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4:00 PM
He doesn't believe in "randomness": for him anything that happens happens for a reason (usually because a supernatural entity was involved).
Which is weird because he knows probability theory.
I can has home!
@EtiennedeMartel I have a fundamental issue with these logical fallacies, and it's simply that they can be used in an argument to make the other side wrong for almost anything they say. (Notice how I said make wrong, ie it's deliberate) Meaning you cannot really have a discussion, because most things can be one way or another classified into one of these categories.
@TonyTheLion Not really, because doing so would be a fallacy in itself.
@EtiennedeMartel oh no, catch 22
anyway, I just wanted to voice my thoughts on that
So, using a fallacy doesn't make you wrong, but it does raise an interesting question: if you're right, why are you using crappy arguments?
4:03 PM
What do you call it when you come up with the correct conclusion for the wrong reasons? 'My SELECT statement takes thirteen hours to run, so SQL is terrible'.
If you want to avoid a debate, you could simply, I don't know, walk away. Or punch the guy in the throat.
@MartinJames idiocity?
@EtiennedeMartel crappy arguments is such a viewpoint dependent thing. I think it's kind of silly
what's a crappy argument for one person isn't crappy for another
How crappy is Visual Basic these days compared to C#?
4:04 PM
I mean, who is to define what constitutes crappy?
@TonyTheLion In your average debate, people assume an argument is logical. A fallacy is something that seems logical but isn't.
@Zoidberg I think .NET is less crappy, but still pretty crappy
Why appeal to emotions when there are perfectly good facts available?
@Zoidberg Yeah, probably :)
Does .NET have in-application pipes?
4:06 PM
@EtiennedeMartel that's how the mass are manipulated
So that one object can write and another one can read.
@Telkitty Not exactly.
Something like a byte queue.
"Masses" are "manipulated" through their faith.
People want to believe in something, whatever it is, even if there are no facts supporting it.
They'll distort reality when needed.
@EtiennedeMartel When I think about logical, I'd be more inclined to look at whether the facts themselves add up and make sense, rather than some meta data about the facts, like whether they come from someone being emotional or personal experience. For example, is all the data there in the stated fact, can I think with it, do I need more data, etc. Does that make sense?
4:07 PM
@EtiennedeMartel People don't want facts, just their particular ideas/prejudices reenforced.
@MartinJames Exactly. Because being presented with two conflicting viewpoints is physically painful.
That's how society operates
@EtiennedeMartel Cognitive dissonance
@CiscoIPPhone Yep.
'X' is bad, so we must stop doing 'X'.
4:09 PM
Omitting time when stating something historical can make that fact seem completely illogical, whereas if the time is not omitted, it makes sense. This has nothing to do with emotion, or appeal to authority or any of those things.
Most of the time, when you present a fact to someone that contradict his or her beliefs, that person will reject said fact, usually by attacking the validity of the fact's source.
@MartinJames lol
Emotion is extremely powerful
@EtiennedeMartel I can agree that this is indeed rather common
think about love
4:10 PM
You will do anything for the person you truly love
is it rational, no
If you want to convince someone, you can't simply go head on with hard data.
They'll go on the defensive and reject everything.
You have to be subtle.
A lot of sales appeal on the heart
make you want certain stuff
or make people go to war by making them hate their enemy
4:12 PM
Reminds me of those neoclassical economists who claim a human being can be perfectly rational when it comes to money decisions. It's like they forgot that advertising is incredibly effective at making you take stupid emotional decisions with your money.
faith and emotions, they get exploit a lot
'Paramedic ambulances and fire-tenders are frequently driven at illegal speeds and cause dozens of accidents every year - we should ban them'.
@EtiennedeMartel they can't ... not everyone treat money equally
some people might care about $1 and I don't while as some don't care about 1 million but I do
Can anyone help me?
4:14 PM
@David depends
thought you went home
Do you need help, or is it a logical fallacy?
@David Protip: state your problem before asking that.
@Telkitty who
4:16 PM
@Telkitty well I am home
I did a script .bat
I spent most of my life on lounge :P
batch file
Is it me or is there some confusion with GroupBy vs GroupJoin? Those are only conceptually related. Perhaps it is just a typo in the answer though. — sehe 29 secs ago
4:16 PM
and i have a problem
^ Am I reall the first one to spot this oddity in a Jon Skeet answer (25+)?
@David put it in one message
@David even better, ask on Stack Overflow
i asked on Stack Overflow
Hm... any reason chown doesn't actually change the owner?
A: Batch files - checking arguments

