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12:05 AM
hello androidians
12:59 AM
Hello mega creep!
2 hours later…
3:21 AM
^^ that was my cat typing
2 hours later…
4:58 AM
2 hours later…
7:08 AM
7:35 AM
Eric wasn't here for ages but he is still living in Berlin and working with my former boss together in a company. Doing everything and even more in this little company. Busy bee @W0MP3R @ballBreaker @CrabsStew
I'm happy to hear Eric is fine, I was kinda worried too for a moment
@PayelSenapati becauses we are babes
@PayelSenapati fun fact: in my "german" circles "bb" always means "bye bye"
7:51 AM
yes and changing room is UMKLEIDEKABINE which sounds like being in DAS BOOT
which makes totally sense. "UM" is changing and "KLEIDE" comes from clothes "KLEIDUNG" and "KABINE" is cabin so... I DONT GET YOUR FUCKING PROBLEMO!
really bad news...
Yes... time to refund all those sweet saved rents :D
this is why I am building on my own property now... those rents are insane...
@WarrenFaith I don't get your problem, why are you guys all so angry in your language
we aren't, we just love that you think we are angry and that makes us happy
8:04 AM
I think this is the best decision one could make Warren
so we win and you lose which makes us win even more...
My rent is gonna be re-increased by around 40%
crazy, what will you pay then?
@WarrenFaith "so we win" not according to the history books I had in school..
@Mehdi I would then seriously consider buying, or get a tinyhouse or van
also a solution here in my country: buy a chalet on a park. It's 'illegal' to live there but if you become friends with the park owner you can live careless for years
History is written by the winners and we thought it would be cool if you think you have won while you haven't which makes it the biggest plot twist in HISTORY... so we win again
8:09 AM
800€ :D which i think is aligned with the listings price online, but most my neighbors i talked to pay even less than the upper price fixed by the mietendeckel xD
you pay €800 a month???
I pay €350 lol
you could just buy for that amount of money, or is that impossible in Berlin
In which city do you live?
Gotta add that the apartment is owned by my dad and I get a €100 discount on the actual rent price
@MwBakker in my neighborhood a flat similar to mine costs between 300k and 350k
300k means how much mortage a month?
8:14 AM
Yeah okay so if you moved to amsterdam or a bigger city you'll probably pay double or more
Not sure mwb
yes, friends of mine live there they pay about 800 a month for 40m2 or such
"you gotta move to a big city man, come join us" I rather earn less and have space to park my car
It's also about the job market though, unless you can commute daily from your small city to work on a larger one
Don't even need to, my work is digital
Otherwise the job offers were from all over my country, I had set a target of max 75km commute
now they pay my mileage instead of me paying rent in a more expensive city like Enschede
plus I get to drive my car, which I love: win-win
"but you have a gf there now, surely you will move soon.. right?" - the agency asked me nervously

"Nope, I'm good"
and if I don't feel like commuting I can book a room so my workday feels like a small vacation
I have to say that moving next to your gf does make life easier
I can stay at her place most of the week days if I want to
but I know people sometimes need a break from me so I dont take that offer on full extend xD
8:24 AM
I explained that to her yesteday, it made her a bit angry she said she loves me being at her place and I shouldn't think like "needing a break from me"
which was an adorable message to read: brought her Ben&Jerry's at my way for her
@MwBakker seriously, u r gay or bisexual or straight? ur relationship with Tim is fun or serious?
Eating cake from both sides sure is serious fun
@MwBakker Yeah, i'm pretty sure you'll get a flat in her city soon though, having to travel 150km (70*2) everytime you wanna meet is a bit tiresome
@MwBakker please tell me the thing between u and Tim is joke or serious?
8:36 AM
@Mehdi right now I see her daily, eventhough I didnt choose this job because of her living close to my job (but it sure is great)
@PayelSenapati I can't eat cake from both sides?
Well that means adultery (given you too are married) and is supposed to be a crime @MwBakker
send your Russians to arrest me
9:02 AM
@grrigore yo
so ivan here s a tip
I've finally completed everything for that bt garbage
I had a bitmap and a new printer and let's say the bitmap height was 100, the printer would cut it at 80
i dont need bitmaps so i didnt really touch that piece
9:11 AM
and the only solution I got was to "append" some extra bitmap to the 100 height bitmap and make it a 120 height bitmap
I guess it was a printer setting..
like an offset or something
i believe you can pass those as settings
as printer settings?
