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8:00 AM
I've always wanted to play a violin, but never got around to it.
@sehe Again, I can take a triangle and add a side to it, but it doesn't mean it's still a triangle
@DomagojPandža You can have it built without frets too. The Wood is simply more marketed to the rock scene (essentially, now you can do whining, screaming guitar violin solos with a bow too :))
i've tried it
too small
@sehe it just doesn't scream like an electric without a wah pedal
@DomagojPandža I played it for 20 years. Then our house got burgled and I'm now stuck with a crappy chinese factory violin. Takes the fun out of playing
Though I can't seem to find any evidence to support my theory, so I'll just cross my arms and act grumpy for the next 5 minutes.
8:01 AM
i've listened to tech death metal with damn fine bass solos
wah makes everything sound better
@moshbear So, you add those, obviously. The violins won't sound right without proper processing/amplifier anyways: get a semi-acoustic for that
though i'm too lazy to figure out which parts of a guitar cry baby or w/e need modding to sound good for bass
@sehe That sucks, I'd kill the son of a bitch if he were to attempt such a feat at my house.
I loved playing the violin though, especially when the other violinists were good
You don't just hear the music, you feel it too.
@Neil Which theory? The 4 stringedness? You're right, but it isn't relevant because we're not talking classical instruments here. Although, some fine 5-string (semi)acoustics have been made as well
@DomagojPandža I didn't get the chance to make his acquaintance
8:03 AM
I never liked playing the violin. It hurts fingers and ungood sound.
@sehe Why call it a violin then? You could call it whatever you want, and you call it after a traditional strings instrument with 4 strings
Nothing comes close to the sound of a vintage Stratocaster going through a vintage tube amp.
@CheersandhthAlf Yeah. It can be a bitch. A good instrument and proper training help :)
The only good that came out of violin must be the 24 caprices to Mr. P, whatever his name was.
@CheersandhthAlf Your fingers get tougher and you get used to it.
8:04 AM
Right now they hurt.
@CheersandhthAlf Now that's mean :)
But that's due to dumb electric guitar.
@sehe well, you see, they can also be played on guitar. really FAST. :-)
Electric guitars require really a small amount of pressure on strings to sound nice. Acoustic guitars are good for practice.
Well, a small amount in comparison, at least.
@Neil Well, I didn't decide on what the manufacturers name it. I guess it is simply a way to convey their product to their prospective buyers... If they called it a guitar, people would freak out at the sight of bow+resin, and if they called it 'NuttyWhackJob' nobody would think of buying it because there is nothing recognizable in it
@DomagojPandža I've never looked back after using humbuckers; I still want EMG 81s and 85s, though

