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8:00 PM
it renders HTML and CSS to OpenGL/DirectX primitives
it has UI elements
...not sure if want
it's awsum
but, html D:
HTML and CSS are IMHO really good for creating user interface
8:00 PM
They use libfreetype under the hood too.
libfreetype has no alternatives...
anyway, they supply makefiles for every OS, also for VS2012!
I just built it and one sample
It's hosted on Github
What's the license?!
it used to be commercial
Hm, so still usable...
it is so small, yet so powerful
8:02 PM
it's just what I was looking for
But I don't know / like HTML or CSS.
@DeadMG yeah. Atm I have 4gb of ram, but could upgrade, and cpu is fx-4100
@ThePhD it's fairly easy, y'know :P
@BartekBanachewicz So I've heard. But I think I'd rather just handle freetype myself.
8:03 PM
I actually love the idea. It's not like I am a huge fan of HTML
it's just... it works, and is simple.
@Ell You gotta get GPU for that
@EtiennedeMartel I've discovered this a while ago
@ThePhD well, as you wish
I'll make a game in the meantime :)
8:04 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I have it really close to building the whole thing. blocked on getting cmake to link to a dll directly
@DeadMG yeah I can't decide what gpu, that's what sorta decides the price. I guess it's up to him what he wants to pay, but for a minimum gpu that could play minecraft is like... £20 ?
The thing with me is that I want to be able to write my text in 3D and also preserve a lot of the glyphing information.
@doug65536 you don't need cmake on windows actually
So I can do writing and such.
8:04 PM
@Ell Yeah. It really depends on how you define "gaming"
@EtiennedeMartel lol. ✈
3d text... well, hardly usable for me
also, when you have opengl primitives
Yeah, I guess it's not real gaming, it's just one that could play fairly recent games, even if on lowest settings
you can construct 3d text from it
@BartekBanachewicz librocket turns the text and stuff into shapes?
8:05 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I don't think so.
@melak47 yup :3
@BartekBanachewicz hm.
@EtiennedeMartel you know what IMHO stands for, right?
can it just like, rasterize it into a texture? :S
@melak47 yes. And apply shaders to it :3
8:06 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Yes. "I don't think so", is my way of saying "I disagree".
@BartekBanachewicz What do you mean by "into shapes" ?
@ThePhD geometry I figure
@EtiennedeMartel It's allright to disagree
can anyone tell me if writing a dropbox-like thing is possible without php?
8:07 PM
> The render interface is defined in <Rocket/Core/RenderInterface.h>. It provides a way for Rocket to send its geometry into your application's rendering pipeline
@rubenvb yes.
@rubenvb I'm sure the dropbox client isn't written in PHP, so...yes? :)
@BartekBanachewicz as in, some html hackery around sftp or something...
@rubenvb you need something to be run as CGI. it might be a bash script, but something
I'd like to fix up something lightweight for my Pi. Owncloud seems very unfinished.
it will certainly fit on Pi
And there are FCGI bindings
8:09 PM
how about C++?
but more work, and libraries aren't that nice imo
and benefits over lua in that simple case would be prolly minimal
So what I need is some program that is called from the html stuff through the CGI stuff?
more or less, yeah.
your www server will translate http queries into program calls
could you use Wt for that
Wt... f?
yeah found it lol
all I know is it's C++, and can do FastCGI...something
it has ugly buttons though.
ugly widget style.
8:13 PM
@rubenvb eh...I guess you'Ll have to make your own style sheets? :p
@rubenvb Or full feat web cms : sputnik.freewisdom.org
these are both tiny.
not that PHP is running slowly or anythin.
Wt is kinda large, I'll give you that
It's just that stuff seems half-broken.
279MB for the core lib :)
8:14 PM
holy shit
I just want to say that I might be biased towards Lua; I love the language and admit it
that's more than half of the Pi's RAM.
I've heard good things about it.
Full sputnik is 4MB
I'm outta here.
@rubenvb Lemme know if you actually implement it, k?
8:15 PM
Bug of the day? ideone.com/TJzQSA
back to rocket :>
@BartekBanachewicz well...I guess I like the librocket approach better than running my interface in a browser
@melak47 I will certainly try it
I guess.
@JohanLundberg huh.. whoa.
I compiled that and it gave me cc1plus.exe not responding
8:17 PM
so if you watch Minicraft progress, you'll learn about how it goes with it
@JohanLundberg the compiler segfaulted? :D
Q: Badge Proposal - *FacePalm* or "Doh!"

