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12:29 AM
In my journey to learn more bash scripting, I have written a script that will attempt to checkout the docs from svn repeatedly until it is successful, since it keeps saying peer connection reset
12:56 AM
@MarkR ping
2 hours later…
3:14 AM
I am a bit confused about the concept of logging in with third-party providers,
my question is:

1) should a user be able to log in to an application with more than one second-party provider eg being able to login with Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and the base application login

2) or just the base application login with one third-party provider only?
is there a downside to either of the two. I understand that this is opinion based :) and I want to know what you guys think about it, form a security perspective, and as a user of such an application.
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4:19 AM
@BobbyAxe I think a user should be able to login through the application login and as many third party providers as are supported
If a user can confirm that they've confirmed their email through a third party service that you trust is secure, then to me they're that person
If they can prove to Facebook and Apple that they're that person I think they'd also be able to go through the "forgot password" route as that person
4:33 AM
thank you, this puzzled me for quite a long time. your answer made me realized I should have a means in which the user can see their authorized third-party login's and enable or disable them
4:49 AM
Yeah I would say that should definitely be an option as well
I don't know as much about disable, or just remove altogether
5:04 AM
yup, disable might just be unnecessary, I will go with removing it.
5:46 AM
I wonder if using named parameters will become a standard
5:59 AM
I am having difficulty understanding the question. Anyone who could explain this to me?
Have the function TetrisMove(strArr) take strArr parameter being passed which will be an array containing one letter followed by 12 numbers representing a Tetris piece followed by the fill levels for the 12 columns of the board.
Calculate the greatest number of horizontal lines that can be completed when the piece arrives at the bottom assuming it is dropped immediately after being rotated and moved horizontally from the top. Tricky combinations of vertical and horizontal movements are excluded. The piece types are represented by capital letters.
For example, with an input of ["L","3","4","4","5","6","2","0","6","5","3","6","6"], the board will look something like this:
@BasheerKharoti Which parts do you understand and not understand?
@Alesana I was confused with the INPUT so just got it. Thanks for your response
Np. It is confusing because I don't know what a Q would represent, for example :p
6:14 AM
@Alesana The board is filled with the numbers ["3","4","4","5","6","2","0","6","5","3","6","6"] and you have to find the position for the input "L" to occupy maximum horizontal lines when it arrives in the bottom
Right. In the case of an L, it is simple, it would be like..
* *
it can be rotated based on the position
But if it's a K, that's a lot harder to interpret
so for the above it should be

