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9:00 PM
@Potatoswatter answered
I like how it's tagged "Stalking".
@Cicada The difference between loving someone and making love to someone is about the same as between having and being.
@sbi I can bee pretty well
having dinner, being dinner
Too late to fix, monkey
9:01 PM
Ow. You used the M-word. Now you tipped the bowl.
i starred that because it made me laugh. dunno y
@RMartinhoFernandes There's such a thing as a fool's license.
Looks like I rustled some jimmies
I'm off to bread! Good night daddy.
@Cicada You poor little girl, trying to hold on to the notion of personal importance.
Where did this "daddy" thing originate?
9:07 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes In her head?
oh, was there a third book in the series about the big solar shield (I think by Sheffield)?
hm, no:
Charles Sheffield (June 25, 1935 – November 2, 2002), was an English-born mathematician, physicist and science fiction author. He was also a President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and of the American Astronautical Society. His novel The Web Between the Worlds, featuring the construction of a space elevator, was published almost simultaneously with Arthur C. Clarke's novel on the subject, The Fountains of Paradise, a coincidence that amused them both. Sheffield served as Chief Scientist of Earth Satellite Corporation, a company that processed remote sensing ...
and now his state vector has collapsed
@ManofOneWay Sorry for the delay -- had to go pick up the kids. Doing well though, thanks.
@Cicada Not sure 'bout flowers, but I do have a rather cool new picture:
what is it with you guys and bacon?
it's not even very tasty
They decided to build a nest right under the eaves of my house.
Bacon is the best food.
9:17 PM
@JerryCoffin I'd kill it whilst it's still small.
@DeadMG depends on the bacon. there are two kinds that are good. and probably many more that are not good (probably you get them in germany, i think, because i have seen pictures of bad german food)
@DeadMG I suspect my wife will feel pretty much the same way when (if?) she notices.
@Drise I did! ...And I don't remember where it is. Was there an SO question?
@JerryCoffin Haha, did she really think wasps (yellow jackets) are eating nectar?!
@DeadMG Blasphemy!
9:20 PM
I have an exam to fail in far too short a time, so I am gonna knock off to bed
@sbi ? Hard to guess. Wasps aren't bees though, and I believe most (all?) of them are predators.
night nubs
@DeadMG Have fun.
Night, have fun :Đ
@JerryCoffin Yup.
9:21 PM
@DeadMG G'night.
Bees are cool.
@DeadMG good night
someone explicitly save our design doc
it's already down over here
9:23 PM
The Bacon Engine - the only thing that doesn't get culled when it's out of sight is bacon itself.
You have to be careful about extensive usage of bacon in such case.
@DeadMG I am thinking of copying it over to Google docs, better formatting and what not though it might be a pain to sort out permissions, unless I can set it to globally editable...
Btw, I didn't expect the project to actually gather fuckzillion rows of documentation in a few hours.
I can make a doc, and add some initial people, and any one who is added can then add further people... though, might be better to use a wiki as we can start to section out the content
The more stuff you have in the beginning, the better. From there it is simply grouping by various tiers, those that require immediate attention, those that will require attention, useful stuff and other.
9:30 PM
@thecoshman also: more than 9 people at a time.
it's just that right now, it's kind of hard to see relevant content, it's all in one big vomit ball
Yeah I was trying to point out the fact that random people that randomly see each other on a random chat channel usually don't randomly do something random together in a random fasion.
@RadekSlupik as in, Google doesn't support more then 9, or we are hitting that problem?
@ScarletAmaranth this is Lounge baby!
I love bacon.
It's very simple to fit in here. You enter the lounge and say: I LOVE BACON! :)
9:33 PM
I had a co-worker once who also loved bacon.
he he he, I've a cat in my shirt and it tickles
@DomagojPandža It would be a nice Easter egg in the engine never to cull objects with object ID "Bacon" :)
@thecoshman Sneaky way of asking for attention :P
@ScarletAmaranth It's the electronic version of the (not so) secret handshake.
@JerryCoffin That would be about right :P
Removed my catalytic converters when headers got installed, now my oxygen sensors can't handle the extra heat.
9:39 PM
Can we just see quickly how a Google Docs version works out - link
Just a random thought.
@thecoshman Looks like mess, but then again, the sync.in looked the same ^^
@ScarletAmaranth I've just dumped it in :P going to start to clean it up a bit
Will this game have zombies? I hear they are all the rage now.
While it is true that most of us are not sane, the zombies will be absent anyway.
@thecoshman When you click on the "other document viewers", do you see my nickname there ? I'm logged in my google account.
@thecoshman Also, can you make it so that I can edit the document ?
9:44 PM
Anybody found a new version of the game called "Scorched Earth"?
@ScarletAmaranth no I don't, well, I see a 'user' rather then just anonymous
main.cpp: In function 'int main(int, const char**)':
main.cpp:25:18: error: 'rax' was not declared in this scope
main.cpp:25:32: error: 'rbx' was not declared in this scope


