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2:00 PM
Those are only the programs I really use.
@Luggage mhm
what the fuck?
coffee cake
That looks nothing like the coffee cake over in Scotland+rUK...
2:00 PM
typical greece problems
rolling till the moon and back :D:D:D
@Callum your guys' coffee cake must be gross, then
@Nick it's teasing me...
@Maurize When that's not it greece :P
"Greece Has Its Problems, We Have Ours"
2:02 PM
@Callum oh, though funny! :D
user image
@Callum just googled "scottish coffee cake", and it definitely looks worse than what we have in the states...
is that search safe for work?
2:04 PM
or is "scottish coffee cake" some disgusting sexual act?
@Luggage is anything not a disgusting sexual act?
probably someone has invented the "JS" style sex by now, they must have
That's false. 13 hours.
My bad, my scottish heritage information is a bit outdated
@Callum hah, as if there were 13 hours of sun in scotland :P
which takes two days due to the high latitude of scotland
2:06 PM
It's sunny right now, jokes on you
ah, beat me
They can spread it out multiple days, it just needs 12 hours of sunlight, not all at once if need-be
erm, 13 hours
excuse me
12 hours doesn't allow it to seep into the kilt,
More than twelve, less than fourteen.
2:07 PM
Only then may you sling the stinky scottish coffee cake.
what I've just written
Backwards @Neoares.
12 < x < 14
yes hahahhaa
in php it evaluates to true
What number would allow x to be less than twelve and greater than 14?!
2:10 PM
@Trasiva there's a number * that's both bigger than 0 and less than it
@Trasiva NaN
it's like (+-)Epsilon
Right, right.
Clearly I need more coffee this morning.
you can usually decide what Epsilon * Infinity is by the way you defined them
2:11 PM
15:10:46.244 12 < NaN > 14
15:10:46.248 false
Actually, scratch that, I just realized I haven't -had- coffee this morning.
so in the end you just need epsilon
so you still need more
2:12 PM
first you define Epsilon to be 11 / Infinity, so you multiply it by Infinity and you get a number that is less than 12, because it is 11. We can agree that in most mathematics 11/Infinity = 15/infinity, so now you multiply the second number by Infinity and you get 15 which is bigger than 14
baaaaaaaaaang, solved
Q: Javascript to show the date when the file is generated

GusbokI have a script that generates an html file. I need a JavaScript to generate the date when this file is generated. This is what I have: <script type="text/javascript"> var d=new Date(); var weekday=new Array ("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"); var m...

I...... what?
Kinda cheating, troll maths as I think it is called.
@MadaraUchiha Just basic lack of knowledge about files and when scripts run.
I wonder if there are any established minimum standard to be considered "computer literate".
There should be.
@Luggage how do you determine what an expert is?
I consider myself a pretty potent JS dev. But not an expert by any means
I'm not talking about being an expert, just a minimum level of understanding
2:19 PM
@Luggage Depends on who you ask.
@Neoares @Sheepy @MadaraUchiha Thank you so much :D and for anybody else who helped. I finally got it to work :D I will updating my question:
with the answer when I finish this croissant party of mine :P
Some will tell you that if you don't know how a processor work, you're illiterate
I know. hence:
> There should be
no, no need ot know how a processor works
I am the only expert at JS in the world.
To anybody else who helped *
2:20 PM
You can be literate (reading) and not be a good writer
literate != expert. It just means you have enough understanding to get by.
User A: has no problems reading the screen and understanding things like "double click" and "right click"
User B: Drools on keyboard.. is helpless
if you don't know ASM you are a poser :P
What is ASM?
amiright Madara?
Assembly =P
@Major0 Wait, this is for opening links in a new tab?
2:22 PM
You don't need JavaScript for that
If someone graduates school and can't understand instructions like "copy that word document" or even more 'advanced' commands like "drag this icon with the right mouse button" then there is a problem.
I forgive older people. They grew up in a time without.
add target="_blank" attribute to any link you wish to open in a new tab.
oh yeah that too
or "_new" :)
But both answers you've gotten are bad
2:24 PM
my problem was with detecting the link though
it's resolved naw :D
I'm writing a better one now
alrighty :)
I will be providing the working solution too, but after your answer :P
dude my brain got fried getting it to work
thankfully I have some event know-how :P
Oh assembly, did some arm assembly :\
you want copy/paste functionality in JS? I'm not sure if the API for that is ready; if not, you'll have to use something like flash, iirc
2:31 PM
@cswl ARM? cool :) wanna know about it from #computerphile more haha
if someone asks about some code with jQuery, it's correct to answer without jQuery?
A: Javascript - How to activate alert funtion in html5

NeoaresYou should add an id to your button, then: document.querySelector("#mybutton").addEventListener("click",function(){ alert("BUTTON CLICKED"); }); Where mybutton is your button ID. Try to work with IDs so your DOM query isn't getting more than one element. Example: http://jsfiddle.net/fthu...