Right I'm just thinking of examples where it's a more ambiguous letter
Like a J or Q
6:17 AM
We only have few letters in this case
Ah okay
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9:16 AM
10:04 AM
This quote chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/11?m=47226416#47226416 hitting different one last time.
1 hour later…
11:08 AM
odbc_execute() moves internal pointer of supplied $params ・ ODBC related ・ #80152
11:47 AM
Self return type and ReflectionClass->getReturnType ・ Class/Object related ・ #80153
12:24 PM
Hi guys! I need to execute multiple queries. How can I bind parameters so that I can protect the site from sql injection?
12:36 PM
@RifkyNiyas the first does not prevent you from doing the second, right?
didnt get you!
what is the first and second you are talking about?
First one is executing multiple queries. Second one is protecting from sql injection. Those are different issues/tasks.
Oh! Ok
Now is are there any ways to prevent sql injection in executing multiple queries
what do you mean? Are you able to execute a single query without having injections?
You are asking the same question just rephrased.
Preventing sql injection has nothing to fact is there one or multiple queries.
12:48 PM
@RifkyNiyas Can you execute multiple queries? Yes. Should each of those queries be executed as prepared statements? Maybe. If any user input of anything kind is involved with the query then absolutely, yes! Should you just use prepared statements no matter what if you're not sure just to be safe? Yes.
@Alesana Take that back! I really love Excel and feel it is one of the best pieces of software ever made. I've never seen the code base... just an awesome program to me.
@RifkyNiyas What exactly are you working on?
@StatikStasis Exactly. Now how can I do it. Should I carry on the procedure as.... prepare and bind parameter for one query and then execute that query. Then should I repeat the procedure back again? Or can I do multiple_query method with mysqli by binding parameters?
Ive been here since last few days
1:04 PM
It depends. What exactly are you doing?
I need a main products table and some tables for subcategory which have their own unique columns
Did you ever get your database schema adjusted to something more sane? I think you had like 20+ tables you were mentioning yesterday.
Now when a user enters the information of a product all the main details which are common goes for the main products table
Yah. Now I have 28 tables including a main product table
What do the tables look like? What column headers for the product table?
Other 27 tables are in the name of certain product types. I mean for vehicles there is a table, for computers there is another table, for toys there is another table,
1:08 PM
Why so many tables? That's not a good structure.
And inside each table there are unique columns like in the vehicle table there are columns like vehicle type,brand,model,etc. While in computers table there are columns like computer brand and stuff
@StatikStasis Yah. Any ideas?
Hmm... I cannot say for sure whether it is a good structure or not. Depends on how detailed each product type is, how many options, and how many products would be in each table. Anyway- enough about that. I can try to provide some info about your multiple query issue. But we need to think about something simpler.
Are you trying to pull in all of your products onto one page for the user to see?
Ive got to do that later
So what are you trying to accomplish right now with the "multiple queries" you mentioned?
@Alesana o/
Now I am trying to insert the data a user has entered regarding a product!
1:13 PM
What data are they entering?
I have to insert the data to main table then to the paticular product type table
Why are they entering data about your products?
Are these quantities for an order for the user/customer? Are these reviews from customers about a product?
@StatikStasis They are entering the information about products like product name, seller name, contact no, etc, which are commmon data to be inserted on main table. And I have to enter the extra details such if he has selected vehicle, vehicle brand ID into vehicle table
@StatikStasis No. These are information regarding their own product which they are trying to sell
So your site allows others to sell their products on your site, correct?
1:19 PM
@NikiC Ive been attempting to get ace to support php8 but I suspect the rebuildParser needs an update. The current preg_match_all returns T_THROW twice for example (because it appears twice in tokens.y. any hints?
@StatikStasis Here ?
@RifkyNiyas I really don't understand why you have so many tables for products. Go here 3v4l.org/63tos and type in what your table structure looks like for your main table and a couple of product tables to give us a better idea. I've provided an example in that link.
Hit eval() once your done and drop the new URL here.
You mean a sql query? or PHP code?
Ok. You have sent a PHP code right?
1:28 PM
How can I get the table structure? Through PHP myadmin
I sent you a link so you could provide table structure for your main products table and for a couple of your sub-products tables.
Through PHP myAdmin is fine.
You will need to manually type the table structure for your main product table in that link I gave you so you can paste the link here, so that I can see what the table structure looks like.
1:33 PM
wat dis?
getting close to finishing the most colossal rfc ever
oh nice!
(don't worry it doesn't require any C work :P at least for now...)
1:38 PM
I hit the eval()
Not giving any links though
in any case it's not much C work
24 hours ago, by Rifky Niyas
@Crell Ok. Here is the problem. I have 29 tables in a database called pending approval. Each row in a table is a product. I need the admin to approve a product so it is moved to main database. So in the admin panel, I need to get all the records from every table in the main database. Then show its name,price,category. If the admin approves i need it to go to main database
// -- products -- //
// ID //
// title//
//seller_name //
//contact_no //
//negotiable //
//description //
//picture //
//user_id //