TheTXIAlthough I have no doubt that this badge idea would get shot down, I find it amusing to think about. Questions and answers would be able to accumulate special votes (almost like flagging a post) where each vote would be the equivalent to the voter facepalming. If you as a voter find the post jaw...

@melak47 found it during my daily g++ bugzilla bath
plz tell me why u downvoted mah facepalm i beleive it added lots 2 tihs discussion — Kaleb Brasee Jan 30 '10 at 0:49
@Rapptz he did indeed
8:21 PM
@JohanLundberg Eh, that should be ill-formed.
ouch. The openGL example is kind of outdated
I love you Jon, will you have my babies :) — Carl Sixsmith Feb 14 at 7:44
"This list is too long for GCC Bugzilla's little mind; the Next/Prev/First/Last buttons won't appear on individual bugs."
C++ too buggy? :(
8:22 PM
WTF. My VS2012 is broken. :(
@Xeo Yes, I guess.. VS2012: error C3409: empty attribute block is not allowed
@Xeo did you compile that sample and break it? :/
@melak47 Nah, even without that.
His PC is on fire
It can't launch MSBuild.exe for some reason.
8:25 PM
@melak47 Okey, it seems that the OpenGL sample is outdated, but it shouldn't be much of a problem to convert it to 4.0
Phew, restart fixed it.
how does this license stuff work anyways. say I use librocket, and want to distribute the binaries with my software...where do I put it's license? Do I add a note to the license to make clear it refers to librocket, and not the rest of my software? or what..
That was scary.
@BartekBanachewicz opengl schmopengl
@melak47 whatever. You only worry when commercial, really.
8:26 PM
whatever sounds good to me :p
As far as GCC bugs go, this is the best: http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=52748
eats _all_ your memory on _valid_ code.
do not try this at home
Question: Who here uses VsVim and VS2012?
@Xeo @sehe
I just use VS shortcuts
Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich - Mueller. hehe! Couldn't happen to a nicer team. Taxi for Mr. Wenger..
8:29 PM
Q: wrtie the code use template

Mohammad Dwekati wont to write this come this code use template i cant do if because the program give 102 errer when i try to do that who ?? i wont to write this come this code use template i cant do if because the program give 102 errer when i try to do that who ?? #include<iostream.h> #include&l...

