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12:47 AM
12:59 AM
What did i do now ? I'm just cleaning up the + mess
1:21 AM
@tereško Nothing, I just clicked on the links you posted and .. well .. it was like a rainbow made out of sparking .. umm .. clown dinner :P
1:41 AM
vomit is the word you were looking for
@tereško It is in incubation: stackoverflow.com/questions/12769982/…
@hakre , i was thinking more of a separate topic
the reference should not be a collection of answers but a list of links for the topic
@tereško yes, I already listed the first question about that error on SO I could find as reference.
But it would need some editing I suppose.
This older question has a "wrong" answer, I added a new one now:
A: PHP > How to handle double quotes in string before XPath evaluation?

hakrePHP has Xpath 1.0, if you have a string with double and single quotes, a workaround is using the Xpath concat() function. A helper function can decide when to use what. Example/Usage: xpath_string('I lowe "double" quotes.'); // xpath: 'I lowe "double" quotes.' xpath_string('It\'s my life.');...

2:11 AM
@GiovanniDiToro you need to change it a bit. change "global $var;" to "global $var = $var;"
@GiovanniDiToro please, don't use global in your code
and, please, don't use mysql_* functions to write new code. They are no longer maintained and the community has begun deprecation process. See the red box? Instead you should learn about prepared statements and use either PDO or MySQLi. If you can't decide which, this article will help you. If you pick PDO, here is good tutorial.
Anyone know how to load an extension from cli?
I remember seeing that somewhere, can't find it now
some "php -Xabc.so script_name"
3:27 AM
yesssss ... got the silver badge
@tereško Nice. Congratulations.
3:40 AM
@warl0ck php -z <file>. ([Google 'php cli options'](www.google.com/search?q=php+cli+options) => PHP.net result => CLI Options => scroll down)
@warl0ck php -z <file>. (Google 'php cli options' => PHP.net result => CLI Options => scroll down)
Sorry for the double-post... too late to edit the first one to correct the link :-)
Q: First Tattoo in PHP

user1733556I'm getting my first tattoo, I want to basically start a script that I can add onto later. So, for my first function I was thinking -- Thomas Watson quote “Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure ...

