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10:00 PM
I rep-whored like a champ in the early days.
IIRC the time between 10k and 15k was especially hard.
But funnily if you do that right, you learn a lot about PHP.
A: Deleted questions and answers based on chat?

tereskoI would recommend for you to take a hard look at the type of questions you tend to answer: Else IF nightmare json string to php to mysql get specific ip adress from a string using php Why this error : Notice: Use of undefined constant” how to assign php array values to javascript array Represe...

@hakre Definitely.
@tereško :)
Also, by definition you could probably close all as too localized or duplicate.
10:07 PM
One last thing: should I pass variables through a function like this? $configuration = "something"; function test($configuration) {} test($configuration); Doesn't that seem repetitive?
and $configuration cannot be passed as a string through the function
@tereško hehe, liked the wording :)
Does this sound "not constructive" to you: stackoverflow.com/questions/12829006/… ?
The people I hate the most, are the ones who asked over 200 questions, but still don't know/don't give a sh*t about how to ask their next
First time I browse the PHP tag page in a long time, btw
Q: php remove time from custom datetime formatting

John MagnoliaHow could I set the isClean to automatically remove the time if its set to: 00:00:00. So if a time hasn't been set or midnight then dont display anything. /** * Perform datetime formatting operations. * - relative: if today/yesterday * - clean: remove time if 00:00 * * @param string $var *...

