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2:32 AM
@TomJoney try combining your defaults with bitwise or
2 hours later…
4:27 AM
@asim tried but didn't work :( thanks anyways!
4:39 AM
This is my current code:
4:59 AM
@TomJoney pastebin.com
2 hours later…
7:16 AM
Hello, it is the first time that I make an app in android and I have doubts about how to connect to a database in sql server. I have already created this database. but it is giving me problems with: network error ioexception: failed to connect to / port 1433 fron ;; port 51182: connect failed: etimeout (connection timed out).
I have looked for this error on the internet to see if there were the same people and adding from sql server configuration manager the network to enabled and port 1433 to input and output windows manually, I still cannot connect
If someone could help me to connect to that sql server database
7:30 AM
emulator or real device?
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8:26 AM
@CarlAnderson so many help seekers now?
8:49 AM
9:01 AM
not sure why I added that "?" in there
@Tim mooooiiieeuuuuhhh
are you employed yet btw mwb?
9:15 AM
at that podo place
yep, this is my 4th week here
I had dreams about working as garbageman in my first 2 weeks working here
have you shared this dream with your manager?
(in the spirit of transparency)
nah wasn't relevant, I only told my collegues
9:34 AM
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Apr 13 '20 at 21:55, by Carl Anderson
Your face is a premature optimization
10:23 AM
@MwBakker good for the first part :D
@MwBakker I regularly dream about previous jobs too
@Tim any idea why? You miss them?
10:39 AM
what do you see?
11:11 AM
what does that mean?
11:23 AM
nuclear waste in ocean => fish live in ocean, humans swim in ocean => destroys / infects life in ocean => nuclear waste ingested by humans + reduced life in ocean
but why?
11:50 AM
@grrigore I think they compare it to the ammount of nuclear subs in the ocean and think "our waste is less worse" or something like that
well looks like i aint gonna reach my 70s
@Tim wow! Never knew you could get them in the UK
@grrigore why would you even consider that
I believe I'll reach somewhere 40 and from then on: all is a given
consider not reaching or reaching?
in fact: every day now is a given, I could be dead by next week we never know
considering the age prospect: don't postpone too much is what I mean
make days counting, even if they take 8 houres in office: there are houres after to fill in
11:57 AM
well you re right kinda
@grrigore i have a sneakpeak for you
might apply to everyone else who want to see how kotlin DSL works
i'll have a look brb
looks nice
so I don't know much about the underlying mechanism of sending actual bytes to the printer
which implies i wont be able to write proper tests for much of the library
and also i cant be bothered with fixing BLE issues right now, so im just going to throw in github.com/Polidea/RxAndroidBle
12:05 PM
we use this lib in one of our apps
is it good?
I don't rememer, haven't interacted with it in over 2 years
@IvanMilisavljevic I've tried that but didnt manage to make it work properly
@grrigore why what was the problem?
maybe i m stupid :D
I couldn t connect it properly and make it print
but maybe it was just me brains
Printooth was better for me
12:17 PM
Printooth is really really bad tbh, looks like they just put something together in couple of hours
well it worked in my case
it worked in my case as well
but yea i guess it could be improved
but was super unreliable
12:18 PM
that's why i decided I'm going to rewrite everything from scratch
mostly Bluetooth issues, and since this is a small project I want to have full control over the API which was non existent
I'd like to help but i'm fully booked with work and uni :(
are you still in uni grri? thought you were employed
il probably publish this when im done so feel free to contribute
@Mehdi master degree last year
ah okay, nice
12:24 PM
doing sentiment analysis as research :P
that s why i was asking about python stuff
very cool! what is your use case?
covid 19 vaccine tweets
interesting, how do your clusters look so far?
well im using vader and textblob mostly
i meant the results of your analysis
12:28 PM
mostly neutral
i gotta improve my lexicon a little
and preprocess the text
i'll let you know if you're interested, I could also use some tips if you have any :P
if you're not already, consider organising your code as a pipeline
I passed 58k my friends
an important milestone
so ahmad is the influencer from r15
I'm def an influencer
@Mehdi what do you mean?
12:30 PM
I creep into your dreams when you sleep
and influence you to give me all your money
I'm different
@grrigore how do you currently organise your project? a big jupyter notebook?
say github projects or else
a few jupyter notebooks haha
notebooks are a nightmare to maintain, take a look at airflow.apache.org
@Ahmad 58k what?
1:01 PM
ex employers
facebook friends
in bitcoin holdings that the government doesn't know about
matches on find-me-a-therapist.com
love letters to tim
all of them crossed that magic number
user image
Greetings, people-who-are-not-gaining-much-monies-as-crypto-goes-up
@RaghavSood reached that fire target yet?