3:55 AM
most of us won't be able to see it
Anyone here? I want to ask how to enable mysqli in XAMPP?
@Furry what have you tried ?
didn't the blood sacrifice produce the expected results ?
I have tried to manually add the mysqli extension into php.ini
did you check the phpinfo() ? is it there ? if it is not, did you make sure that there are no errors in apache log ?
is the extension actually included in the installation ?
why would you use mysqli over pdo ?
At first I thought it was included,
but after I have tried
it remove it
and add it back
still the same error
3:59 AM
what "it" ?
the extension
I prefer using mysqli, I felt is much easier =D
hell ... why do people use canned solutions and then wonder if customization fails ?!
are there errors in apache logs ?
wait let me check
according to phpinfo it is enabled
well ...
don't tell me I need to restart my apache
before I can start using it?
4:01 AM
of course ..
No wonder it is not working
Now it works
== Thanks anyway
4:12 AM
@tereško you actually help people? I thought you were just a meanie(in a good way)... guess you do have a softer side...
4:35 AM
people just think he is
he's just like this image describes, though
4:57 AM
@Lusitanian well said...
1 hour later…
6:12 AM
hey any one provide me detail to make callback API in PHP for flurry app circle integrateted in android app
@hakre @Gordon - So, on Monday I went and put a single close vote on all of the really terrible questions, knowing that would get them into review-beta and most of not all would be closed. That happened yesterday, and they came up for delete review. Today we're down from 19 questions to 7. I'd say the system is working ;D
6:39 AM
@Leigh I have seen some rather strange up votes across the board today.
6:52 AM
@ircmaxell Ah so that's where you got your presentation material from! :)
@Gordon Just stuff with horribly broken formatting, awful grammar .. more or less stuff that I'd expect to be voted into oblivion had one or two up votes instead.
Like .. 'I better go check for voting irregularities' strange, but it seems to be an artifact of review.
@TimPost ah, so basically just the usual oddities
on a sidenote, that waffle maker at meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/149930/first-tattoo-in-php is AWESOME
7:08 AM
@Gordon Is that the merge that was declined earlier?
I can't merge a single answer, unfortunately. I'd have to merge the whole question
@TimPost declined merge? you mean by casper?
Yeah, I noticed a bit of a fuss over it but could not locate the flag
@TimPost I never knew you cannot merge individual answers. That explains a lot though.
Hey guys. Is it possible to run a script that would post into Facebook a random wordpress post? I've been thinking about running a cron. What do you think?
@IvoPereira if the FB api allows posting to your wall, which it does iirc, then yes, this is possible
7:13 AM
@Gordon No. It's all or nothing. Since the original is not deleted, merging answers would just be .. icky. A lot of duplicate content. And we don't want to delete answers from closed questions one by one.
@IvoPereira however, my naive assumption would be that there is apps to do that already
@IvoPereira AFAIK, as long as you grant your app permission to post on your wall, it can (but it would come from the app)
Yes, I already developed the code to do that. I'll be using it to random post on my page. I would just need to do it running a cron, right?
Yeah, I know that :)
@IvoPereira Presumably.
Thanks a lot, it was just to clarify.
7:15 AM
@TimPost it would make the creation of canonicals much much much easier though. just collect all the good answers into one definite answer
@Gordon Possibly. What I'm thinking is .. an overhaul of the tag wiki system is in order. If a tag wiki contains a canonical curated answer then presumably questions could be closed against it, thus bringing more visibility to the tag wikis and (in theory) reducing the overall level of crap.
There has been internal and meta discussion about doing more with tag wikis, it just never got much traction.
Is it normal for an Atheist to genuflect prior to reloading a page when working with PHP?
@TimPost yes. dont worry.
@TimPost nice. let's see how that will turn out
@sem, no. Not at All...
@ircmaxell I'm just kidding ;) seriously good job on the presentation, ./john scared the hell out of me.
Hi PHPians
I'm facing dificulty to remember operator precedence in PHP
I would like to know
Is there any easy way or trick to remember them
How do you guys remember them or every time need to see the manual
7:32 AM
you put brackets, when you have time you learn since it's the same for all languages
@sem before you are able to brute force, you need to have a good part of the hashes
@cyril: I never faced any issue while using them I know I can use brackets. but
what about the PHP questions that does not state brackets in expression?
Don't you need to memorize all their precedence order in this case?
8:14 AM
I have tried linux mint cinnamon, but there's many little bugs
@TimPost Oh, related?
And the casper issue was him changing the question to make it fit the answer and removing our close-as-dupe votes, to prevent it being closed.
how to highlight the text in ajax result under input text field like google search field
I tried replacing the search word with bold search work in result ......... But it blunders the case type also ;/
like if I write GOOD the Good in result changes to GOOD
@DextOr span with yellow background?
@pce It will not make any difference
cos the highlighted text in span will with the word writen by user
same thing
Morning Y'all
@DextOr can you phrase that in a way that I understand it? what is your setup. what are you trying to do?
8:59 AM
@Gordon I found a better var declaration than private $parts; although only in a strongly typed language: private long parts;
@DaveRandom :)
@Gordon I am using this code in
str = result_text.replaceAll("(?i)"+findText, "<b>"+findText+"</b>");
@DextOr go on
its in JAVA
the text user types in search field comes in "findText"
@DextOr then it's no wonder good becomes GOOD since you replace the word with what the user entered. Right? Use a Regex to match the search term and then wrap it in span or mark elements
9:04 AM
Ok @Gordon I try to fing how to use Regex thing
@DextOr not sure if this helps, but have a look anyway: stackoverflow.com/questions/4081372/…
@Dextor Uppercase by CSS? Same result with:
str = result_text.replaceAll("(?i)"+findText, "<span style=\"text-transform:none;background-color:#fea;\">"+findText+"</span>");
thx @Gordon
@pce it will not make any difference ...but thx
morning @PeeHaa
9:08 AM
stackoverflow.com/posts/12773272/revisions - revert that last revision? I disagree strongly with the whole reason for the edit and even if it is true one should add to the post, not overwrite the original info. Thoughts?
Morning @PeeHaa
@DaveRandom why not re-add the array key example, too, then
@DaveRandom I'm ignorant on that, but a true revert keeps all infos in the versioning, it just clarifies things
@Gordon Damn you and your reasonableness
@DaveRandom oh, sorry. let me rephrase: wtf. re-add the array key example!!1
@Gordon ZOMGwtF is that guy doing screwing with my beautifully crafted post?!?!!1??/?/1!!//????
9:17 AM
Best thing to watch on SO are the revision fights!
@DaveRandom :)
stackoverflow.com/posts/12773272/revisions the rev #5 completely changed everything, another answer would have been relevant
he should have written his own answer
9:36 AM
is weak today
@Gordon That question needs a close reason of "OP is beyond help"
@DaveRandom the euphemism is too localized ;)
@DaveRandom He changed the code, instant rollback.
@all hello all
can u please ans this link
Q: Related dropdown using javascript and php

Nishant PatelI have this script and i want to get the value of drop down select list in the php and check the if (jws1 != "") then show 1 to 10 value in the second drop down box using of for loop... javascript code... <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function test() { var e = doc...

