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12:05 AM
Yeah I think we alreayd had one on the doc branch
12:28 AM
@Danack I may as well finish proofreading RfcCodex
2 hours later…
2:31 AM
ZEND_HASH_FOREACH_KEY(Z_ARRVAL_P(data), num_index, str_index) {
        if (str_index != NULL || (zend_long)num_index < 0) {
                zend_throw_exception_ex(spl_ce_InvalidArgumentException, 0, "array must contain only positive integer keys");
... isn't that cast undefined behavior? num_index is a zend_ulong.
2:44 AM
@LeviMorrison I guess it's technically undefined, though I think every platform would treat anything with the most significant bit as 1 as negative.
I've been digging into it; looks like maybe it's implementation defined behavior, not undefined. However, I don't see how values outside of the range of uint32_t could work here...
Doh, it's zend_ulong, not uint32_t.
@LeviMorrison I've been trying to figure out why I have an assertion failing with ext-fiber, have a couple minutes to take a look?
A couple of minutes, yeah.
!!lxr class_alias
Total number of search results: 5
• [ /php-src/ext/opcache/zend_persist.c::802 ] /* The same zend_class_entry may be reused by <b>class_alias</b> */
• [ /php-src/Zend/zend_builtin_functions.c::1091 ] ZEND_FUNCTION(<b>class_alias</b>)
• [ /php-src/ext/opcache/zend_persist_calc.c::401 ] /* The same zend_class_entry may be reused by <b>class_alias</b> */
• [ /php-src/Zend/zend_builtin_functions_arginfo.h::242 ] ZEND_FUNCTION(<b>class_alias</b>);
• [ /php-src/Zend/zend_builtin_functions_arginfo.h::302 ] ZEND_FE(<b>class_alias</b>, arginfo_class_alias)
2:54 AM
@LeviMorrison I have an issue where the closure created here sometimes results in Assertion failed: (((execute_data)->func)->op_array.fn_flags & ((1 << 7)|(1 << 10))), function ZEND_BIND_STATIC_SPEC_CV_UNUSED_HANDLER, file Zend/zend_vm_execute.h, line 48112. It appears to happen when it is GC'd, particularly if the function threw an exception when it was executed. Any idea why?
The flags correspond to ZEND_ACC_IMMUTABLE and ZEND_ACC_PRELOADED.
Are you running with preloading enabled?
There is no ini file, so whatever the defaults are.
I can give you a local reproducer, but there would be a little setup required.
Can you copy line 48112 and the surrounding context from your Zend/zend_vm_execute.h>
	HashTable *ht;
	zval *value;
	zval *variable_ptr;

	variable_ptr = EX_VAR(opline->op1.var);

	ht = ZEND_MAP_PTR_GET(EX(func)->op_array.static_variables_ptr);
	if (!ht) {
		ht = zend_array_dup(EX(func)->op_array.static_variables);
		ZEND_MAP_PTR_SET(EX(func)->op_array.static_variables_ptr, ht);
The assert in question is right after if (!ht).
3:16 AM
So, this is assuming that if we don't have a ht then the op_array is supposed to be immutable or preloaded.
Yep, seems that way.
I would guess your initialization is incomplete or incorrect.
I'm not immediately seeing an issue, sorry.
Is the EX(func) in the failure the fake closure?
I think so, wonder how I can tell
Does it make a core dump? If so you can use the backtrace and track it through the call frames.
It looks like HASH_FLAG_PACKED is set if the keys are only numeric, they are only increasing (but there can be holes), and the keys aren't negative. Is that correct and complete, @NikiC?
@LeviMorrison Yes, I'm new to using gdb/lldb. I have the backtrace, how can I look at a particular frame?
3:26 AM
Also, is it reliable? For instance if I am requiring those characteristics (actually even more strict for my case), if HASH_FLAG_PACKED isn't set then it's guaranteed to not have these characteristic? Or can it only be assumed if it's positive?
