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12:02 AM
@towc well thanks for helping me get past the mental block, anyways :)
@DanieClawson no prob ;)
in any case, I'm going to bed. Cya!
1 a.m here
@towc k bb I'll see you in a few mins
@catgocat 2am
it seems everybody is one hour ahead of me
where you guys at??
12:04 AM
@ʞɔᴉN minutes? 0.o don't make me wait for so long!
@catgocat currently in italy. The others are likely from Germany/Austria. But most people here are from America/India
towc, I have to get the bus, so the carrot cake may be a bit stale...
good night everyone! @Callum @ʞɔᴉN I'll see you in a few secs hopefully
holland here
nn town
Keep an eye at your window, prefer to make an entrance.
@Callum oh you're joining us?
12:08 AM
Not tonight, just watching.
that's fine :)
heya, anyone familiar with grunt?
familiar enough to have moved to gulp
what's the diff?
I just started using it
!!google gulp vs grunt
google that.
12:22 AM
the disappointment when people realize cap isn't going to respond
Still dead, cap? :(
what's cap
our fembot
can someone help me make sense of this? caniuse.com/#feat=flexbox #3 does not highlight any versions but reflects the problem i'm experiencing testing on ipad
12:28 AM
it's 3:30AM
should I get a burger?
if youre hungry there shouldnt be a question, burgers are always good
I'll be Caprica: "All signs point to yes."
I'll be your doctor: "No."
Anyone upgraded to Win10 yet?
Why would my doctor say no
nothing wrong with a burger
what sells burgers at 3am lol
12:30 AM
@DemCodeLines man, i signed up on the upgrade app super early and still havent gotten around to me
@Snorlax whataburger bro
@Snorlax lots of places in the civilized world
I live in a civilized area and my choices at 3am are limited.
like.. maybe convenience stores
@Luggage this
12:31 AM
taco bell..
@DemCodeLines heard horror stories, not doin it
oh, jack in the box I think
none of those near here
are they west coast?
stackoverflow.com/a/31777931/2476755 why would someone vote this answer up?
taco bell is open at 3?
12:32 AM
jack in the box? I thought that was nationwide
@DanieClawson I wanna hear these stories
Q: MEAN stack file uploading app throwing unreadable property error

DemCodeLinesI am learning the MEAN stack and was trying to build a simple file upload app. However, I am continuously hitting errors and I may be heading into the wrong direction. My latest error is the following: <h1>Cannot read property &#39;file&#39; of undefined</h1> <h2></h2> <pre>TypeError: Cannot rea...

I lived in waterloo, ontario and we had A&W, McD's, BK
all night
uh not in virginia, the part wher ei live anyways
in addition to joints selling other stuff
and now I'm in tel-aviv
taco bell is open late. I'm not sure about 3am
12:33 AM
@DemCodeLines not about to go digging thru my feeds for that im sure you can google it
big city, lots of options
oh true
i dont live in the city lol
but i wanna, for a time
oh man i forgot a&w what a place
for heart disease
@DanieClawson I didn't literally mean that you need to find it
closest jack in the box is 350 miles.
12:34 AM
@DemCodeLines oh, sorry, sounded like a "pics or it didnt happen" kinda thing
@Luggage lol i knew a guy when I lived in Amarillo, TX that used to drive over 2.5 hrs both ways for jack in the box
f that.
i hate driving a mile down the street.
@Luggage right? cant be that damn good
Just eat a banana
those are 2 miles away
there was even a supermarket open 24hours
haven't seen that in Israel
12:36 AM
yea, some supermarkets..
not a big convenience store
@DanieClawson you have to be kidding me
i want cheesecake
@ʞɔᴉN lol no seriously and he'd do it multiple times a month
jack in the box is alright but totally not worth driving 2.5 hrs
12:37 AM
life motto
LA is convenient. I can drive 5 minutes for Jack in the Box, walk to the grocery store (which is open till midnight)
jackinthebox is just like mcd right?
