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11:00 PM
@CatPlusPlus The terrible thing though is that people consider you as a factotum
Which kinda sucks
I am going to stay in Intel after I finish (with) my uni, I think.
"hej men me printre doesnt werk"
but you have a lot of responsibility don't you? If data or something get's lost then you get fired?
@DeadMG hey cool!
@Cicada Sysadmin not corporate IT~
11:01 PM
That's what I said&
@Ell Yeah, but it's not programming.
Programming for money is shitty and exhausting
I can use bitwise operators too|
I need to get some C#/C++ experience on my CV.
even got a VB.NET shop locally who are looking at me
@DeadMG But please don't write C#/C++ on your CV ;)
11:01 PM
I don't think I could handle VB.net
Do you like uni assignments?
uni = 2
@CatPlusPlus Hate them.
this joke
Hate all of them.
11:02 PM
I have VB.NET on my CV :(
Working for a client is worse :v:
That's why you don't work in IT
I have python on my CV... eek
Thankfully 100% of my programming experience is my own self-taught stuff.
Fixing computers can be nice for a change, instead of programming
11:02 PM
I have prolog, motherfu - ah no
@ThePhD that's not very good
I can put Python, Unity, C#, Ruby and Java on my CV :v:
@TonyTheLion It could be worse. I have Java on my CV.
@Cicada We're local prolog experts, after all.
@CatPlusPlus ...but it's not something for which most programmers are well suited. Programmers are (mostly) about doing something once, and never having to do that again. Admins mostly spend their time handling the things that can't be automated (at least not practically), so they spend lots of time 1) doing repetitive stuff that involves physical movement of things (e.g., shuffling backup tapes), and 2) doing things that aren't quite similar enough to automate (but are still pretty repetitive).
11:03 PM
@BartekBanachewicz It's good enough to get quite a few individuals to look at me and consider hiring me and interning me.
@JerryCoffin Still beats deadlines
Albeit the game is very different when I get out of uni-level, but I think I can do well as long as I consistently turn out good projects.
deadlines rock
@ThePhD I'd say that my 7 months of previous internship definitely didn't hurt
And clients whining about not implementing underspecced features in the way they imagined and never put on spec
11:04 PM
you get that in any business
that's a client's job, to whine at you
Sysadmin has more freedom to operate
bitch at for you charging them too much
or for not doing your job fast enough, well enough, etc
Mostly because they're doing arcane things that nobody but them will ever see
you just have to take it like a man
@CatPlusPlus Each area has its own shortcomings. I'd rather deal with impossible requests than boredom, but that may be just me.
11:05 PM
@JerryCoffin Throw me in that boat too.
Do you not have Internet
Internet is boring
Internet can only intrigue for so long.
says the guy who spends all his time on Reddit
11:06 PM
@TonyTheLion Pot, meet kettle.
@CatPlusPlus The actual job of a typical sysadmin is mostly boring. When you get down to it, the single most important thing most of them do is system backups.
Dunno about that but I sat to chat 5 hours ago and it flieeed
@DeadMG lol, ohai
@JerryCoffin Sounds perfect~
At a certain point you want to actually make something you A) enjoy and B) feels worthwhile.
11:06 PM
@CatPlusPlus I don't know how you can chat for five hours
I also have 46 tabs open
I just don't have that much to say, that I can chat here for that long without a break
things just got a bit more interesting for me
@CatPlusPlus For some it is. Not for others -- and I'm definitely in the latter category.
11:07 PM
And I started reading some and then got distracted by others
I might be going to New York on Thursday...
@CatPlusPlus That's not even prime, open another one
or close 3
@TonyTheLion Well, you sit down at 1pm, and then you "wake up" at 6pm and realize that the chat's open.
@Mysticial Travelsticial?
11:07 PM
@Mysticial at least you have an interesting life. :)
I could spend all day doing absolutely nothing
I'm topless
If I get bored, I switch to wasting time in some other way
@Mysticial At least you get out :/
@DeadMG oh you so you fall asleep in between, got it.
@DeadMG tmi
11:07 PM
@DeadMG pic or didn't happen
Better topless than pantsless
@DeadMG Pics or it's not true.
@DeadMG skype atire
11:08 PM
@CatPlusPlus I waste time watching TV series these days
at home at least
There you go
I know
Apparently a few guys at my work have attended telecons in skype atire
There's a lot of TV series
but something really strange happened to me recently
11:08 PM
Also games
I mean
And films
games bore me
I was coding Wide, and then it actually worked.