@Trowski On gdb it's f 1 to switch to frame 1, on lldb it's frame select 1 (I think).
Ok, that does show the specific line that's failing.
Using lldb btw.
gdb has issues on macos at the moment.
3:46 AM
@LeviMorrison Hmm… I found that the function name there is actually Amp\await, that's pretty interesting.
So it may not have to do with that closure.
Is the fake closure wrapping Amp\await?
No, it's actually wrapping an anonymous class method.
Which I did try a concrete class, same result
No, being Amp\await doesn't really make sense.
That was the value of execute_data->func.common.function_name->val, which is the execute_data passed to the opcode handler, not EX(func).
I'm not really sure how to see the global there…
p _zend_executor_globals.current_execute_data or something
Isn't the global variable name execute_data?
Or is there no difference in this case?
EX is referring to the execute_data passed to the function
Yes, so… I have no idea, lol
The fake closure is being created within Amp\await… hmm
3 hours later…
6:36 AM
ping @NikiC
how are we supposed to handle functions like php.net/uopz_set_return now ?
7:36 AM
@JoeWatkins As best you can
@JoeWatkins maybe just make it variadic (mixed ...$args)
@JoeWatkins Typically by using the signature with the most params and making sure you don't specify types that would be incorrect for other signatures
not sure that can work in all cases
I think the abusing variadics is all I can do, if I want to retain those sorts of API's, which I think I do ... feels like there should be a formal way to tell the engine to ignore arginfo, at least for free functions where inheritance never happens ...
@JoeWatkins Variadics would be the way to ignore arginfo
yeah, it'll work, but ZEND_IGNORE_ARGINFO would be clearer
7:42 AM
If your concern is about named parameters, we'll need to add an explicit stability-exemption for all overloaded functions (something I haven't gotten around to yet)
In the long run it might be worthwhile to introduce 2 new functions for each such function.
you have no idea how much work that will create for me personally
I have to assume the same must be true for other users also
@LeviMorrison sounds right
@LeviMorrison I mean, if that's the case it might be a packed array. It can also be a non-packed array
8:00 AM
set_exception_handler() should return false on error ・ Unknown/Other Function ・ #80165
8:32 AM
@JoeWatkins that's bad, yes. But if uopz was written in PHP, would you have chosen this signatures? Anyway, instead of 2 new functions, maybe just 1 function which accepts a static callable (string or array of 2 strings only), and maybe even add a third overload instead, slowly fading out the existing overloads?
@cmb Hi,
Are you 7.2 VM access resolved ?
I can access now (and are building), but Dale told me that he only can access once. So if I'm thrown out, that might be bad.
1 hour later…
9:59 AM
Do we have a separate doctrine room to discuss
Doctrine Resource::create take too much time to insert single record in mysql DB
- I have checked the table index (it was just 1 unique index & 2 other indexes)
- backtrace (no other middlewares before resource::create
- API takes almost 3s to complete the POST request

Info - table has added with 10k records

1. is there anything else i can provied to help me on this?
2. is there Doctrine Resource::create performs any other action which we need to consider
3. any other alternate for Resource::create which i can try
10:25 AM
@keviveks What's Resource::create? Can you provide a link to the doc?
The response from the Doctrine team is usually: Don't use an ORM for stuff like this...
10:41 AM
Good morning everyone. I am using PHPMailer. My question is: Should I start the "ClearAllRecipients()" function before or after the first email is sent?
public function send(string $from_name = MAIL["from_name"], string $from_email = MAIL["from_email"]): bool
        try {
            $this->mail->Subject = $this->data->subject;
            $this->mail->addAddress($this->data->recipient_email, $this->data->recipient_name);
            $this->mail->setFrom($from_email, $from_name);

            if (!empty($this->data->addReplyTo)) {
11:31 AM
@keviveks FYI Doctrine has its own Slack: doctrine-project.org/community/index.html
12:03 PM
preg_match_all()'s PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE ignoring modifier u ・ PCRE related ・ #80166
12:31 PM
12:42 PM
Not Install ・ Paradox ・ #80167
1 hour later…
1:58 PM
@GabrielCaruso I've been MIA all week, but I'm okay with this. Not my ideal situation, but I'm okay with it.