9:48 AM
Holy crap, Google is here. Best behaviour everyone, or they'll index you.
In the face.
@hakre Morning
@Google I cant believe Google has no information on that
...and why are you here soliciting answers for another account?
@DaveRandom please see the questions
@Gordon yes friends but this is my friends que
i am the android developer
my frienss is also here in this room
9:52 AM
@Gordon have u any ans for that que?
@Google no
1 message moved to bin
@Gordon ohk aby 1 know about the link of que
@NishantPatel please dont spam
9:53 AM
@Imdad take a look at React
@Google You know, getting your "friends" to upvote terrible questions, is questionable (/cc @TimPost)
@Imdad Also is the data exchange done over the internet or a local network, or both?
@Leigh ohk
@nishant-patel what 's problem?
@DaveRandom Its done over internet.
9:59 AM
@Imdad Seconding what @Dave said. Use React
@DaveRandom i want to just get the javascript variable in php like see alert(Sections); and check for the second dropdown..
Just looking around programmers.SE and it seems to be getting full up with questions that don't belong there - either they belong on SO or are so badly designed/thought out they are not on topic anywhere. (Imdads question not included)
@nilesh026 i want to just get the javascript variable in php like see alert(Sections); and check for the second dropdown..
@DaveRandom Thank god we're so busy policing the terrible content on SO that we don't have to look there too ;)
...aaaaaand it's gone!
@Imdad OK well be very wary of pushing every little change on the server to the device instantly, this will likely not gain you anything. Your talking about mobile devices, so your are talking about (at best) HS(D|U)PA connections for most of it, and probably quite a lot of GPRS and IPoGSM, which means that UDP is out, and you need to be looking at TCP sockets.
It's quite possible you wouldn't gain much by switching to raw sockets from HTTP though, as long as you keep the HTTP overhead minimal (use sensible content types, don't include any unnecessary headers etc). Plus you'd have to design your own application layer protocol, which is probably more trouble than necessary. It's a little difficult to know what to recommend without knowing some more of the application specifics.
10:04 AM
@DaveRandom I had an ipogsm once, wasn't fun :(
@Leigh Keep your weird Norfolky exploits to yourself, I've been vomited on enough for today.
Guys I'm having trouble uploading files to my linux server. Changed the tmp folder to a folder with chmod 777. However it's still getting failed to open stream: permission denied. Restarted the httpd.service as well.
@DaveRandom And that's just at work right? ;)
@Leigh Yeh, I looked at some of the Wordpress codex and chunks were blown.
@Sem The tmp folder. /tmp? Did you check which folder PHP is actually uploading to?
10:08 AM
@Sem As in $_FILES type uploads?
@Sem ini_get('upload_tmp_dir');
pasted upload_tmp_dir = "/tmp/php" in the php.ini. folder has apache as owner and just used a chmod 777 to make sure it's accesable.
@DaveRandom Yeap
@Leigh I'll check that with an echo, thanks.
Could be overridden with a vhost setup
So best to double check
@Sem Hang on, where are you getting the permission denied? Are you sure it's from the actual upload of the file, or is it when you try and move it?
@Leigh Like I said, when opening a stream. With a faild to move file afterwards.
You're opening the stream how? (is this from an fopen, or is it in php_log)
10:13 AM
...or move_uploaded_file()?
Also is it chrooted? Maybe the directory is not the actual /tmp
move_uploaded_file(), is that a bad decision? and ini_get('upload_tmp_dir') just gives me string(8) "/tmp/php".
And what does $_FILES[blah]['tmp_name'] give? If it's chrooted like dave says, you'll need /path/to/chroot/tmp/php existing and permissive
@Sem Not a bad decision (that I'm aware of) in fact I think it should be a good one. It might be that you're getting the error from the destination, not the source though. Where are you moving it to? Remember move_uploaded_file() needs to work with two targets, not just the source.
@Leigh It outputs string(18) "/tmp/php/phpOJh0n5".
The /tmp folder is only accessable by root but that shouldn't be a problem right?
You got a tmp_name, so the file is uploaded, it's not a problem with that directory (99% sure), most likely the directory you're moving the file to.
10:20 AM
@Sem Not unless you try and realpath() it. But seriously, my money is not you not having write permissions on the dest - PHP must have permissions on the source otherwise it wouldn't have been able to put the temp file there in the first place.
$_FILES[blah]['error'] == 0?
@Leigh It's an int(0) alright. Hmm. I'll check the errorlog
0 = no error
so the file uploaded fine
I don't understand how the IETabs chrome extension work
Thanks for the quick help guys, it has something to do with the moving part alright. be back soon!
10:35 AM
A: Add 10.5 seconds with DateInterval