11:09 PM
films are good
first run with Rocket ^
Also books
@BartekBanachewicz Polygons
Also I don't spend time on reddit
@DeadMG I can't code anymore for hobby, because I do it during the day
11:09 PM
@CatPlusPlus you said XAML, how do I do GUIs with XAML in C++ (not /CX)
@Drise Cubes, dude!
See I was going to reply to that and then got distracted
@CatPlusPlus but you spend time on SA
@BartekBanachewicz pfft, anybody could claim those were cubes..
@melak47 just a second
11:09 PM
@melak47 1. Write a parser 2. Kill yourself because of XML
@CatPlusPlus that sounds fun.
I can imagine the headlines already: "Man commits suicide after writing XML"
hangs himself on an angle bracket
11:11 PM
angle brackets are the parenthesis of this generation
@JerryCoffin Jerk
angle brackets suck
Today: Train ride to Chicago.
Tomorrow: Interview in Chicago.
Tomorrow night: Train ride back to school.
Thursday: Possible flight to New York
Friday: Possible interview in New York.
Saturday: Flight back to Chicago.
Monday: Flight to Boston
Tuesday: Conference in Boston
Wednesday: Flight back to Boston
@JerryCoffin why would you want to post half of a puppy?
Oh my fuck...
11:11 PM
@DeadMG because they are so edgy?
@melak47 You'll probably end up reinventing reflection badly because C++
I just can't get any time to sit my ass down...
@BartekBanachewicz Topless, silly.
@Mysticial On my fuck?
@Mysticial man, I'm SOOOO jealous
11:11 PM
@CatPlusPlus what D:
I want to travel
@JerryCoffin dat pun
11:11 PM
You shoulda kept it 'On my fuck'.
@JerryCoffin oh gawd
Amphetamine (USAN, contracted from alphamethyl-phenethylamine or α-methylphenethylamine) is 1-phenylpropan-2-amine or C9H13N. Also called amfetamine (INN). It is a psychostimulant drug of the phenethylamine class that produces increased wakefulness and focus in association with decreased fatigue and appetite. Brand names of medications that contain, or metabolize into, amphetamine, include Adderall, Dexedrine, Dextroamphet, Dextrostat, Didrex, ProCentra, and Vyvanse, as well as Benzedrine or Psychedrine in the past. The drug is also used recreationally and as a performance enhance...
@ThePhD That's what's up
It's like 'On my mark'
You'll need it.
11:12 PM
But kinkier.
@melak47 You can bind things from within XAML and stuff
@EtiennedeMartel Trying something new?
@mysticial your Boston to Boston flight shoulsnt last long so you have a day then ;)
I guess you could generate code but then bye bye rapid prototyping
oh my dad sent me painkillers
supposedly to kill the pain :|
11:12 PM
Seriously C++ is bad at this
@Drise Follow the replies.
s/at this//
HTML party time then!
Anyways, I need to head to the train station. I probably won't have any internet aside from my phone until tomorrow night...
11:13 PM
@Mysticial GL HF.
@EtiennedeMartel I know
@Mysticial what are you worried about? You're travelling.
@Mysticial Good luck again -- and regardless of that, have some fun!
@Mysticial Be brave little girl!
11:13 PM
One of these days I'll wrap my head around FRP for real and do a proper Haskell GUI framework that actually works on Windows
Bye folks!
@Mysticial Poor you
Thanks for almost getting my in trouble giggling during class
@Drise I'm not buying.
11:14 PM
Hi drise :D
so, librocket compiled for 64 bit with only 9000 warnings in templates ^_^
@Ell But I'm leaving...
And I just got back from a pair of interviews at home in California. At least it was home though - to see family. For only a few days...
11:14 PM
Aww man
Bye drise :P
@melak47 see? :)
@Mysticial stop that already
I'm gonna have to look up This librocket
@Mysticial Please die
@Ell hey, it will soon be on minicraft repo
11:15 PM
@Ell Globals. Also, HTML and CSS.
whats that libfagget
just when I figure how fucking keyboard works
@Cicada that's a nice HTML gui library I am going to use in minicraft
Ohhh I remember looking at this, back when I was trying to contribute to cegui
@TonyTheLion Which ones?
