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7:00 PM
Really quick / dumb question, but object literals should contain data, not references to elements? I may have worded that really badly.
@mikedidthis an object can contain a reference to an element, there's not really a problem with it.
> Your users are stupid. Really stupid.
^ users are generally pretty stupid. Just sayin'.
@RyanKinal stubborn is probably more accurate.
@mikedidthis JSON objects only contains data, JavaScript object literals can contain any primitive, object or whatever.
@RyanKinal that's the key you have to design for stupid people
7:02 PM
(well, that's really all we have, primitives and objects)
(That was in response to @cx's link, btw)
@powerc9000 that's really just the wrong way to look at it.
@RyanKinal yep, I like his thinking :)
@cx Mostly. Except for the stupid users thing.
Your users aren't stupid, that's a java dumb dumb dumb javaish assumption to make.
7:03 PM
yes, didn't really see that
a very smart user will still struggle with your app if it's obfuscated and un-intuitive.
yes.. what's intuitive for you isn't always for other unfortunately :)
@Shmiddty Well, yeah. The corollary, of course, being that programmers are pretty stupid too.
Users aren't stupid, if your UX is bad it's your fault
I consider thinking 'users are stupid' or 'programmers are stupid' as childish.
I mean users are stupid as in you have to take a step back and wonder if this makes sense to anyone but you
7:05 PM
In a perfect world, every app would have a dedicated UX developer who did nothing but UX.
(the same for every part of the application)
@powerc9000 Yeah, that's not 'users are stupid', that's 'develop for your target audience' .
Maybe "users are ignorant" is more appropriate.
No, users are not ignorant...
I guess I just worded it bad
7:06 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum kinda gotta agree. I think users are inexperienced is more fitting.
> Yes, sir. Yes. The big green button. Click that.
"Some users are stupid" is more accurate
most users just want to use something, they don't want to have to figure out HOW to use something.
that's cool
7:06 PM
and they are stubborn in that fact.
Users are not any * insert negative stereotype here *. You should just code for your target audience, do plenty of a/b testing, put a lot of thought into UX and design well.
I should start creating git repos for every pen I make
my github account is so bare
The problem is developers are developing as if they are the target audience.
I don't think stubbornness is necessarily a bad thing.
Users aren't stupid, they're just not application programmers, they're users.
7:07 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oooh, I'm Benjamin, and I'm better than you because I don't make sweeping generalizations about users, OOOOOOOOHHHH.
@Shmiddty A stubborn, naggy tester. Is worth 5 non stubborn ones :)
> Well, we have to end apartheid for one. And slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hunger. We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless, and oppose racial discrimination and promote civil rights, while also promoting equal rights for women. We have to encourage a return to traditional moral values. Most importantly, we have to promote general social concern and less materialism in young people.
@RyanKinal If you say stupid shit I'm going to tell you you said stupid shit. It's not my fault. It's not out of thinking I'm better at anything. It's mere disagreement. Deal with it.
@Shmiddty thanks Pat
Just poking fun ;-)
7:09 PM
piss and love
@powerc9000 That'd be a step up for sure. I'm trying to land a job in the Bay.
@Jhawinsss good luck!
@abdulwakeel hey dude
pastebin.com/LQ9aQUh3 form is not submitting
7:10 PM
@abdulwakeel Random question, how are you finding htmlunit?
Been on the phone with GoDaddy for an hour now. All I need is the goddamn default php.ini file. It's taken me until now to convince them that I actually need it and now they're looking for a supervisor who has access to it.
@abdulwakeel this is javascript
not java
wrong room
I could've re-written it from scratch from phpinfo() in this time...
Thought I was in the PHP room???