What do I need to add in the makefile in order to see the declared rax and rbx in main.cpp ?
@ManofOneWay What files does RegisterFlag.hpp include?
and what is it's #ifndef
@ScarletAmaranth will need a name of some sorts to add you to the editors list
you shouldn't define variables in a header. You can declare them, but not define them. (declare with the extern keyword), and no constructors. But that's unrelated to your problem.
9:54 PM
@MooingDuck Yup the classical duplicate eader guard, prolly
#ifndef lss_RegisterFlag_hpp
#define lss_RegisterFlag_hpp

enum RegisterFlag

@thecoshman No, just the google email address or alias email address
Hmmm. @ManofOneWay I don't see a problem (apart from of course it not being too handy to define constants in your header, but at this scale it shouldn't be an issue).
@ManofOneWay Can you share the actual code?
@ManofOneWay I don't know anything about makefiles, but the code itself looks fine
I hate Makefiles
That's irrelevant :)
9:58 PM
@sehe Any suggestion on where to share the code? =) I don't have any repository up and working
he he, i crashed Word by holding down the right arrow key. it started auto-repeating and no way to stop it. closing word crashed
@ManofOneWay I don't know anything about makefiles, but shouldn't all your headers be in there somewhere?
RegisterFlags.hpp is not mentioned in it anywhere
I don't know much about Makefiles either :(
if you guys want to be added to editor list, shout up and give me a name for me to let Google have, email address or something like that
@ManofOneWay gist.github.com
@ManofOneWay My counterexample with a completely rewritten makefile is here:
10:01 PM
@sehe Does it work with your Makefile?
@ScottW for this
@MooingDuck Yeah. Not Seth Carnegie, but 'a' Seth nonetheless:) (WHY)
@sehe Are you seth?
fe6dfd Seth a minute ago
@thecoshman I'm funkey45 at what else than yoooohaaaaaa, dot com :) Plaintext emails suck :P
@ManofOneWay I must admit I just wrote a makefile on the spot, too lazy to copy yours off ideone
10:03 PM
yall, know about the declaring variables in if-s to maintain scope? ideone.com/EOlqT
@ScarletAmaranth you ever look at what defines a "valid" email address? It's just nuts
@MooingDuck Ah. Information leaking. You can see how my git commit was from my desktop and it 'knows' my actual name
@ScarletAmaranth sent!
@CaptainGiraffe Yeah. There was a horrific question on that once
To me a valid email address is [^@\s]+@[^@\s]+
10:04 PM
@CaptainGiraffe could that have been return i; in the first one?
@RadekSlupik that's about it :/
@sehe Unknown to me, what is (true) ?
@CaptainGiraffe huh. Please rephrase
@thecoshman works :)
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_address#Valid_email_addresses (these are valid email addresses):
"[email protected]"@example.com
"very.(),:;<>[]\".VERY.\"very@\\ \"very\".unusual"@strange.example.com
!#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{}|[email protected]
"()<>[]:,;@\\\"!#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{}| ~ ? ^_`{}|~.a"@example.org
@sehe The condition, I have a double there, is it still anything non-zero is true.
10:07 PM
@ScarletAmaranth so I see
@ScottW was a few mad hours of group work :P
@sehe so last name begins with "he"?
@MooingDuck Usually, if the address is wild, the user is up to no good anyways.
@sehe if it makes you feel better, DeadMG leaked his name this morning too in the same way
> Google wave is not dead. Docs is the new Wave
@MooingDuck It doesn't really matter
@MooingDuck That's old news
any one got the sync.in still open? can you put a comment saying to use this instead
10:09 PM
@MooingDuck ok I changed my mind. From now on, a valid email address has to me this format: .+
@RadekSlupik what the... email addresses can have comments?
any way, I'm heading of now
see ya'll!
@RadekSlupik It's that or the spec.
@CaptainGiraffe spec is hard :(
If a user enters an invalid email address, he's just an idiot and I don't care.
10:11 PM
@MooingDuck Yes.
@thecoshman Later.
Jan 12 at 23:48, by sehe
It's actually the first letters of my first name, and the first of my... lastname.
SExual HEretic?
Name, not Fame
@DomagojPandža Those are very common names
10:12 PM
Sender Hermans
wonder how many email parsers fail to correctly allow ""@"()@com"
@RadekSlupik Sevçik Hennessey
@sehe Dis a good time for a cup of chess ?
@ScarletAmaranth While sleeping? Hell yeah
10:14 PM
@sehe cool.
@ScottW I like that
@sehe Nvm then :) Dis weekend it is ?
Tomorrow are the results of the exams.
Ok, so ze germans played a really good game against the potsmokers.
Hmmm. Parental visits, more music gigs and a household. Lemmesee
10:15 PM
Anal visits.
That's what he said!
@RadekSlupik ... language.
Kay okay let me guess what to fill in…
PHP is a horrible
Q: C++: Best STD structure for Hashtable