@NikiC I didn't quite understand. If the packed flag isn't set, it still might be packed?
@Sara You're OK though?
@GabrielCaruso this is far less than ideal, we have a predictable number of RC's and many people will be waiting for an RC that will never come in order to test ...
what is the reason for dropping RC's ?
it's better to push the GA date back than drop RC
2:20 PM
@Derick I'm okay, but I'm not alright.
@LeviMorrison No, what I mean is that just because an array has increasing integer keys does not mean that it is packed. It can be packed, but it doesn't have to be
@JoeWatkins Short answer: Because JIT and Named Parameters. Two things that have, by nature, required some long-tail work that we just didn't anticipate fully. Might have started alpha process earlier (and thus set FF earleir), but honestly that wouldn't have changed the reality of how long getting that work done would take.
@JoeWatkins I am ready to push GA back if it goes on further though. I'm not happy with how close to the line this has been pushed. ((Not blaming anyone, everyone's been doing their best, but it's where we are))
@JoeWatkins fwiw the rc has not been dropped :) This weeks release is rc1 with abi freeze
@NikiC Technically, there were RCs dropped in earlier weeks.
2:26 PM
@Sara ah yes, the previous rc did get dropped. I mean not this one. Might have been confusing from the chat log
What is the major benefit to the fixed GA date? I presume the vast majority of people won't update straight away until it's had time for early adopters to find the bugs with the real RC
We dropped RC6 way at the start just to line things up nicely. RC5 got "dropped" in name only, as it was substituted for beta4.
@MarkR reliability of having a release every year
@MarkR Predictability, insofar as we can provide it without sacrificing quality :)
2:27 PM
it can't be much later due to christmas etc
@MarkR A mix of established expectations (we gave them a date months ago), and wanting to keep it away from the winter holiday season. If we delay it, then I'll push for delaying clear into January.
Also, I put very little value in PHP RCs, but that's a different question...
Mostly because nobody tests them anyway ;-)
@NikiC I try to ignore the voice in my head which says that. :)
Do we really need 6 to begin with?
2:28 PM
@Derick IMO 'no'. We need a period of stability prior to GA. Traditionally, that comes from branching much earlier on. Our branch cut has been DEEPLY delayed (for good reason) this year.
I would have thought start of year would have been the preferred option for most out there, can't imagine people rushing to deploy a new version just before Christmas
christmas time is slacking off time... perfect for upgrading/testing to a new PHP version
@MarkR In my mind, we're mostly giving lonely distro maintainers something to do in their down time. :p
Does anyone know anything about CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT? bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=80113 / github.com/php/php-src/pull/5051
no slacking, most of the world doesn't even get christmas day off work
2:30 PM
We see who is American in this channel quickly
Very few people actually, now piss off all the same.
Reported and set to ignore. Now, moving on,.
@JoeWatkins Eh. The winter holiday period has just been considered "off limits" for so long. /shrug
@NikiC So if I have only integer keys without negatives, it still might not be packed?
Would there be any side effects on previous versions? Another couple of months of security support for 7.3 etc
@LeviMorrison yes
2:35 PM
Do you have an example?
yeah America especially likes to maintain the illusion of separation ... and then spends half of every election debating religious issues ... my point was that it's only Christendom that considers christmas time special, and that's a small part of the world, for the rest of the world Christmas is a busy busy time of year ...
I imagine a sparse array wouldn't be packed: [ 0 => 'foo', 1000000 => 'bar' ]
@Sara Holes are permitted.
At least in some cases.
I'm not sure what should have priority, the stability before GA seems more important than the GA date itself ... many people won't test until RC5, and if that never comes then GA is less meaningful ..