7:12 PM
Wow... that Java code is so clumsy :S
@abdulwakeel Java is bad and you should feel bad for soiling the innocent eyes in this room with it's presence.
@abdulwakeel Are you using non-Enterprise Java server-side Web stuff?
That's disgusting.
> KFC’s ice cubes are 12 times dirtier than toilet water, says China’s official media
7:13 PM
Then again, using Java for Web programming in general is disgusting.
@Datsik O.O
@Zirak nice :)
@Datsik presumably made from Chinese tapwater.
!!s/for Web programming//
@BenjaminGruenbaum That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: foo
@BenjaminGruenbaum Then again, using Java in general is disgusting. (source)
7:15 PM
I almost tried to use jsp once
>Error: Pedophile has no children to watch
@Zirak "I can't let you do that Tom"
yes I like incomplete sentences
There's no way I'm getting anywhere close to finishing my work today...
7:19 PM
Been on hold for 20 minutes. Dammit. I'm switching hosts. Suggestions?
@Jhawinsss Take initiative, go straight to headquarters
YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS Is that inferred to be GMT-00:00 by some spec? FF and Chrome handle it differently.
What is so great about const instead of var in the upcomming ecma 6 ?
@Shmiddty I don't think so. Putting a "Z" at the end makes it GMT.
7:24 PM
@OliverSchöning On your end? Not much, it just means the value can't change. However a clever runtime can do a lot of optimizations with it.
If it doesn't have a "Z" I would think that the date would be parsed according to the local computer's timezone.
@Michael it's not in chrome.
@Shmiddty Do you live in the GMT timezone? ;)
@Michael I live in GMT-06:00
How are you parsing it?
7:27 PM
new Date("2013-07-23T00:00:00")
And how are you getting the value?
from a database call.
I mean, how are you displaying it?
date.toLocaleDateString() and it's coming back as 07/22/2013
@BenjaminGruenbaum Cheers. So would I always use const? Or only in the Global Scope? I am not sure about the phrasing here, but const does seem odd if it is inside a function that declares the const based on a parameter for example
7:29 PM
!!> new Date("2013-07-23T00:00:00").toLocaleDateString()
@Michael "07/23/2013"
@OliverSchöning you would use const when you don't want a value to change
!!> new Date("2013-07-23T00:00:00").toDateString()
@Michael "Tue Jul 23 2013"
@Shmiddty What does date.toDateString() return?
7:30 PM
bot is on FF
Yeah exactly.. But a function is destroyed after use, right? so how would that turn out using a const and not a var ?
"Mon Jul 22 2013"
I would think that toLocaleDateString() should be according to the local timezone, because there exists a toUTCString() method.
@Steve Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@OliverSchöning you mean like doing const func = function(){}?
7:33 PM
I'm getting the same thing when I call that method in Chrome. o.O
it's not the method, it's the parsing.
@powerc9000 Nah, like somefunction (e) { const = e }
@Shmiddty I think you're right.
@OliverSchöning I would think it would yes be destroyed. The key being while inside the function you can't change the value of it.
@powerc9000 That makes sense :) Thx
7:35 PM
@Shmiddty It recognizes a UTC offset: new Date("2013-07-23T00:00:00-06:00").toLocaleDateString()
@OctavianDamiean Y U HATE PERL ?!
@DavidStarkey Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
how can you hate perl
its so geeky and fun
@Michael yes, I know
the question is why do chrome and FF handle it differently?
what does the spec say?
@Loktar make a blog post for every pen.
7:36 PM
!!> new Date("2013-07-23T00:00:00-06:00").toLocaleDateString()
@Michael "07/23/2013"
@rlemon I think Im going to
after writing the one for the doom screen melt it made me want to do it for all the pens
@Shmiddty idk xD
I'm making repos as well for the hell of it
To annoy people, here's some nostalgia:
Jan 15 at 11:04, by Zirak
http://cheezburger.com/6963756032 (don't cheat) It's an easier version of Petals Around the Rose
I recall @OctavianDamiean liking it very much.
Sweet deans.
7:38 PM
@Jonathan Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Q: What is the impact on SEO for having a div that is removed by javascript