rolandbishopI'm asking this question because when my solution involves using a hashtable I directly go for std::map. However one of the wise C++ programmers here in StackOverflow said that std::map is implemented as Red-Black Trees having O(log n) insertion time. So what would be the best std data structur...

10:17 PM
Hehe. Kick me. It won't hurt. We had a meeting at my place (music selection for our choir) and they mentioned football. I just switched on the tele to see whether there was news. Made some smart remark (don't remember). Turned out the match hadn't even started yet.
Looked less knowledgeable about football since then (**)
@RadekSlupik No clever is cool. Profanity is not.
(**) that was actually hard to achieve, but you know, appearance does count
I don't even know what profanity means.
:4114345 I prefer clever to blunt.
@ScottW Profanity can be goddarn clever
10:19 PM
@CaptainGiraffe I've decided to discard the message ^^
@ScarletAmaranth Still, we all saw it =), no worries.
James Blunt is always high on the charts.
@ScottW @ScarletAmaranth 'twas a strange message.
Freud would have liked it. Adler would. Jung, not so much
@CaptainGiraffe It was not meant to be offensive, if that was the case, I'm truly sorry :)
@ScottW Slayer > James Blunt
10:20 PM
@ScarletAmaranth I'm not one to be offended.
@ScottW Sorry: wrong. 4114345
@CaptainGiraffe Not me. I was looking the other way right then. Somehow I'll probably survive though.
@ScarletAmaranth PS this was supposed to manage expectations towards the weekend (forgot to reply-to-message)
@sehe The gauntlet is sad :(
@sehe How exactly did you get access to that message o_O ?
Revision history.
10:22 PM
@ScarletAmaranth The gauntlet should not endeavour to portray emotions
@RadekSlupik Basically. There is access control involved, though
I'm still intact.
@thecoshman Google supports as many people as you want, sync.in supports only nine (unless you $$$).
I don't want to fuck $$$, it's nasty.
I rather fuck a honeycomb.
@RadekSlupik Hey, try it before you pass on it
10:25 PM
5 Q: If I call a girl 37 times while she's sleeping will it say 37 missed calls on her phone or just 1 missed call? A: It will say "restraining order."

