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6:04 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Burn him!
@LightnessRacesinOrbit wut
How does that work?
He's probably referring to the slicing problem.
6:27 AM
@Xeo I had to Google it. I've seen Steins Gate though, but apparently my memory has holes :D
I wonder if Windows sends a message when a USB device is connected...
6:45 AM
@ThePhD Most likely. Otherwise, iTunes wouldn't be able to task me out of Team Fortress when I plug in my iPhone.
Good morning.
God died about 14 seconds ago
The number of disasters has decreased.
6:51 AM
Alright, test #1 of joyGetDeviceCaps and shit.
7:05 AM
Okay, so far it maps both a PS3 controller and an XBox 360 controller to DINPUT.dll
PS3 controller is superior.
DualShock 3 is the best input device ever.
Xbox 360 controller is shit.
It's worse than a mouse.
I think I need to do some finagling.
At the moment, everything gets routed through DINPUT.dll
@ThePhD isn't Dinput fucking ancient?
@thecoshman Pretty much, but it supports 32 buttons and 6 axes.
Which is really more than XInput can say about itself.
The only thing XInput gets over DInput is ability to rumble and some microphones, but it only rumbles for XBox 360 controllers.
yes, I agree SNES controller is best ever
XInput also only behaves with Xbox 360 and XBox-360-like devices.
It immediately rejects everything else.
@StackedCrooked lol
7:24 AM
I'm thinking I could do XInput for XBox 360 devices, and everything else will stick to the basics.
C++15: so hard to parse, there are no compilers
@StackedCrooked Beautiful. Pushing for infinite ellipses in C++1x
(60 dots, don't bother counting)
But what if I count them and there are actually 61?
7:35 AM
If I hit command+R, VirtualBox reboots.
Fucking annoying if I accidentally it. xD
@BrettHale Ahaha. So you're not actually expecting humans to solve it. And you're not solving it visually. In fact, by reversing the scramble, you're just unscrambling, not solving :)
Anyways, the most applicable Rubik's algorithms are based on well established "best-average" algorithms, not directly on (group) theory. Of course, mathematicians have proved that e.g. a 3x3 standard cube can be solved in 20 moves max regardless of the scramble, but in practice I haven't seen an algorithm that can actually do that
@Zoidberg That makes sense. No way to dizeebel it?
@Rapptz 66 /c @AndreiTita
@sehe aren't there people who can? or is just that they can spin those fuckers so fast
@thecoshman They can spin those fuckers so fast
It think top speed cubers use avg. of 60 ~moves. They can get lower if they have the right kind of lookahead and a bit of luck.
E.g. the "PLL skip" is famous in the competitions. Many world records were set with a PLL skip. Not Zemden's, by the way.
@sehe I knew he couldn't be trusted.
7:46 AM
@ScottW It seems you're way ahead of schedule then
@ScottW Also a relatively positive concept
Fuck yeah.
The following works flawlessy for my XBox 360 Controller:
if ( Pad.Down( PadButtons::A ) ) {
	clearcolor = Colors::White;
else {
	clearcolor = Colors::Black;
Now to try with PadButtons::Circle when my PS3 controller is plugged in
@sehe strange how they can more or less have proved 20 moves max, but not have an algorithm to do so; but then, most maths proofs go well above me
Fuckin' sexy
I can bitwise OR this shit too.
I'm having way too much fuunnn. x3
@sehe Foiled!
@ScottW yes, but the proof must surely have some sort of logic as to how to solve, in this situation that is
7:55 AM
This is bizarre.
Despite having no other peripherals plugged in,
the PS3 controller is always registered in slot 1 of the joystick array
rather than slot 0.
@doug65536 these two are completely separate. You just need engine.lib and includes for minicraft
@thecoshman Who says they haven't? It's probably just not practical. I mean, there are 2,125,922,464,947,725,402,112,000 (2.1×1024) different possible configurations of pieces on the cube
Also what was going here last night
It seems I've missed loads of fun
template <typename ...Args> void foo1(Args......); <-- Valid!
8:18 AM