DaveRandomLooking around the internet, it would seem that the native DateInterval is not currently able to handle fractions of a second. A couple of bugs have been accepted but have not yet been acted upon. I found this extension of the DateInterval class that claims to be able to handle it (untested but ...

Should I put the actual code into the question in case the linked site becomes unavailable?
@DaveRandom Yes please :)
@DaveRandom Thats right. Firstly, in this case most updates will be sent to clients(selectively) so my server need to be intelligent. I can do that. Secondly, Application uses pooling to get updated data. and that is very heavy. Say after every 20 seconds pooling is done. That is why I'm thinking about sockets.
ok seems IETab doesn't work on Linux
@cyril Well no it won't because Linux doesn't have an underlying IE engine to use. All IE tab does is hook the OS native IE for rendering, and display the results in a Chrome tab. It's a little more complex than that, but the long of the short is that it won't work unless the computer has IE on it in the first place.
@DaveRandom DateTime works with timestamps right. i.e. seconds since epoch? There is no fraction of a second stored internally.
10:45 AM
Q: Plateform Independant ? how is it different from Moving Source code from one OS to Another?

ScoRpion...I want the exact definition of platform independent. I have read Java is a plateform independent language, because it converts the source code into byte code And that bytecode can be run on any OS which has Java virtual matchine Installed. I am confused about, If I have some source code from any...

@Leigh I know I just realised that, I'm going to delete the answer because it's not that helpful.
@DaveRandom Well it kind of is, you definitely have to extend DateTime if you want to use fractions of seconds :)
@Imdad Well there's nothing inherently wrong with the ticker approach, I think what you should look at is changing the architecture so that only the changes are pushed on each tick. So rather than doing a complete resync every 20 seconds, just push/pull the changes every 20 seconds and maybe do a complete resync every hour or so.
@Leigh Yeh I'm just buggering about with it now. I think the idea that guy has is sound but just overloading the constructor of DateInterval is only doing about a tenth of a job.
@DaveRandom You need to extend DateTime aswell
Well I guess you could just set a property on the existing DateTime object...
but none of the other functions would know to look for it
You'd have to extend the whole suite
10:50 AM
@Leigh Yes indeed, it's not much use if you can't include the usecs when you try and extract information from it. Same goes for DateInterval::format()
@hakre == ?
yes, please review ;)
morning :)
@DaveRandom No it means... "waaah upvote me" ;)
Morning Nikita
10:54 AM
@NikiC good morning :)
@Leigh Well if the answer is correct, please upvote it. +1 :)
@hakre It means I'd have to copy/paste code into a file and make it work
I always thought that rv-pls is politically correct for dv-pls :P
@Leigh And what was that part about the shoe shopping supposed to be? :P
@NikiC I always thought dv was delete vote until I saw delv .. dv is just tereskos spin on tv :P
@NikiC Because you have a girls name too ;)
@Leigh Yes the question is poor originally. I tried to improve it a little as it is on site, also the concrete need of the OP should have already overtimed, so I'm not that picky.
@Jocelyn mhmm, suboptimal edit IMO. Notice refers to the PHP Notice and should this should start with a capital N. Also I'd prefer method/function names to be monospaced.
10:58 AM
@NikiC I think he is getting the idea that this implementation is a bit clunky anyway. It's a shame it didn't get more attention first time around, because it's potentially a really useful addition. Just, not in its current form.
> @$dom = new DOMDocument;
@Leigh It's the I'm-gonna-vote-on-this effect ;) There is no feedback before voting is mentioned :)
How do you think it should be implemented anyway? Sort of a pseudo object?
@DaveRandom it's a lol-chain $xPath = new DOMXPath(@$dom);
11:02 AM
Fixed the Tmp folder thing. Just had to change the privileges of the destination folder (D'oh). Appreciatie the help! @Leigh @DaveRandom aka the brit brothers.
@hakre My IDE with it's auto-bugfix and the MOAR JQUERY plugin will render the @ operator useless anyway.
posted on October 10, 2012 by Rafael Dohms