If you want finger pain, try playing double bass

you will get calluses VERY quickly
8:05 AM
@CheersandhthAlf So I learned, as that was what started this conversation
great minds think alike
@moshbear Depends on your body and your technique a lot :) Many people play double bass without such injuries
i think Abba's Chess album also was based on some of that music
This ought to be my next investment, a Les Paul Traditional.
Beautiful instrument
8:06 AM
@sehe when i started, i played two hours per day without rest
my fingers toughened up very quickly
@DomagojPandža yes, except for the price difference (about 11 000 NKr in diff) that's the beast that's destroying my fingers right now.
I don't care much for the modern "robot" tuning tech, it takes out all the fun.
my cheap version is an "Alfwood", hand made. :-)
I've actually had some experience with making guitars, but mostly it's a hefty investment for something that could be done much better by professionals. :D
8:08 AM
for fifths, my choice of gauges is (52/38/28/15/11/8)*10^-3
bass is 125/80/55/40
@moshbear Oh sorry - I mistook 'calluses' for some kind of strain related injury :) Of course, you'll get calluses. You get it from typing on a rough keyboard :>]
@sehe naw, wrist pain from poor elbow posture is a strain related injury
also, varigrip is a nice warmup for bass
Rough keyboards are a murder to work with. It feels so wrong, after my new one, I'm not going back to anything else.
@sehe Good point
8:11 AM
@DomagojPandža I didn't know rough keybs exist. :D
equally, how I feel about my job
@thecoshman Lacking the 'Meh' subtitle
@sehe Keyboards that only go down without effort when the finger-key surface normal angle is 0. Horrible to work with. :D
My current one feels so nice. So soft.
@DomagojPandža Which one have you got?
Logitech K350
8:15 AM
Apr 27 at 6:44, by sehe
@ScottW I did the same last year, and finally got a nice keyboard - which was actually one of the less expensive ones. (Don't recall) It is a Trust 16121-02
Apr 27 at 6:51, by sehe
user image
Nice hand rest, nice shape, everything. :$
I remember the days when black computers were exclusive and white was cheap crap. And now things are reversed again, hah.
Looks real nice.
@DomagojPandža Only if you buy into Apple mythology?
I can't stand white, it doesn't go with my way of life. I like dark things. White just distracts my eyes.
True. I switch colour themes to dark bakground all the time. I'm not 'into dark stuff' in general, but I don't like to wear my eyes out looking at blinding white screens/stuff.
yeah, dark themes are a lot easier on the eyes I find
8:20 AM
But I like things that glow blue in the middle of the night. Would be nice to have an illuminated keyboard.
oh, I always use neon blue as an accent on themes
I've actually been looking for quite some time for such a keyboard which resembles my current one by design, but either they are anti-ergonomic or so ugly you can't believe people actually sell that.
Apple wins this battle, unfortunately.
god damn windows sucks at desktop backgrounds
do MS even realise that people use more then one screen?
OS X detects and offers different backgrounds across several displays.
I've not tried using different images for the background on multi monitor in linux, but I know that it can display the image properly over the screens. so it's really easy to use a multi screen image as the background
in windows it is such a pain
8:31 AM
Looking at Visual Studio 2012's color scheme for a few hours is a turbo pain.
Solid colour is the best desktop background.
Black is perfect.
Especially if you have an editor that is dark. Come to the dark side, Microsoft.
For a while, I used a live desktop with a spinning galaxy, was a nice thing to see every so often that I went to the desktop
I rarely ever see the desktop.
that's the reason why I got rid of the live desktop :P
8:33 AM
Same here, from all the active windows, the only way to see it is to click the right-corner thingy.
@FredOverflow I don't know. Sometimes iTunes is telling me about VBR, but when I download music I always download at least 320kb/s sound.
(a) use more full screen. It rockses.
(b) Win+D or Win+M to 'Show Desktop' or 'Minimize All'
I don't have anything on desktop, why would I go there.
SIL-I is not detecting an error. I don't know why I even bother with the damn thing, but sometimes it is so entertaining to see stuff being processed in a language you specified. I feel like a god of a retarded Universe.
Full screen view is awesome.
8:35 AM
@CatPlusPlus to see the pretty picture black void
@CatPlusPlus Honest reason? To see what modal dialog(s) is blocking Visual Studio operation. xD
@sehe Hahah, so true :D
I need to sort out my book marks so badly, it's just a horrible vomit. Mostly, categorised as 'read later'
I don't use VS, so I don't have that problem.
Cat Plus Plus, what sort of stuff do you do?
8:37 AM
Although, I don't actually watch the background. The desktop is my dumping ground for things like procexp.exe, tcpview.exe, recently used/made drafts.
Since you're pretty much always on lunix, vim etc...
Sexually abuse the C++ specification?
What lunix.
@DomagojPandža In my experience, Alt+Esc is a good way to finally land on that hidden source control provider popup ...
8:38 AM
Oh, lunix is an old pet name for linux distros
@CatPlusPlus That new meme? You know, it's a virus.
Linux sucks.
@DomagojPandža I know that.
@CatPlusPlus ^ about Lunix
Hacker ISPs
8:40 AM
oh brilliant :D
AMD is a general cause for alarm.
Apparently, if your son is obsessed "Lunix" (an illegal hacker operating system) or ordering processors of the brand called "AMD", those are tell-tale signs that your son might be a hacker
oh no's! I has teh AMD's. Teh EF BEE EYEs will come get me. I need 2 get a hacker IS-pee so I can use teh Loonix
Just cover your traces
Easy, with Lunix
Oh, and don't tell your parents
In my country, piracy has reached such a level that the population actually believes that legal software is distributed on unbreakable disks with their optical side black-dyed .
And when you tell them that a computer game actually costs $60, they almost faint.
8:45 AM
damn Viking homelands!
Abandon planet, this is not a drill, head to the remaining sanity pods for immediate evacuation. Stupidity core is reaching critical.
Haha. The mice are playing a prank on you once again :)
That awkward moment when a simple joke language takes a turn down the usable lane and you regret all the puns and jokes you placed into its specification.
Really. Sounds like a good thing
Depends on the actual jokes, I guess.
I mean, "Still better than PHP" - I'd allow it
9:21 AM
"Still better than PHP" isn't really a challenge.
Brainfuck > PHP
And it ain't even Turing complete.
Without the 30000 byte memory limit it would be.
You can address at most 30000 bytes with brainfuck.
> Nonetheless, like any Turing-complete language, brainfuck is theoretically capable of computing any computable function or simulating any other computational....
You know, it is accepted that all computers and programming languages will run into 'physical' limits like that. That doesn't make us say that C++ isn't turing complete, now does it?
9:23 AM
> The idea behind Brainfuck is memory manipulation. Basically you are given an array of 30,000 1byte memory blocks. The array size is actually dependent upon the implementation used in the compiler or interpreter, but standard Brainfuck states 30,000. Within this array, you can increase the memory pointer; increase the value at the memory pointer, etc. Let me first present to you the 8 operators available to us.
@sehe C++ is turing complete because it doesn't enforce any limits.
Brainfuck does.
Yeah. There is a limit. So is there with C++. Tell me how it doesn't enforce limits.
Perhaps the standard doesn't, but all implementations place limits
If you have 9999999999999TB of RAM and your CPU can address it, you can address it in C++.
Not with any existing compiler, no
Those implementations aren't Turing complete, the language is.
Ok, granted. That's what I said a minute ago :)
9:25 AM
It’s annoying that only the OP can choose the accepted answer
Today is awesome; home alone.
In this (old) question, the accepted answer is wrong, and there’s a much, much better answer posted …
Q: static const vs #define