// -- vehicle -- //
// category //
// type (Car,Bike) //

// -- electronics-- //
Why are you even dealing with multiple databases for this?
You have an entire database setup for just pending approval? And then a separate database for approved, I guess?
the admin must approve
1:41 PM
Yeah... but why a separate database?
That makes no sense.
How can I fix it
You only need one database.
a common solution would be an "approved" column, which stores either a 0/1, or null/datetime, or null/user-id to identify who approved it.
My friend, I'm afraid you are in way over your head at the moment. If you're building this for yourself, you can keep working at it but I would give yourself a very long timeline due to all the stuff you're going to need to learn along the way.
1:44 PM
@Stephen Damn..... Yah!!!!!!!!!!!
and then the queries that should show approved items only add a "and approved is not null" to their where clause
If this is for someone else, you're at risk at making many mistakes which will increase the customers liability when the fecal matter hits the oscillating device, which inevitably it will.
I mean dont get me wrong, there *are* use cases for having a separate database for
"pending" content, but this doesn't seem like it.
@Stephen Your solution seems to be simple
@RifkyNiyas its a pretty common pattern.
1:46 PM
@StatikStasis Exactly! I thought I might complete the project now i am seeing the broadness of this
Your main table structure is not great either.
Ok. here is the problem. I was mainly experienced with front end stuff
Got a udemy course on PHP. I had completed the PHP basics and MYSQL part. I thought building up projects are the way to go next. Got a client at local town and now I have completed the front end stuff
ID, title, category, location, price, negotiable, description, photo, user_id
I have no excuses. I will try my best and complete this thing
Is the user_id, the user_id of the seller?
1:51 PM
The initial table structure that I was talking about yesterday was given by another one. I found it dificult
Then I would remove the seller_name and contact_number from that table and put that in a table called "sellers"
The sellers table would have seller_id, user_id, seller_name, contact_number, seller_address, etc.
The main products table only needs the user_id. The user_id can reference the seller table for the other info.
Does that make sense so far?
seperate the seller from product table right!
I still question the need for 20+ tables for products- there is a better way to deal with that but I don't have the time to go into it, or solve it.
1:57 PM
@StatikStasis Ok
You definitely need prepared statements for all of this, since it is all user input.
Yah. MY doubt is how can we do multiple querys by prepared statement? Bind, prepare and execute it over and over again
2:12 PM
@StatikStasis Why $result = $stmt->get_result() after INSERT?
@StatikStasis THanks a lot!
@Dharman Because I'm watching a YouTube stream, answering Slack messages, reading emails, procrastinating my own work I need to get done while I attempt to help a SO user in Sri Lanka, and I made a mistake. =P
Ahh, that explains a lot
2:22 PM
@StatikStasis Your effort is tremendous dude!!!!
@RifkyNiyas Updated with an idea on how to handle multiple rows of products being submitted by user... you'll have to figure out the form submission stuff. =) 3v4l.org/Obdml
@RifkyNiyas Correction to link because I made the same mistake again with the insert statement. That one is fixed.
@StatikStasis Bro carry on your work! Ill continue here and try to finish this thing somehow. Ill check out your work now. Its a tremendous help. Thank you so much for your valuable time
np, pass it on in the future. Many in this room have done the same for me. =)
@StatikStasis Exactly dude! Learning a lot in this process
2:37 PM
@Dharman How is your project going?
Which one?
Any of them?
I just discovered why my cron job wasn't working
so yeah there's progress
2:40 PM
@Dharman You're from Ireland! I want to come there one day. The paternal side of my mother's we have traced back to a 12 year old stow away on a ship. His last name was O'Canada.
@StatikStasis Where are you from?
He later dropped the O' when he went up into Canada and thought he would fit in better without it.
@StatikStasis are u Freelancer or working full time?
@StatikStasis Can I ask you for an advice?
2:43 PM
just ask
@NikiC So what's left on the mysqli PR? Is it done? Can we merge? I'd really like to get that put to bed today so I can try and squeeze in one more before freeze.
@StatikStasis Do we need college degrees these days? How to become that optimum self-taught developer? I always feel like I dont have enough knowledge compared to ones with degrees
It really depends on where you live, imo.
Well, how about US?
You're most valuable knowledge is not going to be from college, but many places still require a bachelors degree to get your foot in the door.
2:46 PM
bachelor's or "equivalent experience"
which is where I am
I think here though they value college degrees more than anything here! Sadlyf
this is relevant-ish room-11.github.io/tutorials.html
also remoteok.io and weworkremotely.com for remote work
In the US, I would say it is harder to get your foot in the door without a bachelors. Equivalent experience can do it, but then they are going to use that as the reason they pay you less starting off than they did someone who has one.
A college degree is more valuable for a junior than experience when trying to get past the HR demons.