And hey that dude Has my phone
11:17 PM
FFS chat, I swear everytime I think I remember which way around the stupid brackets go...
Btw Rocket::Core::Context* context = Rocket::Core::CreateContext("default", Rocket::Core::Vector2i(1024, 768));
yea, that's something useless
@CatPlusPlus ~pointers~
you replace it with your own context anyway
11:18 PM
Owning raw pointers beep beep
non-boost, non-C++11
Also, easily fixable
@CatPlusPlus Now, where was that list the Robot made...
@BartekBanachewicz All crap.
11:19 PM
> Most Rocket objects are reference counted and derive from EMP::Core::ReferenceCountable
nah. Also, whatever
@BartekBanachewicz Shit, so it's like COM?
> It is important that you don't release objects yourself with the delete operator, except where required to in a custom instancer.
Quality C++ yup
11:19 PM
I think I'll just go back to directwrite...:D
can you disable operator delete on some types
@melak47 sure.
or make it private or something
Ahaha look at this
11:20 PM
Hey if anyone wants nightmares, try writing a cegui looknfeel. Thousands of Lines of xml
@Cicada Maybe private dtor would help but then you can just cast to void*
@CatPlusPlus Looks like COM.
I think I'll puke if I have anymore COM today
> Instancers are abstract types that are capable of creating and destroying concrete Rocket objects
Quality Java C++
Someone star that
11:22 PM
Honestly, I don't care. It's still the best GUI library for C++ I've found
no wai
And it's still better than Qt
Yeah that's what matters for now
Being the best doesn't make you good.
@EtiennedeMartel I didn't say that
11:22 PM
But seriously, though, why isn't there a good C++ GUI lib around?
nobody Has bothered since c++11
I don't want GUI, I want OpenGL gui right now
Qt is good, gtkmm is good
Qt isn't native is it?
11:24 PM
yea, Qt is the jewel of C++ libraries... NOT
Nativeness literally doesn't matter
it does in this case
I am making a game
It matters if it doesn't look native
In this case where you draw on OpenGL viewport and not a native window?
Not in a game, but in desktop
11:24 PM
@CatPlusPlus yeah.
@Ell Ahahahahaha have you seen software lately
@CatPlusPlus How's Springbok going?
No motivation
Q: How to determine if a char has white space?

dLiGHTLets say we have char str = "123 467"; Is there something like isdigit() for numbers to return a boolean value?

@Ell Define "native".
11:25 PM
whatever, I will write minicraft on Rocket, we'll see how it goes
Own string class?
Qt at least has an excuse of being evolved pre-standard library :v:
(Okay std::string is bad)
Are you seriously now reading this code and looking for bad things?
But this doesn't even look like a try to implement Unicode
Could I get some dev eyeballs to look at this and tell me what their impression is? lansa.com/products/development.htm
It's just straight up std::string only with uppercase member names
11:27 PM
Why don't you look for nice features?
Hey you said it's quality C++ code
I'm disproving that right now :v:
We have already established multiple times that everything is bad
I said that it looks better than I expected
That's totally different thing
11:28 PM
31 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
@CatPlusPlus yea, kind of. It's really whatever for me; It's something-like-markup, and I am actually pleased with the quality of C++ code inside
Guise guise let's just take a chill pill hey?
ITT People arguing on the internets
I'm chill I'm just making fun of this library
BTW why Qt is bad?
write a better one
@CatPlusPlus you seem to be in the right mood for this. how terrible is this for sharing d3d10 devices among instances of D3DText? pastebin.com/6dsFWDwV
11:29 PM
inb4 I am actually pleased with the quality of C++ code inside = Quality code for @Cat
@CatPlusPlus it's gigantic monstrous beast.
@CatPlusPlus It's not bad if you take its history into account.
@CatPlusPlus Missed opportunity for "so is my dick"
I'm disappoint
11:30 PM
It's bad but as I said it has excuses
Actually it's not bad, it's been massively improving latley
Rocket weighs 3MB
Qt 468MB
@r.tanner.f Our developer uses this and he's running out of Windows handles... Trying to figure out if it's his code or just the product.
11:31 PM
Oh right library size, the most important thing about a library
it is important
I forgot, I thought we were talking about code sorry
@BartekBanachewicz Compare the scopes.
