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12:10 AM
Is JavaScript absolutely necessary for giving focus to an element?
@user1079641 You can set autofocus="true" for a form element to make it automatically focus.
@ShaquinTrifonoff what if I need a textbox to focus based on a PHP if/else statement?
<input type="text" name="foo" <?php if($condition) { echo 'autofocus="true"'; } ?>/>
@user1079641 --^
12:35 AM
Q: php loop arrays

Bahaa zahikaI was wondering how to make something like mysql_fetch_array. When you use this function in while loop in it returns number of arrays, is there a way to make something like this ? what im trying to ask if there a way to do the same thing which is a while loop to return 15 different arrays in whi...

read the comments below the question
the OP creates a new account everty time his current account gets locked because he posted many very low quality questions
@ShaquinTrifonoff I have a form that uses validation and while directing the user to another page with a form on it, the validation part is supposed to automatically give focus to the first empty field on the new form. The three textboxes from previous form are present in the new form and so the focus should be given to any one of them in case the form was submitted with either of them empty.
12:48 AM
autofocus HTML5
This Boolean attribute lets you specify that a form control should have input focus when the page loads, unless the user overrides it, for example by typing in a different control. Only one form element in a document can have the autofocus attribute, which is a Boolean. It cannot be applied if the type attribute is set to hidden (that is, you cannot automatically set focus to a hidden control).
// Get missing fields etc.
$autofocus_applied = false;
<!-- ... -->
<input type="text" name="foo" <?php if($condition && !$autofocus_applied) { echo 'autofocus="true"'; } $autofocus_applied = true; ?>/>
@user1079641 That will make the first missing field autofocus.
@ShaquinTrifonoff Thanks for that! Just wondering, but is it possible to submit a form to itself for validation and then if everything is alright, automatically post the form to another page?
@user1079641 You could use javascript to validate or have the form form post to it's own page and redirect with header('Location: page.php'); on valid input. Or both.
@Adam, but would that allow the "page.php" to use "$_POST" and other techniques to retrieve data from the form?
1:03 AM
You could curl it to another page, but there's probably a better way.
Just have it go directly to the next page, and if there is missing/invalid data, redirect back to the form.
You can pass GET variables in the header redirect.
@user1079641 No, more detail: stackoverflow.com/questions/46582/…
@ShaquinTrifonoff, but then I cannot autofocus the form if it was missed.
@Adam, is there really any difference between $_POST and $_GET?
When you post the form, if you really need to process on two pages could you not use session variables?
Anyone know the best way to identify someone scraping a site?
I could. The problem with that is the code is already too complex. Adding the concept of session variables into it make it far more difficult to work with plus I have to re-plan out almost everything
foreach($_POST as $k=>$v) { $_SESSION[$k]=$v; } then on the other page foreach($_SESSION as $k=>$v) { $_POST[$k]=$v; }
If you know, how exactly does Facebook run the validation on its front page registration then?
It stops the form from processing if anything is missing
@Adam ^...
1:27 AM
@user1079641 First, you code the server-side validation, then you code the JavaScript validation for instant feedback.
the form can have an onsubmit="return javscriptValidationFunction();" attribute. You can return false in the function if the input is no good.
That should stop the form from submitting, but you want to validate and clean the input on the server side because javascript can be gotten around easily by anyone seeking to abuse your system.
*Your validation function should return true if everythings good to go.
Sure, JQuery can do that too.
But if someone turns off javascript, they can fool the system register with empty fields :(
1:51 AM
Server-side validation
Wow, I could win an award for "world's worst sleeping patterns."
I have a script that visits websites. I want it to visit 5000 links and echo some output. Why it works only sometimes? I'm running the script third time and it worked only once. I'm running it on localhost. I set execution time, etc. to unlimited. It took about 3minutes to visit those 5k links. But now the script wont end. It just loads the page forever. Why?
@NikiC "This statement - in the context of the question - is somewhere between very misleading and outright wrong. What I’ll try to demonstrate in this article is how powerful modern regular expressions really are."
The reason we all say that
is because we're lazy
and don't want to write a long blog post explaining why you can but shouldn't parse HTML with regex. So we just say you can't!
1 hour later…
4:10 AM
@shyam Hello
Do u know codeigniter?
@Anu nope...
4:58 AM
Hello every one...
5:56 AM
@NishantPatel Ghare rene Hops......
@Arya Tu ghere rene Sops....
hey guys, can you tell me how to properly use recaptcha in a php website?
guys, pls help, im trying to use lookup, waht is the formula if i no match it will return zero. thank you.
I know that dude. And it is even showing up on my page. I will tell you what I have done so far. I have used thisrequire_once('recaptchalib.php');
$publickey = "your_public_key"; // you got this from the signup page
echo recaptcha_get_html($publickey);
in my main contact form
then I made a seperate verify.php file and in that i have used
$privatekey = "your_private_key";
$resp = recaptcha_check_answer ($privatekey,