DavidI did this, see please: @echo off rem ########################### rem # implementation/version # rem ########################### set IMP=portico rem ################################ rem # check command line arguments # rem ################################ :checkargs if "%0" == "" goto usage ...

my question today: I did this, see my code please: But i have a problem, when I try to run a Java example, he does not enter the executeJava, he always goes into executeC.
4:18 PM
Aarrgghhh! Unix permissions/privileges warning!
@Xeo You are changing the owner to the current owner?
@MartinJames Nah
..then you'll have to wait for an answer from someone who actually understands that shit.
@David ugh. Why did you post answers
I'm off. Hungry. Going to do oatcakes, cheese & bacon.
@Xeo can you do it with a --verbose flag
see what it says
4:24 PM
Okay, maybe ls -l is just showing strange stuff then...
@Bartek Because I still do not know how the forum
ooh, wait
@Bartek Sorry
read the goddamn FAQ then
and stop pinging me, I want to relax for a while
4:24 PM
Derp, it followed the symbolic link..
@David It's not a forum.
ok ... you can not help me?
@EtiennedeMartel Sorry
@David Don't worry, it's a mistake many newcomers do.
They see a "Post your Answer" button and all they understand is "Submit Message".
I don't know how people make that mistake, imho it doesn't look like one at all, but that's just me
4:27 PM
So they click it, sending something that is definitely not an answer.
Okay, chowning didn't fix it. :|
@EtiennedeMartel :)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Seriously. People don't read.
Even I can be quite hasty in my clicks.
@EtiennedeMartel Again, sorry
4:29 PM
people don't really care, either
because they get out there what they need to be out there
@EtiennedeMartel but can you help me?
@David If you want to update your question, edit it. Or write a comment under it. Don't post an answer unless you found the solution to your problem by yourself and want to share it.
@EtiennedeMartel ok
@EtiennedeMartel I have a question.....on Stack Overflow how do I enter a code in comments?
@David use ` ` (backticks)
@David Why are you not using the FAQs?
@David They are written diligently so that you don't have to ask anyone these questions.
4:33 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit because noobs never do, that's why they noobs
@David Press the big orange "?" button next to the place where you're writing.
my code doesn't work
how surprising :P
Had not found .... but what help could read ... I do
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Had not found .... but what help could read ... I do
@TonyTheLion Of course, you're a lion. Must be hard to not make typos with those huge paws of yours.
4:38 PM
@EtiennedeMartel ok, I'll read
but can you help me?
I don't know batch, sorry.
at the risk of annoying the more experienced programmers with another question, could someone explain what's going on in output lines 10 and 11 here?: codepad.org/A8a7H6bW
i'm messing around with pointers and classes and whatnot
ahh I'm tired
@EindacorDS Looks like your two vectors are getting printed.
@EtiennedeMartel lol
4:41 PM
@EtiennedeMartel haha, indeed, but how does it do that? is there something in <vector> that tells it to cout like that?
@EindacorDS Line 10 is blank, so nothing is happening there. Line 11 defines a virtual function act that returns 0.
i was expecting a hexidecimal address or something
@EindacorDS Not in the standard, no.
Maybe it's a codepad thing.
@JerryCoffin sorry, i meant in the Output section
@JerryCoffin I made that mistake too haha
4:42 PM
@EindacorDS Yeah, just caught that. Sorry.
I'm so smart.
@EindacorDS You'd normally get a compile-time error for that, because std::vector does not overload operator<<.
(Which is weird because I know Jerry is smarter than me)
(I feel vindicated somehow)
@FredOverflow alright, so basically the way codepad compiles it does that somehow?
@FredOverflow << *
4:43 PM
>>> Got API Error 105 (HTTP code 400): One or more fields had errors
>>> Error data: {u'fields': {u'path': [u'[Errno 13] Permission denied']}, u'stat': u'fail', u'err': {u'msg': u'One or more fields had errors', u'code': 105}}
i honestly wasn't expecting it to work, just testing a few different things
@Xeo Permission denied.
@EtiennedeMartel Permission to what?! :|
4:44 PM
@EindacorDS probably
@Xeo The resources you're trying to access?
@EtiennedeMartel I have no fucking clue which resource post-review is trying to access. :|
The logs tell me nuthin.
@EtiennedeMartel I'm not nearly so sure of that.
@FredOverflow alright thanks. normally i wouldn't use codepad, but i'm at work so i'm stuck using online compilers
@Xeo HTTP 400 is "Bad Request"
@JerryCoffin haha, jesus
@JerryCoffin tbh i never realized compiler results could vary so much, kinda scares me
@JerryCoffin It's so OOPy!
@EindacorDS I'd put it up on stacked-crooked.com, but I think you get the idea already.
@EindacorDS That's why you don't release C++ code that hasn't been tested with at least two different compilers. Ahem...
@EindacorDS Mostly a matter of versions and flags -- I believe they're actually both using gcc.
4:51 PM
@FredOverflow Depends. If you're only targeting MSVC users, then...
A: Unexpectedly large number of tlb misses in simple PAPI profiling on x86

