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12:20 AM
@AwalGarg which vm you are using depends
@SomeGuy He has like 9000 monthly credits free on Azure :P
i thought azure was more of a AWS style service
correct me if I'm wrong
@ʞɔᴉN it is
but I gave awal a bizspark account :-)
he hwas 9000 credits(inr) per month for next 3 years
ah.. well then DO vs Azure isn't really a good comparison is it?
despite Digital Ocean being cheaper, ~150 dollars per month free kinda nails it one side
i'd go with whatever is the best deal
12:35 AM
£90 a month, pas bad.
pas ?
About 1500 norweigan kr, I think.
what does pas mean ?

(avec `ne' et `non') "not""
From the beautiful language that is French.
I should of remembered :-/
I slept past 18/24 hours :D
12:40 AM
yeah who doesn't know French
shame on you
Only American tourists don't know French.
que pas?
Oui. Je sais tout ce qu'il y a savoir.
"tout ce qu'il y a à savoir"
Damn, hoping all the French speaking people were asleep. It's nearly 03h00 in France.
So I feel it was a reasonable assumption.
What's the advantages of using Lisp? If it's as handy as I've heard it proclaimed to be, I'mma learn it, as I've heard it proclaimed to be pretty handy.
It's a DSLDL
domain specific language definition language
1:21 AM
I have an idea, for making 8 bit art
define objects as lines (vectors) and then basically render em ?
has it been done before ?
I think it might have, I'll see if I can find a link.
That's from one of the chatters here, but fuck me if I know their username.
Guys, posted this question hours ago and it should be an easy answer - What do I use as the css object for Autoprefixer with Node.js?
Q: How do I use Autoprefixer with Node.js

Jonathan ToddAccording to the official documentation, this is simple: Usage: var autoprefixer = require('autoprefixer-core'); var postcss = require('postcss'); postcss([ autoprefixer ]).process(css).then(function (result) { result.warnings().forEach(function (warn) { console.warn(warn.toSt...