JonathanTechWhat, if any, impact would there be for having a stripped down view of my content in a div that is quickly replaced by [a much richer view] via javascript? Would this be any different than how a <noscript> tag is handled?

Q: Is it possible to have google index one page with one url and have it link to another url?

JonathanTechWe want to tell google to crawl a content heavy page but list a link to a much more performant javascript version of the page. Is this possible? I.e. Give google a sitemap, then put canonical tags to the javascript version of that page.

Q: How Client Side Programming Works

Colin MartellI'm not coming from web-development at all, but am looking to build a web application. So far, I've looked into all the server-side stuff (for example, I think my stack will be Linux + node.js + ExpressJS + MongoDB), and have learnt a lot! At this point, I'm comfortable setting up an HTTP serve...

@CapricaSix Nice that the link on that page for "ChatBot" links to the same page.
Actually all the links are to the same page
@Zirak got pissed when I saw it, remembered what it was about seconds later, joy!
@DavidStarkey It's because we're lazy
@RyanKinal Fair enough
7:39 PM
Also, Caprica is a Cylon. A toaster. A bot.
@Loktar yea man, because you do some badass shit - the only difference I see between you and the "big wigs" (as you call them) is that they document it all and blast it out to the public.
hell, if you made blog posts for half of your demos i'm sure js weekly and html5 weekly would be able to post them for a few weeks running
yeah I try to fly under the radar mostly tbh
I like showing off what I do, and then hiding :P
@rlemon speaks the truth
@Amaan oh god, I can't get enough of this one -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G983kiX2PA
so glad I stumbled over it today
why? (curious)
7:41 PM
eh idk
@Loktar change your website background please.
@FlorianMargaine I know man
my blog is shit
7:41 PM
he likes it
Im going to do a lighter theme
@Zirak got it (finally)
we should open a blog called "shit that Loktar does" and write the posts for him if he's really that lazy
my biggest issue is I don't know how to 'document' it aside from just commenting the code.
Just go on the patterns website and put it instead of your current background it will be enough
What's the patterns website already?
7:43 PM
@GNi33 hah
@FlorianMargaine yeah id need to change the text too
its white, I want really dark grey text on white
color: #000
I really like David Walsh's design actually
7:43 PM
Seriously, very small changes are going to do a lot...
color: 0;
@FlorianMargaine damnit man.. Ill work on it tonight
if you want I can do it for you, or rlemon would gladly do it I'm sure
I need to anyway my contract expires in October
so I need to have my blog and portfolio fixed.
so my team-leader opened a section posting random code-comments of mine on his blog... huh
7:45 PM
@GNi33 lol wtf?
@Feeds This question scares me.
w/o your permission I assume?
@GNi33 link please
hehe, I have no problem with that, they're just not that funny I think
I tend to write stupid comments when I'm stuck on a problem
and sometimes (a lot of times), I don't remove them afterwards
so people can embrace my late-night despair when looking at commits :D
7:46 PM
damn, you also need to reduce the number of items on your main page
@ShotgunNinja haha, I think I rather not post this here, why did I even mention it
@GNi33 It's too late to go back now.
@Loktar maybe only show the latest 2? articles?
7:47 PM
@rlemon lol me? Yeah I used to have blurbs
now its just the full article
You are contractually obligated to post the link.
thats on the list to change
my older design was probably better tbh
can you limit how many articles to list on the main page?
oh well
yeah, Im going to go back to just showing a synapses of each article
7:47 PM
I just took a screenshot with a subtlepattern / title change for kicks and the page is SOOO Long
with an image
I just spent two hours debugging something that was working correctly all along.
There are a hell of a lot of pages out there with references to Gni33....
I'm actually disappointed, there are better ones out there in the wild.
@RyanKinal Starred for interesting and relevant.
7:48 PM
@Loktar my god... screen shot of the full blog main page is 1628*27847
disclaimer: not funny, I told you
Hint: He didn’t

I guess I should really comment this one
well, when it's done

TODO: comment this properly... I'm serious!
@ShotgunNinja Relevant, eh?
@FlorianMargaine yeah... :D
7:49 PM
Here I am standing on my own
Not a motion from the telephone
I know not a reason why
Solitudes a reason to die

Just you wait and see
As school life is a
It is a woken dream
Aren't you feeling alone?

