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9:01 PM
unobtrusive js with php variables.. any tutorials out there?
Jo bastards!
@user20232359723568423357842364 What do you need to know?
Longest username I've seen yet.
size does matter !
9:03 PM
whats the best way to echo php variables .. currently i just add custom attributes to tags and get them with js
is there a better option or some tutorials
@user20232359723568423357842364 Yes.
@user20232359723568423357842364 Where will you be using the variables? Code sample?
@pc-shooter Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Once again waiting for the call. But this time I don't have my days messed up ;)
hi all!
9:05 PM
@Jhawinsss MUCH better.
<div id="val" data-val="<?php echo $val; ?>"></div>
var val=$('#val').attr('data-val');
@user20232359723568423357842364 just don't
exchange data via ajax or websockets and decouple php from js and html
@user202323597235 how's about putting your vars in a json object?
or use a proper templating engine
Please help this poor noob. stackoverflow.com/questions/17819468/…
9:07 PM
with jsonencode()
1 message moved to Trash can
@BenjaminGruenbaum make me an owner of "really funny jokes"
you're help him! JSON is so beautyfull ;-)
Q: Access C# variable from javascript function or vice versa in asp.net

kaserI have a function that checks if there are numbers only in a textbox. If it doesn't pass, the program won't execute an sql insert. I, however, need to show popup with the message. The popUp function is in the javascript code, and the variable, alertString is in the server side code. How can I cal...

@SomeKittens Much much better. I messaged them early this time. They said it'll be just a few minutes.
please help me. Im a noob :(
9:08 PM
being a noob doesn't excuse you from doing research
wut kind of research?
@jAndy Is that your younger self?
@SomeKittens I wish I was that cute
@jAndy someone should put a stick of dynamite in that guy's mouth...
9:10 PM
Im off for today it's to much "chatty" for an old guy like me. Have Fun! And see you around on th web somewhere, and by the way for noooobs and others google & stackoverflow are your friends (stackoverflow even more)
@ThiefMaster Looks like someone already did.
omg, u guys are ignoring me. I'm going to cry. :(
he certainly didn't use enough
@kaser How old are you?
well.. I guess since we are the rudest bastards in the world
9:11 PM
I'm old enough to ask for help
you're allowed to talk like that about the guy
pretty please. my guy friends won't help.
where is bin
:( :( :(
next to sbin
9:13 PM
well kaser should visit
@kaser Are you seriously trying "OH-EM-GEE I'm a girl! teehee I can't code, pls help!"
omg, u sound like them. why are guy programmers such smart asses?
@kaser, you're being pretty sexist.
ALL programmers are smart asses
im not a smart ass yet. :(
please teach me the ways
@kaser being smart is a requisite.
9:14 PM
please teach me to be an ass *
There are two kinds of girl programmers: 1.) Females who program (see @badgergirl) and 2.) Girls who think their gender entitles them to special casing.
@SomeKittens I haven't seen the latter in any of our rooms
I'm no smart ass, I just sneak around here and enjoy the company of such genius people and coders
@kaser stop saying you're a girl and you need help; we don't care; there is no gender on the internet
I'm the exception :) now help me now!!!
omg that means everyone is gay.
9:16 PM
@kaser You think you're the exception, but I've set up a try/catch section.
can u guys give me a hint? :(
If I were a owner here you would have been binned for being a vampire
there isn't even race on the internet
@PeeHaa Nah, I'm having too much fun.
9:17 PM
omg, stop trolling and help me !!!
@kaser go away troll.
@kaser why?
we'll be friends :)
How do you copy an object?
best friends :)
9:18 PM
@kaser but you called me gay and set back feminism about a decade...
@kaser is only 17 rep away from not being able to talk in here ;)
@Michael by creating a new object and copying all properties from a to b
@kaser dude i'm not sure about them but i have enough female friends that i don't need an obnoxious one
omg, i'm trying to be nice.
@jAndy -_-
9:20 PM
and u guys are downvoting me. :(
That stinks :(
@Michael its the only way
@Michael if we're talking about cloning/copying
@jAndy yea
var bar = Object.create(foo);
Anyone want to improve my js over here: codepen.io/maniator/pen/reAnu ?
9:23 PM
it's ok there's flags
6 mins ago, by SomeKittens
@kaser You think you're the exception, but I've set up a try/catch section.
omg, I just need to know how run the javascript code before postback. I'll take back what I said and call u guys awesome
@kaser So you'll say whatever it takes to get what you want? Are you my ex?
9:24 PM
there's an ignore feature; it's really usefull
Sitting here looking nice thinking a "Skype interview" meant a video interview... But we did Audio only haha.
I'm not getting the job.
@Jhawinsss welcome back! How'd it go?
^ i went to a company location and interviewed in a conference room with a tv
@Jhawinsss darn.
9:24 PM
@Shmiddty It's not deep :(
@Jhawinsss that sucks
@SomeKittens Well he didn't say that. But it's obvious to me now. I just don't have that much work I can actually point to and say "That's the kind of code I write."
@Michael recursion. Is your app using any libraries?
did you do well on the coding questions?
9:26 PM
@Jhawinsss Well, that's good. You know know exactly what to improve, and how.
@Shmiddty node.js
He said he will get back to me by the end of tomorrow to let me know what the next step in the interviewing process is. He actually acted positive. But after asking if I had any projects on GitHub and hearing my answer I could hear in his voice that he wrote me off.
Q: deep extend (like jQuery's) for nodeJS