@Callum copy
Basically the documentation just doesn't give context or say what is expetected of the css param. I tried the result of fs.readFile()
1:26 AM
@JonathanTodd are you using gulp or any other task runner ? (Grunt maybe ?)
They both seem like great tools, but autoprefixer alone seems like it would work great by itself, if only I could figure out what to use for that css param
Cap's still deed :(
1:50 AM
somebody get that lemon in here to fix cap
Without Caprica, emcastan is just room 17.
She's a vital point in the emcastan government.
room #1738
1 hour later…
3:01 AM
*makes the noise a tumble weed does*
do they have those in scotland
Yeah, really bad problem.
There's more pandas here than tumble weed, but y'know. 1 is more than we usually have.
pandas.. in scotland?
Aye. Two of them.
Down in Edinburgh. Not even joking.
There's more pandas in Scotland than there are Tory MPs.
3:21 AM
More UFOs.
bloody torys
!!s/King Mob/Grammar nazi/
Fix the bot! @rlemon
And I fail to see how correcting primary school English mistakes is on a par with being a perpetrator of genocide. People have funny insecurities.
I usually am a lot stricter with my grammar, just during the summer I go "fuck it" and let my Scottish slip in.
3:32 AM
With a soft 'e' sound, yeah,
I think he likes me
1 hour later…
4:38 AM
*makes the tumbleweed sound again*
4:56 AM
eagle screams overhead
nick takes off his ten gallon hat and wipes his forehead
Dafuq you putting fluids in your hat for?
only way to survive in the wild west
dude what time is it over there? do you sleep?
I'm fucking my sleep patterns to return to BST.
All the decent things were in the US, so I adjusted my life accordingly.
I got used to sleeping from 08h00-12h00, which is bad if I wish to go to school.
5:49 AM
@Abhishrek How?
@SomeGuy I gave him
6:01 AM
Oh, haha
How'd you have that?
@SomeGuy BizSpark :P
Ooh, nice
How's Batuapay going?
@SomeGuy Not very good
but good
I can use a dev
The Point of Sale app is stalling terribly
causing the whole thing to stall.
also we might aswell just rename it to "Simple" !
6:04 AM
6:52 AM
What is the problem with this angular version that it doesnt work ? the console says some errror - but I don't know what's the problem. the function does exists it : jsbin.com/yixoqa/1/edit?html,js,output
Here - it does work :tutorialzine.com/2013/08/learn-angularjs-5-examples/… ( with older NG version)
1 hour later…
8:09 AM
Please read the help center to learn how to ask a proper question. Thank you so much in advance !royhowie 2 mins ago
I found a good use for when people append "Thank you…in advance" to their questions
would they even understand that hint ? :p
I totally forgot about the SO site since i came here :0
9:03 AM
9:28 AM
had a pretty fun help-vamp in the Java chat the other day
He explicitly said that he's too lazy to google when he can just ask in the chat
why else is there a chat if it's not to be his personal support?
> plz me pc is not workin halp me
plz to writes my codes 4 me, boss needs it by tomrw!
9:37 AM
I kinda wanna be a good sport and upvote low-rep users answers, but it's so hard to do when their answers are poor :/
So I end up upvoting the high-reps anyay because their answers are better quality wise and works. >_>
/I tried
morning :3
9:59 AM
sunday noes
10:19 AM
@JohnSnow I don't even look at the users when I vote
I only look if I consider giving a bounty.
hi guys is there any way to fix the cors issue without disabling websecurity on chrome?
@Abhishrek the most basic one with both the platforms. spec wise azure vms look quite awesome: great CPU and all, but DO has ssds and a way faster network :/
@Sajeetharan "The cors issue"?
10:34 AM
@Sajeetharan have the server make the requests to the 3rd party, or if you control whoever is receiving the request, enable CORS there
and yeah, it's not an issue, it's an (important) feature
you can also use JSONP, but it sucks
@MadaraUchiha I look at everything :D
sometimes I look and I wish I hadn't
> I always try to google before I ask, but apparently my google-abilities suck when I don't know what I'm supposed to google for.