Patrice BernassolaIs it better to use static const vars than #define preprocessor? Or maybe it depends on the context? What are advantages/disadvantages for each method?

Q: Would it be possible to have a "community accepted" feature?

George IVRecently, I have answered a few questions that were upvoted by factors more than the accepted answer, but not accepted. This one, at the time of my writing, has an accepted answer that the asker said was not what he wanted. I don't know why. In the future, when people view this, people might only...

, as with every feature request.
Meh how do you link to a meta tag?
@RadekSlupik 9/10, made me rage
9:34 AM
He's obviously talking about list comprehensions.
That said, people on /b/ are trolls anyway.
PHPfags, how they would call themselves.
@RadekSlupik <-- like that [meta-tag:hello]
@sehe Ah thanks.
Don't pretend you are @sbi.
@RadekSlupik There can always only be one.
9:40 AM
Surprise entrance
Through the StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™.
@sehe Is it still a surprise if I do this more or less regularly?
I got a good answer and nice answer badge for this :D
9:41 AM
@sbi Of course
@Neil that's going into my auto hot key script :D
@thecoshman It's one of those memes I love so much, I try to use it even when not completely fitting to the situation. :P
@thecoshman That's going to be a lot of fun if it is going to happen as often as you throw tables around here....
@sehe (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@thecoshman *Piccard_facepalm.jpg*
9:45 AM
just got linked to this... funny timing :D
I don't have sound, summary?
He hit the printer with a hammer?
What I will never understand is that the @Cat will have about every tenth message starred, no matter what its content. I mean, I posted this yesterday without anyone even pretending to notice, and then he comes along and posts it again and gets starred.
@Neil if you want to listen to that clip with out sound, you are going to have a bad time
Q: Is it common for a programmer not to know the difference between C and C++?

Stella LieDuring an interview, I was asked whether I knew the difference between C and C++. I was wondering why such question being asked?