9:13 AM
well I didn t have physical access to that printer nor a printer like that
or it might be char encoindg
tbh i have no idea i scraped this from the internets
well i only sent an array of bytes to the printer one worked ok the other didnt
no idea
i could probably share this entire codebase
if you want to talk arch
sure i d like to
its not nearly as good as its supposed to be, but there are couple of good approaches i believe
9:16 AM
but i m kinda busy these days
yeah its not a problem
just create an issue once you have time to check it out
sure, is it on your git?
well I gotta go, see you later o/
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Apr 15 '20 at 14:46, by Mauker
Gives Raghav a lot of money for advice. -> Raghav: No.
@PayelSenapati adultery is not a crime in our country :)
10:30 AM
@Tim not in our country too, but it is considered a grave moral crime, not punishable by law, but punishable by God
not here, majority of the country is not really religious, and certainly not to the extend that they think god will punish them for biblical sins
anyway, u r OK with ur husband cheating on u in broad daylight? @Tim
you mean mwb?
I was told u two r married
11:12 AM
@MwBakker lmao
@PayelSenapati .... yes they are
Can someone help with a problem that I have in flutter?
11:35 AM
@MwBakker I find that my data is only displayed upon hot reload.. setstate is not working.
do you need the code? I was trying to use FutureBuilder and .then, but they weren't working.
I assume your class extends StateFullWidget ?
@MwBakker yes..
Just a small check that the SetState() happens in the right class
Can you give me a gist of your code?
I want to see in which context your setState is being fired upon, what data change is linked to this
@MwBakker can we move to a private room? don't wanna clutter it up here.
that is why github gist exists :D <- Mehdi smile ®
11:40 AM
no I wanna see it

github repo link
It's configured for android.
but this means I have to seek the file
in this gist you can place the dedicated code right into one file
yep, handy stuff but safe the file under .dart next time for better readability
why do you perform a setState() on NoteListItem.number++; when you then perform a Navigator.push?
@MwBakker That was something I needed to comment out.. I initially used a listview.builder instead of a futureBuilder, it denoted the number of items for itemCount:
11:47 AM
btw you perform a lot of setState()'s even in your initState() which is redundant
Me panicking. I'm a week into flutter and I'm not sure of a lot of things. I was trying to see if any point the setState() would work..
since I assumed that setState() refreshes the build.
please be aware a SetState() 'reloads' the entire extended StatefulWidget class, it's costly
First advice before we move on, remove unrequired SetState() calls
then, when these are filtered out: debug your code to see if it reaches the call
It worked.. Removing unnecessary set states was enough.
@MwBakker Thanks a lot.. I've been stuck on this problem for a day now :D
@MwBakker dear Bakker, your room thanks you for your service
12:08 PM
@MwBakker dear Bakker, stop cheating and show 100% commitment and love to your husband @Tim, may God help you two overcome your misunderstandings and have a happy and fulfilling married life and to grow old together in each other's arms
you really are passionate about this topic lol
12:26 PM
@Mehdi I even wrote a poem
This one dedicated to @MwBakker and @Tim
you came in my life, when I was torn and broken
you gave me hope, when my morale was fallen
you are my sunshine, you are my angel
I love you very much, be with me till my last breathe my jewel
wow @MwBakker helping people with programming, nice change
@PayelSenapati nice, you know Tim is also a poet himself
@CrabsStew I have done that more often but people prefer my drama here
plus my Kotlin knowledge is as good as null
@Mehdi that's nice, does @Tim write a poem everyday dedicated to his love @MwBakker
@SafdarFaisal no worries, happy to have helped
12:29 PM
haha well too many programmers and no drama guy so we need you
@PayelSenapati But you never asked if Tim was okay with this
Maybe Tim has his 'benefits' too, perhaps we are in some sort of arrangement
@MwBakker u mean it is a one way traffic?
Two way traffic
I'm capable owning two cars and restoring them because certain 'benefits' involved a very rich man interested in my Tim
and marriage can get dull sometimes
not for us
12:33 PM
@PayelSenapati i really appreciate this one, doesn't happen often someone writes a poem for me. An honest thank you :)
@MwBakker 😊😊
@WarrenFaith i see nice to hear that
1:17 PM
I am bit late to the party but yes I am a poet myself and this is my best work
May 29 '17 at 21:53, by Tim Castelijns
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, Mar 8 '16 at 10:17, by Tim Castelijns
’T was only 26 years after his birth.
