, and will remain in hiding (behind you, under your chair, beneath your desk, or even under your bed!)
!!tell the.krish examplepls
Caprica still dead?
moment please
just go to developer tool, network and see difference between ie9 and other
want 10Kg of protein
click any option
8:24 AM
@the.krish Check this page sscce.org
and see result on ie9 and other
@RoelvanUden wrong target :S
I wasn't asking
@Neoares I blame you anyway.
8:28 AM
Two words I like the most when writing a review: "catastrophically bad"
@JanDvorak "Gave me cancer. 10/10"
I dare anyone to post the "spiderman in hospital" image here
happy monday
8:42 AM
@MadaraUchiha : heh about collecting data: other major companies does that too. The only disappointing thing is the damn inability to turn down auto updates. I update my OS when i want to do that.
it explains now why they have released it for free
> Microsoft releases two bad OSes in a row; everyone confused
it will take a lot time with fiddling registries and relevant libraries to have max privacy
@KarelG I can't believe someone in Microsoft sat and actually thought that sharing all your WiFi passwords over Facebook would be a good idea.
still i heard about a weird feature, that the start screen is limited to 500 items
so if you install an other software, 501, it won't be found when searching >.>
8:51 AM
> 501 buffer space not found
With all generated shitstorm, I doubt it'll take long for new privacy settings to come to W10. Still, it's a lot better than certain other OS'es :P
@RoelvanUden like which ones?
@AwalGarg FreeBSD
Those bastards steal everything!
I only now realized what nbsp is for
@AwalGarg Like Mac OS X, iOS and Android, for example.
8:53 AM
@MadaraUchiha wot
@RoelvanUden I thought mac had a good reputation at this o.O
Is Ubuntu still so funky out of the box? With everything you type in the search being sent to their servers?
@AwalGarg A good reputation of "convenience of having your stuff in the cloud, automatically!" yes. Apple is great at marketing :)
!!urban ubuntu
Add Ubuntu to the list then :P
8:55 AM
@RoelvanUden definitely not. ubuntu out of the box >>>>> w10 after custom prefs in terms of privacy
they only send what you type in the dash search, if something is not found on the local system
and even prompt you the first time that data will be sent, do you want to disable it?
@AwalGarg : ubuntu would confuse non tech people. So why should they be confused too with the new windows ?
So they changed it. That's what I was asking for. There was no option to disable when I was using Ubuntu, nor did it do a local-search first, it did local and remote in parallel.
oh ok.
I don't know the state of systems like Tizen, Chrome OS and Firefox OS, but consumers tend to value "cloud integration" with "automatic backups" and "improved searching" and wondrous crap like that; any system that is going to focus on that crowd is inherently bad for anyone that cares about privacy (and not those shouting they do while sharing everything on Facebook meanwhile). There are some dodgy settings in W10 I like to see fixed, but it's still better than my Android or my works Mac :P
Well I have hardly worked with Mac but I always thought it respects privacy and stuff. TIL.
9:00 AM
And yet somehow Google doesn't know to stop showing me the flashing "you've been infected, download this fake android antivirus" ad already.
@RoelvanUden I keep wondering, is it not possible to filter search results client side and not send information to the server? Or automatically modify the search query sent to the server based on past searches and results stored locally to get the best results?
hoping for privacy when using cloud integration and automatic backups on someone else's servers is meaningless anyway.
Somehow you'd expect them not to look at your data while they're storing them.
@JanDvorak The only way is to encrypt the data before storing
With their private keys, preferably?
which google does AFAIK. Atleast pretends to.
9:07 AM
LastPass, for example, has an option for storing all your passwords on their server, encrypted with your master password
Then someone gets your master password and you're $^$#ed
@JanDvorak Yeah, but you can reset the master password
@JanDvorak not any more than how much you were fucked before
and why sensor "fuck"? if you mean it, put it out.
That's why I like SQRL, despite what most people on Information Security seem to say.
No one has yet to convince me that SQRL is any more insecure than passwords, or disprove my claim that it's a lot more secure and a lot more comfortable to use.
can anybody help me with this question
Q: google map way points not removing using direction services

LearningI am using google map to define source and destination. Now between this source and destination user can add 5 points in between source and destination. for Eg: Source is Los Angeles Destination is Chicago Between this source and destination user can add 5 any points(city only) which falls ...

9:13 AM
@AwalGarg I don't think so. You'd effectively have to have an entire database of the entire internet on the client? That's a little too much.
: Does not seek input / discussion
Q: What is the number of active experts in Stack Overflow tags?

Deer HunterI'm posting here FYI the results of a SEDE query on specific tags in Stack Overflow (how many users had 2 or more answers in one week in a tag, per week).