I gotz codez. Fixez him 4 me plz
@NikiC i always aim to enrage people , when i am being polite
10:11 PM
14 mins ago, by Madara Uchiha
I wasn't sure what to do with it as well
Meh, leave it the benefit of the doubt
@Adam184 looks good in my eyes
@Baba seems like a really dirty rep-whore to me... :)
@NikiC I think we should delete the question just for that
10:15 PM
@NikiC yes, despite me asking him a few times now to stop that
@hakre thanks hakre :D
Oh wow, he deleted his answer
@NikiC and he thinks it's personal, too: stackoverflow.com/a/12823173/208809 :D
@Adam184 A function is an action you do with parameters
btw that still needs some delvs, too
10:17 PM
If your parameters are the same through 10 runs of the function throughout your code, you may need to rethink your structure, or maybe use CONSTANTS.
@MadaraUchiha Rule of thumb: Don't use a constant.
@MadaraUchiha Or maybe classes. . .
@NikiC Huh? Why not?
@MadaraUchiha It's still global . . .
@LeviMorrison But it's a constant global
It cannot be changed once declared
That's the whole point
10:19 PM
constants are immutable globals
@MadaraUchiha If you are deciding whether something should be a constant, ask yourself the question: "Is this thing as constant as pi?" If your answer is no, then it shouldn't be a constant.
unless you use them only to alias values in a scope of file or class , you are creating global state
@NikiC Nice, I would use that in the future
In particular, the password for the database is not a constant. And most other types of configuration too ;)
@NikiC How would you go about implementing an application-wide configuration?
10:21 PM
by not implementing it
@MadaraUchiha Just use variables instead of constants and properly inject them where needed.
Just as you do with everything else ;)
Configuration is no different
why is NullUser not closing stackoverflow.com/questions/12829006/…? Oo
@MadaraUchiha would you really used global setting for PDO credentials ?
@tereško No
then how are other forms of configuration different ?
10:22 PM
Mainly because in most of my apps, it's highly plausible I would need N PDO instances, with different credentials.
@NikiC my pee is not constant. it's fluent
But the location of a required file, for example
@Gordon And pie gets eaten, so it's not particularly constant either :/
Is something that is highly unlikely to change throughout the execution
@NikiC Pie does, pi doesn't.
.. nevermind
10:25 PM
@MadaraUchiha Let's eat some yummy pi.
@NikiC but you are only getting 3.14 pieces
I just knew someone was going to make that remark.
@MadaraUchiha low hanging fruits. gotta pluck 'em
@Gordon Nah. We have infinite supply of pi, so I wanna get more than just that :)
@MadaraUchiha Just be happy that we don't have any tau people in this room.
naah .. you 3rd world countries have no clue. The value of pi is 3 , because it's said so in bible
10:27 PM
@NikiC yeah, but not all at once. one fraction at a time
The evil tau people who want to kill our pi.
heh, math jokes. death of the party
Hey, I know a math joke!
"Let ε < 0"
Sorry, couldn't resist that one ;)
10:34 PM
who needs CV Backlog when he can look at a repwhores answers
@Gordon We should keep a Repwhore Backlog
Much more space efficient
really broad
We could probably find a low-rep tiny avatar person and close all the questions they answer, but they'd probably take offense.
10:41 PM
@LeviMorrison i missed the tiny avatar joke? can anyone explain it to cuz i dont get it
I've seen people refer to the auto-gravatar images as tiny avatars.
Not sure how popular that reference is.
@LeviMorrison I thought they were rather referring to the tiny avatars here in chat ^^
the ones where oyu can't make anything out cause they're just 16^2
@NikiC At least on my screen the size of the avatar seems random with a heavier distribution of tiny avatars.
Have never figured out the pattern.
10:44 PM
Not sure what you mean by that
I mean those avatars you see one the left
For single messages they're particularly tiny :)
When I mention "tiny avatars" it's always code for "users I've ignored in chat"
why you call them tiny avatars?
gonna read up on what you conclude tomorrow. nite nite all
@Gordon good idea once again
night all
10:46 PM
@NikiC later
When I ignore users, their icons shrink over in the sidebar ... so I call them "tiny avatars"
oh and
@hakre @Gordon How do you manage to stay up so late? Aren't you working or something?
This is a mult-line message. You do not need to read it. O thou, my lovely boy, who in thy power
Dost hold Time's fickle glass, his sickle, hour; Who hast by waning grown, and therein show'st Thy lovers withering as thy sweet self grow'st; If Nature, sovereign mistress over wrack, As thou goest onwards, still will pluck thee back, She keeps thee to this purpose, that her skill May time disgrace and wretched minutes kill. Yet fear her, O thou minion of her pleasure! She may detain, but not still keep, her treasure: Her audit, though delay'd, answer'd must be, And her quietus is to render thee.
I mean, I don't have to get up early, but you two probably do, right?
10:48 PM
@NikiC don't remind me :)
@LeviMorrison I suppose that's cooler than an ASCII art dragon in the source code :)
So, it seems an avatar gets bigger if there is room for it because of multiple or multi-line messages.
@rdlowrey I call them "layout breakers"
4 (with rep)
10:49 PM
@LeviMorrison You noticed that only now?!
wait, all of you noticed that only now?
@NikiC Never did discover the correlation.
@NikiC Yes.
What the hell are you guys talking about?
Is my avatar big
I am using two lines
10:50 PM
If I coded in ASP.net I would've already known about multi-line big-boy avatars
@NikiC are you kidding?
@Levi it's small
@rdlowrey I see. Problem is I never ignored someone, so I couldn't possibly know that :(
Need to ignore more people
@LeviMorrison you can see it yourself, but as we're rep-whoring: No.
later all. have fun with the avatars
10:51 PM
@NikiC Oh yeah, anytime someone comes in and starts pinging random people for help they go in the "ignore bin"
cu @PeeHaa
@PeeHaa peace out
Did you know? A three-line message or longer will let your avatar to the left of it grow bigger.
@LeviMorrison @hakre what the hell is all this avatar crap about?
From now on all of my messages will contain trailing lines for effect
10:51 PM
@hakre Wondering because there are people who just can go to sleep two in the morning and stand up at six and be okay with that. I can't ^^
@NikiC it's called drugs.
@NikiC Me neither. And it was 5 or so last night. Hard day today I can tell you ;)
I need some naming guidance
So ... if you enable APC in the CLI ... does that cache get cleared when the process ends or am I stupid?
@LeviMorrison haha, you even pinned it ^^
Because I'm either doing it wrong or the CLI APC cache isn't persisting between calls ...
10:53 PM
@rdlowrey Yes ... how else should it be?
@NikiC It's a Public Service Announce (PSA). Of course I pinned it :)
I have a RecursiveIteratorIterator that basically offers: isFirst(), isLast()and getDepthDelta().
We can kill it in a day or two.
@NikiC I don't know ... that makes sense. Not sure why I expected it to persist.
@rdlowrey The CLI SAPI starts a new process per request. Now way any caching can happen there ;)
10:54 PM
I want to give that thing a good name.
@hakre whats that last thing do?
Never used APC in the CLI before ... not much point in it.
@hakre Why is it getDepthDelta instead of simply getDepth?
@NikiC It's the delta from current getDepth() to the previously current getDepth().
@hakre So what if you've never called getDepth? Returns it from the "root"?
10:56 PM
Big avatars of the world, unite! Fight the oppression of avatar shrinking!
(okay I'm done now)
@LeviMorrison 0.
@LeviMorrison It exists next to getDepth(), all standard methods of RecursiveIteratorIterator still exists. - LSP style yay
Do empty lines in chat still get send if there is nothing to follow them?
to the sandbox room! spam the php room with questionable message formatting!
10:57 PM
@LeviMorrison No. They don't.
@rdlowrey Sandbox? PHP room good sandbox
What if it is trailed with spaces?
@LeviMorrison No, of course not. They must use trim.
RecursiveContextIterator ? Context is a bit too broad .... .
@NikiC Better?
This sentence has an empty line before its period

10:59 PM
I don't like spaces.