if (!$resp->is_valid) {
// What happens when the CAPTCHA was entered incorrectly
die ("The reCAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly. Go back and try it again." .
"(reCAPTCHA said: " . $resp->error . ")");
} else {
// Your code here to handle a successful verification
6:13 AM
@AnujKaithwas go to your message at the top left, hover over the triangle and click edit. Then click 'fixed font' to make your code look nicer.
now I am not able to handle the events. My form's named contactus.php and in the form's action event, I have used the same file name so that it returns a thank you message.
@Paul can you help me out in setting up recaptcha?
@AnujKaithwas I can't tell what your problem is yet. Everything seems like it is working?
nope, it is not working the way I want to . I will give you an example. threepeppercorn.com/contact/contactus.php. Just fill out the form and you will see a thank you message in the same page
@AnujKaithwas So, you need to put the code in for the successful verification. Also, die is just going to kill your script. It would be better to make it display something to your user that they failed?
Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be all right'
6:26 AM
I don't understand you
@AnujKaithwas You need to write the code. How can you expect it to do what you want without writing it?
I just removed the recaptcha code to show you the working contact form
@Anuj you are posting your form to contactus.php and verifying entered fields in verify.php.are you including verify.php inside contactus.php
@Tarun that's what I am not getting how to do.
should I be using verify.php in the form's action event or what?
@Anuj ,you can do that and store the recaptcha failure message inside session and then make a redirection from verify.php to contactus.php and show the error message stored inside the session
6:35 AM
can you show that in codes? I am not good with PHP
but thats getting complex, You can better write a class inside verify.php to check wheather entered captcha is correct or not and include that file inside contactus.php.Then you can simply call the object method to check entered captcha and show the result to user
@Tarun, cant get you still, Please show me the code.
@AnujKaithwas Are you a programmer?
i am a c# programmer. not php. I am making it for a relative
@Paul, do u have a youtube channel for ptrani?
7:04 AM
@NikiC I'm only doing part-time freelancing atm and get up between 7.30 and 8.30 due to my thesis. besides it wasn't that late yesterday.
7:21 AM
Good morning
@ircmaxell buon giorno
How's it going?
@ircmaxell so far so good. gonna leave for co-working in a few. are you still in venice?
No, I only went there for the day. Back in Bologna today
heading up to Torino tomorrow
@AnujKaithwas Sorry, I was away. I think you need to focus on learning first. This isn't a good place for people to show you code. No, I don't know ptrani.
7:28 AM
@ircmaxell you like the trip so far?
cool :)
sigh - everything extends the database class: stackoverflow.com/questions/12833621/…
I had to resist giving a cat/dog/animal example there
7:53 AM
@Paul exactly,But when it comes to learning design pattern i find myself lost without seeing some good code :)
@Tarun: I would suggest just experimenting...
try some things for yourself. See how they work, and how they don't...
@ircmaxell thank you,will definitely going to follow your advice
Morning all
8:22 AM
Good morning @DaveRandom
@Sem Hows it hanging?
@DaveRandom Today is bugsolving day! Oh joy, what about you?
@Sem Today is "learn how to use PHPExcel" day. I'm sure it can't be as bad as all the questions that pop up here have led me to believe...
at my work, we have an architecture like this: frontend server (apache), apps in php <-> backend server , Glassfish (Java) <-> Cassandra database
@DaveRandom Annoying about those things for me is that implementing such a library is that it can take 20 minutes or a complete day. Never in between :P
8:29 AM
to me there are too many components
either we could do a sort of php-cassandra (with phpcassa) it manages well cassandra servers pool, or either if we choose glassfish we do jsp
posted on October 11, 2012 by Anthony Ferrara

Last week, I was at PHP North West. The conference was incredible to say the least. One of the best I've been to in a very long time. But to the point of this post, I did an unconference talk about password hashing in PHP. Since I had my camera with me, I also took video of it. So included in this post is both the slides from the talk, and the video of the talk. So, with no further adue: Read

@Sem Probably closer to a complete day, given that the HTML docs are 53MB uncompressed...
Can I get some love in an effort to prevent another user from inappropriately using regex?
A: PHP regex linebreak

DaveRandomThe correct way to do this, as is so often the case when dealing with an (X)HTML/XML string, is not to use regex at all, but instead to use DOM and XPath. To get all comments in the document, the XPath query you want is: //comment() For example: $str = '<description language="de">Diese...

