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12:29 AM
Brilliant.org ?
I mean depends what maths you need
That looks pretty good actually
@Alesana or just go to a community college for two years where SAT won't matter, then transfer to a university
it's cheaper
I guess maybe Geometry, Algebra, data science, etc.. then into physics
and if you get a bachelor's, the fact that you spent the first two years at a community college won't matter because you're a transfer student
@Tiffany hmm not a bad idea. I'm wondering if I would have better luck getting into some of the better ranked schools if I were to score really well on a couple of the SAT subject tests though
12:36 AM
when I worked at a community college, there was a student who transferred to Purdue
he got an internship at NASA too
That's really cool
he saved around 60-70k on tuition
(he was marketing's golden child for a while, main reason why I remember all of this)
@Alesana How old are you just?
@Girgias 25
Right, so what would you say Algebra is?
12:40 AM
Uhh the study of math with symbols in it?
I feel like I use a lot of it while programming I just haven't studied it
Not really, it's more the study of structure, i.e. groups, rings, fields, etc.
Linear Algebra is probably what you want as that's everything which has to do with Matrices and has close ties to geometry
Also probably the most useful part in regards to comp. sci.
quadratic formula...
I'm still traumatized
That's more number theory tho
I mean they are interesting fields (they are for sure mine compared to Statistics and ODEs/PDEs) but just make sure that you know what it is :)
Ah okay good to know
Looking at SAT subject tests there's Math II and Physics I'm thinking would be beneficial
It describes the Algebra part similar to how you do
Expressions, equations, inequalities, representation and modeling, properties of functions (linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, periodic, piecewise, recursive, parametric)
I'd call that more Analysis a large chunk of what you've said
But in High School a lot of different fields are just bundled up together
12:53 AM
From what I've seen of different Algebra it seems like it's modeled not too far off from programming so hopefully my brain is already wired in that way
That's also on there
Data analysis, statistics, and probability
I mean if you can represent a set, and an arbitrary binary operation on this set which results in an item of said set, then you should be fine for the basics of Group theory :p
I honestly haven't gotten further than 10th grade math so I might be a bit behind haha
I think I could do that? haha
Groups aren't really hard, but that's mostly Uni level math anyway
What really intrigues me is physics but I think that math would be a precursor to a lot of that
I don't think I really need a degree but it would be good to have
Welp physics is a lot of ODE/PDEs with integrals
12:58 AM
I think I'm making enough to afford it at this point at least :p
I might just go through the topics covered on the subject tests in the order they are on brilliant.org
I think I could make an argument for my GED because I got emancipated and moved out at 16 and needed to work, but I'm wondering if being 25+ will hurt my chances of getting in a good school
1:20 AM
Well I'm not in the US, and I'm just 22 so I wouldn't know, but I think that would be whack. Mature students are not that uncommon in the UK
That's good then
Can I post one of my question here?
If someone could please answer
Q: Bootstrap tabs showing data one stack to another

ikkkWhen I try to display my data in two tabs the data of both tabs are shown stacking one next to each other. For example, if my data for first tab is First tab data and second tab data is second tab data the data is shown like that for both the tabs. first tab data second tab data so it has stack o...

1:30 AM
I don't know how it works here. I know that there are a lot of older people who go to university but for some of them that are harder to get into I'm not sure how they accept applicants
1:45 AM
An error in operating a cast to an int ・ Math related ・ #80163
Floating points strike once again
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2:50 AM
Tonight's Among Us stream with @PeeHaa @Ekin Leigh, @Tiffany @Alesana @Wes and @twodee youtu.be/pULvGkpAG2U
3:25 AM
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7:01 AM
Deprecating password authentication ・ API Requests has Under Maintenance
7:24 AM
8:09 AM
How do I edit the records on multiple tables provided that I don't know in which of the tables the data exists?
8:32 AM
@rangerboyy that is a broad question but maybe mysq's REPLACE helps?
I'd assume most of the time you'd know what to update
9:17 AM
Hey @Sjon, any reason why 8.0beta4 isn't on 3v4l?
@NikiC apparently I missed it. I'll add it
9:35 AM
@StatikStasis need to check how alesana got me fooled
@NikiC I've uploaded it. Did you have a chance to look at chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/11?m=50550711#50550711 ?
@Sjon Nop. In what way does it currently fail?
@Sjon You mentioned the duplicate T_THROW. Does dropping the %token T_THROW help anything? I think the duplication should be harmless in this case tho
@Sjon one thing that definitely needs to be done though if you haven't yet is to adjust the lexer to emit T_NAME_* tokens
As the parser expects those now
10:01 AM
All issues have been resolved!
10:17 AM
10:37 AM
does php intern strings that are not interned at compile time? i would say they can't be interned because that would be more expensive than having duplicates. is that correct?
also that's what java does (or rather doesn't do) unless you intern the string explicitly with .intern()
nikic ^
@Wes yes
@NikiC I've never seen it successfully parse $a ??= $b;
cool thanks :P
@NikiC ah, you're right. While PHP.Constants.T_THROW is in there twice, it both sets the same value
@Sjon Is there lexer support for ??= ?
10:43 AM
@NikiC lol, I never even checked. Let me find a better example to test if it parses PHP8 specific code
11:01 AM
@Wes JVM GC deduplicates strings.
Only the backing arrays, not the String objects, because that would make == unreliable.
how exactly does it do that?
only if strings are compared i guess
that is, $a and $b are two separate non interned strings, if userland performs $a === $b and it evaluates to true, then $a and $b get merged
but maybe that's refcounting and a different thing
When it encounters String objects it reassigns which char[] they point to.
During garbage collection.
ok i got that the underlying array changes, not the identity of the object, but i don't understand why does that... got any scenario?
11:12 AM
@NikiC well, the parser should not throw a Syntax error: unexpected '=', right?
@Sjon If you don't have lexer support, it should
It would get treated as ?? = then
11:45 AM
Example says "see changelog" but there's no changelog ・ Documentation problem ・ #80164
@Wes @Alesana fooled all of us. He is a pro. =D
11:58 AM
@StatikStasis you don't use tab..
makes it so much easier to do tasks
what's tab?
@StatikStasis i watched the video, i thought red killed you much earlier than alesana did
instead alesana killed you right before i called meeting
It opens a map of the ship and displays the rooms where tasks are
ah right, i don't press tab but i use the map
"omg wes is drunk"
for once i wasn't @PeeHaa
12:04 PM
Statik said at one point that he was terrible at doing tasks cause he doesn't know where anything is... tab alleviates that problem.
yeah map is gold
@Wes lol
12:24 PM
@StatikStasis i hesitated like 5 seconds there
i liked that game tho :D
@StatikStasis where the heck is the option for 2 impostors youtube.com/watch?v=hkU7mpdHfPE