Btw it's not 400MB
Qt has roughly the same scope as Java.
11:31 PM
@EtiennedeMartel that's the point. Qt is overly broad
QtGui is whooping 15MB
@EtiennedeMartel and it's roughly as bad
Qt isn't bad sorry
what the fuck am I reading
The truth
11:32 PM
@BartekBanachewicz It's not a GUI lib, it's a standard library replacement.
I'm afraid
Anyway, let's just move on now
QtCore is like 2
It's not perfect that's for sure
QtGui is large because it has a lot of things to do
11:32 PM
But honestly the library is neat
Qt is: a class library with a huge scope, a set of language extensions, and a build system. Qt is essentially like the .NET Framework.
Actually I think they separated widgets from GUI core in 5
It has moc :o
Qt is almost like the BCL of .NET
moc works transparently
And as I said like three times already
11:33 PM
It's still gross probsies
C++ has no reflection
In fact I think we should start calling Qt's language "C++/Qt" rather than "C++".
Jan 30 at 10:39, by Bartek Banachewicz
@ereOn using Qt and "nice and clear" in one sentence should be punished
inb4 we're all learning so much right now thanks
Ya'll are lame. :P
11:33 PM
14 secs ago, by Cat Plus Plus
C++ has no reflection
@r.tanner.f sure
6 secs ago, by Cat Plus Plus
14 secs ago, by Cat Plus Plus
C++ has no reflection
IOW reflection is important for GUIs
@r.tanner.f at least we're not american
When will it get reflection?
So if language is retarded and doesn't have that as a feature
Toolkits implement it by themselves
11:34 PM
Also I forgot why reflection is important for gui
I really don't see the fucking point of making C++ another Java, really
or .NET
.NET is not a language
if I need .NET, I'd write in C#
.NET is awesomeness
And the argument does not follow
11:34 PM
That's cool
By any stretch of logic
Reflection is for runtime? but what types change at runtime with a gui?
Making C++ a modern language has nothing to do with making it a Java
But C++ was designed for totally different purpose than C#
Yes, to be C with classes
11:35 PM
We all know how well that ended
@Ell reflection is runtime yes. and you don't need reflection for gui, it's just easier
@BartekBanachewicz Qt was first released in 1992. Way before there was any standard library. Way before Java's initial release.
not that bad, considering C bullshit brought in
don't you say anything bad about C
11:36 PM
C++ has ~performance~ but it's hardly the only language
Still, C++ now has a great potential on, say, mobile environments
One could argue that Qt allows much easier interop with C or C++ than, say, .NET.
limited memory, cpu, name it
So it's a good idea when you deal with legacy.
Great, it has niches
11:36 PM
Woop woop
Now get out of desktops with it
@cicada what are the advantages cat is talking about with guis and reflection?
@BartekBanachewicz C is more used than C++ on chips you know
@CatPlusPlus games.
@Cicada chips are getting more powerful, and that's changing
Most games are written in C++ because of inertia and unwillingness to change
11:37 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I know. .NET runs on chips, so why do C++?
Maybe AAA titles have so legitimacy in that regard but
@CatPlusPlus I wanna write a game in C# !
what started off with bashing a library has turned into I'm assuming grown adults just argueing over differing opinions >.<
Gah, Andrei's talk about error handling is good, but one particular part bugs me - when he says there's no way in C++ to check if an expression is valid. :(
There are a lot of games in C# and they work just as fine
11:37 PM
Well, I already have actually.
Has anyone around here seen that old April Fool's question where someone was trying to fix a bug in an old Babbage mechanical computer? I can't seem to find it anymore. Was it deleted?
@Xeo ahahaha
I just don't wanna write one in Obj-C or Mono. ._.
bin it please
11:37 PM
@Aerovistae That's a bold question if you ask me
@Aerovistae Why the bold?
anyway, We already had a game in a managed language that runs "just fine"
Most games nowadays have minuscule part in C++ and the rest in very high-level language
11:38 PM
well there's a lot of people in here and i was suddenly injecting into the conversation and i didnt want to get lost in the sea of dialogue
it's called minecraft
@CatPlusPlus And because performance is still required in many cases.
C++ is fun to write in anyway,
@CatPlusPlus Most games nowadays use C++ for the most part.