MysticialBased on the comments: ~90 misses if malloc() is used. 32 misses if calloc() is used or if the array is iterated through before hand. The reason is due to lazy allocation. The OS isn't actually giving you the memory until you touch it. When you first touch the page, it will result in a page-...

@EtiennedeMartel Then you shouldn't test it only with VC 6 ;-)
@FredOverflow Good point.
woah, @Mysticial solved it
He's good.
He's made of goodness.
4:54 PM
the way compilers actually work is still smoke and mirrors for me, maybe i should read up on that more before pressing on with learning the c++ language
There is no assembly code in your answer, let me help you out: lea ebx, [2*eax + 1]FredOverflow 1 min ago
^^ lol
@EindacorDS You could read the dragon book. But it's really not necessary for learning C++.
@Mysticial Thought you might like it :)
@Mysticial Btw, did you mean "zeroing" instead of "zering"?
@Xeo yeah, I'm looking for other stuff to fix before I do that.
4:57 PM
@Xeo Or did you mean @Zoidberg?
I believe that's my first answer in over a month... lol
@FredOverflow me
@Mysticial What have you been doing in the meantime?
@FredOverflow Anime.SE actually. lol
I just played through entire Infinity Blade
Or more like, there hasn't been anything interesting lately.
4:58 PM
10/10 for graphics
0/10 for gameplay
server.Client += (object sender, Client client) => {
    client.Request += (object sender', Request request) => {

C# identifiers y u no '. :(
srlsy Epic Games, hire better desginers
A: How can I open the same document twice in Visual Studio?

RahulTry this ... it works in VS 2005; not sure if works in 2010. Thought of sharing once Select the tab you want two copies of Select Window > New Window from the menu (this will open the same file again in a new tab) Split the tab well either by right clicking the new tab and selecting 'New Verti...

4:59 PM
@Zoidberg What's that do?
Question: Where to check which access was denied if neither the apache error log, nor the reviewboard log nor the /var/log/secure files have anything to say? :(
I have no Window -> new window option in VS 2012? or do I? I can't find it? anyone knows where it is, please?
@GamErix ask politely

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