yea. some real full-size supermarkets stay open 24 hours not all locations. usually ONE in any given area
midnight is for pussies
but ralphs, which is nearby, is 24hr
12:38 AM
and people without sleeping disorders
need 24 hours beer delivery
that definitely has to exist
i mean...I think it does exist. heh
@DemCodeLines yah
@Snorlax more or less.. they just introduced a few higher-quality burgers but still
i love five guys, i dont think I can replace them with any fast food place :s
12:40 AM
Is it good?
in n out's pretty good
yea. we have those.
burger acquired.
anyone here ever gave dart a chance ? if you don't know it, basicly typescript+es7-'all the js flaws'

I really like it. If you want to play around with it, checkout dartpad:
five guys is alright, dunno how I feel about the $3 coke and foil wrapping though
too used to paper on my burgers :)
12:41 AM
@DemCodeLines Nyehh, it's decent. Imagine windows 8.1 but decent.
Well 8.1 did have nice under the hood improvements, so imagine it's good?
Dart is the work of the devil.
five guys is great, you should try, i thought they were nationwide lol
12:42 AM
it's a little pricey though like Nick said
yea, it's windows 8 but they brought back the start menu. And it says "sorry about that" when it boots up.
angular 2 abandoning dart for TS is a telltale sign
@Snorlax they only recently started coming to California I think. like over the past couple years
does dart compile to readable JS?
That was one of the reasons I took a risk on Coffeescript. At least I could just compile ot to decent JS and abandon it if I hated it.
I don't think dart is dead, at least google is actively developping it:
Does it actually say thaat?
@Luggage at this moment it doesn't produce readable javascript, they working on that though, probably around septembert it is done
That would make it less risky.
though.. it's not ome tiny esoteric language with 3 users.. so it's not a HUGE risk
o wow lol, I guess it takes longer than I thought for the whole US to catch on to something, I wish I lived in Cali though, I could go to the beach everyday
Catch on to what?
12:46 AM
five guys
anybody know of something like browsershots.org that'll work for codepen?
@Mosho angular 2 didn't abondon dart for ts, they actually choose typescript so that the dart source could be autogenerated from typescript, that was not possible with es5 or es6 alone
mmmmm in n out is just...yes
12:46 AM
for a dart demo of angular 2
hmm browserstack works but since its using an extension im skeptical about it being a true representation of the target??
@Kasper doesn't say they chose it for that
why compile from TS at all?
because, otherwise you need to maintain two versions
they did that for angular 1
and that was kind of horrible I heard
TS is kind of awesome in the sense that you can produce readable es5, es6 and dart from it
12:50 AM
I see
is there a way to comment out a huge block of code in sublimetext2 without it stopping before another commented out section
bye guys night night
@Snorlax ctrl+shift+/ doesn't seem to stop it for me
Nor does ctrl+/
ye, thanks for trying
I'm trying to create comments on a given issue at X github repository. I'm using AngularFire for the authentication but I can't figure out the way to write this function!
API: https://developer.github.com/v3/issues/comments/…
FUNCTION: http://pastebin.com/rkhtwFG8
1:02 AM
why is the !@#(%* support for @$%!@ flexbox so $#@%! inconsistent
^- all that has gone thru my head for the past hr >_<
you mean browser support ?
Use table layouts
@copy what do i look like, some kind of hippie?
in all seriousness i probably will :/
but you can use vendor prefixes right ?
or is it then still inconsistent ?
yeah but theres something weird about safari and flex-direction / flex-wrap, and on firefox there's a problem with flex-grow or something that makes it not fit to the window
1:06 AM
ah yeah, that is crap
at some point I was thinking, let just release my app only using the chrome app store
then I can just worry about one browser :p
no kidding, looking at native wrappers right now
seems like a copout tho
1:18 AM
anybody know anything about node-webkit aka nw.js?
because on the surface it seems like a great way to package an html5 app as a standalone but i cant find any good guides for it
It is good for that. Also check out it similar produt made by github: electron.atom.io
it's used by atom.io and microsoft's VSCode and others
oh very interesting, ill check it out
id imagine the support is better at the least
I'd also imagine, but I can't back that up.
Just about to suggest electron ;p
oh man this is great, thanks a bunch
1:38 AM
looks good: form.io
Why is all the domains now .io ?
