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5:00 PM
tc @Major0
why seven ages yeppe? :p
Nighty :) tc you too
@MadaraUchiha ok, dunno why you still have this feeling then
try @copy's suggestion, indeed
there is the myth ... probb abt 7 which jews considered as a perfect number
or try a project you're interested in
@Major0 as in Compact Disc
5:02 PM
Oh lol
I always make things complicated :p
the number sever is divine
human number is 6
who knows :P
@FlorianMargaine How quaint
5:02 PM
like the mark of the beast 666
I also should learn a functional program, i likes parenthesis
common lisp is not a functional programming language
@cswl ()()()()()()()()()() does this turn you on?
try haskell/erlang for purely functional PL
an nippless10-breast alien? no thanks!
5:04 PM
more the merrier
@MadaraUchiha for the record, multimethods let me have a very nice structure for dpkg-fs (where not a single class or macro is used)
Reminds me of Jazzpunk :P the robot girl who say things like: "Always use encryption baby, tehee"
@ʞɔᴉN ^
she also says "Am I turning you on?"
@Major0 you read my bad code.. why you no suggest :(
>waiting for chat.SO to switch my account over
the main site already switched, guess I need to clear cookies or something.
@cswl How did ya know!?
I'm not an experienced JS programmer :P But if nobody can help then I can try
5:08 PM
@Major0 that game looks awesome, I might have to get it
My room smells like something burning, and nothing is burning
It is :) lots of geeky references :P
@user5186183 it takes a while for changes to propagate, especially to SO chat. my name change took like an hour
5:09 PM
OCD kicking in hard
ah okay, thanks
mismatched parens, pls correct
@Retsam you monster
you monster, frisbee
@user5186183 <div onclick="$.calendar(this)'>How to annoy a web developer</span>
5:10 PM
@MadaraUchiha *twitch*
@MadaraUchiha yeah I didn't see any jQuery anywhere in there, pls fix
lol 'where is the jQuery, how can it working?'
@ʞɔᴉN Fixed
you get a gold sticker!
@MadaraUchiha much better
5:13 PM
@cswl What are you trying to do? streaming a string via JS and decoding it using String Decoder?
@FlorianMargaine Am I the only one who always confuses +1 with 1+?
I always get it wrong. Every. Single. Time!
"getting the next line of a file using streams and generators"
@cswl nvm lol
Quick question: when do you say "I do have" instead of "I have"?
I actually jumped to the code and didn't read the summary
for emphasis @Francesco
5:14 PM
@Francesco "I do have" is when you want to emphasise the fact that you actually have it.
@MadaraUchiha Did ya see @cswl's code?
"I have 3 apples."
"You don't, I don't believe you"
"I do have 3 apples though"
@Major0 Nope.
He's getting the next line of stream
Why is every line indented though? :P
5:16 PM
Lol yeah
Haven't noticed
@MadaraUchiha lol
@MadaraUchiha I wished I had 1- though :(
I rarely use 1+, mostly (- foo 1)
@FlorianMargaine It's like the USB of Lisp!
Both versions are wrong, until you try one. Then the other one is correct.
@MadaraUchiha What are you using Lisp for? (other than parsing data)
1+ mutates foo doesn't it?
@Major0 Nothing so far. Just learning it for the sake of learning.
I just downloaded clojure.. it requires Java :\
5:18 PM
Cool, it's used for parsing as I said :P
that makes it useful for academic compilers
have no idea of other usages
@FlorianMargaine ^
Thanks for taking a look.. :0 @Major0
@cswl I have no idea where to begin with in your code buddy xP mean it has stuff I'm not experienced with (iojs libraries, promises etc..)
You're welcome, sorry for not being able to help
Though what was the issue again? And have you tried asking a question regarding that matter here on StackOverflow?
It'a all right. I was just testing out the stuffs i learned recently.. so was asking for a better approach :)
@cswl you said:
>my javascript code bad... suggest me please hastebin.com/usocugekis
5:24 PM
@MadaraUchiha no
could you please extrapolate more?