(From those that use C++ at all)
11:39 PM
The repartition is actually: C++ for the engine, hot paths in assembly, tools in C# and scripting in python. Maybe some automating in bash/whatever
Scripting in Lua!
Oh god, not bash. ;~;
and yes, that's a perfect synergy
plsss nuuu
RPGs in ruby
11:39 PM
I'm not sure if lua is still progressing nowadays
Ruby Playable Game
And all of that doesn't change the fact that C++ is bad at GUIs
@Cicada It is, silly.
It had its relatively short time of glory
@Cicada The repartition is actually: C++ for the engine, hot paths in C++, tools in C# and scripting in Lua, Python or some proprietary language, with said scripting sitting on top of C++ gameplay code.
11:40 PM
yes ^
@EtiennedeMartel AAA game titles have some assembly
C++ is fucking everywhere, at least for AAA titles.
AFAIK optimization is minimal or nonexistent in some languages
Competence is minimal or nonexistent in some people
@Cicada During my short time at Ubisoft, I don't remember seeing any assembly.
11:40 PM
Well I'll shut up because I'll be wrong anyway
@CatPlusPlus please.
iD's got a crapload fo assembly in places.
Probably has something with portability.
@Cicada nah, you just should write tools ^^ (if you like C#, of course)
(Haha you're the one who said "C++ can do anything")
11:41 PM
@CatPlusPlus Assembly can too.
@Cicada Question. If you had to script for a game, what language / syntax would you embrace most?
Brainfuck can too, it's beyond any point
@BartekBanachewicz No way I can join the game industry
@Cicada :( why?
11:41 PM
Completely absolutely irrelevant
@ThePhD I like lua. But I hear python is good too. I don't know python though so I'd go for lua.
@CatPlusPlus so let's end this in a civilized way
I don't think I've ever done scripting...
I forgot what this discussion is about
11:42 PM
Oh, right, Qt is not bad
And the library size doesn't matter
Almost all my stuff is usually hardcoded into the game...
@CatPlusPlus it's not good either
@BartekBanachewicz Because I suck and haven't done any game before?
11:42 PM
we cool?
@CatPlusPlus now your silly :V: finally makes sense
I like ruby syntax the best
Haha the cat isn't cool with anyone out of the inner circle
@Cicada I am not interested in your bedroom preferences & Minicraft team is always open.
That Rocket string class has protected Release () member :cripes:
that was a low blow
11:43 PM
> I am not interested in your bedroom preferences
^ Strangest fuckign expression I have ever sene in my life.
What the fuck does that even mean?
What the fuck
11:43 PM
@ThePhD That she's awesome, so it doesn't matter if she sucks.
Nobody cares About how bad rocket is
Chat throttling hates me today FUCK YOU CHAT JESUS
WAT <________>
@CatPlusPlus You could file a complain on meta! :hilarus:
11:44 PM
Oh well I'll get it someday.
(Also Qt is good)
@Cicada hey, you ain't angry, right?
11:44 PM
I'm still angry at Luc for being an asshole though
And probably will be for a while
Fuck you by the way
luc was an ashore?
11:45 PM
no him
Oh it has UCS-2 implementation
@Cicada should I ask what it was about?
11:45 PM
Nothing that really matters
@CatPlusPlus Bleeding edge.
But it did get me mad
@Cicada it seems to matter for you -.^
@Cicada He's French, so isn't that par for the course?
11:46 PM
yes it does because my mental health is DANGEROUSLY low otherwise i'd probably have thrown some sarcasm at his face
I've seen enough, it looks exactly like all the ~bad~ parts of Qt
calm down and think about the cubes
@Cicada Oh. Right.
I wanted to put squigglies around that DANGEROUSLY.
If I ever make a game with text, the only thing I will have for emphases are different kinds of ~~~Tidles~~~ and ~Squigglies~.
Microsoft SquiggleSense™ for Microsoft VisualStudio Ultimate Edition™
11:47 PM
I'm always worried about saying dildo when I say tilde
@EtiennedeMartel What did Luc do, though?
How do you even pronounce it?
I must have missed it. o_O
@Ell Till - Day, is how I say it.
@ThePhD I don't think it's our business.
11:48 PM
Yeah thats how I thought it was said
I thought it was publically and accessible in chat.
@EtiennedeMartel It's Internet of course it's our business
But I'm never sure, so I spread the altenatives across a conversation
I was surprised I would miss it because I'm becoming a grumpy ape and reading the chatlogs usually.
it was during the xor swap "discussion"
11:49 PM
Must have not been here.