So I apologize in advance that my questions are dumb.
Also, I wanna confirm something: In javascript everything's a reference, so if I send a reference to two methods, they will be dealing with the same object, right?
10:38 AM
JS has reference copies.
@JohnSnow If you send the same reference to two methods both will deal with the same object, yes.
Some (most) methods will return a new object, and leave the original untouched, some will alter the original.
@MadaraUchiha thanks. Just wanted to confirm that :)
@Mosho could you please get a normal avatar?
> It is a SyntaxError to use the keyword 'var'.
10:40 AM
I totally thought Mosho's avatar was a cookie :P
blasphemers want to take away variable declaration hoisting
@Mosho That is true though. I google all the time but I'm bad at it :/
You know nothing
Nope :D
I'm sorry
10:41 AM
I wonder how horrid my application is
People probably say that to you all the time
@Meredith Yes, pretty much everyone. :P
It's getting easier to count the ones who haven't ;P
@JanDvorak I would, but your mom told me she likes it
she totally didn't
she just told me that so I bang her?
I feel so used
10:43 AM
Cougars are so heartless
please let me know if you ever decide to change it. Until then I'm blocking it in uBlock and I shall call you the "faceless multiface"
@Mosho aren't you used to feeling used though? :-P
Do you have trypophobia
these are not holes
They look like holes in the thumbnail
10:45 AM
@JanDvorak that's what your mom said too!
and no
10:57 AM
Wondering if the filter auto-disables when the Faceless Multiface changes his avatar.
if I install w10 from USB in my Acer laptop, will I lose all the shitty pre-installed acer software?
because it would be amazing
no or no. Even if they did disappear, it wouldn't count as a loss.
@Neoares there's an option for that. In any case, why don't you just make a complete pc reset?
@towc do you mean chosing the recover option from w10?
because it says I will lose all data except pre-installed software
no, as in, remove everything from your pc
11:03 AM
that's why I'm booting from USB
oh yes, I will format the disk
Of ALL the things to blow up in my face... process.stdout...
and then install w10 using my previous key
I hope I don't lose my genuine windows
11:14 AM
@Neoares windows 10 upgrade option will keep all your shitty acer apps. Windows 10 fresh install would lose them
@Neoares Make sure you copy down your product key before you wipe your drive as you will need it.
So win10 will constantly send usage data?
and in all sincerity, as long as you're not a celeb or a criminal/politician I don't think you should have anything to worry about
11:25 AM
I don't like to have such a constant traffic
@Mosho I have tried enabling on the server side which is actually pentaho by adding some filters where pentaho is running, actually tomcat 7
then pentaho features stopped working
@towc Are you sure?
@MadaraUchiha who do you think will look at your stuff?
You know the saying, "If something is free, then you're the product"?
@MadaraUchiha but windows 10 ain't "free".
11:39 AM
@AwalGarg There are freaking ads on solitaire.
And you only get the update when you already have paid for their older shit.
12:09 PM
@towc "people saying privacy doesn't matter because they don't have anything to hide is like saying freedom of speech doesn't matter because you don't have anything to say"
@FlorianMargaine don't put it like that. I'm not saying that lack of privacy is good, I'm just saying that in this case it's not something you should worry about too much. In any case, who can access that data? I doubt someone is going to leak MS or that MS will use our data malignaly (?), even if it's not really ethical to collect what we don't want them to anyway
"with evil intentions" always works
@Meredith thanks
where to read how does apt package signing with gpg keys work?
12:14 PM
@towc Pretty sure their marketing and development will look at your stuff
@JohnSnow but only for business reasons. I don't really see anything wrong with that
I'm all for targeted ads if targeted ads mean "ah, he won't be clicking them anyways, so don't show him anything" in my case.
what I'd be really mad about is them publishing that data for ayone to see
english question: is "I'd really be mad" better than "I'd be really mad" ?
They mean different things
do they? 0.o
12:16 PM
One emphasizes be, the other emphasizes mad
but they're both correct... right?
ok, thanks
@AwalGarg there is a file named _gpgkeysign or something similar in the .deb archive
12:17 PM
I'd say really be there
Because you're comparing how you wouldn't be mad to how you would be mad
Instead of how you'd be a little mad to how you'd be very mad
oh, ok
Both are fine, though, they just have slightly different meanings
@FlorianMargaine what does apt verify it against?
can anyone think of a simple way to write in some format (like yaml) inside a .js file and have it magically work as a json?
I thought about either sweetjs or tagged template strings
12:22 PM
or a babel transformer
latter ftw
@Meredith I'm writing my styles in js
in a react component
and with json it looks somewhat messy
So you want something that automatically parses yaml into json?
as a part of some magical watcher build step
That sounds like something you should do with a preprocessor, but putting it in a template string and parsing it should work
12:24 PM
tagged template strings are nice, but happen in runtime
If I'm understanding your problem correctly
I'll look into a babel transformer, I think
anyway, writing styles this way is pretty refreshing
with react there's no more html, now there's no more css
we css programmers now
hey all stupid Q. How do I make it so on mobile I dont have to click twice on en element (once for hover and then once for click event) and only just fire the click event on click?
@Neal Design your website mobile first?
You could make it a hover event?
@MadaraUchiha No
lol ok
12:43 PM
Are you looking for a tap event?
it wirks if I just get rif of the hover css with media queries.
Use jquery/see how jquery implements it
> If you execute
I don't get that one...
@Meredith .... i am using jquery
12:44 PM
also... x ?
So just use tap
@towc Crockford hates expression statements, and automatic semicolon insertion
> "JSLint" is really just Douglas Crockford sitting behind a computer, insulting your code.
most of the jokes are awesome, but I just don't get some of them
12:47 PM
yo @towc o/
how you're going?
@Maurize by feet, usually
12:57 PM
@towc this is really good. :D
do you know the URL of this game with the spaceships?
@Maurize vanar.io?
yes, much thanks, sir.
Ooh, like Agar.io
@Callum just much better
1:02 PM
Is it made by the same person?
ist both canvas I think and has very good performance
there's an open source version of Agar.io, I imagine it was based off of that,
I'm getting like 3 fps
On my Laptop it runs very well
Ran a small profiler there, I got between 3ps (at the end when it was saving) and 41 fps
average ~23
1:05 PM
Alchemy game logic: You get oxygen by shining light onto plants. You get carbon dioxide by having a man breathe in oxygen. No word how plants can produce oxygen without carbon dioxide.
@Meredith chrome?
I get 30fps on chrome there
I get decent fps then it will randomly drop
(also, animals can't breathe)
1:10 PM
@JanDvorak they don't. they have chlorophyll, air, and water.
I get dono fps on edge :D
I say "pgp vulnerabilities" and google now interprets that as "bgp well-known rainbow ladies" :D
1:24 PM
@AwalGarg lie
!!google pgp vulnerabilities
in the event of cap down
Abishrek, it depends on what he has searched previously.
@Callum well i know that.
"google now interprets" he says
i used voice search btw x)
@AwalGarg pro-tip set google now's voice to English US
English India is terrible, the accent is urgh scary bad
sounds like a 24year old south indian female customer care executive trying to mimic sounding like an american
@Abhishrek well I used google voice search as well :P Is it different from google now search?
1:28 PM
they both use the same voice processing engine, and search results
and google now is merely the cards and intelligent data addon
so the search is still google search :P
Cortana interpreted it as "Tgp vulnerabilities," for me, and then "F****** said piju pivo t***," after I swore at it.
@Callum cortana does just fine for me
dammit github down again. time to vpn.
@Callum I am indian, and speak in an accent from far far away.
@AwalGarg change your ISP
1:34 PM
fuck you TATA
@Callum lets have a chat on hangouts :P
I am pretty sure I can mimic yours too.
is there any way to create a shortcut on Desktop in js php or something?
In PHP on nix systems, yes. A symlink.
reference or something?
make a shortcut to node / php-cli then change the parameters by right clicking -> properties
1:36 PM
hallo @meagar
@Maurize man ln
Q: Is it possible to create a Windows shortcut using PHP?