2:36 PM
@Sara That case for sure, but it also depends on history
This is the problem: I'm trying to figure out precisely when it's packed and when it's not, lol.
Most of the details of our PHP7 arrays have fallen out of my L2 cache
E.g. if you originally had an array with string keys and then remove them, the result is not going to be packed
$x = [ 'foo', 'bar', 'baz', 'assoc' => 'qux' ] unset($x['assoc']); probably this kind of case
Ah right, if it came from a non-packed source, it won't magically be packed.
That makes sense. Thanks.
2:39 PM
Reminder to keep thing civil thanks
@Stargateur I'd say our response to the random racist was exceptionally civil.
agree, it's okay to swear at racists ...
@Sara just ignore and flag, answering insult doesn't help and get flagged too.
Warning on using second arg for imagexbm ・ GD related ・ #80168
To anyone involved with the flags, there was some context lost because one of the messages was edited. Everything is handled now. Thanks
2:43 PM
@Stargateur one should never shy away from calling out bullshit ...
@JoeWatkins You're a hard task master.
@JoeWatkins I also reserve the right (and duty) to punch Nazis.
Anyway, good chat everyone !
@StatikStasis silence, back to work
@Stargateur Appreciate the rapid response.
2:45 PM
@JoeWatkins Yes sir! begins grinding
@Sara thanks Machavity who did the job
Apparently this week is chat trolls week. Had to chat ban someone else yesterday. Not had to do that since becoming a mod
@NikiC I'm working on this for Hacktoberfest: bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=75268. My tentative plan is to convert it to __serialize and __unserialize and make sure all serialize/unserialize type stuff is cohesive for SplFixedArray, and then simply use the same array format for __set_state. Does that sound good? Any particular gotchas or tricky tests I should be aware of? I know you worked a lot in this space for adding __serialize and __unserialize.
I'm already aware of dynamic properties and sub-types, but I'm not necessarily aware of tricky cases involving sub-types. Not aware at all of ones for the contents of the array, either.
3:02 PM
@Machavity You'd think people would have better things to do with their lives. :(
See also: HacktoberfestSpam
Unsupervised children, I suppose.
@Sara I hear egotsitically sniggering to oneself in ones bedroom is highly valued among the kids these days.
@MarkR It's basically a requirement for a gaming streamer.
Hey, I stream games
well, one
and it's KSP.
3:04 PM
#notAllStreamers ?
KSP is a "game" that requires actual skill and patience. I imagine racist rants are less common there.
Hell, it requires math. Probably scares them away.
nah, just add more boosters
But probably significantly increased frequency of suggested genocide (against the Kerbals)
In my current play through I haven't killed any yet
3:06 PM
Sadly, factorio has been picking up the dirtbags a little now that competitive play exists. :(
There are a few stranded on Duna
Poor Kerbin
I bet Jeb and Val are having the time of their lives with their rover
3:07 PM
Tiffany mentioned the R11 Among Us gaming clan, but I've not had time to install it yet
Wrong version info ・ *General Issues ・ #80169
/me attempts to parse "R11" for meaning....
Read it as RJ11 initially and that was even more confusing.
it's RJ45's smaller brother, right?
RJ11 is, yeah. AKA "American telephone connector"
Room 11
3:10 PM
Of course. Duh.
@LeviMorrison Looks like SplFixedArray currently uses __wakeup, which is the same serialization format as __serialize
So for backwards compatibility reasons, I think you need to retain that ... which means no dynamic properties in SplFixedArray serialized. Needs to keep being serialized as a plain array
3:38 PM
@Sara It's not just American tho, France at least uses them too
@MarkR It's called "Internals". Apparently they stopped throwing people out of airlocks, tho. Such a shame
I thought RJ11 and RJ45 was used universally around the world.
@Trowski RJ45 yes. RJ11 depends. Even in the US, there were some predecessors that are still around
@Machavity Space debris is becoming a real problem, and frozen corpses even more so
@Jeeves I don't understand. /S
3:44 PM
@Girgias Nowadays, yeah. AIUI much of the world only adopted RJ11 in like... the 70s or 80s.