Oh I see
and I just learned that 1- exists
@MadaraUchiha also... +1 isn't a thing afaik?
@FlorianMargaine EXACTLY
5:25 PM
What are you guys talking about? :P
@MadaraUchiha ah, I see
@MadaraUchiha I don't have this issue, sorry
@MadaraUchiha btw, anytime you're googling something lisp-related, add "clhs"
@FlorianMargaine Like "mdn" for JS?
@MadaraUchiha yep
@Major0 You should look into learning ES6 too, it's awesome o
Common Lisp HyperSpec is the resource
5:27 PM
i have an odd problem. when a user types their real password into a login form it does not get transmitted but other fake passwords do.
@Luggage what's the difference between real and fake?
well, i'm trying to find out what special characters they use.
so.. first. the site uses shitty secuty, but over ssl to mitigate. i need to update that. by shitty, I mean the password is sent plain (but again, over ssl)
so, looking at requests in the debug console I see password: "some fake password" but when they type the real one: password: ""
They have Kaspersky installed, which is my first guess as to the cause.
but I haven;t found similar reports, yet.
ahaaaa @FlorianMargaine @MadaraUchiha so 1- and 1+ parses the argument number and inc/dec the first whole digit by one
(1+ 2) === 3
So even if it was a freaking complex number it would increment the first digit only
5:32 PM
i've started learning angular (i know, it sucks, blah blah blah). anyone know of any good projects to read for good examples on best practice?
oh wait, it also works on fractions.. don't mind me :P
Though what's so special about it? it's just Inc and Dec @FlorianMargaine @MadaraUchiha
it's not
@Major0 Yeah, it's nothing special.
No function in lisp is "special"
it's just that @MadaraUchiha never remembers between 1+ and +1
oh I see :P
5:34 PM
Even common operations like +, -, = are functions in lisp
@MadaraUchiha Doesn't LISP have macros which are "special"?
@Retsam Yes, but they're called "special operators" and not "macros" or "functions" :P
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
A Very Common Coder’s Youthful Mistake
@Luggage I have no experience in this, but my wild guess would be that it is some special character that is inserted. You said Kaspersky so maybe they're using its virtual keyboard or something? (to go around keyloggers) and that inserts some weird characters? I have no idea
yea.. but i don't get how the virtual keyboard would only make it not work with the right password instead of anything typed into the password field.
5:36 PM
Omg I ditched facebook to get away from group chats, and now I'm here :p God dammit xD
that's really weird
by fake password you mean a dummy password you're using to test it?
(to test if it's correctly passed)
is it something YOU have and they don't?
im back
perhaps adblock? lol
hello guys
5:38 PM
hmm.. you know.. sometimes I was typing remotely (citrix goto support). I wonder if that was the real difference.
wb yepeeeee :P
not the wrong password vs right one..
bro do u knw anyone who is good at writing math model for alogs???
let me investivate this virtual keyboard more and try to reproduce
Hi all, I've got a jS object which I'm joining with other objects using jQuery.extend(). One of the values is "true" which I need to be a boolean value (without the quotes). Any ideas how I can do this?
5:39 PM
alogs? I'm not familiar with that to begin with :P
@Luggage good luck m8
algorithms i mean
oh alg :p
anyone else??? here?
uhmm @MadaraUchiha? xD
what do you mean with math model?
like big O notation?
do u want the link i have posted this for a while now...
but no response
5:41 PM
@Retsam macros are just compile-time functions... but they're still functions. You can run things like creating files or w/e during compile time.
I can take a look, what have ya got?
i dont know y ppl dont answer
I'm gonna try LISP too.. is Racket good?
Q: Programming algorithm to a Mathematical model(need mathematical expression for the below)

yeppeWant to convert below algorithm into a mathematical model:- General points 1. Let there be a Connected Directed Graph. G = (V, E) V vertices or nodes E edges. This graph can be seen as a network of nodes that communicate with each other. diagram below depicts such a network. ...