Not as tiny image of cute kitten!
you can pwn chat with unicode I bet
11:01 PM
- {
[eo] your mom
We have problems.
yes totally gaga
Go go gadget brogrammer growth effect!
Gordon would not tolerate this.
@hakre I tried, but couldn't get it to work. Maybe I tried the wrong spaces.
11:01 PM
so what about some naming suggestions?
But he's not here, so ....
(I promise I want wont do that again)
Holy crap when did this turn into the sandbox?
11:02 PM
This is what happens when a bunch of people write code all day and their brains stage a simultaneous mutiny against the tyranny of productivity.
uproar. stop the rise of the machines.
rm -rf * !!!!!!!!1111 All of the things!
@TimothyPerez I don't like that kitten
yes please programming topics.
11:03 PM
@LeviMorrison has a better kitten
How to name a RecursiveIteratorIterator that only add these little state methods?
I think I made the first particle engine that works in all browsers, even IE7. I know it's JS, but still more related than cats.
@TimothyPerez No. You didn't make the first. Particle engine sounds like the thing that you have five hundred different implements for in JS ;)
11:05 PM
@TimothyPerez All browsers start with lynx. It has no js.
What is that?
@TimothyPerez A text-mode web browser
Lynx is a highly configurable text-based web browser for use on cursor-addressable character cell terminals. It is the oldest web browser currently in use. History Lynx was a product of the Distributed Computing Group within Academic Computing Services of the University of Kansas, and was initially developed in 1992 by a team of students at the university (Lou Montulli, Michael Grobe and Charles Rezac) as a hypertext browser used solely to distribute campus information as part of a Campus-Wide Information Server and for browsing the Gopher space. Beta availability was announced to Usenet...
I need that!
That's sounds awesome
@TimothyPerez The particules are those white thingies fyling around?
I'm a bash / vim nut... I can't believe I've never seen that.
@NikiC yeah
11:07 PM
So you work for Disney?
Completely random paths using a bunch of crap.
@TimothyPerez There are several others too, like elinks and w3m.
They through this PSD at me and said... make it happen.
@TimothyPerez Nice :)
Anyway now really sleep time
@NikiC thanks
@NikiC later, good night
11:09 PM
@NikiC later
@Mechanicalsnail thanks, I'm going to check them out.
@NikiC: later and dream me a name ;)
I push this code to an answer later.
@salathe: ping!
Salathe doesn't look to be online
shit, my iterator is also giving events. I have the feeling this is not well encapsulated.
I maybe call it RecursiveBeforeAfterIterator
@hakre what are you working on?
11:14 PM
some iterator fun.
Sounds like it.
Q: How to use RecursiveIteratorIterator to generate a multi-level HTML menu?

Martin BeanI'm having trouble getting my head around RecrusiveIteratorIterator and relatives to iterate over an multi-dimensional array of pages to build a multi-level menu in PHP. Normally I just create a function that loops over a level, and calls itself to loop over any children. But I'm wanting to util...

At least PHP iterators are less of a pain in the ass than JAVA
@hakre Gtg, date
Which design do you all think is better? Default value inside the textbox that gives the user the instruction? Or the traditional "'Email:' label and then textbox"??
11:17 PM
@user1079641 label. and when you click it, focus should go in the textbox. (for larger forms)
@hakre So facebook login style instead of twitter style?
@hakre Why are you talking to yourself...?
@user1079641 No just H10 Clear Forms
You should also take K12 into account when you pre-fill fields.
See "The Design of Sites"
Yes, I saw it. Thanks for the link. May I ask why you think that way is better than the new form styles where textbox itself acts a label too?
Is anyone any good with linux networking?
11:29 PM
@user1079641 Because while you write into the field you want to see which field you're filling.
When the label is in the field only, it's gone while you're interacting with it. That distracts.
@Adam What do you want to know?
I knew it ;)
I have a server with 10 IP address that has alot of php scripts grabbing data. They all run through the first interface, the first IP address and get the data with cURL. If I spread the traffic out over the 10 interfaces and IPs will that speed them up? They
're starting to run slowly.
@hakre True, thanks for the advice!
CURLOPT_INTERFACE, specifically.
11:33 PM
@Adam Do they all use different gateways/routes to the destination(s)? If not, the bound IP address is irrelevant.
I've been looking on Google but I don't think I'm hitting the right keyword combination.
CURLOPT_INTERFACE The name of the outgoing network interface to use. This can be an interface name, an IP address or a host name. php.net/manual/en/function.curl-setopt.php
It's a VPS they're just separate interfaces on ifconfig
eth0, eth0:0, eth0:1, etc.
@Adam In that case I would be very surprised if it makes a meaningful difference.
@Adam smells like the traffic is capped.
11:36 PM
Okay, so that won't speed thing up. Thanks.
@Adam Just for the record, that has nothing to do with linux (or any operating system). The question with something like that is "where is the bottleneck", and with what you are talking about the bottleneck is most likely beyond your control. You may have multiple IP addresses and it may even appear that you have multiple physical interfaces, but chances are everything runs through a single ethernet cable through a single gateway on a single connection.
As @hakre says, you are probably a "victim" of traffic shaping.
@DaveRandom or the pipe is just full.
@hakre True, but the VPS provider kind of sucks if that's the case

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