Right, as someone born in 98 I shouldn't surprise me about all the competing standards beforehand
Hello everyone
If you haven't seen how you can buy a PC in '94 here it is youtu.be/eACEHVceYl0
Right about when PHP was born
Btw I worked with Java Spring Boot recently. There's a lot of meta programming, but PHP still beats it by not having to wait for compilation
Or at least jot that much
I would have been happy if there was some metaprogramming like Lombok in PHP
You mark a class with @Data and then you get setters, getters, constructor and equals to
Why is there no StackOverflow App also for the chat?
4:02 PM
@AdelmoMezzi there should be a webview somwhere which opens chat
@makadev browser?
Chat is responsive. They never added it to the ill-fated Q&A app
dunno.. I have the StackExchange app on my iPhone, open -> select StackOverflow in sidebar -> tap on "More" Tab -> Open Chat, opens a WebView with chat
There is Plumbok, for automatic code generation, but it doesn't work well
I need to code a lot
People thought that Bill Gates will chip us by now, and PHP still doesn't have metaprograming, only if non IT people knew, kek
some people want to watch the world burn. I just want to watch the reaction of someone who doesn't like pineapple on pizza, encountering a Thai pizza with CORN and/or MAYONNAISE
4:14 PM
I could handle that, actually. I like alfredo pizza too
@Machavity I get that but also it'd be nice to have phone notifications
For pings and such
Oh, no no, I as Italian abolish pineapple 🍍 on pizza, what is this, next thing they put strawberry 🍓 on pizza
@Stephen brb gotta puke
Yes, yes, phone notifications
@AdelmoMezzi I have seen (but not tried) a 'desert pizza' with strawberries on it
4:16 PM
Ah no but that is different
@Alesana notifications for pings should work.. they just take some time.. maybe you disabled push?
That is with banana and chocolate
@AdelmoMezzi but also, 'authentic' Italian pizza is essentially just cheese and tomato sauce right?
Very nice
No no
That is margaretta but you put also mozzarella and basilicum
Also some nice garden olive oil
4:17 PM
@makadev Ah I don't have the app anymore (there's no real reason to have it). I get that they show up in the inbox eventually but it's not very helpful if you're leaving your computer for a few minutes to do something while in the middle of a conversation
Unless something's changed and it doesn't take 30+ minutes to show up?
This is horrible, better put avocado on pizza, etleast it not sweet
@AdelmoMezzi but does the typical "outside Italy, but not that bullshit in Chicago" pizza you find have a comparative equivalent in "Italian pizza"? I thought the traditional ones were really basic on toppings (not to say they aren't tasty, but much less varied)
Stephen, look, there is much pizza options
there if Italy makes patent on pizza, we will be rich
@AdelmoMezzi I worked in a pizza shop many moons ago, one of the items on the menu was a "bbq chicken Hawaiian". It was roast chicken, pineapple and a shit load of bbq sauce. Forget the pineapple sweating, it was stewing in bbq sauce.
4:22 PM
Yeah, this is some American bs
don't look at that
there is mozzarella cheese
with parmesan cheese
Marinara pizza
it's seafood
Cossaca pizza, similar to Margherita but with parmesan
@Alesana ye, it's the inbox notification and horribly slow.. seems the desktop notifications via Browser API work much better for that, not sure if it's working in background f.e. on Chrome Mobile?
pizza diavola - it's de devils pizza
spicy with salami, chilli peper, basil
There is less known Nduja which is autentica
@AdelmoMezzi not American but still. crazy thing is the owner was Italian.
melts when it cooks
Stephen, yes yes, possible, but many crazy people live in Italy, it doesn't mean it is autentic
@NikiC It already includes dynamic properties; they go first, then the numbered indices go second. I think I found a separate bug in it; will confirm before posting more on that.