DrarokI'm writing a script to tidy up a bunch of media spread across my hard drives, and it works pretty well so far at home (on my Mac) as I use symlinks in a directory to give the impression that everything is organised in one location, whilst the actual data is spread across the 4 drives. Unfortuna...

Hangouts? Is that the Google thing?
that thread looks old. doesn't windows have symlinks now?
nbubna.github.io/HTML I wonder why it just died
@AwalGarg Hey hey
1:40 PM
this symlink stuff doesnt work well..
@Maurize symlinks are great and do all the things.
Yeah but is it really a shortcut on Desktop? I mean how to acces Desktop?
1:46 PM
C:\Users\<username>\Desktop IIRC
symlink("", $company." sBusiness");
I don't know the username .____.
he's a php hacker call the cops
symlinking remotely?!
1:48 PM
lol it is for local network
so my coworker can enter URL without typing ip everytime
@AwalGarg wow, thats awesome!
PHP is full of awesomeness ~_~
Yeah if you think you've seen anything, you will learn new Things like this
1:55 PM
so this is what I got: symlink("", getenv("HOMEDRIVE").getenv("HOMEPATH")."\\Desktop\\".$company." sBusiness");
this is what I get: Warning: symlink(): Could not fetch file information(error 3) in D:\XAMPP\htdocs\sBusiness\internal.php on line 11
anyway thanks alot!
Thank Awal, not Alot.
You can thank him a lot, though, and even allot yourself the time to do so.

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