@cswl The weather is better there.
Plus it's a cool language, and a moon.
1:45 AM
How's it going dude?
Just how many programming languages are there in exsistence :\
Aye. I wonder if there's any production code written in Io.
1:51 AM
depends on the meaning of "exist"
really, there are infinite ways to write a programming language...
"how many languages are there with stable, maintained interpreters or compilers?" is a good question though
I've always wondered how the if statement works, is it a function which just take arguments?
now you're getting into the good stuff
javascript is harder to do this with, but have you ever written Java or C code and looked at what got compiled?
Nah, I've wrote Java code but never viewed the compiled code.
who reads bytecodes and assembly
not for practical reasons of course
but you learn a lot
1:54 AM
Me. Great dialogue.
@Script47 In Io, yes, afaik. Same as Boolean ifTrue: ifFalse: in Smalltalk.
Also if the if statement is the function how do you explain the else? How does that work?
in the C family, if statements are just compiled into machine code comparisons
most computer architectures are preloaded with the ability to compare numerical values
I understand else if takes parameters etc, but a simple else doesn't.
pre-"loaded" is more like "built with the proper circuits"
1:56 AM
else doesn't need a condition since it's what happens when the if's condition isn't met.
@Script47 Cf. ternary operator.
Ah, yes. Make sense.
and "if else" is really just shorthand for:
I've always wanted to dig in to compilers and the workings behind a programming language.
    if (condtion) {
    else {
        if (condition2) {
    else {
1:58 AM
mmm, how to fix an accidental commit in git which is pushed to the repo? Tried git checkout <label>, but after that git status shows nothing to commit... :/
yea. "else if" is just short hand for a second, nested if.
How'd you go about writing a program to write machine code, then? Sounds h4rd.
damn you, chat
if a
    if b
Is that what you are of meaning, Luggage
Same as nesting ternary expressions.
Published 1984, wow.
omg. i edited the wrong message. I m failing at chat today
@KingMob do you suggest any prior knowledge or reading material before reading that? So like a must know list.
2:01 AM
@deostroll fix what? just want to fix a commit message?
something more of a rollback stuff in my repo
...to the previous to last commit...
Q: How can I rollback a github repository to a specific commit?

Jonathan VanascoMy github has 100 commits in it right now. I need to rollback the repository to commit 80, and remove all the subsequent ones. Why? This repo is supposed to be for merging from miscellaneous users. A bunch of merges went in as commits from me, due to excessive editing. That was due to a misla...

Something like that?
@Script47 No. It was designed as a first year uni course. 'The material in this book has been the basis of MIT's entry-level computer science subject since 1980.'
2:03 AM
Any help on that question I posted?
checkout the head of the branch you wna to change
use git reset to set tha branch back to an earlier time
@Script47 yes
push with -f to "force" a push to ther server and change history (dangerous)
@KingMob understood. @deostroll glad I could help.
@Script47 but git status shows nothing to commit...
2:06 AM
there doesn't have to be. if you did reset --hard there won't be
...or is that expected behaviour?
what HAVE you done?
rm -rf /
not that.
hehe, we hope.
2:08 AM
the push command simply says everything upto date !
what did you do?
no change in the repo
so far.
git reset --hard <label>
git push -f origin master
what's label?
2:10 AM
one of the commits...(check the earlier paste)
@deostroll <label> is meant to be the ID of the commit.
that gist just shows you doing a whole lot of nothing
commiting nothing
also, you never changed the branch
step 1. git checkout master
then git log and make sure you see all the commits your expect
you'll probably still see the commit you don't want.
I generally use the Github application, makes life so much easier.
so git checkout <commit id> won't do the job?
2:13 AM
that' not helpful. the github app can't do this
git checkout master
the big warning right int he middle of youe gist tells you that isn't right
that just changed the HEAD
right. we want to chagne HEAD, not move away from it
@Luggage I meant in general, not for this particular scenario. It just means less mistakes for me.
so git log shows everything again?