I don't know why all people answer with jQuery xD
cuz it's easier
and more hassle-free
@Major0 added an answer
2:32 PM
we all know jQuery is great
@@MadaraUchiha Thanks :)
it's jQuery. That's what.
I feel about jQuery just like how I feel about non-heterosexual people... I don't like them but I don't hate them :P I mean they're there xD
wouldn't mind having friends that have different sexual preferences, as long as it doesn't touch me lol (same thing with jQuery, and yes you can quote me)
question is, who would? xD
(quote me )
MajorO, don't hide it. Everyone wants jQuery.
you can't catch gay from being touched..
2:35 PM
any ace editor user ?
you can catch jQuery, though
VIM For life
I doubt that Luggage
I use vim and many other editors. See my taskbar for a full list.
I don't care about jQuery, but use it for a $("#mybutton") is like... wtf
@Neoares It could be in certain case necessary
2:36 PM
yes, but in that last example he's binding a click event
(Only if you use jQuery function you sometime don't have the choice because there is conflict with js..) it happened to me once
all answers except mine are "you forgot to include the jQuery javascript"
@Neoares Haha, i'll go check when I have the time
Welcome to JS. The first step in JS coding is to include jQuery. It's like including <stdio> in c.
MySQL question: I'm doing a GROUP BY but can I specify a condition when it does the grouping on some column, to keep values not null on another column in the result of grouping? if you see what I mean...
2:38 PM
I have never used Siri..
I think I'll starting using it from now on
!!siri, what do you think about jQuery?
I asked that
and she understood "Object larry"
codepen.io/towc/pen/WvLaKw I expect to be patted in the head as if I was 8 for this :D
I'll try with Cortana
Fucking hell towc, haow? My canvas skills are shite...
Cortana, I love you - This is nice.
2:40 PM
@Maurize friendzoned by a bot?
@towc dono bad day maybe. this canvas is awesome!
siri is fucking dumb
she doesn't understood names of programming languages
I bet she understands objective c and swift
@catgocat do you want me to kill you now or are you busy?
2:41 PM
Q: Ensure stub is completed in before block mocha

user1692342How do I ensure a stub is completed in the before block before executing the it block in a mocha test case? I have tried in the following manner: before(function (done) { mystub = Sinon.stub(objectName, "create", function () { done(); return Bluebird.resolve(); }); //Call the fun...

Cortana: "What do you think about jQuery" -> "Set like to create a."
I'd like to do that sqlfiddle.com/#!9/1df99/4
@towc Waow
@crl What's the WHEN keyword? Would you not use WHERE in that instance?
o shit yes, thanks
2:44 PM
@towc Pats @towc on head
Meteor's load order with SCSS is bad.
@towc That's awesome
93% of corvid's message are bitching about Meteor.
2:47 PM
@SomeGuy thanks!
So nobody can help me with ace editor :/ ?
@Baldráni wtf is ace editor?
@MadaraUchiha the same as I thought :D
2:48 PM
@Baldráni Getting arbitrary library help in a chatroom is usually futile.
!!google ace editor
@towc andrew kramer of canvas
I miss Caprica
The chances of someone here using ace editor (or any other specific library) is very low
2:49 PM
@towc Now you are in oxford?
We know the popular ones. jQuery, bluebird, etc
@AwalGarg googles andrew kramer
git >>> ace editor
<- used ace editor
lol whatta where is caprica???
2:49 PM
@Maurize deed
but just the basics. i know everything int he 'getting started'.
yes I've used ACE editor too, called google drive, to write documents at university
@MirkoCianfarani moving there in 3 weeks
@MadaraUchiha It's an embelisher as code mirror or other stuf
2:50 PM
@Callum I can't believe this because you're robot
but my heart and mind is already there
I love it :D
It some of you who told me about it that is why I'm asking there
@Mosho fancy
@Mosho rip browser
2:51 PM
@towc oh yours is nice as well
More information --> ace.c9.io/#nav=about
@Mosho y u no 60 fps?
just saw the starred one
@Mosho haha! You just incremented radiantSpan and something like the waveIncrements, right?
@Maurize haow did you know?
2:51 PM
@towc I fucked with all that shit
@towc lord of after effects.
1 message moved to JS trash
wish there was a faster way to move messages.. liek an extension, maybe created by @rlemon
this really hurts...
2:52 PM
@Mosho phrasing
@AwalGarg yeah, I saw. I wish! Not yet, some day maybe
@Loktar lol I'll work on it
@Loktar How would you have done it?
Something to move individual messages?
@MadaraUchiha no clue, all I know is its too many clicks lol
if I could just click the trash button and click messages and they auto go to js trash, that would be awesome
@Loktar I'd be surprised if his(=mine) was nicer than mine(=mine) :P
2:54 PM
@Loktar I'll try to cook something up
1 message moved to Sandbox
It's a simple POST
look what I made: jsbin.com/sapigoqoxe/edit?output @towc you are my inspiration kthnxbye!
what the fuck is going on with this people?
2:56 PM
@AwalGarg the effect is soooo cool!
I love how it's so blue.
IKR. I am totally so much awesome I can't even...
Osama Bin Doggen
Scared the shit out of me
@Maurize considering that as a new avatar
2:58 PM
@rlemon How did you add stuff to the popup menu?
@Mosho never ever :D
@Towc you moving for reason work? or pure sex :P
people are weird today...

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