(yes I know it's free code, but at this juncture the OP seems set on regex in such a way that "use DOM instead" will not persuade them otherwise)
8:42 AM
@ircmaxell Lighting was terrible :/
Good for slides, not for video
Is a backend a necessary component?, when you can directly interact with your db from the frontend, the guy at my work wants it because he is a Java fan and says it's more scalable
@cyril y u no nginx -> react -> cassandra? :D
@Sem Of course I love ya, ya crazy Dutch bastard. Where would we be without all the Dutch have given the world. I'm sure some of it was good. :-P
I may never forgive you for this guy though
Maurice ("Maus") Gatsonides (February 14, 1911 in Gombong, Kebumen Regency – November 29, 1998 in Heemstede) was a Dutch rally driver and inventor. Gatsonides was born in Central Java in the former Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). He founded the company "Gatsometer BV" in the Netherlands in 1958. Today, Gatsonides' fame largely results from inventing the Gatso speed camera, a speed measuring device used today by many police forces to catch speeding drivers. He originally invented the Gatso speed camera to measure his cornering speed in an attempt to improve his driving. Motor ra...
@Leigh what is react?
The Compact Disc, or CD for short, is an optical disc used to store digital data. It was originally developed to store and play back sound recordings only, but the format was later adapted for storage of data (CD-ROM), write-once audio and data storage (CD-R), rewritable media (CD-RW), Video Compact Discs (VCD), Super Video Compact Discs (SVCD), PhotoCD, PictureCD, CD-i, and Enhanced CD. Audio CDs and audio CD players have been commercially available since October 1982. Standard CDs have a diameter of and can hold up to 80 minutes of uncompressed audio or 700 MB (700 × 1...
@DaveRandom We made this bro.
8:47 AM
it's a techno of the past now ;)
@Sem See that I can get behind.
@cyril Think node.js, but php
@cyril Yes but without it optical disc media would probably have been consigned to the history books as a stupid folly in the late 70s
@Leigh yeah, I realize that now
You can use nginx (or apache) to reverse proxy to a php server process
8:50 AM
@ircmaxell Not unwatchable though. I enjoyed it, definitely worth the effort you put in :-)
@Leigh sort of 2 frontends? will look that thx
I'm starting this in 3 1/2 weeks, hopefully by the end I will have more of a clue about what you guys are talking about with some of this stuff.
@ircmaxell Have to agree with @DaveRandom here, seriously. The only good way to get new programmers to use improved hash methods is by cracking hashes live in seconds..
8:52 AM
@vascowhite Holy crap. "I have just inhaled. What's the next step?"
@Sem Well when 5.5 comes about, we need a whole lot of evangelism to get people converted.
hi there
@RamCh.Bachkheti See the room description. ? is not a question in its own right.
@Leigh Which is why I'm planning a whole lot of talks about this! :-D
9:01 AM
@DaveRandom Just keep inhaling? Could be interesting :)
@vascowhite If you take that long to respond the OP might be dead by the time he gets an acceptable answer :-P
haha, got distracted by work. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
@vascowhite What is this "work" of which you speak? Sounds like witchcraft to me...
@DaveRandom an app I bought, don't you have it?
Anyone has any idea when one might need to run git as a demon/service on local PC on Windows?
9:06 AM
@vascowhite No I'm still rockin' the Nokia, I don't do "apps". I want a phone, not a mobile computer. I rarely even use laptops.
@DaveRandom Where's me bloody UpVote lad. It's all a joke init? ()
@Sem Sorry I got distracted, I'm looking for an answer that would really benefit from it (preferably a not accepted one that's better than the accepted one)
@DaveRandom Laptop, iPad, iPhone, I use them all the time. I live a peripatetic life.
@DaveRandom Ya better hurry! Need 3k once @tereško comes back.
@Sem This is definitely not your fault, but you do seem to have answered a lot of questions where no answers have been accepted, even though most of them are perfectly valid. I really think there should be more of a penalty for that kind of behaviour.
@Sem That is a weird question, I'm almost tempted to cv-pls it.
In fact screw that I will, there must be something better.
9:20 AM
@Eugene tortoisegit? what you want todo
@cyril imo question is pretty clear. What about tortoisegit?
@DaveRandom We both have a 21 points per answer ratio ;)
@Sem I have a 41.4 point per answer ratio :-P
@Eugene why you would want git as a service?
9:23 AM
just use it as a standalone
like everyone
I know how to use it. I'm asking why one might need to run it as a demon/service on windows?
@ircmaxell I do think once you hit above 25k rep users will more likely UV your answer despite it being better or not :)
you can have a cron on linux, to regularly pull, guess it's the same idea on windows with a service?