4:25 PM
@AdelmoMezzi And pinch of sulfur?
you sound like russian or something
Closer to Italy than that. Bosnia.
Maybe if you eat marinara, there is sulfur in it
fish contains a bit of sulfur
Ah, bosna, I know, you eat mostly meat chevapi
@AdelmoMezzi no no, I wasn't suggesting what he had on the menu was authentic at all - quite the opposite. I always thought 'traditional' Italian pizza uses fewer (but probably stronger tasting) toppings than e.g. us/uk/au/etc "local" tastes.
and a bit salad
@Stephen yes yes
4:27 PM
Phosphore as well. lol, you're quite correct ^
exactly, too much things and it becomes eastern european
@makadev It would be cool to have a native chat app. I don't feel like it would be hard to make either but I guess 99.9% of SO users have never been on the chat
So I can see how it's not a priority
@Alesana you want to make?
You can name it ShawnOverflow
@AdelmoMezzi watching Italian chefs react to other people making Italian recipes on YouTube is phenomenal. It's like watching Gordon Ramsay call someone an idiot, but polite and with a point besides insulting the person.
It would be cool if I could connect to the chat through XMPP or something though and just use my own client
4:29 PM
@Alesana wanna make together app? React native or so
It looks like someone had already made some progress on it meta.stackexchange.com/a/63420
@AdelmoMezzi Would love to but I'm not sure I have much time right now for it
@Alesana it's crazy the number of people who reinvent the wheel to create a chat system, with 1/3 the features most xmpp servers offer.
@Stephen Agreed
@Sara HEY!
It's crazy the number of people who reinvent the wheel when doing a lot of things lol
Myself included
4:32 PM
@AdelmoMezzi HA. That is fantastic.
@Stephen it crazy how many people reinvent pizza when already perfect
@AdelmoMezzi also wheel shaped.
I use PhP because it start with P like Pizza
4:34 PM
@Alesana I don't feel like it would be hard to make, that sentence triggers nightmares of customers pushing some dealbreaking features like 5 days before release. ;)
so anyway. yes. as I was saying originally. would you like some Thai pizza?
Pascal as well
you seem like the perfect candidate for me to watch the reaction of.
@makadev "It's just a simple text change"
4:35 PM
Oh god I'm having flashbacks to my last job
No no, it's like Greek Mousakka, it already perfect and other balkan nations destroy it with modification
@Alesana I feel like StackOverflow made improvements over regular XMPP. Replying to specific messages, code formatting, starring and pinning, editing, and so on.
@Alesana I have a bad habit of this... but it's usually because I want to break things down to the basic mechanics so I can understand how it works. I related to Sylar's power on Heroes very well... I think I have that... but I don't saw people's heads open like he did.
@StatikStasis what is this?
4:36 PM
oh holy shit I just discovered one that they put thousand island dressing on.
@LeviMorrison Yeah definitely, I wouldn't suggest having StackOverflow chat be XMPP. I'm just thinking that it would be cool to have some sort of XMPP access for those who want it
@AdelmoMezzi Six of the R11 users playing Among Us two days ago.
i am bickering with engrish again
I'm looking into consolidating all my chat apps into one client which can support XMPP, Skype, etc...
@Stephen next thing they put poop and people eat it cause they crazy
4:37 PM
It was being referenced earlier.
@StatikStasis what is R11, a GSM?
This very room you're in right now.
sorry I am a bit old, 35 already
I'm 38, youngling.
4:37 PM
Not nerd enough
I will check and come back, a moment
You're in this room- you have to have a decent nerd factor.
Ah, I nerd with software architecture, not game
I read, this is game with characters and it requires skill for you to play
Reminds me of pacman
how do i speed up the look up of entries in a database?
how do i speed the lookup up of the entries in a database?
something i will never understand is the abuse of prepositions after verbs in english
Eh... many English speakers do it all of the time.
4:40 PM
up down off on out in away
Preposition, afterposition, you understand, eh, what is de problem?