I guess its just another
I guess its just another
I guess its just another night alone

Blink 182 - CAROUSEL

get it, GET IT?!?

no? i... uhhm.... wasn't that a clever... really? no? hmm
okay, well, on to the codez then i guess.....    ;_;

var carouselElements = $('.carousel-wrapper');
this one is awesome
Blink 182 is bad
and they should feel bad
you're bad
and you should feel bad
//yeah, there is no default case, take THAT
dude your comments are awesome
Blink 182 is great
7:50 PM
@RyanKinal Always.
used to be my fav band
hehe, mine too
they kind of have the "all time fav" - status for me, even though i don't listen that much to them anymore
@FlorianMargaine he obviously didn't look through the code of my project at the moment
holy, there are some rage-comments in there :D
liking blink 182 is equivalent to liking britney spears.
except its totally different.
awful pop music
7:53 PM
the fun thing is, I don't even remember some of those comments
haters gonna hate.

		// !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
		// i.qkme.me/3sfaks.jpg
		// !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can't tell me that Blink 182 is a punk band. They are the furthest thing from it.
pop-punk, that's all they are
they're just pop music.
7:54 PM
and pop-punk tends to be pretty awesome
for me
pop punk is slight worse than ska.
Here! my git is gone retarded.
git reset HEAD@{0} # was started
I could have made a whole new branch
Borked my repo and lost my chance

returning to version 1.1
and ska is awful.
does pop punk even exist anymore?
hehe, yes it does
7:55 PM
I've moved on to metal core, etc. which is where it seems a lot of the emo/punk kids moved to
alive and pretty well
@GNi33 can you naem a few bands?
What's an ANSCII character? — Shotgun Ninja 11 mins ago
Ive prob heard of them.. I just cant think of any
I'm mostly listening to metalcore / post-hardcore / melodic hardcore now too, but there's still a lot of love for poppunk
7:56 PM
for some reason the last one I can think of is Valencia..
Escape the Fate is prob the closest thing I consider pop that I listen to now
the most popular right now would be:
The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, City Lights, Four Year Strong, ....
shit yeah man I dont know any of those
@Loktar man, I hate everything Ronnie Radke was, is or will be involved in with burning passion
haha so you dont like Falling in Reverse eh?
i've heard of City Lights
isn't The Wonder Years a tv show?
fred savage?
7:57 PM
my favorite of the genre would be City Lights and The Story So Far right now
@Loktar listen to "Alone" and you know my answer
^ The Wonder Years
dude.. I know :?
Alone I have mixed feelings about
7:58 PM
oh, totally left "Man Overboard" out of that list, they belong there
the rap portion is fucking terrible
but I like the hook
everything about Ronnie Radke and his "band" is terrible
dammit, now all I can think of is the wonder years tv show
i'm afraid if I try to watch it again I will hate it
the guy just pisses me off, I don't know...
Ronnie seems like a douche but idk for some reason I like his songs man
7:58 PM
was a babe
@Shmiddty thats not the wonder years!
Boy Meets World :P
I enjoyed this one Escape the Fate - album
^ his bro
@Shmiddty just try to watch "saved by the bell" now and you will see what I mean.
@GNi33 yeah same here
my fav group right now though is prob asking alexandria
7:59 PM
Q: Improve AJAX response handling function

Jonny SooterThis code handles a response from an RSS feed. It organizes and appends to content. If there's a video embeded then separate it from the rest of the content. I would like a review mainly on performance/efficiency but I'm open to any other suggestions as well. That star selector is really nagging ...

that was a great album, but now I'm not even allowing myself to listen to it anymore :D
Their songs are so powerful man
I think you meant IS.
:( I've been listening to a lot of eric clapton and elton john lately.
7:59 PM
Im not a fan of her face.

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