itsatonyI am struggling with deep copies of objects in nodeJS. my own extend is crap. underscore's extend is flat. there are rather simple extend variants here on stackexchange, but none are even close to jQuery.extend(true, {}, obj, obj, obj) .. (most are actually terrible and screw up the benefits of a...

@Jhawinsss you could go write one now or submit some patches and say now i do
fine then jerks. I hope ur happy.
9:27 PM
@kaser settle down.
also, you're*
@Jhawinsss I wrote this between interviews
lol screaming at the internet will make them help you
@Shmiddty :D
So it's totally possible
@kaser You are pretty funny sir
9:28 PM
But I definitely give him mad props for the way he treated me even after realizing I wasn't the candidate they need. I'm happy about the outcome and it was a very good learning experience for me.
@Jeffrey lol you javascript?
@SomeKittens Very nice. Problem is I never know what to write...
@EiyrioüvonKauyf No, I'm just here for the fun.
you missed it
@Jeffrey i'M A GIRL!!!!
9:29 PM
13 mins ago, by kaser
omg that means everyone is gay.
I have trouble coming up with things I would actually like to implement.
omg, I didnt meant it. I'm sowwy.
so sowwy
@Jhawinsss Great attitude to have.
@Jhawinsss just bug fix ~ lots of projects have features they want to add too
@Jeffrey you're not getting any.
9:30 PM
@Jhawinsss Something, anything. There's a zillion chat systems out there, and now there's a zillion plus one.
unless u help ne
@kaser just go away.
@kaser I'm totally willing to help
@Jeffrey oh ok, :).
^ any comments ?
just mockups :->
9:31 PM
@Darkyen Looks like it's been censored.
but damn i became applisque as F***
@Shmiddty pfft; bin is cooler
@SomeKittens i am wondering how should i fill the content :->
omg, stahp. I'm leaving. u guys are so mean.
9:32 PM
@Darkyen Looks like a black blob to me
a fly just played my guitar
@kaser k bai
i mean 3 iframes at correct places their would do better for me
@kaser we'll miss you <3
9:32 PM
@PeeHaa brightness too high ?
it landed on strings very quickly
actually didn't sound that bad :P
@kaser Don't know Javascript :( Sorry. Can I get mah pussy anyway?
the rough and tumble world of JavaScript programming
I'll always remember this day. I'll say "Remember when @kaser was here?" and everyone will be like "yup." Then Zirak will say something about llama baby BBQ and BadgerGirl will ask for my phone number.
@SomeKittens I guess I could go do something. That would show him how little time it took me too.
9:33 PM
@Darkyen I don't think brightness is the problem, but it needs some distinction
evening. why is there flags coming from this room?
IANAD (I am not a designer)
@Gordon I built an auto-flagging user script.
@PeeHaa hmm... i think filling white content should do..
@Gordon If they're coming from kaser, it's because they are trolling.
9:34 PM
@Gordon Someone's trying to trade sex for code help. Not quite how it works.
must iframe the page inside it pure evil
(not the flagger, by the way).
@Gordon is your first name flash ?
I'm definitely not the flagger. I was in an interview haha.
9:34 PM
Fun is gone. I'm outta here.
@SomeKittens it's more of a front-end job though. CSS and HTML. But also JS.
@Jhawinsss @kaser has a front-end job for you, if you know what I mean. ;)
@jAndy I do PHP, so it wouldnt make sense
who said Flash Gordon didn't code php !
9:36 PM
Alright. I'm writing something... As soon as I figure out what it is.
@jAndy he didnt. he did … flash. And Ming.
@Jhawinsss write a node app
@EiyrioüvonKauyf I don't know node... And they don't use it... So that probably won't get me the job ;)
looks like a php guy to me :p
9:37 PM
any of those
start writing patches while you're thinking :P
@jAndy Did you ever watch that awful movie Ted?
look at codepen homepage
home of ripoffs
@jAndy he wears a red shirt so I'd say it's a ruby guy
2 people ripped same thing off and both are featured :- >
@Shmiddty yea.. I did.. very little scenes were funny, but for rest it was a really lame movie
@Jhawinsss uhh well what do they use?
@Darkyen so many copypasta ripoffs...
codepen should start sueing :->
copy&pasta often leads to spaghetti code
well collab with dcma and do 1 click sueing
sending people to jail :->
we will get rid of about 80% of script kiddies at once :D
9:40 PM
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Well they might use it. But not in the position I interviewed for. And I've never touched node.
@jAndy That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
@Jhawinsss Try to emphasize what they want you to do.
@SomeKittens They want a lot of HTML and CSS work. Also JS.
9:41 PM
!!s/touched node/had sexual relations with that woman/
@Shmiddty No matching message (are you sure we're in the right room?)
@Shmiddty @EiyrioüvonKauyf Well they might use it. But not in the position I interviewed for. And I've never had sexual relations with that woman. (source)
Q: Parsing through CSV file to convert to JSON format file