Several years experience is more valuable than a degree for actually getting the job done.
It can take longer to climb in the company without it because it will come up as a constant roadblock.
2:48 PM
American elitism strikes again.
@StatikStasis it really depends on the company too...
Yes, I meant to say that too.
friend of mine doesn't have a college degree, he's worked at Microsoft, The Pokemon Company (in a lead position)
it has been used against him, but he hasn't let it stop him, and he has quite the resume
@Crell I think it also has a lot to do with "I had to go through X amount of years of school and have lots of debt from paying for that education, so should you!"
2:49 PM
Probably, although I doubt that part is conscious.
there's the idea that you do your growing up through college, you're expected to live on your own, stuff like that... so a company can expect a semi-rounded person... but that's far from reality
If high school actually did its job on teaching civics and social behavior, college would be less necessary.
@Crell I can see it feeling like they just climbed a million stairs, only to find someone arriving at the top the same time they do because an elevator was installed while they climbed.
granted, for someone with autism, learning social behavior is awkward :P
especially in a professional environment, and having real-world experience worked out better for me
2:52 PM
And I say this as someone with a batchelors in HCI and masters in CS. Were I in a hiring position, I'd value "lines of code written" over "classes taken", though if someone has both that's even better.
My problem with college is the cost for one, but also, the unnecessary amount of elective courses you have to take that have nothing to do with the actual degree. "Makes you a better well-rounded student" = "Makes us a lot more money making you take that stuff."
What I tell all new programmers: Your first 100,000 lines of code will suck. Period. Doesn't matter how smart you are, if/when you went to school, your racial/ethnic background... Your first 100,000 lines are going to suck. Accept that, get through your 100,000 lines of crap to retrain your brain, then you'll start the real learning.
Good advice.
@Crell That's because you don't have an HR degree. =P
@StatikStasis but then you have programmers building AI that don't respect the value of human life :/
2:54 PM
Not all of those extra courses are about that.
there are reasons for humanities courses
Some are just for making some money, again- imo.
though, I took a lot of "fine art" electives that I'm not sure even counted ... I took painting cause I wanted to, only to learn that I had to take "music appreciation" to qualify for the fine art requirement
I wonder if my code is still crap or if I have already written the 100k lines of code
maybe I should finish my associate's in the next five years... at least to get it finished
2:56 PM
@Dharman Some people take more than 100,000. ;-) But almost no one takes less.
I already have plenty of credits towards it
I'm about 14 credits shy of my bachelors.
typical ADHDers πŸ˜› we get right up to finishing the project and stop
If you can do it without taking on more debt, I'd say go for it. Having the paper can only help, whether or not you learn anything.
Yeah, I've done mine debt free, thankfully.
@Tiffany That hurts right in the feels... because it is so true.
2:58 PM
Unrelated: Where are the stubs for PDO? The pdo.stub.php file has only one function, and the separate driver extensions have no stub files.
I am working on it very slowly. Two classes per semester... while they get the work/value out of me now but don't pay me the salary of my bachelor counterparts. =)
It's hard doing it though while raising two kids.
My son just started college this year and we joke about how we may end up finishing at the same time.
@StatikStasis around 2012, there were a few marketing things about people going back to college, I just remember this mom going to college while her kid was going as well. They did homework together.
That's awesome
Can't remember if they were both attending the same school, but they would set aside time and do homework together
Argh, can't wait until my first paycheck so I can buy Mario 3D ...
I wanna play Mario 64...
3:09 PM
A bachelor's degree is always good helps a lifetime in your profession the only thing is Fees is getting too high.
Everyone can't afford to get a degree as an engineer.
@Crell There is another stub file for PDO
@NikiC But did you see that Ruby had already started its own stub initiative? :) They are in a pretty early phrase according to their work spreadsheet ^^ but there is a nice guideline page for new contributors + a testing tool for ensuring the prototypes are ok. github.com/ruby/rbs/blob/master/docs/CONTRIBUTING.md
But I'm kinda working on it to promote some warning (or PDO handling mode thing) to unconditional errors
@MateKocsis while you here, care to review wording of what I've already done for PDO?
@cmb I think you might have broken the French doc build by removing stuff, need to check what tho
@Girgias Yes, of course! I can do it during the weekend. :)
@Girgias yep, likely broke all translations due to PHP 5 doc removal from doc-base (see latest SVN commits)
3:18 PM
@cmb right, makes sense, did you remove entities?
@Girgias I found the stmt one. But there should be more, no?
Or just pages, because pages shouldn't brake that hard
whole extension books are removed
I'm already working on fixing DE docs
Ah that's probably why, will try to get that fixed today :)
@Crell Have you looked at pdo_dbh.stub.php?
facepalm I looked through that directory 4 times, how did I not see the other .php file in there?
3:21 PM
who knows :p
$param vs $parameter in PDO. It's inconsistent right now. Pick one. Cast your votes!
param I imagine
3:44 PM
Besides the stub stuff I mentioned before, they also unbundled the xml-rpc module :D And there was a note about the number of changed files/lines at the end of the release announcement:
3385 files changed, 150159 insertions(+), 124949 deletions(-)