sounds like my case but without a restraining order and she call me a lot when I am asleep also
I chat to one of my chicks at night so she dreams of me. She says it works.
Who's flagging. Why?
@RadekSlupik that's true
@sehe An idiot because he's an idiot.
10:27 PM
@sehe What messages are being falgged if I may dareask ?
@RadekSlupik Oh. Good. Please stop it, then :)
@ScarletAmaranth Nah it'll pass
Sounds like there's a prude amongst us.
@RadekSlupik (a) that would be surprisingly rough (b) that could lead to nasty inflammations because honey is a very nutritious environment for bacteriae
We maken het te bont.
@RadekSlupik Wie, waar, waarom. I don't get it.
10:29 PM
@sehe I mean a honeycomb full of bees. They seem to be tickling.
@RadekSlupik I guess, first Nordic Walking, now Bee Tickling. Makes sense
hy does anyone know how to find a pattern in a file with out having a pattern?
They tickle.
@TaylorBioniks Compression algorithms?
What do you mean "whithout having"? The file doesn't have a pattern (e.g /dev/urandom) or you don't have knowledge of a pattern before-hand?
@Taylor you cannot find things that don't exist, except for web pages.
10:31 PM
I mean like this I have a list of 100 words
I can write PHP! <?php echo "Hello"; ?>.
I want to know the common patterns in them
@TaylorBioniks Oh. A pattern: 1 word per line?
Use a compression algorithm.
yeah I can have one word per line or \t separated
10:32 PM
I can write Perl! $$$1$''""@&&()()28foobar=()=$7
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="float:right; clear:right;" !Char!!Freq!!Code |- |space||7||111 |- |a ||4||010 |- |e ||4||000 |- |f ||3||1101 |- |h ||2||1010 |- |i ||2||1000 |- |m ||2||0111 |- |n ||2||0010 |- |s ||2||1011 |- |t ||2||0110 |- |l ||1||11001 |- |o ||1||00110 |- |p ||1||10011 |- |r ||1||11000 |- |u ||1||00111 |- |x ||1||10010 |} In computer science and information theory, Huffman coding is an entropy encoding algorithm used for lossless data compression. The term refers to the use of a variable-length code table for encoding a s...
What is it today with the non-templated wikitables?
Perl has a goatse operator: =()=
I used to show off goatse on chat roulette, but I got banned. :(
I have no idea how to do it now I have search and so on maybe I am wording it wrong
@TaylorBioniks Maybe you're posting in the wrong place; if you have code: stackoverflow.com, not: programmers.stackexchange.com
example if the words "word or and what" it should return or
I have been though 300 lines I write delete write delete
10:35 PM
@TaylorBioniks You aren't listening to us, are you?
I am but I don't know what you mean
@TaylorBioniks we do not answer questions here
@TaylorBioniks ? wut? that is gibberish to me
So try responding instead of talking in a monologue.
1 min ago, by sehe
@TaylorBioniks Maybe you're posting in the wrong place; if you have code: http://stackoverflow.com, not: http://programmers.stackexchange.com
10:36 PM
7 mins ago, by sehe
@TaylorBioniks Compression algorithms?
@MooingDuck Hey, could you post this as a Q&A on SO so I can properly cite it?
Jun 7 at 17:12, by Mooing Duck
@melak47 http://ideone.com/awrmK trinary x<y<z
Sometimes you have those users from hell on Stack Overflow who ask a crappy question which gets a dozen answers. Then for each answer they keep repeating their exact question in the comments. Then you reply and they keep doing that again. I always downvote such users to death.
@Drise say what now?
evening fellas!
10:38 PM
OK how would a compression algorithm work?
@Drise That's a funny reason. You can always post it yourself. Or just link to chat
@Drise I'll see if I can find a matching question, I bet it exists
@TaylorBioniks Read the Wikipedia article I linked.
@Tony hallo leeuw.
@MooingDuck I would like to use this in a homework assignment, and I don't want to claim this as my own, because it isnt.
10:38 PM
@TaylorBioniks Wikipedia
Mac OS X Tony.
@RadekSlupik hallo! (geeuw)
@sehe uw waanzinnige chatberichten zijn stuk voor stuk uitermaten eigenaardig.
what's this do exactly ideone.com/awrmK ?
