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12:05 AM
Now I'm forced to see those chorizos every single time I open the maps app 😭
I got to hide the chorizos!
Hey :D
6 hours later…
6:23 AM
7:04 AM
@RaymondArteaga lmao
7:32 AM
1 hour later…
8:32 AM
@Code-Apprentice these are not the real ones
only the Dutch can produce those
fake news
9:08 AM
9:20 AM
@CrabsStew ??
@ballBreaker playing games for 5 days just kicked off my daily routine of hard labor to learn android development, it took another 2 days to get back into rythm, colossal waste of precious time
9:33 AM
@MwBakker nooo
The future Flutter is bright
because it's on fire
like burning down
9:45 AM
like in a non positive manner XD
@Tim anything but, Google is heavily investing in it and the community grows
@MwBakker i still believe kotlin has a lot more potential than dart
jetbrains added new desktop backend for jetpack compose in like couple of months
@IvanMilisavljevic fun mostKotlinStatementsHaveWeirdSyntaxThatWantsToBeJavascript()
I had read a speculative article about Fuschia (which makes Dart a first class citizen?) saying that it was initiated mainly to keep some highly valuable senior engineers in the team, not necessarily with a business vision behind
i belive its going to be super easy to add ios support as well, especially with swift ui
9:56 AM
going to be vs already up and running in Flutter
true, but there is a lot more apps written in kotlin than flutter
once you migrate to compose adding ios support should be trivial
yes, there are also a lot of people using Apple
Doesn't mean Apple is more than a brand-bound business model with some cool 'photo album' apps
ok that was maybe too much
I just really like Flutter for how it formed my app so far
right, i believe it makes sense for you
Can you fix google api exception 10 without making a developer account?
@SafdarFaisal no
10:02 AM
damn, that's premium support Ivan
@IvanMilisavljevic So paying the 25$ is the only way?
exception 10 is a developer error, whats the service yorue trying to use?
@Mehdi like always ;)
@IvanMilisavljevic firebase google sign in
@Mehdi It's near instant :D
exception 10 is a developer error indicating you didn't set your app correctly, i would probably check sign in keys on the firebase console
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Apr 14 '20 at 19:41, by Carl Anderson
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10:04 AM
on the flutter again, for me its hard to switch to a completely new language constructs
also i need a language with a large community, good support for tooling etc
but also thats tightly coupled with things i do on my day to day job
@IvanMilisavljevic I thought the exact same, also because I am quite autistic in best practises etc so I needed structure
@IvanMilisavljevic An answer that indicated a fix had to link firebase console SHA-1 keys and Developer console SHA-1 keys.. It's just that I don't have the money to spend on making an account and I wanted to know if there was any workaround. I've started to learn coding on flutter and this was my first foray into firebase.
@SafdarFaisal you dont have to add your release signing keys
you can generate those for local builds
run ./gradlew signingReport
@IvanMilisavljevic Fortunatly the community is large enough for me to retrieve these best practices and solve the cases I run into so far. Syntax may differ but the overall logical basics always remain the same for OOP imo
and also I believe having a single app for ios and android is wrong, but that's also tightly coupled with stuff i do
one more thing, flutter gained a lot of traction in last couple of years, but its google
they are known for killing off products they think have no future
10:10 AM
So that possibility goes just as well for Kotlin
Kotlin is owned by Jetbrains
and its used on many different platforms besides android
Google is not involved?
Not much
They do stuff that's specific to android
So as long android runs on JVM, you will be able to write your apps in kotlin
But if Google pulls the plug on either of these frameworks, things may go south for each of them I suppose
What was the last large scale project like Flutter Google pulled the plug at?