He was in the middle of doing a 'git revert',
when death caught him by surprise.
His short life, flashing before his eyes.

Eating all those french fries
the night before proved quite unwise.
It may also have been the 2nd dessert,
that put him buried in the dirt

If he had been more alert,
he would still be unhurt.
He never reached life’s highs.
And now, his mother cries.
1:40 PM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!!! :D
@WarrenFaith yeaaaah i know!!! We talk pretty much everyday :D
@Tim after that T was never found in the SOCVR room
@Tim hahaha i'm curious about your thought process when you came up with it XD
@Tim that is not really a poem full of emotions, poem is all about expressing your emotions, that is more of a comedy
1:51 PM
sorry didn't know there were rules to poetry
@Tim can you write a poem that will bring tears to my eyes?
I came into the chat in the morning
Was looking through it, kind of boring
oh what's this, a poem about my dutchmen?
how they are in love and like to touch men?
baaha morning everyone
1:55 PM
@ballBreaker can you write a poem that will make me cry?
it doesn't have to be dramatic or sad to be a good poem
It's a poet's ingenuity when a poet can make people cry with joy or cry out of sadness
well done bb really nice poem there
can you share an example of such a poem ?
ill try to make you cry with a poem in a bit just sitting in a meeting
thanks tim
1:58 PM
@PayelSenapati unlikely
@Mehdi trying, give me 15 minutes
@ballBreaker nice crabs
bb liv would totally invite you to poem reading with ørm, ansgar and lone
heheh :D what a compliment!
was it today?
2:02 PM
yeah, that was today.
so you can just forget about this sword fight or whatever it is.
and now you're going to mope, and you're the one who broke the agreement
nice XD
bb, if you need ideas, you could start your poem with "1, 2, 3"
I woke up without you today, the pain still on my flesh
where did you go, these wounds are so fresh
I can't live life without you at my side
I'm broken and tarnished inside
If only my lover would come back home
Where have they gone, I'm so alone
One day you got up to leave us
why was I born with a detachable penis
2:08 PM
tf is this shit
hello arvid ivan
sorry bb, i had to
I was drunk and broken, thought my life was useless
I was broke, I was gambler, my life was a real mess
I had none to love or get loved, thought my life was purposeless
I could have ended my life, I was so hapless
its okay, payel wanted a poem to make her cry
2:10 PM
I mean if you guys want to cry i can send you over couple of Bluetooth tasks
I don't think I need more ammunition for tears
my life is sad enough
brb cry in the shower
real tears don't cry
- Pablo DaVinci
I love walking in the rains as no one can see my tears
what if you really want to cry but it won't rain
2:17 PM
Do u know Russians have developed a technology to artificially force clouds to break down?
@IvanMilisavljevic I can already tell @Tim is the other person who starred this
hah yeah
me looking at the chat in last couple of hours -> !encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/…
We all bear the scars of BLE
good thing im not dealing with BLE ;)
i tried going that route, but it turns on this device has no support for BLE
Even your device gave up on using BLE
2:21 PM
yeah its a throwaway project anyway so it doesn't really matter
can't inline images in text chat sadly, must be posted separately
@PayelSenapati a lot of countries have that technology for many decades
I think silver iodide was used as early as the vietnam war, maybe earlier
@ballBreaker save water bath with tear
I listened to this song while in the shower to commemorate the occasion
I woke up to find myself become a red crab,
never to again become human trash,
my happiness lasted only a while,
till the time i was eaten alive - ballbreaker
2:32 PM
damn sad poem stuff
@ballBreaker hahah
@CrabsStew lol nice :D
@PayelSenapati lmfao
pepole are so stupid, i can't handle it sometimes
someone: I need help logging in, it's not working
me: is it giving an error?
someone: yes
me: ... what's the error
someone: yes it's giving an error
I asked them to share their screen and they shared their Microsoft Teams application screen lmao
kill me
@PayelSenapati wow lmfao what a horrible message
literally cancer
that video is cancer
whoever made that should be ashamed of themselves
2:55 PM
I made it :(
screw you tim
@ballBreaker At least they didn't ship their monitor to you
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