Zaheer SyedI am given the following CSV file which I extracted from an excel spreadsheet. Just to give some background information which could be of assistance, it discusses AGI Numbers (think of it as protein identifiers), unmodified peptide sequences for those protein identifiers, and then modified peptid...

I believe I'll do it soon, I'll just go my own way, as a freelancer. Then I'll pick my customers myself.
so kaser has moved to Lounge; sigh
I tried to be a half-way freelancer.. worked fine for a while, but then my natural laziness won again
and I hated to deal with stupid people. Dealing with a noob is one thing, but dealing with entire clueless guys, dude... thats ragequit
9:49 PM
@EiyrioüvonKauyf you guys have a mute script. I'd appreciate if you could make use of that instead of putting verbal abuse all over the place.
? what verbal abuse; i just laugh
the way kaser was handled was not okay. even if s/he was a troll.
@EiyrioüvonKauyf Who are you and what are you doing in here? ಠ_ಠ
@EiyrioüvonKauyf I am not meaning you in particular. just in general.
oh ehhh; i'm pretty sure the internet trolls in general
i don't think you can fix that :/
9:51 PM
@Gordon you saw nothing if you think that was inappropriate
see channel topic :/
@Zirak I fucking hate that quiz ...
but I'd also agree, people have a hard time in here sometimes
@jAndy The Game
9:52 PM
Caprica keeps harassing you, eh?
it doesn't stop
so who protects ME ?
@Eiyrioü von Kauyf stop following me. ok, bye meanies.
9:53 PM
? ????
!!Make a game or play a game
@rlemon Make a game
@EiyrioüvonKauyf That didn't make much sense. Use the help command to learn more.
Does anyone know what's going on here? What I basically have set up is a system that will detect red on the cam, make everything red black, and everything not red white. (Turn on cam, get something red on there, then click). However, once I get the canvas seize about 260 pixels, it takes foreverrrrrrrr (in chrome at least). Also, the code isn't beautiful right now (e.g., setInterval instead of an animation request), I'm just trying to figure this out

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