It makes no sense of google pulling the plug on JVM
Go Lang is a language owned by Google
10:15 AM
@MwBakker killedbygoogle.com take your pick
angularjs probably the biggest recent one
Besides from AngularJS (Duh, VueJS is here) I do not see a comparable sized framework like Flutter they killed
what????? AngularJS will be out?Damn
Huge number of companies use
@MwBakker there was google search appliance, many companies relied on it
Many programmers carrier is based on
Angular JS
relax, Angular JS is Angular 1
10:18 AM
@Mehdi sure, but not a framework like Angular or Flutter
you shouldn't only compare frameworks
meow meow, when will human stop duplicating and deprecating software framework each other
but whatever, human technology will eventually hit in saturation stage and hard to develop, if human continues built technology based on an economic basis
@MwBakker YOLO
@Tim "they didn't ever pull large frameworks down so this still might happen to Flutter because you like databinding therefor I contradict you" this isn't my first rodeo
10:30 AM
can you please stop using processor power for a virtually endless currency
@Tim fuck that is a long list
@MwBakker databinding is garbage
@IvanMilisavljevic did you print bitmaps?
while google is pushing databinding which puts everything into xml, simultaneously they are developing compose that puts everything back into code even layout
because they are not
don't forget in between they also pushing viewbinding
10:34 AM
jetbrains is doing afaik
whatever i m tired
@grrigore not really, il add support for bitmaps later on
have to sort out that bl connection first
sure, just wanted to know one printer prints ok while the other cuts the image height somehow..
@grrigore im working with a single printer so im not sure
so did I
so Ivan you might have height problems with bitmaps
10:52 AM
@Tim kinda a subset of db, but also useful unlike db
@grrigore roger, thanks for the heads up
I guess..
11:10 AM
so dumb question
no more
@CrabsStew I haven't ever seen them "pushing it" the idea of databinding for me came from working with C# and WPF. I tried performing MVVM architecture on Android but the libraries weren't ready and I had to deal with very odd debug errors
But as stubborn as I am, I stick to it (which costed me half a year extra school due to an unfinished product) but despite that I still like the idea behind databinding
11:45 AM
grrrrr noooooooo you can't like something I don't like!!
@Tim why? :(
tim do you listen to khalid?
what is khalid
artist, he's pretty good. I like him.
Khalid Donnel Robinson (born February 11, 1998) is an American singer-songwriter. He is signed to Right Hand Music Group and RCA Records. In March 2017, Khalid released his debut studio album, American Teen, the album spawned the US top-20 singles, "Location" and “Young Dumb & Broke”, and was later certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Later that year he was featured on Logic’s US top-ten single, “1-800-273-8255”, with Alessia Cara, which earned him a Grammy Award for Song of the Year nomination. The following year Khalid released the number one pop...
any songs I know?
11:48 AM
american teen album is really good
young dumb and broke?
doesn't seem to be something I'd enjoy
American Teen and 8TEEN are my fav
@Tim whyyyyyyyy
me like
you should give it a try
don't tell me what to do
tell him what to do grrrrr
11:59 AM
tell me how to generate a white bitmap tim
by generating one
@grrigore he listens exclusively to Deutsche Schlager
He plays Pariser Tango every thursday morning
My gf was helping her dad restoring a Ford Capri this morning
I have never been more in love lol
12:13 PM
timmy g don't hate me
i'll never tell you what to do
@MwBakker XD
don't forget to carefully and extensively wash your rice before using, and to cook it into clean mineral water healthline.com/nutrition/arsenic-in-rice
scroll to the "How to Reduce Arsenic in Rice" for recommendations
in response to which order?
mine :(
if I were you, I'd beg him for forgiveness, but that's just me
12:22 PM
time will take care of it
tim is the usual cruel self
@Mehdi the website
ah, probably temporary error, as for the cookies wall, you could open it on a private browser window and accept all cookies then close it
12:41 PM
@Mehdi doesn't cooking kill most of the potential dangers?
unfortunately no, arsenic is not a germ or something, it's a chemical element
great, so now my Chicken Tonight has become a train of paranoid thoughts
well, thorough washing before cooking is also a good idea, that way the insecticides and pesticides get washed away
that's not true it's just eastern propaganda
12:45 PM
@Mehdi I appreciate all the concerns and care though sometimes it feels like walking on a an island with pure white sand, hellblue sea and palmtrees then in the distance you walk up to me and tell me "look, a mile across overthere a dog just shat: careful"
sometimes I wish I just had an app that chooses the brands and ingredients to buy for me, and only look for the choice justification if I'm curious
something like: what do you feel like eating? rice with salmon and shrimps - eeeh, can't you do without it? - sure / no - take these brands / consider this recipe instead
sounds like that would get really annothing after it disagrees with you once or twice
true, I'd expect most people to hit "no" most of the time and try to get the least harmful brand instead of switching recipe
monday: yes!
tuesday: I know I should, but nah
wednesday: no
thursday: stop judging me
friday: fuck off, uninstall
story of every ai
12:57 PM
@Tim what did you say about @RaghavSood again?