A few days ago I run a git diff --shortstat against one of the first commits since PHP 8.0. was branched, and the result was:
17079 files changed, 657763 insertions(+), 778706 deletions(-)
Hello everyone. Hoping to pick your brains briefly.
@Girgias PDO, for the big list: github.com/php/php-src/pull/6220
Just trying to debug a use-after-free problem in php-src
Stepping through code in GDB
@Crell Not sure I totally agree on the ctor_args tho
@AlexD Have you tried Valgrind?
3:47 PM
Feel free to debate while I'm still here and can easily update. :-)
A zend_string is allocated, refcount is set to 1,
Well they are only used with one Fetch mode and they are the constructor arguments for the class you pass
something in the PHP VM decs the refcount, it goes to zero and the chunk of memory used is freed
Next thing, something in the PHP VM incs the refcount again (AFTER free),
I could see $constructor_args, potentially, But $ctor is very much a C dev thing, not something any PHP devs I know spell that way.
Thus stomping on what is now a pointer in a freelist
Next time the Zend allocator tries to get that chunk of memory off the freelist,
ubsan crashes the program with a message about misaligned memory access
because the pointer was inc'd
3:49 PM
@Crell Oh for sure, I just thinks args would imply it's used for other things when it is not
I don't think Valgrind is seeing it because it's not using the platform's malloc() and free()
The 'freeing' is just happening inside the Zend allocator
Hm. would $constructor_args work for you, or somethin gelse?
@AlexD You need to use: ZEND_DONT_UNLOAD_MODULES=1 USE_ZEND_ALLOC=0 valgrind --leak-check=full --track-origins=yes to not use the Zend Allocator
@Crell That's fine with me :)
OK, I was going to ask if there was any way to see 'where' one is in a PHP script when debugging in GDB
C-level backtrace doesn't show that information, obviously
But let me try that first
@AlexD you can source the .gdbinit from php-src main directory and then i believe have a new command "zbacktrace"
3:53 PM
OK, pushed again. Now have mysqli and PDO building. Give it about 4 hours to tell me what I screwed up...
Thanks @beberlei
@Girgias List not updated?
@Crell What?
github.com/php/php-tasks/issues/23 - Please add the PDO PR to the list. :-)
Ah that, yeah
4:17 PM
Inquiry. In the lexer, what are the various backup_ parsing rules? I don't grok what those are all about.
4:55 PM
Lexer question: gist.github.com/Crell/c7a2dff1d67d63167ee0f0a3489402bf - I didn't expect it to work first time, but the particular error I'm getting isn't what I expected.
5:12 PM
@Crell quite some time since I last worked with yacc/bison so I'm not sure, but maybe you need to use T_DOUBLE_ARROW instead of =>
Hm, I'll try that.
5:45 PM
Eee! That worked.