Yes, there was beer – picture by Akrabat This year I spent more time replying “I don’t know yet” to people who were asking if I was going to PHPNW12 then I did submitting to conferences. I think 75% of all the prominent members of the European Community told me at one point or another that i simply could not miss this conference. After stalling everyone for a while until I sorted out other p

@DaveRandom What about The Arrogant Tool?
@Sem Will be fully integrated, don't worry. No more will anyone who encounters you mistakenly believe that you are not the best person in the history of mankind at everything. Chuck Norris/Jon Skeet/Dr Karl Kennedy will weep at your magnificence.
11:15 AM
> @Gordon sorry, I started as an suggestion, and when I searched all questions were related to frameworks
they always have excuses
@hakre Jesus. I'm very surprised at Jon, the problem is so glaringly obvious and everyone is focusing on a minor problem that any sensible user agent will cope with just fine. Even if there are two violations of the standard in it.
11:33 AM
@DaveRandom Well these header questions are often the quick jump route for rep-whoring with little effort.
WTF is "Hidden Brains Developers" and why do they keep polluting the chat flag queue?
@hakre True that. Of course in here we are all above that kind of behaviour <quickly types answer to that question>
@DaveRandom questions over questions. ;)
@DaveRandom just shit it in.
@DaveRandom indian chat room .. afaik
11:35 AM
who understands my language
@DansonMwangi Isn't that FaceKeyboard?
i honestly have no idea what language you speak in Kenya
@tereško So maybe "Hidden" is a bad translation of "Absent"?
.. but i suspect that "kenyian"/"kenyish" would be wrong
@DansonMwangi internet is mostly in english
why are there so many linux distrib upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8c/Gldt.svg
Hello from Venice!
Trying to kill my battery so I can change it. 1% left
Different distros for different needs and people. .
it's like pets races
will try chromeOS, never did
@cyril this illustrates one of the problems that i have with linux
@cyril lol @ "Satanic Edition"
12:20 PM
@DaveRandom .. and IMHO that is a weak try. If you would walk around in deep-south USA with FreeBSD mascot on your t-shirt , you might end up hurt.
and that mascot has been around since early 90s
android uses gentoo freely no? or they pay a license
why would you pay for Gentoo license ?
you really do not understand open-source licensing
I know sorry but they are making a big commercial use
well android is free also
When you speak of the GNU GPL, free refers to freedom, not price.
As in you are free to do whatever the hell you want with it within the confines of the license.
12:29 PM
@cyril I wouldn't trust that chart, they have DVL listed as a knoppix fork.. it's slackware
@TimPost You are always free to do whatever the hell you want with it within the confines of the license ;) The difference is just how much that "whatever" is. And GPL is rather restricted in that regard ;)
@NikiC, happy now? ;D
@Leigh bout what?
they base their result on how pc are sold (always with windows), but not on how people use them
12:37 PM
@NikiC We just got emailed directly by clint :x
hi everyone, which framework did you guys recommend to develope responsive website ? foundation is the best ? or bootstrap ?
@NikiC The GPL is easily understood, I'm not sure why it's the most misunderstood.
@ValterHenrique I use bash on rails.
(I kid! I kid!)
@TimPost Hmm, I would to use a responsive framework in my jsf project
@cyril Vista?? people actually use Vista?
I've never used it for that, but Bootstrap gets quite a bit of praise for taking a lot of pain out of it
12:43 PM
@TimPost People are misunderstanding the GPL? It's just not an open source license, that's all :P
frameworks frameworks frameworks.. Hey guys, did you framework about that framework yet? loool, it was so framework, amirite?
@ShyamK e.g. me, and I kept it for warranty, or for selling
@ValterHenrique none
frameworks do not make you application better
they are tools for improving the speed of development , not the resulting application
@tereško I know, that's why I'm choosing work with one
to increase the speed of development
@cyril but isn't it like the worst Windows... comparing the mentioned three of course
12:47 PM
@NikiC it is "open source" .. it's just not "free"
@ValterHenrique you are doing it wrong
the benefits of frameworks for development speed are noticeable if you are proficient with it
@ValterHenrique if you pick a new framework for critical project it introduces a high-damage, high-possibility risk .. that's all
I am definately making BoR (bash on rails) a nice shiny poppy enterprisey start up looking site as a funny joke.
what we need is a Sleep on Rails framework

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