1:05 PM
A while back
;_; nice
Retirement is pointless
I will work until I die
And then work some more
1:06 PM
Just to spite death
you don't die
your spirit lives on
as chat logs in r15
Dec 2 '19 at 22:00, by codeMagic
It's true
too soon still
@Mehdi will do
Hey I have a problem in showing images from firebase into recycler view in android can anyone help me with this here is the link stackoverflow.com/questions/67073457/…
@Tim :(
1:32 PM
That's a funny word in spanish :( in english loses its charm
"that" ?
@Mehdi I think this is not a big deal
they're diluting it out over 40 years
1:47 PM
diluting it in what?
the ocean lmAo
I think its the only way they can do it tbh and by the sounds of it it'll basically be so diluted it'll be like baseline backround radiation
but I guess fish right around japan might get a little wonky
there were suggestions from researchers, one of them being to evaporate that polluted water and gather and store the solid residue
would that be any better though
1:52 PM
@ballBreaker yup they are doing sane stuff
store it in bottles lel
their are already reaching full capacity anyway
they need to fill water beds with it clearly
stupid science people duh
even better
man you re so smart
1:53 PM
@grrigore and sell them as bisleri, radioactive edition?
@CrabsStew yeah I guess they have 1-2 years or so by the sounds of it
they have around 2 year which is when the plan will get into motion
maybe they'll come up with a better plan in the meantime, but from what I read it sounds like it won't be as bad as it sounds
@ballBreaker this is the way. the only way
yeah ofcourse
1:55 PM
@ballBreaker Well yes. So instead of dumping say 1T of polluted water, they'll have to store 1kg of garbage
yeah but the water is so diluted it doesn't matter, wouldn't the waste be worse to store
they're also pre-diluting it before diluting it
Everything matters, if it didn't matter they would have done it years ago
let s hope we will still be alive in 2023 or 2024
@Mehdi not really though because they need to dilute it first before dumping it
and if evaporating it was so safe and easy clearly they would have done that years ago
boom roasted
they could just fly it into the sun lol
1:57 PM
hahah yeah we gotta pull a futurama
blast it off into space for future generations to deal with
@ballBreaker article mentions their team found evaporation as a less diserable option , not sure why but whatever
well I imagine evaporation would release more radiation into the atmosphere
that's why I was wondering if it would be any 'better' of a solution
1:58 PM
I only know what I learned in uni though about radiation, not a specialist
@ballBreaker the quantity of garbage doesn't change with or without being diluted
i think ocean discharge is ok has also been done previously by some other N power plants i think
No ocean pollution is never ok
@Mehdi but there is already radiation in the ocean, releasing more radiation into the ocean over 40 years at the same rate as background radiation means it's a net neutral effort effectively
So if a place is not supposed to be a dump but was used before as a dump, it would be okay to keep polluting it? :D
2:01 PM
@Mehdi people still post questions on SO so I guess the answer is yes
they're diluting it to 40 times less than the national standard for dumping radiation
@Tim hahahaha
2:03 PM
SO is already a gime thz codez dump
> Even if the entire amount of ALPS treated water stored in tanks can be released in one year, the impact would be no more than 1/1000 of the exposure impact of natural radiation in Japan, according to the calculation based on the method used by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!!!! :D
sup womp
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei wompeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
heya wompers !! o/
2:08 PM
eeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy \o
basically read this if you want to understand how little of a problem dumping this radioactive water is forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2020/02/01/…
guys any idea where I can find a bluetooth printer sdk? like websites...
is anyone on mobile here?
i wonder if you could force a mobile browser to download a huge image file
like if i posted a link to a 10GB image file
2:10 PM
ah damnit missed these
dont want to cheese mehdi too much this morning
yep haha
@FélixGagnon-Grenier don't get distracted by work
2:11 PM
oh another canadian
whats up in sorryland?
well, it's getting warmer, I'm slowly starting to feel the spring life flow towards me
@ballBreaker the article sum up in one sentence > "gallon of this water is as radioactive as a bag of potato chip"
@CrabsStew how about you, the fishers are leaving you alone?
they come and go
@FélixGagnon-Grenier niiice are you feeling the midichlorians making your connection with the force stronger
2:14 PM
Well, judging by the amount of force I'd say I can feel one midichlorian make my connection go better but I'm keeping faith ;)
.. currently I need to go outside to fetch some ink for the printer to unstuck some other thing I must do, and boy getting out of my house is something I'd avoid
I mean, I even washed some dishes to procrastinate from doing that, to give you an idea
2:38 PM
I'm in a web development course and we're doing tables today....
I think... i didn't see that it was for beginners
jamesbot keeps dyeing
@W0MP3R ooof lol thats brutal
@FélixGagnon-Grenier hahaha I feel this man
pandemic has put me into fullblown hermit mode
lol womp
and to add to my missery
2:50 PM
the right shift key is a bit too much to the right and everytime i click the up key instead >.<
the forbidden right shift key :O
@grrigore that's so cool!!! I'm going to save this
why forbidden??
any sizable table you'll almost always always use JS to generate anyway
there was a better one womper
just google for x html generator
pshe, we're just starting
no JS for now
just plain html
2:54 PM
what about doing those tables with ms dynamix? :D
no plz
that is a nightmare
what is this airflow.apache.org Medhi? :O
3:21 PM
you guys think Russia is going to take over Ukraine?
you guys think NATO will involve with this process?