2:15 AM
now, git reset --hard <commit id>
that will change the branch master to point to that commit
confirm with git log
Then you can git push -f origin master (if anyone else pulled those changes already, they'll hate you)
they'll have to rebase.
but at this point (even before checking with git log) git status still says nothing to commit...
there is nothing to commit
you commited everything earlier
but og will only show the commits you want now, or it should
it shoudl not longer show the undesired commit
yep that did it...
when you did "git checkout <commit id>" you said "leave master alone, and lets go temporary be at <commit id>". When you wanted to stay on master and change that pointer.
you pushed adn it all looks right on github (or wherever)?
@Script47 there are a lot of great SO answers regarding C under-the-hood stuff
2:23 AM
git reset changed the pointer. --hard also changed all local files to match what they should be AT that pointer (which is why you got "nothing to commit").
in rxjs, I have some shit going on, and I dispose of subjects which other shit is subscribed to
@Luggage yes it looks right way on github now...
but they are still subscribed with isDisposed set to true
and it throws
thanks...its been a while I am trying to wrap my HEAD around it . :)
hur hur :)
2:40 AM
omg I got it
thanks GUISE
Is SQLite supported consistently throughout browsers these days?
Why would you be accessing a database through a browser?
Are you asking for a little Bobby Tables to be adding data?
Yeah, my question might have been badly phrased.
2:44 AM
@Luggage thanks.
Ah. Would never have gotten that @Luggage
2:59 AM
Time for bed, cya fellas.
Sleep is for the weak ;P
trying to run this in visual studio 2015 rc
i'm missing a lot of files
@Callum agreed #nobreaks
i'm not savvy enough to get the rest of the files that the tutorial assumed i should know. can anyone guide me along?
> git clone https://github.com/Microsoft/ngconf2015demo.git
3:15 AM
yes, i have that project open but i can't run it since it's missing a ton of files
npm install tsd -g
tsd reinstall
tsd rebundle
i did that. i have a typings folder in my project folder
node js is ticking me off
so what files are you talking about exactly?
3:18 AM
it's still missing the rest
Actually, not node, express js
@DemCodeLines why?
4 am here
Simple freaking file won't upload.
3:19 AM
i'm missing every folder here except the css, vs, and firebase folders
@DemCodeLines what's the issue? I have a bit of experience with express, not much
3:21 AM
I am actually using Multer too, the problem is I get Cannot read property 'name' of undefined at the following line: var filename = req.files.name;DemCodeLines 7 mins ago
that specifically. The question has the specific code snippets, but req.files is undefined...
4:22 aaaaaah
I need to make a Facebook like counter using Facebook like box api. When user like my Facebook page using api, I need to store it to local database too. Is it possible?
I should probably go to sleep
bye #ForNow
gn bb
@DemCodeLines wouldn't it be req.files.file.name? from looking at the rest of your code
i mean if req.files is undefined that doesn't change anything, just wondering
3:24 AM
That's what it should be, but if req.files is undefined, then nothing else matters.
yeah hm
Yeah, that. It's undefined and I have wasted like 3.5 hours wondering why.
have you tried using app.post?
ooh never mind
Simply when someone click on like button, store +1 like to database.
3:27 AM
so you've configured the dest option..?
What do you mean by "the dest option"?
@VarunaLex that's perfectly possible but the implementation is up to you :)
'dest': './uploads'
Yup, have that. Let me update my question.
where the files uploaded files are stored, I presume
and you added enctype="multipart/form-data" to your form as avaneesh suggested, right?
3:33 AM
Hi, welcome to StackOverflow, this is Snorlax, give me a moment for me to review your information.
@DemCodeLines was this an actual thing? chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/29698/loungetherapy
I hate jQuery with a vengeance. VanillaJS all the way, bitches.
I'm trying to use it, and it doesn't want to cooperate.
@ʞɔᴉN Back in the days...
@DemCodeLines do tell!
How'd you find that in the first place?
3:43 AM
I spend a lot of time in the Lounge<C++> room, dunno if yours was in any way related
stalked your profile :)
the meta question
Wait, there was a meta question that referred to this room?
Oh, was it the transcript question?
What is the edge browser user agent? Like msie in IE
let's find out
3:56 AM
"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.135 Safari/537.36 Edge/12.10240"
Same name they using 'edge'.

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