I don't know. That's why I'm asking :)
9:25 AM
@Sem Are you implying that my answers aren't better? :-P
@Sem That is probably true, but if you look through @ircmaxell's question history you'll notice he's a lot more selective than most about the quality of questions he will put an answer to.
If you don't know what you want to do then
@cyril well if I would know what it is generally used for, then I would know do I need it like this at all or not.
@ircmaxell Meh, of course answers to difficult questions deserve more UVs than answers like "Use float:left; to fix your problem". However the age of an answer is also bound to the amount of UVs. And the top 5 answers you gave come from around 2011. When @DaveRandom was still a rookie :P
9:35 AM
@Sem Yeh some of my answers from when I started are terrible. I've actually been and deleted a few of the worst ones recently.
@Sem Also please will you tell that guy that horizontal infinite scroll is absolutely hateful from a UE point of view. Unless he's talking about carousel, in which case, what's wrong with carousel? (if you are jQ-ly inclined)
Looked at some of my old answers, now I have the ability to close vote, and the wisdom to know better, I will sacrifice my 10 rep on that one ;)
@DaveRandom Tell that to windows h8 hehe. And shut up man you're doing great! Almost 1337 answers :)
@Sem $quantity != $quality
although I admit I did leave it at 1024 for a while
@DaveRandom Not when it comes to helping IMHO. Lots of answers are there just to push the questioner in the right direction.
@Sem, hi sem, may i ask a question is it possible in the excel to look for the 2 values in the same time using vlookup?
9:47 AM
@Leigh the reverse proxy, it's just to distribute the load, to several apache servers for ex
@cyril No, it's because you're running PHP as a server process, a daemon, not as a per-request script. So you need to pass requests to it.
@Mic Don't have any experience with vlookup whatsoever, sorry.
@Sem,it's ok, thank you :)
Just going back through some of my old answers, I'd totally forgotten about the downvote and general unpleasantness machine that was Col.Shrapnel AKA Your Common Sense. Did that guy ever show his face in here?
9:57 AM
Hey any drupal Expert?
connecting drupal7 with oracle database
@Mic Please note that this is the PHP room, we don't really discuss the finer points of Excel usage in here. Please also note that it is usually considered rude to ping specific users out of the blue about your question (see the room title). But the answer to you question is "no, it is not". In general if you find yourself using the Excel database functions, Excel is not the right application for whatever you are doing.
@Sem :-X
@Leigh k, you mean to run a whole 'mvc' app as a daemon?, (also there will be no more $_SESSION var
@DaveRandom, ok, im very sorry :(
@cyril I had no idea what you were doing tbh.
10:02 AM
Anybody know of a lightweight Excel library. (No installation)
@Leigh I had a php-apache app (per request), but a daemon app would do more like the backend does
where's TimPost today?
@cyril React is really handy for (for example) ajax requests that work with some other real time process, or working with message queues
10:06 AM
@chx101 My crystal ball tells me he is... taking a dump.
easy guys
Seriously that guy should know better :/
@DaveRandom Then who's modding the room?
@DaveRandom You could've also told him what your day is all about :D
@chx101 SO moderaters and Chat Room moderaters are different entities (although one person could do both roles)
10:10 AM
@Sem and @DaveRandom, sorry if I do something that makes me bad. @Sem, BTW, "her". Sorry guys, I will not do it again :) Smile.
@Leigh I recall TimPost having a Chimpanzee in his avatar, just like you
@chx101 I am one of them, for loose definitions of "moderating". I am a room owner
@Sem I know, but I definitely would not describe PHPExcel as "lightweight". It's 18MB compressed (including docs and peripheral junk). Plus I don't even know how good it is, I've been poking through the codebase and there are an awful lot of news littered throughout.
or is it an Orangutan
I've yet to do anything useful with it yet.
10:11 AM
@chx101 It is, and it is an ape, not a chimp, or a monkey
Back to my question.
@DaveRandom Why do you need it anyway? What kind of project are you working on that requires such a big excel Lib?
@Mic It's not a problem :-) But really you probably won't find much useful Excel help in here, I doubt there are many people who are that good with it.
Is there an MSO.SE-type site? There probably should be...
@Sem I just need to manipulate a few 97-2003 Excel docs, nothing complicated. I may have chosen a sledgehammer as the tool for nut-cracking, but I've not been able to find anything else that looks even close to being able to handle it.
What do you need to do with Excel?
10:15 AM
If you want to write to template files, or read from files. Then on windows based servers have an ODBC driver for it...