English now international
many peoples speak
why is it a problem
English sometimes crazy
The complex houses married and single soldiers and their families. - this is a correct sentence
@NikiC Here's an example of SplFixedArray serialize/unserialize that I think is a bug: 3v4l.org/kGNuG.
because complex and houses both verb and noun
@LeviMorrison what is bug?
Allowing of property?
The property becomes an array value when serialized/unserialized. It's not an array value on the original object.
But this is standard PHP stuff, no?
4:44 PM
@StatikStasis 44 kiddo
@Tpojka you guys old
Not as old as Merkel, he he
Only outside.
@LeviMorrison I see now that you correct it
@LeviMorrison The solution here might be to slap ZEND_ACC_NO_DYNAMIC_PROPERTIES on it
@Tpojka yes sir.
4:45 PM
Ah no, we allow extension
@LeviMorrison I guess we could treat string keys as properties and integer keys as array elements
Yeah, that was my first thought too. Here's the 3v4 link with the original $fixed object for comparisons: 3v4l.org/IMnI5.
@NikiC That's my current plan, yeah.
Actually I am 18 y.o. with 26 years of experience. :B
@Tpojka I heard this stuff does wonders! geritol.com
Hey, guys, you understand PHP a lot. Is there a thing like this but for PHP?
4:47 PM
Ginko too.
@AdelmoMezzi Any IDE should do that. PHPStorm does it. If we are talking about generating of getters and setters and other class functionalities. However PHP 8 is bringing constructor property promotion which may be useful in this direction.
@Tpojka no no, but this means I need to go there and use IDE to generate all this. If I want to remove it then I need to go and delete the generated stuff, what happens if I have added more stuff. This is just boilerplate, can't it be abstracted?
There is this
You can aleways go with traits of structure you'd like if I get you right. Maybe not.
@Tpojka nope, how you reuse trait for different classes for setters and getters
With SymBok you can do this

namespace App\Entity;

use Mtarld\SymbokBundle\Annotation\Data;
use Mtarld\SymbokBundle\Annotation\ToString;

* @Data
* @ToString({"sku"})
class Product
/** @var int */
private $id;

/** @var string */
private $sku;
and it's equivalent to pastebin.com/0vm46LAY
5:06 PM
I am not sure would PHP 8 attributes allow that. Didn't try tbh.
@Tpojka when is php 8 released?
There's gonna be Attributes, so maybe @Data attribute?
@AdelmoMezzi Should be before end of November (26th).
@Tpojka yee
I am happy I join today, I learn PHP 8 comes no
5:27 PM
You can install it and play with it.
No worry, I put in production directly, it will be fine by the time it get here
@LeviMorrison What would it be the expected output?
@GabrielCaruso See 3v4l.org/IMnI5.
Property name, I see it. I thought it was the order of the properties themselves:)
I thought I was done until I realized it permitted dynamic properties and inheritance >.<
Hopefully not too hard to shift it to string keys mean properties, integer keys mean array values.
Of course there was more to it; if there wasn't then someone else would have already done it :)
5:40 PM
@LeviMorrison why is this interesting, who would use it in such a way? How did you even find out? It's like putting the car in the water and say "see it has bug, cannot swim"
I am a quasi-maintainer of the SPL, so sometimes I look through its bug reports on bugs.php.net.
In this case I'm doing it for Hacktoberfest.
I guess it's nice to not only do the happy-path
What is hacktoberfest
Nice, so instead of paying real money, you contribute for free and you get swag, but people get nice things for almost free?
What is the point if you have skill to use it and not get rewarded appropriately?
Isn't this a marketing trick?
I'm having them plant a tree instead of getting swag. I contribute for free to PHP anyway.
5:46 PM
@LeviMorrison sounds good!
I will contribute to symbok then
So you make 4 PR and you get T-shirt?
Yes. Or they will plant a tree for you.
But I also can plant tree for them, will they give me swag for planting a tree?
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