@RoelvanUden I've heard the internet is about 500 MB if you subtract all the porn
The OP asnwered it, basically showing off a SEDE query he made
@JanDvorak That sounds plausible, but porn is exactly what we want to search for.
@RoelvanUden no just a store of our past search history. the same as what the server stores.
9:15 AM
Hi All
@AwalGarg But how are you going to apply that when a server is responsible for filtering the results?
@RoelvanUden process the past search history client side, and add metadata related to the present query to the query, and send the new query to server. server responds with results according to the query, and stores or knows nothing about the client.
@AwalGarg great for mobile devices
Feels like separations of concerns are a difficult thing to do in Node :/
@AwalGarg I don't know if that's possible, I'm not an expert on search engines, but it does sound promising. If you can make the relations client-side to enhance the search query, but you need to get 'related' words from the server I suppose, during a query, to store and make new relations later. Still, sounds cool.
9:27 AM
@JohnSnow How is it difficult? It's actually hard to mix, say, presentation and logic
@RoelvanUden Well, I know nothing so I'm probably doing it wrong, but I have two services, one fetches stuff from an API connector, the other one cleans up data to only include what I want.
I can't get those two modules to work with one another because the other one doesn't load before I need it again
CIrcular references
The fetcher needs the data from the washer once the washer is done.
So.. what? You have a controller that handles an API request, the controller talks to a service, the service downloads some data from a remote end-point, cleans it up, and returns it? What's wrong with that?
But why would you need a circular reference? (You can, mind you...)
Well, I want the washer to be it's own service
The fetcher could be broken out into two modules I suppose since it does kinda have two jobs; fetch and keep the washed results...
This is relevant to what I'm trying to do:
Q: 'TypeError: undefined is not a function'when jumping 'tween modules

JohnSnowI keep getting this issue in Node where my application crashes whenever I'm calling functions from one another. I've made this minimum working example (working as in it gives me the error): Start module var module2 = require('./module2'); var data = 'data'; module2.doStuff(data); Module2 ...

Hey dear JS'ers :P
9:37 AM
hi P:
Wanna hear something crazy?
Yeah you @Neoares from Matrix :P
almost feels like IRC hah :P
As crazy as this might sound; I am calling JS methods through a native C++ engine from my C# application (using Unity Mono, not .NET per se)
And I am stuck up on achieving something similar to "Open New Tab" in your everyday browser
I can open a new tab of the current page using something like:
var myLink = window.location.href;
I am facing an issue aligining stuff: plnkr.co/edit/5bBUMIGRsnI8dZh21OPY?p=preview plz check _setup() I am trying to align the mid-levels of the bar & the rectangle in the same line...
but I wanna open a new tab with the link that is the hreof of the element under the mouse! (an onmouseover event)
9:43 AM
gimme a second
I believe my math is correct...or is it?
here's my question
A: Function to get href of link at mouse location/on hover (Something similar to Copy Link Location in Chromium)

Major0Well I tried this: (function(){ var list = document.querySelectorAll( 'a' ); var myString = "myString_Default_Value"; for ( var i = 0; i < list.length; i ++) list.item(i).onmouseover = function() { myString = this.href; }; return myString; })(); Reason why I did this is b...

to him or to me? xD
yo you!
you should've edited your question to add what you've tried
instead of posting an answer
because it's not an answer
9:45 AM
hmm that is correct. On it!
thanks :)
@Major0 you want to open the tab on mouse over?
my wpm is too high for this chat lol
Yes sir
@Major0 I answered you
I hope that's what you need
Thanks :)
hm... I don't know if that's what you need, but at least I'm not using jQuery to do a simple thing xD
9:51 AM
Before I go there I am so eager to tell ya about this idea:
Using some JS function I could add a <script> to document.body that contains a function. Now I can then add this function to onmouseover to each <a> tag in the page! Third step is binding this function to a C# function that in turn fetches the link I stored in the variable I added with the <script>
a true JS'er :p
and I REALLY appreciate your answer, esp that it's pure JS haha
oh so you need JS to return the href, but you are going to open the tab using another language
I guess my answer is wrong then :P
hehe it's fine, I commented to correct the misconception
Please do keep it, so people would better understand what I am trying to achieve. Thank you for your initiative fella :)
Is it possible to add a <script> block using some JS function? maybe that's a workaround that would achieve my goal
9:57 AM
I am really eager to hear the details :p
var script = document.createElement("script")
that's it?
yes ...
no parenting needed? and any functions in the script will be callable ?
but don't forget to append it to the document
9:58 AM
you can set script.src
or script.text if you want to add code manually
yes and then append script to the document
well I am adding code manually from C# so yeah
I see
meh, put that in the <head> that's where scripts should be
people using script tags in body annoys me sometimes
9:59 AM
Got it, I respect conventions :P

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