@ircmaxell Can it cope with calculated values (i.e. the results of formulae)?
I came here for the same question
yes, IIRC
it's querying it like a database
@DaveRandom Well it might be a good idea for long term if you think you will need to parse a couple more Excel sheets in the future. Otherwise - bleh, enthousiast. I prefer saving excel sheets to .csv and then you can easily iterate through every line.
10:21 AM
> The driver will not support DELETE, UPDATE, or ALTER TABLE statements. While it is possible to update values, DELETE statements will not remove a row from a table based on an Excel spreadsheet. These operations are not supported. Basically, you can only append (insert) to a table.
I'll try that now
@ircmaxell @Sem ^ that makes it useless to what I am doing
...and yes, Excel is not the right tool for the job that it is doing. However I need a quick solution to the immediate problem before I implement as a proper DB
@Lusitanian :)
@DaveRandom Do you want to update a DB based on Excel sheets?
And @ircmaxell, if you still want that scalar typehinting stuff in PHP 5.5, I think it needs to move some time soonish ;)
10:24 AM
Yeah, I don't think so for 5.5...
Already thought so
@Sem No, I need to modify existing Excel sheets. Not in a complicated way, but that statement (from MS) suggests it is not possible via ODBC
@DaveRandom You could fake it by creating a new spreadsheet, moving the good, updated data over there, and then deleting the original one...
@ircmaxell Not in this case, there's a whole bunch of VBA nonsense in the sheet and a rigidly defined presentational layout. Like I say, Excel is not the tool for the job in this instance, it's the classic situation where somebody went to the toilet on my desk then handed me a mop.
sounds like your only solution would be more VBA...
Ok, I'm going to try the weird shower in my hotel... Just a drain in the middle of the bathroom...
10:33 AM
where's the jacuzzi?
@ircmaxell I know. That is what I am trying desperately to avoid.
@ircmaxell I believe that is called a "wet room". Which I have usually found to be as unpleasant as it sounds.
I'll tell you in a few minutes
it's a mini sauna
interesting nodephp.org
hey buddy i try to make one site in which i need functionality send TExt sms to all user how it passible any ideas pls
10:39 AM
google will tell you that
ya but if u have ?
all in all, not too bad
For a european shower at least
you people have no idea how to do bathrooms and showers...
It's supposed to be a fancy upper-end thing, but I usually find I just get cold. Still anything's better than the piece of junk shower I have at home, that basically dribbles on you.
@ircmaxell After the Romans left we spent 1500 years not washing and crapping out of the window. I'm not going to disagree with you there...
lunch time
@DaveRandom heh! We, too. Cologne even had a full-fledged sewage system built by the Romans when they founded the city. When they left, it was forgotten in one generation's time and was rediscovered only in the 1800s (IIRC). You can still visit parts of it today.
Crapping out of the window is just so much more convenient
@DaveRandom he's due back in May '13. He still checks in every day (at least according to the "last seen" indicator whenever I look at his profile)
10:52 AM
@Pekka It's the man himself! You were a hero in here yesterday evening.
13 hours ago, by Gordon
We should all thank Pekka for http://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/150000/168606
@Pekka I await with baited breath. I wonder if he will have mellowed...
gangnam style... gangnam style everywhere. It was fun being one of the 100.000 viewers (hipster mode activated) but now it's just getting spammed all over the place.
Thanks for this answer, however I wanted a regex solution. Ill use the xpath for future stuff. — Azincourt 23 mins ago
@Nileshpatel: I don't want to see a chat flag with just "hi" as the reason ever again. Especially not on a message that is not flag-worthy at all. Flags should only be used for things that need moderator attention.
@ThiefMaster What, you mean you haven't got the time to deal with things like that? Sometimes I wonder why you were elected as a mod at all... :-P
10:57 AM
@cyril have you tried it out? if you have, is it any good?
i have one table that contain arround 9lakh records
when i fatch from that my mysql server gives me error
and take arround 8 minute to get data from DB.
is there any optimization technique for this?
@ShyamK I'm going to try it, for online notifications
@KiNGH please use the normalizations for my sql..
and maybe use it to loadbalance over several apaches
11:04 AM
@tereško Nooooooooooo, I've failed my deadline. (and good morning)
@NishantPatel it just contain id and name field
@KiNGH Ohh..
@ShyamK I rly consider to use github.com/cboden/Ratchet as reverse proxy, it will dispatch to another(s) apache server, and keep clients list for some notifications, but it's scareful, since if it goes down all the site is down
posted on October 11, 2012 by Lorna Mitchell