lol troll?
@FredOverflow No, someone who doesn't know English.
Is there an "awful question" badge for 10 downvotes or something? :)
@FredOverflow no. "badges are for good behavior" and so on
@FredOverflow Badges are only positive.
8:34 PM
Some of them don't seem very positive.
"Oh congrats on deleting something with a score of -3.."
Man I hate microsoft word
Slow for me :(
Then you should hate your slow computer instead of Word ;)
Not when it renders text
Just when it render multiple formulas that take up multiple pages as a whole (12+)
A single formula going over 12 pages?
8:37 PM
Or images..
Sorry I meant multiple
@Ell you there?
@BartekBanachewicz Yes :)
Sorry did you send a message before?
8:38 PM
@Ell no I don't reckon. I have good news.
Ooh let's hear it
Maybe he meant "smart pointers" and "inferior pointers"? :) — FredOverflow 5 secs ago
I found awsum cross platform gui library and it has some window creation wrapper
Is deceptive. They list the original proposal papers and mark things as supported although C++11 finally got different working that is not supported by gcc...
I am now tweaking it for OpenGL 4.0
8:39 PM
Ahh cool
so minicraft should have full-fledged linux support soon
I don't know why but including glew was giving me compile errors before
it requires windows.h on windows
maybe you need something similar on linux
I'll look it up
lemme boot to linux
@Ell I'm sorry, but I cannot let you do that Dave.
8:42 PM
Time to get acquainted with freetype...
freetype is free to use everywhere, right?
Helloo again
@ThePhD BSD-style
You have to give credit though
@ThePhD No, no, it's really not time for that. If you insist on committing suicide, you can at least choose a quick, clean way to go.
Yeah if your goal is to render text, use pango
8:45 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I didn't look closely but it seems much of the windows dependency is trivial calls to _CrtDbgBreak
FreeType does no layouting, kerning or anything, it mostly just render glyphs
@ThePhD Pango.
@doug65536 oh, that's trivial ;p
@Ell i am brb. please ping me with all msgs
@BartekBanachewicz ahh just fixed the glew error, had to include sfml first (stackoverflow.com/questions/8580675/…)
8:48 PM
So I would use Pango's core layouting libraries
and then render as I desire?
Does Pango produce primitives or descriptions of primitives for me to generate stuff?
@ThePhD seems pango already does the rendering
Are global variables automatically initialised?
I don't want a renderer. I don't want any of that special stuff. I want the glyphs inside of a font file or a blob of font data. As an extra nicety, I would also like nurbs/patches/some form of 2d or 3d data that represents the vector of that font.
@BartekBanachewicz cmake makes it trivial to support multiple operating systems and compilers and IDEs. I'd much prefer that over messing with some vcxproj file or poking around in a bad project config GUI
@Ell Yes, with garbage/default constructor/what you intialize it with
NOW I know why peolpe hav eissues with DInput
When they coded the original drivers for DInput for the Xbox 360 Controller, they decided to map both the Right and left trigger onto the SAME AXIS
So pushing both triggers down results in a '0' read on the axis (-AxisMax + AxisMax = 0) But they DON'T separate it
8:53 PM
yes, they squeezed the triggers onto a single axis. perfect for driving games but not ideal
But it's not like that mechanically
And XInput can separate them
Was this done on purpose?
@EtiennedeMartel It could be. Then again (not making accusations, just pointing out another possibility) it could be a complete hoax -- given that one of the basic ideas here is that nobody knows the shooter's identity (nor anything that could even hint at it) nearly anybody could claim to be it, tell whatever story he wanted, and it would be nearly impossible to confirm or deny.
yes, they emulate a rudder
Microsoft is retarded.
@ThePhD I think the correct word is lobotomized.
8:55 PM
Well, let's see if I can't do some jimmying of the data to separate them out
God, how retarded can you be, Microsoft? @__@
@JerryCoffin Indeed, but the whole story isn't that surprising. It's not the first time we hear how hard it is for a soldier to reintegrate civilian life.
I assume it's even more difficult for special forces operatives.
@BartekBanachewicz would it be possible to write a BREAKPOINT macro? so we can have one for gdb and one for intel/whatever's debugger? Or am I misunderstanding and is _CrtDbgBreak() not a compiler specific thing?
from wikipedia: "According to MSDN, "the combination of the left and right triggers in DirectInput is by design. Games have always assumed that DirectInput device axes are centered when there is no user interaction with the device"
@StackedCrooked That tuple printing code looks mighty familiar... ;)
8:57 PM
@doug65536 That's a fucking retarded decision.
Btw, that code is not totally generic on the stream type
Whoever made that call is blisteringly stupid and should be thrown out of their job as driver developer.
You need to do os << os.widen('(') etc. because the stream may be a wide stream and doesn't like narrow chars (but who uses wide streams anyways...).
@EtiennedeMartel No, certainly not the first time, by any means. Actually, when I was a kid, there was a pretty sad case who lived nearby -- a guy who'd been in WWI, and never really became part of society afterward.
8:58 PM
the did it for backward compatibility, so any game that requires a rudder can trivially use the trigger axis
@ThePhD Complaining about the triggers on the back?
@Ell yeah, feel free to write a macro for that. It's temporary anyway
@Ell asm{ int 3h }; :D
@doug65536 I am doing it by myself and it takes time; please show some understanding :) Build is one thing, working the other; I focus on the 2nd one now.

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