function test(int $a) => $a + 1; // I managed to make that valid syntax. Happy day.
Are you trying to minimize me? :-P
tar and feather you
i recently rediscovered how uch i love word plays
5:50 PM
Puns FTW.
Well this is fascinating. Functions and methods, despite being syntactically nearly identical, are defined in two entirely different ways. Not even for a good reason that I can make out, they're just different.
6:04 PM
@Crell must admit I did not understand that until reading the tar pun ^^;
@Crell what do you refer to?
In which part?
what do you mean with being defined in different ways?
6:19 PM
methods are defined implicitly within the definition of a class, and then the body is its own stand-alone rule. Functions are their own rule, and the body is implicit within the function definition.
wiki.php.net/rfc/short-functions - Anyone want to offer thoughts before I send it to the list?
Meanwhile, the patches to rename args are now failing again, because of test errors that don't exist in the source code. Because that's nice.
6:55 PM
@Crell i would like to omit public and function
fn add($addend){
    return $this->val + $addend;
or not even fn
i don't think people care about one liners method declarations as much as one liners anonymous functions
@Crell I think the only part that should still be changed is the $index parameter to send_long_data
And looks like some tests need to be fixed
And looking at those diffs, I think the diff algorithm got broken when "context" support was added ... noticed weird looking diffs a couple times already and these ones don't make sense either
May I please ask for a bit of help from anyone who knows the PHP VM well?
Just debugging a problem whereby PHP is freeing a string which is still being used
This is the opcode where the string is wrongly being freed... (dumped out by VLD)
183 368 IS_NOT_EQUAL !16, !13
369 > JMPZ ~133, ->398
...which unconditionally calls zval_ptr_dtor_str on the 2nd argument...
However, the 2nd argument is still needed. The very next 2 lines from VLD are:
184 370 > INIT_FCALL 'mb_substr'
371 SEND_VAR !13
Looking at zend_vm_def.h:556-557, it appears this op frees the 2nd operand if it is a 'TMP_VAR' or 'VAR'. Trying to understand the logic of this. Can anyone enlighten me a bit?
7:13 PM
@AlexD Probably a refcount increment missing earlier
@AlexD zval_ptr_dtor just does a refcount decrement (and destruction if it reaches zero). If it destroys too early, that usually means a missing increment somewhere
I'm struggling to understand why a "not equal" op would dec the refcount of its operands, though. In a stack-based VM where operators consume operands from the stack, it would make sense.
Is a TMP_VAR something which is only supposed to be used once?
> TMP/VARs are always defined before use and as such cannot hold an UNDEF value. Unlike CVs, these variable types are consumed by the instructions they’re used in. In the above example, the second ADD will destroy the value of the T0 operand and T0 must not be used after this point (unless it is written to beforehand). Similarly, the ASSIGN will consume the value of T1, invalidating T1.
@AlexD ^
7:31 PM
Yup, that
ζœ‰γ‚ŠεΎ—γΉγ‹γ‚‰γ–γ‚‹δ»Šγ‚’θ¦‹γ‚ Some amazing grammar courtesy of re:zero
Ah yes my Japanese grammar sucks
@NikiC Catching up on the last season?
@Girgias Thanks very much.
You're welcome :)
@Girgias Yeah
@NikiC The last episode is chonky and doesn't even have an OP/ED, yet it feels short
@Crell You're missing a $ before the b in the first lambda I think
8:07 PM
OK, figured it out. Thanks all for sharing your knowledge.
1 hour later…
9:12 PM
@NikiC The tests confuse me. They're giving me an error in a test with a mismatched line that doesn't exist at all. I don't know what actually needs fixing.
9:29 PM
@Crell Open the test, grep for $result_type
9:48 PM
Why is SVN so garbage
I literally cannot commit the French doc changes
And I don't fucking know why
Cause it just silently fails
@Girgias subversion
Is doing a fresh checkout the way to go or what
Why is this so shit
10:16 PM
In British pronunciation, does the "h" in "historic" have a hard h or silent h?
@cmb Shouldn't the migration guides for PHP 5.x to 5.y also be removed/archived?
@Girgias thinking about it, yes.
or maybe not, because they're helpful to update to PHP 7?
I was thinking of keeping 5.6 to 7.0
But removing all the other ones, we don't have the PHP 4 ones, do we?
might be okay; some user may still be on 5.4 or so, and still may consider to update
Right, I just checked and there is PHP 4 to 5.0
So I don't know, but it would prevent translation needing to update the migration guides to get rid of mentioned extensions >-<
10:26 PM
People are only starting to migrate from PHP 5 now.
I mean the PHP 5 docs already got sacked
I'm not sure; maybe remove the early PHP 5.x?
Maybe do a PR, so others could comment?
Will do that
I'm checking out a fresh version of SVN to try to mass delete the folders
Cause SVN is being a PITA
@cmb how do you commit changes from SVN in CLI, it's just failing silently
And I don't know what on earth to do
@Girgias I'm using Tortoise SVN ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I might install just that then
Because this is just so frustrating
11:03 PM
I've only ever used SVN with Tortoise SVN
Well I always managed to do shit via CLI
But now SVN just decided to be dumb
SVN is still crap even with Tortoise SVN, but Tortoise SVN makes it a bit more bearable
There is a reason why I use edit.php.net :)
It may be shait, but it's way more bearable than needing to deal with SVN :D
agreed :P
that or github... minus the juggling that has to be done with SVN and github
Dear Santa Claus,
Can you make PHP's documentation migration project from SVN to Git happen ASAP?

Many thanks in advance


PS: I'll leave you a lot of cookies if you do.

PPS: And whatever drink you want

PPPS: I can also give money...
11:36 PM
yeah, apart from svn co, I've only ever used a SVN GUI because … yeah :-D

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