While I'm in the US in a week or so, I'll be joining a stellar lineup at Confident Coding on October 20th in San Francisco. This is a by-women, for-women event to let us get together in a safe space where there are no stupid questions, and try to cover those tricks that it seems like everyone knows, but we all had to learn sometime! Personally I'll be speaking about git and also about SSH and

neowin.net/news/… hooray for firefox
11:56 AM
good lunch
@ircmaxell Had some steak? :D
How'd you guess?
Pasta, then steak...
@ircmaxell I'm stalking you, what else.
Wish we had that type of lunch here in the Netherlands :( Only bread here.
@Sem cannabis bread
@DaveRandom A "wet room" sounds like a place for "wet work" (ref.: Horrible Bosses). Very very unpleasant indeed.
@Sem A byte of bread, a nibble of a carrot, and a bit of chocolate cake. What more can a programmer ask for?
@ircmaxell 9 upvotes, 3 downvotes. That isn't so bad.
I know... I am overcritical...
12:15 PM
Hi every one
Check out this SO post http://stackoverflow.com/posts/85321/revisions

It's got -29 :-P
@NishantPatel Hi!
@Nitin Hi...
@NishantPatel What do you do? Are you a PHP programmer?
@Nitin Yes..
@Nitin and you ???
@NishantPatel I do some PHP development too. WordPress and CodeIgniter mostly.
@NishantPatel BTW, there's a pretty high demand for Drupal developers in India, isn't there?
12:31 PM
@Nitin YES you are right ...but in indian market widely use magento...
@NishantPatel Where are you from? Ahmedabad?
@Nitin Yes..Swastik charsta, cg road.. and you ?
@NishantPatel I was in Hyderabad last month, and there were tons of advertisements for Drupal developers and Drupal tech leads.
@Nitin yes.. But i don't much idea about you say...
@NishantPatel What PHP products do you use?
12:43 PM
@ircmaxell left some comment. the bcrypt comment is sort of meeeh. I mean the PHP 4+ info is wrong, too :)
True, but if you're still using 3, you have another problem
then again, if you're still using 4...
If you're still using < 5.3 ...
I can half excuse 5.2...
The "5" half? :)
@Leigh I'm through with Breaking Bad :)
12:51 PM
@NikiC "through with" as in watched it all, or gave up?
Watched it all ^^
Aha, good, your life has been enriched :)
@Leigh one more season upcoming I heard. Anyway PHP 5.2 was great until I discovered PHP 5.3 until I discovered PHP 5.4. At least you can say there is progress ;)
@hakre I'm behind, I watched the first couple of S5, buy I've been busy lately
Boo to Netflix
it won't let me watch from Europe
12:56 PM
@hakre A lot of folk use hosting services that are still 'stuck' on an old version of PHP
@hakre Just one reason why I need to check if magic_quotes is turned on in the php.ini :-(
@Nitin that is a configuration issue normally not related to a very specific PHP version as of yet.
@Nitin Yes, but you should remind these hosting services that they are actually services and should service better.
@hakre I mean after magic_quotes has been taken out of the language, I need to alter my code to check if the checking logic is even present :-D
@hakre I typically write open-source code that I give away for free... some users come back to me about the problems they face when moving the code from development to production

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