@Drise Well, no one claims it. It is nice of you to check, but if you think that the question deserves to be on the main site, and you're apparently the first to notice, then you deserve to get the creds (if any) for posting it
@RadekSlupik uitermaten?
10:41 PM
@TaylorBioniks Code to let you do things like a<b<c instead of a<b && b<c.
@RadekSlupik Are you on drugs :)
uitermate whatever. :p as if I ever use that word.
@Drise give me a sec, I have an idea
@MooingDuck based on what sehe said, I'll let you decide what to do with it. I am willing to accept the points if you so feel like giving them.
@JerryCoffin ah nice I'll save that
10:41 PM
@sehe The oxygen makes me stoned.
@Drise now it's linked from my profile :D stackoverflow.com/users/845092/mooing-duck
I should find other interesting doodads I wrote and put them there too.
@RadekSlupik Come to Colorado. No more excess oxygen.
@MooingDuck put them all in a repo and link to that.
explicit operator bool() const
@JerryCoffin but this is awesome!
10:43 PM
@MooingDuck Should we post it on the main site?
C++ is a keyword.
@Drise good idea! You can now directly answer your own Q before posting it.
There is a little checkbox on the ask question page.
@Drise I can't find a question to make it an answer to, but I'd bet it's a duplicate
@RadekSlupik On the right person, so is this:
@RadekSlupik Inzonderheid ingeval er sprake ware van uitnemend zelfverhelderende geschriften, nochthans. Daartegen treft men liefst directe en voortvarende maatregelen, daar wij niet kunnen riskeren voor plebejers aangezien te worden in het bijzijn van anderstaligen.
@JerryCoffin is that Flash? It doesn't open in my iPod.
10:45 PM
@MooingDuck I'll go ahead and ask it, if you don't mind. If it's a dup, someone will find it, and mark it accordingly.
@sehe fix your grammar.
@RadekSlupik What part
"het liefst"
Incorrect. 'Men handele liefst ...' is just archaic
verdomme. Ik heb de laatste twee weken slechts Engels gesproken.
10:47 PM
Like a dockworker :)
Mhm, I have spoken bad English for the last two weeks. Dat language is too easy.
Well, most of the time, not exclusively.
Y U NO have a more difficult language :) ?
I'm also developing Hexapoda in both English and Dutch at the moment.
@RadekSlupik Awel, kwit hoe-of asda vuult, hee!
10:48 PM
@ScarletAmaranth ik raad je aan om de Finse taal eens te proberen.
@RadekSlupik Turkish is no delight. And the listener assures us Croatian is Herculean (/cc @ScarletAmaranth)
@RadekSlupik proebern -> infinitive of try (i guess, german is probieren), the rest I have no clue about :) ik -> ich -> I ...
@RadekSlupik Probably -- something that shows a zoomed-in section of a picture, anyway.
@sehe Try slovakian one day ;)
@ScarletAmaranth "I recommend you try the Finnish language once."
10:50 PM
@ScarletAmaranth German is "versuchen" :)
@RadekSlupik Oh, I speak a little bit Hungarian, and those two belong to the same language group.
Japanese is a hell to learn; words aren't even slightly similar.
@sehe Probieren is a valid translation of "to try" if torn out of context :P
I want to learn Korean though. Hangul is the only decent writing system anyway.
Q: Trinary comparison operator overloading

DriseHow would one implement a trinary comparison operator to determine, for example, the boolean value of a < b < c?

10:53 PM
Learn Slovakian.
Learn Korean.
@ScarletAmaranth Very far out of context, perhaps
Thanks @RadekSlupik for the correction
FFS. Just learn Hindi, Swahili, Runyankole, Mandarin and Croation. At the same time. Have fun
@sehe It's hurtful you didn't include Slovakian!! :( :P
10:57 PM
Hey, I made some difficult decisions. Someone had to do it
I need to fix my Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. I forgot parts. :(
Hmmm. I forgot to include a click language
@MooingDuck Haha, i corrected my comment. Good point.
Make that Hindi Xhosa, Swahili, Runyankole, Mandarin and Croation
Add Haskell and Dong ML!
10:59 PM
Object Oriented PHP?
sounds wrong

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