yeah it was posted earlier Tony
:7762954I hadn't, but now I have. That's a good one! Once I was there, I also watched Co-op, and liked that, too.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I have the wee ones, and can't go either.
Yeah, you told me in the SMS.
"in the SMS"
@R.MartinhoFernandes You didn't reply, so I didn't know you got it. How am I to know you still even use that number?
Those young people tend to switch their mobile phone numbers more often than their underwear.
@CatPlusPlus And to many other things.
@sbi I have used my Portuguese mobile phone number for almost a decade now. Why the heck would I switch my mobile phone number?
I'm not on the run.
8:24 AM
Yeah I've had the same phone number for.. quite some time too.
Just in case it's not clear, I change underwear more often than once a decade.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh c'mon! You just switched your country, FFS!
How's that even related?
Hm.. it is weird.
@sehe is there? is that taking into account that some of the pieces are locked in place relative to others?
8:26 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Both do not speak of sedentary people?
I'm not a nomad.
@R.MartinhoFernandes yeah, new country, new number
@thecoshman I have two.
@R.MartinhoFernandes exactly, a new one , for a new country.
what's with this guy?
8:29 AM
@sbi are you not currently supposed to be rushing out the door or something?
@sbi want one
@thecoshman I suppose my cow-workers would be upset if I rushed out the door now.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I am only using a mobile phone since fall 2009, so I cannot compete with you.
But I do use an Email address that I must have acquired around 1997, give or take a year. And my Email archive has tens of thousands of messages, going back to back to 1998.
@sbi oh, you're starting early. I remember this used to be roughly the time you realise you still had creatures in the house and work the avoid being fired from
@thecoshman I fail to be able to parse the second half of that sentence.
But I have small kids this week, which means I get up at 5:45, wake them half an hour later, leave the house around 7:10 to bring them to school and kindergarten, and am free to go to work by 7:35. Given that, it's hard to avoid being at work by 9:30.
@sbi Not your fault.
lmao "and work the avoid being fired from"
"and work to avoid being fired"?
8:41 AM
@Rapptz Here, have a screw.
@TonyTheLion You're mawing the law at 8:40? You seem to become a proper Englishman.
@sbi 'and work to avoid being fired from'
@sbi ahem
@thecoshman Ok. And what about those creatures? What are you referring to there?
@sbi hahah. :)
@sbi the fruit of your loins, of course
8:43 AM
@TonyTheLion So hahah is the new lol.
@sbi oh yes, you're time is of by an hour, I forget that. 9:30 is a much more reasonable time to have started work
@thecoshman The kids at home at 9:30 on a weekday? I have no idea what you had been smoking at the time you think I said that, but it's utter nonsense.
@sbi see above comment about forgetting difference in time
PS3 buttons work as expected!
I am so good at this.
8:47 AM
@thecoshman That one hour changes little about my statement. No, strike that. It changes nothing. Some of my kids went to a school for a while that started at 9, but even then we would have to leave the house by 8:40 — so I most certainly wouldn't be sitting around chatting at that time.
is it me, or is a std::string as a key in a std::map inefficient?
Inefficient as opposed to what?
Also, mawnin.
how do you know it's inefficient?
@TonyTheLion For what? Insertion/removal? That would depend on how many of those you do. What is inefficient is comparison of strings for lookup. A map tailored to string keys could certainly do better than that.
@sbi for search
8:53 AM
does the map need to be ordered? unordered_map might be a lot faster
I guess not, but does unordered_map have operator[]?
@TonyTheLion If all your keys start with a common prefix, lookup will be a waste of performance.
@sbi my strings are all unique
@TonyTheLion yes
Q: Need an OpenGL Project