Aug 8 '19 at 14:16, by Tim Castelijns
is raghav the little guy?
@MwBakker not sure really, I don't miss it at all. Maybe because that job (one in particular) was during my golden years where I had money from working but not responsibilities from adulthood
how much you saved?
thousands of $$$$$$
1:10 PM
> had money
well i guess gone in your nice villa
look on the bright side you have a villa now
@MwBakker did you ever consider writing a novel, I bet it will be top seller

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1:25 PM
I was watching the movie Anna yesterday, I threw my mobile out of anger and didn't bother to watch till end
poor mobile
can understand. Helen mirren is quite annoying
@Mehdi this is called "marriage"
@Tim something tells me you are 2m tall or such
1:32 PM
aren't we both? I mean we are dutch
n...no I am not cries in less cold at the ground
@PayelSenapati I think I will be the first banned by Oprah seller
mwb looks like 1.6m max
@MwBakker it's a western hypocrite director making fun out of Russia
@CrabsStew how can you judge that by looking at someone's face I wonder
@MwBakker hahahaha
1:43 PM
@MwBakker he probably just asked the royal court's people height estimator
@Tim hahaha I had completely forgot about this one XD
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!!! :D
wassuupp w0mpy
day 3 of the web development course
i think today is CSS day
@MwBakker haha its an estimate lol
1:46 PM
called it
nice every developer nightmare CSS
when is php day?
banned for asking
this is week 4 of me working in php
laaaaater in the course
1:47 PM
I'm already redirected to shrink-temple lol
when we do the server side of stuff
@MwBakker I'm sorry, I have to ask, are you serious?
@CrabsStew I remember my last height measurement result: 20cm 1.77m
20 cm sounds too big
1:48 PM
bunch of giants
shouldn't haven't corrected it Mwb
more like short dutch i think
bring me a ladder!!
lmao womp
@MwBakker not bad. I used to be 1.85 but I am old I guess because already shrunk a bit to 1.82
1:49 PM
@CrabsStew I always tell people I'm half Spanish
@Tim is that what coding does to a human?
hang on let me grab my reading glasses
zooms google chrome at 250% ah... now i see
@Mehdi I am, bunch of stuff also consists SQL
guess you don't like this room that much..
sql is fine, php is not
2:03 PM
I know
it's legacy code but they still use that framework live
so it needs to be maintained untill all components are being switched 1 by 1
2:15 PM
> As an avid reader of their kipper packaging
2:32 PM
yes XD
> Thank you. Speaking on behalf fan of all the avid readers of kipper packaging, this has been a very upsetting experience for us all but we really appreciate you putting this right and we look forward to reading more of your packaging in the future 👍💕
goed to show once more: not all heroes wear capes
3:15 PM
oh wow
tall dutch boys in here
I am 1.87m
actually I made a typo, I'm 1.88m
@ballBreaker Weren't you 6ft?
6'2 amigo
BB you get taller everytime this topic gets discussed
3:16 PM
hahahahaha noooooo
still come home, Nederbro
I swear I've said 6'2 each time bahaha
if only there was a way we could verify
you are lucky I am horrible at looking up quotes in transcript (how do I even quote)
hopefully one of you is better at searching the chat than me
looks at tim
3:19 PM
here bb just said he was like 6ft tall
find some more
my height is a spectrum
I'll have to get proof one of these days
"one of these days"
I'd have to get someone to measure and take a picture
you could maybe send us a photo of your mugshot or something
3:25 PM
oh wow
I wonder if that exists still
that would definitely do the trick
yeah yeah that would be cool if you found it, would be interesting to see
haha it would be, from highschool though and I had to go through a process to get police to delete my fingerprints and mugshot so it's likely gone
surely your mom kept a copy
we never were given a copy unfortuntely
I wonder if I've shrunk as well
another option I do not recommend at all is to get arrested another time
3:28 PM
let me try to measure my height on a door frame
I'm curious now
bb is just 5foot 6 inch in freedom units xD
gotta poo first though as to free up space
ahhh.... ballsmasher/ ballpuncher
Question: what is the minimum height required to smash a ball in a single kick?