Yeah sure send the link
omg -5, how brutal of them :P
i mean come on
5:42 PM
@yeppe Because it appears that you're not asking a question, but are just asking people to write your code for you?
yep... tear at top right corner :(
@ʞɔᴉN "Special"
no mate
And the question is? Please do not say "I need the code that does this.". — Baum mit Augen Jul 11 at 20:54
i dont need a program but a math model for the same
5:43 PM
@Loktar very :)
i explained it to them.. but dont know when one gets a bad rating once on a question then it cascaded down....even if you improve it or not
who has the time to read thru:( but it is a simple algo i bet
Retsam i read that and replied to that too...
The room description.
good morning JS denizens
evenings as well
It's morning in UGT.
5:53 PM
@Shmiddty Midnights ?
That's also a time
@yeppe time complexity is O(j*k) which is O(n^2)
I suppose you should be more clear about whatcha want in the question :) I mean you did a good job of providing the information but you didn't ask/make it clear what you actually want to be answered
I think he wants mathematical modeling :\
some people looked at the comment where someone said if you actually want the code, and -1 ya lol
but sir, not jst about timecomplixity but the notations and stuff
like iteration and summation etc to express the whole thing
6:00 PM
I think you should make it clear (IN BOLD :P) that you want a mathematical model. Stackoverflow community won't respond well when asked about broad stuff. You have to be specific ya know. So you and them would know what you need.
I see
Like you need a table rightmost of your pseudo-code that explains what each statement represents mathematically?
Honestly, I don't think SO is the right place to be asking for a mathematical model for an algorithm.
I presume if you would explain the "notations and stuff" you require IN your question then people will notice whatcha want, but you should be specific about the notations ya know.
Also add [notation] tag or [mathematics] maybe :P
Sorry if I sounded rude :P I'm not trying to really. It's just that you have to know what you want so people would add their thoughts to yours :)
e.g. naming the notations you require for that pseudo-code and problem you have.
6:08 PM
I'm not sure but maybe you could ask on Cross Validated, they have a few model tags there, stats.stackexchange.com
Do you have an example of the mathematical model you are trying to get for this problem? I'm sure you have some example somewhere of a much simpler problem that you are trying to replicate for this problem.
whats that not aware of Cross Validated
A simpler problem with a mathematical model we can see so people could project on this more complicated one
StackExchange has hundreds of site dedicated to a specific stuff, like StackOverflow is for programming..
6:10 PM
Yeah true
There's Academia
Math I suppose
fapoverflow is for you know tehe
6:11 PM
vim :p
doing that
what? there's fapoverflow?
There's a user called fap fap fap here on stackoverflow lol
No, that was rapoverflow
@cswl do you know what fap means ?
spread operator so much better than apply
6:12 PM
Crazy right?
@Abhishrek Googling now.. hope its not something like bukkake
No I was talking to crazy since he said that, and his username is crazy lol
Fap Fap Fap

his description: I do stuff!
@Crazy You mean arguments?
@cswl i have posted that there ....on that site as well
6:16 PM
We are building large angular web app. do any one know any url , bower, etc to start with the large project. along with gulp
how large
is it measurable???
Sorry guys Ima call it a day :P
apps larger than 3500 lbs GVWR need a special license.
large project mean, for email marketing..
@Zirak having dinner, I'll calm down on github now
6:18 PM
@cswl yeah, using spread op to pass arguments instead of apply is nicer
lol, 3500lb, that is measurable
was fun :) wish ya good luck getting a good answer @yeppe

@MadaraUchiha thanks for the Quad Trees revelation :P xD
see ya later guys :) bye
@pirabdulwakeel do you have literally single page with everything done in angularjs, or multiple separate small applications per page ?
eslint still hates arrow functions with env.es6 = true and ecmaFeatures.arrowFunctions = true.
yes, I would rather go for modular approach, every module behave like a single page. for example campaigns, lists, templates, analytics etc
6:21 PM
@Luggage was working for me
@pirabdulwakeel nice
I'll show you mine if you show me yours: gist.github.com/luggage66/c4b18c1aff0018cb7270
LOLZ @Major0
@pirabdulwakeel is it open source ?
yes, open source.