Paul MoldovanI know I should post questions like this but I'm a little desperate. I need an openGL project in a couple of hours. Doesn't matter the project. Just that I need something. If someone has one premade... could you give it to me? I'll even pay you.

Last close vote.
8:54 AM
@TonyTheLion That doesn't exclude a common prefix.
@R.MartinhoFernandes =[ Sad day.
@R.MartinhoFernandes owned.
> I'll even pay you.
Wow, would even pay me
Okay, PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers are all configured up and good to go.
That was a lot easier than I expected.
good for you
9:01 AM
Sure, no rumble support, but honestly, rumble is a tiny feature that's not important in most cases.
I'm sure no one will dock me points for not titillating their hands with the appropriate random shakage.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Another deletion vote, please.
@Zoidberg damn you! I was gonig to revert it
@thecoshman :D
@sbi Don't ask me. Mine is the first one.
Don't delete it! Needs moaar downvotes first!
9:02 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I thought so. I was merely linking to your message...
Anyway, I'm gonna have meetings from now for three hours, so I need to leave now. See you guys!
Have fun.
Or not. :P
Enjoy yourself!
this chat is a bit derpy, @sbi just left and joined at the same time.... replacing himself
And if you're not, do something like 'accidentally' spill hot coffee on someone else's lap to spice things up. :D
Are you nuts?! I said I'll have three hours of meeting ahead of me!
9:04 AM
Well then, make through it alive
@sbi oh you poor thing
@Zoidberg They'll be gone the moment it's deleted anyway.
@sbi Viel Spaß!
@R.MartinhoFernandes what's that funny 'B'?
9:05 AM
@thecoshman "ss"
In the German alphabet, ß (Unicode U+00DF) is a consonant letter that evolved as a ligature of "long s and z" (ſz) and "long s over round s" (ſs). Like double "s", when speaking it is pronounced (see IPA). In standard spelling, it is only used after long vowels and diphthongs, while ss is written after short vowels. Even though long s (ſ) has otherwise disappeared from German orthography, ß is still used as a ligature and is replaced by 'SS' or 'SZ' in capitalized spelling. Its German name is Eszett (, the lexicalized expression for "sz", from "es-zed") or scharfes S (, "sharp S"). Wh...
@BartekBanachewicz oooh
Oh, it's that.
Nevermind me~
Spaß means "fun", IIRC
@BartekBanachewicz Not quite.
9:06 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes enough for a simple explanation, if you don't want to link Wiki
@BartekBanachewicz who doesn't want to link to wiki?
@thecoshman I don't want to link to wiki
> -1 not enough jQuery.
On dat question. :P
and before you ask : because effort
9:07 AM
@Zoidberg get over it man
> n case you are wondering why, the reason I want to do this is that some of my friends are addicted to social games where they are required to meet certain random criteria's (like introducing a phrase every 12 hours) to allow them to play competitively against other players. So I, as a programmer, want to try to make this burden (that doesn't add ANYTHING to the games) a little bit smaller.
Also OP deserves permaban.
> some of my friends are addicted to social games
> social games
9:08 AM
> I know I should post questions like this but I'm a little desperate.
No you should not.
I don't want to be rude or something, but I have to go. I have a project to finish. And believe me, I will finish it. — Paul Moldovan 40 secs ago
oh oh oh
oh crap damn it, I was enjoying watching him flounder
9:11 AM
Oh look at me I am so brilliant I will teach myself OpenGL in 15 minutes while jogging
Oh maybe not, Stack Overflow will give me codez!
Oh damn you only idiots here, I'll answer witty and fail semester
^ train of thought of this guy
would have been funny to give him a crappy project, littered with very easy to identify 'some one else made this'
for one, it would actually work, which would be a bit of a give away :P
Should have given him the source code of Quake.
@Zoidberg next time :P
If that uses OpenGL. xD
why he can't just google for a tutorial?
9:13 AM
@BartekBanachewicz Because he's an imbecile?
there are many that would count as full-feat uni project
@Zoidberg indeed it does (IIRC)
@thecoshman Indeed it does.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Fick dich selbst!
9:13 AM
@BartekBanachewicz depends how much he changes
@TonyTheLion -_-
@sbi that's harsh
I guess I deserved it.
@TonyTheLion -1 not enough upvotes.
9:14 AM
@sbi something about carrots?
@thecoshman lolwut
@Zoidberg have moar
@thecoshman erm no
Why do they fall down. :|
@sbi I love how google translate can get this perfectly in Polish.
9:15 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I speak perfect German
@thecoshman you suck.
@TonyTheLion lol
@thecoshman if your German is as good as your English, we're doomed
@TonyTheLion where do you get those GIFs from? XD
@TonyTheLion YAR!!! Ich bean shut up your face
9:16 AM
@Zoidberg reddit
(yes I realise 'iche bien' is 'I am')
(yes I realise that is not how you spell it)
@Zoidberg random reddit comment thread. :)
you know... the more images I see here... the more I think an 'auto bin images' stance should be taken
9:17 AM
@Zoidberg Here you go
Oh it's only three. :(
oh, was that agreement? come forth child, show thy self, do not fear
> Here's a couple other reposts you've made recently (I'm using "original" to mean highest karma post that you likely got them from) -
> Repost, Original
9:19 AM
> Repost, Original, Bonus repost that you deleted when it didn't perform well
Q: Jquery simple issue for newb

user1997325Right, before we start, bit of a newb when it comes to jquery so sorry if it is a very simple fix. I am trying get a few helpers load on specific pages but if i try this, the code breaks and no jquery elements load. // General helpers $(window).load(function() { $('#slider').nivoSlider(); $('#...

> Jquery
Permaban; it's "jQuery".
But hey, at least it's not "J-query".
good lord chrome has a lot of optional flags now
@TonyTheLion oh good lord :O
Ganz geil. xD
9:30 AM
@Zoidberg I saw that movie.
@Zoidberg fucking hell dude! get rid or that shit
This seems to be a comon thing
only post links to gifs, not inline gifs
@TonyTheLion thank you!
@thecoshman haha yes
9:36 AM
That battleship should be posted as an answer to every dupe on Stack Overflow.
@Zoidberg yes :)
I'd fire upvote cannon at that idea
this is not reddit (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@thecoshman it isn't? Explain:
but this place also has votes
9:38 AM
@Zoidberg you are an idiot, this is not reddit. seems fairly simple to me
@thecoshman actually, you're wrong. Look at the diagram above
I am an idiot, indeed, but this is reddit.
@thecoshman lol
9:45 AM
This is a pillar with on it a banana, an arrowed chicken, 200 euros and four cigarettes.
And what?
I wasn't implying anything.
> (Marine fish biomass dropped by 80% over the last century, which—taking into consideration the growth rate of the world’s shipping fleet—leads to an odd conclusion: Sometime in the last few years, we reached a point where there are, by weight, more ships in the ocean than fish.) [what-if]
9:58 AM
oh yeah, new what if!
gonna read it
@sehe That's a scary thought.
@ThePhD And this:
> But you don’t have to worry about that six-micron sea level drop. The oceans are currently rising at about 3.3 centimeters per year due to global warming (through both glacial melting and thermal expansion of seawater).
@sehe woah
> At that rate (normalized for seasonal variation and short-term fluctations), if you removed every ship from the ocean, the water would be back up to its original average level in 16 hours.

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