@W0MP3R are you a web beginner or just accidentally took this class?
I'm looking for a job right now and i took this class to get out of the house so my parents stop nagging me about stuff
but i really thought it would be a bit more advanced TT^TT
3:29 PM
@MwBakker Russia has every right to come to defense of fellow Russian brethrens in East Ukraine. US puppet Zelensky has threatened genocide of Russian population of East Ukraine
@PayelSenapati you shouldn't reply to his question because it leads to serious discussion
hmm i imagine wfh being the norm for some time at least maybe till 2021
@W0MP3R did you try and get your previous job back?
3:31 PM
i don't want my previous job back
@Tim well i can't manage to remain silent when a country is falsely demonized for what it justly stands for
i left 'cause i didn't like it x'D
i see i thought pandemic got to you too
@PayelSenapati wtf are you talking about, there is 1 bad guy here and guess who that is, your idol
3:32 PM
maybe try applying to other companies? this html course seems too basic and doesn't look like much benefit
@Mehdi ahh typical biased western view point
So a US capitol officer was killed and they are having ceremony, President Biden is speaking like he knew the officer, so stupid
@PayelSenapati yesterday I asked a similar question and you went apeshit over how we shouldn't discuss policital matters
@CrabsStew well... is just to do stuff while applying to companies
@Tim Here MWBakker started it by demonizing Russia, everything was peaceful before that
3:34 PM
except this is not russia, it's r15 and he has the right to express his views
@JBis its biden what else you expect, tomorrow he might forget he is the prez
@CrabsStew others did the same, not just him
my point is it is stupid for famous or powerful people to speak about people they have no idea who they were at their funeral
maybe they dont wanna embarrass the prez
being at home doing nothing gives me nothing, here if i finish it, they give me diploma that counts when i apply to companies here in spain :3
3:36 PM
what is the benefit of taking over Ukraine? And if NATO gets involved will this trigger WW3 you guys think?
@JBis and nobody gives a shit about your point , the least your prez
Kinda worried over this
don't worry about things you have no control over
@W0MP3R ohh i see
facepalm nevermind it wasnt supposed to be political
3:36 PM
what tim said ^ Mwb
@Tim true that, but if WW3 is approaching im getting my motorcycle license sooner than planned
@MwBakker Russia never intends to take over Ukraine, it only intends to defend fellow Russians from human rights abuse. Ball is in court of dumb US puppet Zelensky
sigh dont sweat it, you will find out soon if ww3 comes
my hands are freezing and my clickity clakity speed is way lower than i like
3:39 PM
> defend fellow Russians from human rights abuse
that's insanely ironic
@Tim anybody daily supplied with toxic western propaganda will find it ironic
remind us again where the borders of Ukrain are and where the russian army is
actually don't, this discussion is dumb
Russia will defend Russian population at every corner of the globe, it has every right to, it is better good for Zelensky to stop attacking Russian people in independent People's Republic of Donetsk and Luhansk, else his doomsday is fast approaching @Mehdi
"ah ok, this makes total sense !! i'm convinced !!" is this what you want me to say? because I won't
It is similar to Germany wanting to defend German population anywhere or France wanting to defend French population anywhere
3:46 PM
@Tim Zelensky has openly threatened to launch massive military offensive on independent People's Republic of Donetsk and Luhansk and Kremlin has expressed fear that it will result in genocide on the scale of Bosnian Muslim genocide by Serbian army
sounds like something someone supplied with russian propaganda daily would say
I'm confused, isn't Russia currently invading Ukraine ?
I don't understand the rationalization of that
my understanding is that Russia invaded Crimea, which has blocked Ukraine from joining NATO, and caused an insurrection inside Eastern Ukraine by financially backing russian-state rebels.. and is now threatening war with Ukraine over their own state-backed sponsors. They're trying to trigger a casus beli through their own invasion
so close...
not sure how that can be rationalized
telling me I'm brainwashed by western media isn't an answer
just as a warning
3:54 PM
shake fist angrily
@W0MP3R is that the technical terminology?
it is now
@Tim hahaha gotta look for that meme
aaaghhh my click clacks per hour is too lowwww
3:56 PM
Russia never invaded Ukraine, Crimea has 95% Russian population, after illegally overthrowing rightful president Viktor to a US sponsored coup in the so called Maidan revolution, the new Ukrainian government became hostile to Russian population, fearing for their safety Crinean population voluntarily decided to join Russian Federation by a popular free and fair referendum @ballBreaker
the percentage of a population of people doesn't matter when there are things called borders
If anyone's wanting a new Android role give me a ping, can pass you on to someone I know who is actively looking for Android dev's to join their team
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