I already developed one, but that is in backbonejs
now want similar approach here.
6:22 PM
@FlorianMargaine does Emacs have a "refactor into a function" functionality?
@pirabdulwakeel link ? i might like to contribute
the angularapp is on svn, I have planned to move that to github. once moved will share.
ok :}
I really dislike backbone because 90% of the time I've seen it, its done wrong
for varying definitions of wrong
@Major0 QuadTrees are usually used by 2d games to map objects on a 2D grid (you divide the map into quarters, and recursively divide the quarters into quarters)
6:25 PM
javascript, then jquery, then backbone, then knockout, then angular, then now react !
OctoTrees are usually used by 3d games to map objects in 3D space (dividing into octants recursively)
oh, no. when you have strong command over javascript, every thing in backbone seem fine. but backbonejs is hurdle when you are medicore javascript developer. backbonejs itself is very little, we can say only a design pattern.
while on other side, angular is very rich, everything is inside starting from jquery. johnpa wrote a jquerylite library inside the angular
I prefer backbone to angular still, even tho I don't like either very much.
Yes me too. but its the client demand to build it that way.
So far, I like react because you can use the same code server-side and client-side
6:27 PM
@Luggage http://hastebin.com/umulonayab.json
Setting env to es6 will enable arrow functions too
yea, i did that first
So you can have server-side rendering without implementing the rendering part twice (once in JS and once in PHP/Java/Whatever)
Polymer, webcomponents, and so on. I am really fed up from these javavascript frameworks and tools.
Are you doing something crazy with your arrow functions? :|
and switching to babel-eslint parser did not help
no, i even tried a simple one in a separate file.
6:29 PM
lets come to the points, any one know angularjs kickstart with the great code structure for gulp
Whats the error?
@pirabdulwakeel I wouldn't put time into Angular in a new project
i'll add to gist. one sec.
@crazy should I say crazy thanks. or @crazy thanks
@Luggage Aren't arrow functions => and not ->
We got any Express js experts here?
6:35 PM
Yeah, I always do ->, too.
I guess not.
@cswl TY, sir. I'll go hang my head, now.
I'm used to coffeescript/typescript which has both "fat" and "thin" arrows.
That's my excuse, too. I am actually converting a coffeescript file to es6 at the moment.
Does anyone know if EcmaScript has any plans (ES7, for example) to add thin arrows?
6:36 PM
No, that would be pointless, unless it had separate functionality, which would still be a bit odd to have two types of arrow functions
("thin arrows" = "function expressions which don't inherit this from the surrounding scope")
i think they are loss commonly useful and function() {} syntax gives you that.
the new youtube UI is interesting
I wouldn't oppose it, but meh..
6:37 PM
just use a function keyword if you want it to inherit the this value; having two separate arrow syntaxes will confuses readers
Yeah, but "function() {}" is just so verbose...
It's better than being confused
And no less confusing, honestly.
it is verbose, but since you use it less often it's less of an issue
at least I use it less often.
I think you're being nit-picky. Using a function keyword to attach a this value isn't terrible, and is still as semantic as it used to be. Having two separate arrows will be confusing.
6:38 PM
If you're confused about => vs ->, then you're equally probably going to be confused about -> vs "function() {}"
Nah, I don't think most people would agree
I highly doubt ES will add thin arrows, and I would argue against it if the proposal appeared
For one, I'm on @Nick s side.
Spaceship <=>
thin arrow generators ->*
6:41 PM
Honestly, I think there's going to be a lot of confusion as to the difference between "=>" and "function() {}" regardless.