@CatPlusPlus DirectWrite has windows UTF-16 strings
But, in either case, I will not open up that can of worms.
Good thing about the internet is that you can just turn it off if need be
In fact, I will spank my input into shape some more.
ugh, I can't find the keyboard hooks
11:50 PM
@thephd you're quite a sexual one, aren't you? I like it.
... o_O;
I need an adult.
11:50 PM
That really got me mad
The Tetris God video is holarois xd
@Cicada Hmm.
@Cicada anyway, that's just a matter of if you want to. You've got skills superior to most of wannabe newbz, including me.
Cliiick... Liiink... but curiositty riiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
11:51 PM
just click it it doesn't fucking matter
Fuck it clicking.
he's pro anyway
Now I just broke the starboard
I think
@ThePhD you forgot the 0x
Nope, Bordeaux, from what I understood. ICBWT
11:52 PM
@Cicada Weird stuff.
Or at least he studied there
Anyway. Could have been worse.
Those kinds of comments....
Your monitor could have exploded in your face.
11:52 PM
At least he's not a TOTAL jerk
Causing shards of glass and plastic to embed themselves into your skin.
Just a partial jerk
I'm gonna eat lots of unhealthy food tomorrow
@Cicada AKA French.
(Damn it I'm so racist)
@EtiennedeMartel Canadian French.
11:53 PM
Yeah I'm beginning to think you're more racist than me
Does jerk off mean the same as jack off? Or have I misheard things?
@ThePhD Luc? No. He's from France. As for me, well, I'm not a jerk. I'm full of niceness and flowers.
@Ell No. A jerk is an asshole.
to jerk off means to masturbate, yes.
11:54 PM
Anyway I hate everyone
But we're not talking about the verb here.
And so should you
I dont hear it said by englishmen
:) <ponies> <flowers>
I was told French Quebecians (sp?) were the biggest jerks.
11:54 PM
@Cicada Only against the French.
@Cicada You and my Mother would get along the most.
Oh no Parisians are
My mother hates everyone equally.
It's an inexhaustible source of jokes.
Mexican Rats, Spanish Dogs, French Prudes...
11:54 PM
@ThePhD "Québécois", usually.
You name a race/ethnicity/place, and she'll hate them.
@ThePhD Ever thought about slapping her?
Is she american
Wait that was a dumb question
french Prudes?
Lol, she's not American actually.
11:55 PM
Then what the FUCK is she
@Ell Snoody English.
She's Haitian.
As for our jerkness, not really. It's usually a blend of Canadian politeness with French angriness, but we also got a nation-wide inferiority complex, so we mostly hate ourselves rather than others.
@EtiennedeMartel That sounds horrible.
And fun at the same time.
> Haitian
> Hates every one
makes sense
^ pun
11:56 PM
Well damn
My brain farted.
@Cicada Ohoooo I see what you did there. /cc @sehe See what she did there? It's a pun you'd like!
After all cat comments I suddenly feel bad
Now I am wondering if rocket was really a good idea
@EtiennedeMartel Indeed.
11:57 PM
damn fuck.
@ThePhD The average Québécois is constantly whining about everything: weather, politics, Canadiens' performance, potholes, you name it.
Hell, even whining about whining itself, like I'm doing right now.
fuck it i am never gonan to finish it
@bartek give it a go, if its too bad then change it - no harm done
fucking gui
That's not the point
I was going to
I just feel bad about it now
The best thing though is how my Mom explained it to me.
11:58 PM
"Because raw pointers and shit"
@EtiennedeMartel So you're actually French!
Ignore what the cat say
@Cicada My ancestors were French.
Seriously just ignore him
(Almost. My great grandfather was Dutch.)
11:58 PM
i guess i will have to.
@BartekBanachewicz No library is ever perfect. Just make it not have big flaws
She hated everyone equally and she was specially vocal about it when any of my brothers or sisters brought up potential dating candidates.
A: Representing nothing in C++

anonymousI think you should build a random decision generator in C++ using cstdlib and ctime, input your statements into a string, and have the console decide for you lol.

@EtiennedeMartel I'm sorry to hear that
@Cicada Hey, it means I can root for a decent team whenever there's a FIFA world cup.

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