Hello, Android!
3:36 PM
okay here is my definitive height measured with no cheating: 184.5 cm
to settle the record once and for all
anyone can say "with no cheating" on the Internet
and what's that in FU?
hey now I even pooped to get the extra height out
5 mins ago he was 187cm, it's not looking good
what's this talk of "cm"?
what tim said
3:38 PM
someone make a bot that converts all measurements to FU
looks like 6'1 CA
@Code-Apprentice cant help for 16th century folks
I always thought I was inbetween 6'1 and 6'2
so just rounded to 6'2 but I like this cm more
more accurate
@ballBreaker thanks
in my defese last time I measured myself was like 7-8 years ago lol
3:39 PM
plot a graph and looks like you will be about 150cm in 30 years
probably will be the hunch back of notre dame by that time with all these video games I play
call me quasimoto
anyone here ever play Hunt: Showdown?
got into that game the past week, is pretty crazy
ugg...someone's slacking on creating tags for betas and releases.
3:43 PM
no I'm busy with ROCK AND STONE
nice tim
my friends got bored of that game too fast
rock and stone?
Deeprock Galactic
i've seen some streams
3:44 PM
it's pretty great
I'm still playing SC2
who needs these new fangled video games. Play the classics!
one of these days i'll go on a Diablo 3 binge
'cause a new season started and they changed stuff from the companions :O
I've never played the diablo games
3:46 PM
oh really tim? 2 was a masterpiece
I saw a remaster (?) of the 2nd one was in closed alpha recently
My manager said that several employees wondered why I have a baby doll stuck in my sunroof, I guess I'm making the right impression
3 is quite garbage im not going to lie
sorry wompy
eh... i like it
Mw tell them your private residence is none of their business
3:47 PM
@W0MP3R honestly thats all that matter
I liked it when it came out but then I thought they ruined it with the real money market
i feel that 3 is way easier than 2
classic activision greed
@Tim Ironically that is what I more or less did, so I can keep a mistery around it
ah activision
yeah can't really trust any blizzard games anymore, sadly
3:47 PM
Dec 17 '18 at 22:07, by Tim Castelijns
game I used to play a lot got axed and now I can't really play anymore because the queue times went x10, and all the cool streamers left so can't watch it anymore either 🤷‍♂️
what game was that
when activision and blizzard got in bed together and they killed HOTS
again nobody mentiones Wreckfest here, which is gaming as it should be: by old school rules of game development
damn V_V
yeah that acquisition was a sad day for gaming
back to console games
3:50 PM
console's even worse imo
at least on PC for games that are kinda bad they usually have good mod support
but yeah kinda screwed either way
@MwBakker it sounds like a wrestling game, but I know it's a car game
Today, i went to get coffee to the coffee machine and it's one of these super tall where the screen is on the top and i was thiiiiiiis close so get on a chair so i could see the stupid screen >.<
the windows are open, my fingers are starting to freeze
kind of scared to ask how tall you are
lol sounds like you need some dutch dna
@Tim nice way to ask how tall you are
@W0MP3R hahahah where is this coffee machine located? is it where you're taking your course?
@W0MP3R pequenita
3:54 PM
Mar 6 '18 at 9:15, by W0MP3R
@MarkO'Sullivan i'm 156.5cm
@ballBreaker some day I hope to join races like that in real life
@MwBakker nice way to provide us with an accurate measure of your height :D
at least you can sit in airplanes and busses comfortably :)
but i can't put my bag in the spaces above comfortably xD
@Tim unless someone who doesn't notice her goes sitting on top by accident
3:56 PM
@Mehdi ?
@W0MP3R you should make the tall peasants do the work for you XD
'cause i can't reach hahah
molt cuqi
yeah, i usually ask around for help
3:58 PM
@MwBakker racing in real life => jail => mug shot with the accurate height
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