I'm thinking most people new to JS are going to assume that the first is just shorthand for the second, when it's not.
think of it was function() {} is a normal function, with it's own this and only => is the one without this. Like a special lightweight inline function.
that way all functions work the same, except =>
I get that, I really do. But I don't think people new to the language are going to get that.
Q: MEAN stack file uploading app throwing unreadable property error

DemCodeLinesI am learning the MEAN stack and was trying to build a simple file upload app. However, I am continuously hitting errors and I may be heading into the wrong direction. My latest error is the following: <h1>Cannot read property &#39;file&#39; of undefined</h1> <h2></h2> <pre>TypeError: Cannot rea...

@pirabdulwakeel haha, slight distinction :) hope it was helpful. Usually, I just search for [technologies] "boilerplate" and theres generally a github
I'm going to write a programming language that has a syntax using twitch tv emotes
6:46 PM
@Luggage I feel like this is the sort of attitude to JS d
I was joking.. mostly.
lots of languages have syntactic sugar like that and people just need to learn. We're talking about programmers here.
Oh, wow I don't think I meant to send that last message.
Learning the this scope, in general, is a hurdle for JS programmers and the one new functions syntax, =>, that mostly makes it 'go away' is not harmful but more likely helpful (I assume)
I'm fine for syntactic sugar; but the pitfall of =>, in my opinion, is that it looks like it's syntactic sugar for one thing, but is actually sugar for something very similar but different.
-> is too close to c++, will spawn 10 more blogposts about how js is the c++ of the web
6:51 PM
Sure, good programmers will figure it out eventually, but that doesn't make it not be a problem.
sugar for (function() {}).bind(this)
Nobody is going to think that javascript is relatable to C++ at all
That's a poor reason to not advance a language.
the difference between => and function is a lot easier to figure out than => and ->
the syntax would just be too similar for newbies
6:52 PM
It's a false dichotomy to say that I'm arguing against "advancing the language".
@Nick bold statement pointersgonewild.com/2015/08/02/javascript-is-the-c-of-the-web dateline: yesterday
But yes, I have ahad issues trying to explain the difference between a lambda and a function keyword to a newbie at my last job
but he did eventually get it
did you have to use the learning stick?
I had to use the shame bell
@Nick Except that if I see "function() {}" and "=>", a newbie is going to assume that "=>" is just shorthand. If they see "->" and "=>", I think they will wonder what the difference is, google it, and get an explanation of (function() {}).bind(this).
6:54 PM
How is the difference between a lambda and function hard to grasp lol
We can come up with reasons that newbies will be confused about things all day long. I still don't think it's a reason to never change anything.
@Retsam I disagree, and I think most people will.
@Luggage Once again, I'm not arguing for "never change anthing"
I dislike the arrow syntax for lambdas
6:55 PM
It's ridiculous that I can't disagree with one specific feature of ES6 without being cast as "Retsam is against progress!"
Don't deny me my straw man.
idk why, just feels awkward inside js
I love the arrow syntax
@Nick Well, I guess I disagree with most people then. Not the first time, won't be the last.
@Retsam It's not that way at all, stop being such a victim
6:56 PM
@Nick show who she is shaming plis.
nsfw bro
@Nick the arrow syntax is nice when they are just short like arr.map( s => s.name); or something, but when they are named and inside scopes it looks bad to me
setTimeout(() =>
}, 1000);
the only odd thing about the syntax is if you wanna put your braces on new lines
@Nick Umm, I'm not trying to be a "victim"; but Luggage is misrepresenting my position here and here which is specifically what I'm replying to.
6:57 PM
then it gets a bit funky looking
setTimeout(doABunchOfStuff, 1000);
I don't even use the function keyword anymore :0
@Luggage don't apply logic to my example, fool
also, that will effect the 'this' value, if doABunchOfStuff is using a function keyword
oh, sorry.
golly-gee, luggage
6:59 PM
@Retsam I admitted my "never change anything" was a straw man.

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