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8:00 PM
@Loktar yeah, "The Last Episode" is a pretty solid song
yeah it is
@Loktar reminds me of "fergie"
the way it starts man
But I don't like her face...
"butter face"
8:00 PM
winnie cooperr
that's her name
but overall, I'm not too much of a fan of them don't know why
er wait no Im thinking of To the Stage
their fanbase seems freaking weird, and the "anti-fanbase" is even more terrible
Looks like a man... Or some kind of man/monkey hybrid.
8:01 PM
I feel weird listening to these groups being 30
because everyone seems to be early 20's lol
haha, don't :D
are you 30?
I thought you were pretty young
8:01 PM
no, but who cares how old you are
my boss is 59 and likes dubstep
idk man Im going to be a bald old man rocking out to kids music
I'm 30.
I'll be blasting Parkway Drive out of my car with 80+ for sure
8:02 PM
I saw Asking Alexandria live a month ago btw
dubstep is kinda of like the jazz fusion of our age.
pretty good show to be honest
@Shmiddty he was a pretty big techno/electric guy in the 80's I hear
/afk smoke
true story A girl asked me how tall I was today. I told her 6'10". She said I looked about 6 foot and asked where the other 10" were and I said "in my pants."
8:03 PM
nothing beats the picture my mom has of my grandfather (now retired farmer) back in the day at a disco with full platforms and a fucking white dude afro..
@Jhawinsss nobody cares.
Since we're all talking about being young/old... I felt like a 9 year old again today.
I need to try and find it so I can scan it
@Shmiddty LOL
jeeze dude
@Shmiddty Every damn time I say anything that could possibly have something to do with a woman.
8:04 PM
I cant believe you just told @Jhawinsss no one cares about his 10" penis man... so insensitive.
Jun 5 at 17:49, by rlemon
If you're Shmiddty and you know it hate on newbs (Hate! Hate!).
If you're Shmiddty and you know it hate on newbs (Hate! Hate!).
If you're Shmiddty and you know it and you really wanna show it,
If you're Shmiddty and you know it hate on newbs (Hate! Hate!).
he's a hater. it's ok.
I have to ask at this point. Do you legitimately take offense to the petty things I say like that? Or are you just trolling....
we still 2.9 him
No matter what you say I'll just pretend you said trolling anyway though.
@Loktar I don't even want a 10" penis. That'd suck.
8:06 PM
okok seriously bugs me. Neal as well (some times). all else and i'm likely just being sarcastic.
has anyone actually gotten QT WebKit Bridge working?
@rlemon haha I totally agree man
but theres 2 neils
it seems like everything Qt is such a PITA to get rolling, but once you do it is fine.
@Loktar the one with too much rep to still play as ignorant as he plays
yeah I know who you mean I just feel bad for the other one lol
Neil and Neal tho ;)
oh well then nm
I thought they were the same spelling even
8:08 PM
trust me, you ever fuck it up and the latter will yell
Opinions anyone
$(element).html('').append( element );


$(element).html( element );
you need tsp, tbsp, oz, cup, gal
!!/convert 42C kg
!!convert 1K F C
8:15 PM
39 messages moved to Trash can
@Steve Unidentified format; please see /help convert
@CapricaSix WAT @Zirak
!!convert 1 EUR USD
@cx 1.3141USD
8:15 PM
@rlemon Your always cleaning up here.
That should probably give an error.
@rlemon Ah, I meant Schmiddty. Haha
@Connor You're*
@Connor because there is garbage
8:15 PM
@SomeKittens @rlemon You're always cleaning up here. (source)


Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging...
^ Play here
!!tell SomeKittens sandbox
@SomeKittens Please use the sandbox to become familiar with the bot's features.
Time to go home and clean up for the interview. Later all
8:16 PM
haha, now I'm reading through some of my comments just thinking "when the fuck did I write all this crap?"
"your" is how i say i't
1 user moved to Trash can
you're and your is pronounced the same (most people)
they do carry different meaning
you had used it in an incorrect spot.
Where I'm from we don't pronounce it the same
@Michael "false"
8:19 PM
@rlemon oh, well. it's not like any of you have ever got confused
@Michael "false"
no, but when corrected we don't argue
we say you're as /yur/ and your as /yor/
we just tell the pedant to STFU
!!> !!console.foo
8:19 PM
@FlorianMargaine false
!!/ban Michael
@rlemon User Michael added to mindjail.
@Michael ^
test in your console
@rlemon :(
8:20 PM
mind jail lol
@rlemon Yeah, well i'm not arguing
I did console.foo because I wasn't sure if typing undefined would work.
!!/eval alert('console.foo');
8:21 PM
@Steve "ReferenceError: alert is not defined"
Thats nice that they would get rid of alert xD
haha - got the What are javascript closures question - he had to go look it up to see that I was right :)
@Steve It's in a web worker
hey all
hi ^
8:27 PM
@Jhawinsss Bragadaccio is just annoying man.
Personal opinion please
which is best looking laptop amongst
macbook pro
Chromebook Pixel , Macbook Pro, Samsung Series 9
@jAndy 2 votes to MBP ;-)
HA! right answer before options !
don't get a mac.
8:29 PM
an Asus
macbook air
i am making a landing page people
i want to show how our app can transform ;-)
@kaser Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
A laptop A cellphone and A Tablet
show the app in action :->
soo wondering which devices to put there
you probably want to use something generic to avoid copyright issues
8:30 PM
i dont wanna look like an iSheep putting only Apple stuff their
Yeah, make it generic
@Shmiddty hmm
iSheep <3
the Nexus 4 or some of the newer Sony Xperia - devices look great imo
8:31 PM
@Loktar I look at fatties?
I love a fatty?
I laf at that too!
Is there a way to tell if a variable is an array without doing this: if (typeof value === 'object')
or the "Ubuntu Edge"... those renderings look sexy
8:32 PM
Is that a generic enough ? :-> @Shmiddty @SomeKittens
Thats a chrome book
nice :P
Yeah, looks nice.
@Loktar :->
almost there
still, its flickering a little when I calculate the correct rotated positions
8:35 PM
LOL @KendallFrey
someone mad at you eh?
I have no clue if my math fails
or if its just not possible to calculate more precisely in js
posted on July 23, 2013 by Peter Beverloo

Last week yielded 1,880 revisions created by 453 authors, spread over the Chromium, Blink, Skia and v8 repositories. This post discusses them, up to revision 212993. After introducing the very first beginnings of an Android application for Remoting, Solomon also made it possible to view, pan and zoom around whilst viewing a desktop’s screen on [...]

Thats pretty cool @jAndy
@Michael Array.isArray(v)
@jAndy some of those drag points act erratically
8:36 PM
!!tell Michael mdn isArray
@FlorianMargaine What about value instanceof Array
@Loktar Yeah, I tried to explain serverside code vs clientside code, and he got offended
@Loktar oh gosh, I have to deal with rotated boxes for a job, resizing, dragging, scaling and rotating and I have to communicate that back to an inDesign server
so it fits
its a mess in js/css
wow man.. good luck
8:36 PM
Hello guys!
okay now i am confused as hell
I was wondering if you were planning on adding rotation
@Michael because there is a standard method for the very thing you want to do.
a laptop or desktop -_-
@jAndy oh you're doing this in CSS.
8:36 PM
to show the computer resolution :-<
@Darkyen laptops are hip
A quick question. I'm a bit rusty with javascript, I'm trying to something but I think I'm doing something wrong.
Desktop kicks ass ;-)
and they can look big :->
with a laptop too big can be a bitch because of its keyboard taking some unwanted screen real easte
actually, I'm using the correct math to calculate points, but still, it seems like the browser engines css calculations on transformatioin matrices
is slightly different
I was wondering if it could be because of limited int32
I guess engines calculate with int64
My intention is to create a multidimensional array in a dynamic way. The looks like this: function (element, error) {}
I have an array initialized with []
and inside the function I do
8:38 PM
@Loktar now I'm curious. did you see the song I posted on facebook about an hour ago?
@GNi33 nope
/me looks
this[element] = [];
!!> Math.pow(2, 64)+1 === Math.pow(2, 64)
@cx true
would be interesting what you think of it, I can't freaking stop listening to it since 2 hours straight
8:39 PM
sorry, this.myArray[element] = []. How come this.myArray.lenght is equals to 0?
!!Is 1 = 0?
@cx Of course!
@jAndy the south anchor is super wonky. East and west do nothing, but north works correctly, and the corner anchors work correctly.
I cant find it..
have a link by chance?
8:40 PM
its also an interesting question how browser interpolate decimal points for pixels, which happens all the time with transformed elements
like x/y 42.429184991 - 10
@Shmiddty only the corners work atm and the N anchor
but its flickering
Q: Slim js and jquery cause of bad performance

BadaboooooomIs here someone who can slim down this script a bit? thanks a lot var _min_width = 470; var _min_height = 330; var _which; var _fyle_type; var _file_name; var allowed_types = new Array('image/png','image/jpg','image/jpeg'); if (typeof(FileReader) === 'function'){ $('input[type="file"]').on('cha...

@GNi33 yeah its pretty good
thats pop punk sounding I suppose eh?
kind of
post-hardcore mixed with pop-punk, pretty much what ADTR does
and I fucking love ADTR :D
!!Are chats nefasts t work performance?
@cx Absolutely not
8:42 PM
yeah same here
a little bit..
I think my fav song by them is All I want
I can't really pick a favorite
love most of it
if you'd put a gun to my head, I'd probably say "The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle" or "Mr. Highway Is Thinking About The End" though
sigh now ill be listening to them
GTA Fans, well worth a watch: youtube.com/watch?v=1gyS0hQMLPs
8:45 PM
haha :D
looks wise the best fucking phone is ubuntu edge :->
no doubt
@mikedidthis lol at.. that...
@jAndy slow start, but the hospital and other references made it.
has anyone used Ext JS?
easy way to get the max length of several arrays? or else a loved for
8:57 PM
(wanting to left-fill with 0 some arrays for highcharts format)

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