Heh this one is even better.
But probably not soo bad to filter out completely unsuitable candidates
@sbi He's due for his next starred comment, isn't he?
9:51 AM
@Neil He always is.
*Setting Cat up for perfect cue*
"I'd struggle to give any real differences between C and C++." You're certainly not a C++ programmer. Please? — sbi 11 secs ago
@sbi +1
I think the C programmers think C and C++ are similar. The C++ programmers (at least I would hope), know better
In C and C++ first basic diff is in C structure we can't declare a method where in C++ we can.
@iPhoneDev actually, modern C does let structs have functions... unless I have horribly mistaken something
9:58 AM
@iPhoneDev I think people assume that the fact that C is technically a subset of C++ that it makes them similar
@thecoshman ... link or it didn't happen
@sehe something let's me that I have got the wrong end of the stick. Not too fussed, as I don't use C
@thecoshman Aw man, it's going to take me the rest of the afternoon to recover from that. That's really really sad
@thecoshman Well, not using C is not a problem. Stating funny stuff like that... is funny :)
guys a very quick question
@sehe I've got an even madder one if you want
10:02 AM
I am using GCC and openCV and I get these errors
usr/include/opencv2/core/include/opencv2/types_c.h error:expected ')' before '*' token
any idea ?
I am using ubuntu
there needs some reordering of the headers I understand
Sounds like a problem that is too big to ask on chat. Try putting some stuff into pastebin.com or ideone.com for us to look at
Maybe you haven't closed a bracket somewhere. Compiler doesn't have any problems with starting a bracket in one file and ending it in an included file
So perhaps it "detects" the error in an included file, even if the actual error was in your own
C++ is a completely different language.
It was designed, however to be mostly C compatible.
@thecoshman I think you accidentally a word.
@timothy Give me the line where the error occurred as well as the two lines above and below, please
10:04 AM
actually all these headers are system built, so I dont have to change anything in the code
only correct answer IMHO
@timothy Likely a problem before that include file. Try to move the #include statement further up. Where's the problem now?
extern "C" {
typedef int (CV_CDECL *CvIsInstanceFunc)( const void* struct_ptr );
typedef void (CV_CDECL *CvReleaseFunc)( void** struct_dblptr );
typedef void* (CV_CDECL *CvReadFunc)( CvFileStorage* storage, CvFileNode* node );
@sbi spelling mistake
10:07 AM
well this is in types_c.h file, #include further up ??
Eww fucktion pointers.
Ewwwww void pointers.
Ewwwwwwwwwww pointers to void pointers.
I think there is no problem in the code,
its just the question how to distribute the header files in linux
@timothy I agree, I don't think it's a problem with the code per se, though maybe it's got something declared that shouldn't be
@timothy what do you mean?
10:09 AM
@timothy are u sure the error is on above lines showing in compiler.
@iPhoneDev Yes
@timothy Try defining/undefining whatever variable that's causing "extern "C" {" to exist or not exist
well, let me tell you the structure of the code, I am trying to do feature detection in images, and there are certain headers that I require, like types_c.h core_c.h, bla bla, ...
@timothy Post the entire header file and whatever includes it here so that we can see the exact same error messages.
so when I debug my code, I end up coming to this error
10:12 AM
Or even just the entire header file.
@timothy You mean when you compile
With the information we have, all we can do is guessing.
I dont want to know how to code, I just want to know how are the header files distributed in linux
how will CodeBlocks search for these headers
@timothy It's usually a matter of defining correct parameters before including the file
Code::Blocks won't, your compiler will.
You specify the search path.
10:13 AM
which are defined in my search directories
right this is wat I mean, GCC in code Blocks
how do you inline videos?
$ g++ foo.cpp bar.cpp -I/my/include/path/which/contains/a/bunch/of/headers
headers only serve when you are making the program. Typically you don't see headers distributed with the software unless it were open source, but even then, it isn't required to run the program, not in Linux or any other platform
@moshbear you just paste the link on it's own
I tried this @Radek
10:15 AM
@moshbear You don't, unless they're very funny (i.e. they make fun of Java and PHP).
i did, but it just did "youtube.com/..."
also, point taken
Bacon! <3
I like the design of the front page of the Haskell wiki.
@timothy Somewhere you have a list of #include statements directly or indirectly causing this file to be included. Usually, with such inexplicable errors in headers that ought to not to have any errors, one of the headers included earlier has an error (missing } or ;). If you change the order of those #include statements and the compiler barks at something else, then it's one of those cases.
i'm off to sleep
later, gents
hmm, sib will check it now
10:20 AM
@moshbear Wow, it would be late for you
Night, moshbear
TIL: Wikipedia has a bacon portal.
You gotta love the internet for having sites like these.
Awesome. :P
how many neuron nodes would it take to do imaging processing on say, an image of size 256x256 in color?
@timothy Who is this sib that you pressure into checking this?
10:26 AM
@sbi Your doppleganger!
@Neil depends what processing you want to do. If you can tile it then it's far less than the number of pixels*colour channels
@awoodland I mean, if you wanted to make a face-recognition software using neural networks
@Neil "Doppelgänger", please. (That much effort you should spend when throwing German words at Germans!)
Wouldn't you have to train the neural net to find faces in any part of the picture?
@Neil of general unconstrained images? or images which are scaled and aligned and uniform pose and lighting?
10:28 AM
@sbi It's an english word too, I do believe
@Neil: But it's "doppelgänger" in English too: oxforddictionaries.com/definition/…
@awoodland Yeah unconstrainted
I don't even know how you'd go about doing that. I've only found documentation which is able to subdivide images into groups
@Zeta Sigh, before the internet, I would have gotten away with that.
@Neil Yeah, in the same way that "container" and "computer" are German words. Snort.
@Zeta I didn't know that!
It's a borrowed word, meaning the word is presented in the new language spelled and pronounced if not exactly the same, almost the same
Like ciao or burrito
@Neil unconstrained is damn hard - I don't think a neural net would be the way to go - for it to generalise well you want to find lots of robust features to extract probably rather than just throwing lots of data at a massive training phase I suspect
you could probably do something similar to eigenfaces with a neural net without too much trouble
10:33 AM
@awoodland I wanted to make a software that could recognize 3-dimensional objects in photos
hi all
but results wouldn't match state of the art
I would start with simple photos generated by pov-ray then move up to real-life photos
@Ell You Ok?
But I don't know what direction to take. I thought neural nets would have saved me. :(
10:34 AM
sib = sbi :D sorry
@sbi feeling pretty good today thank you :) and you?
@Neil I'd look at SIFT or some other feature descriptor personally
Just came out of a maths exam - went well which is good
@Neil neural nets are what people use when there's no hope of doing it in a principled way :)
(probably showing my personal research bias there)
@Neil The thing is — the English "a" as in "gang" (Merkin pronunciation, not Cockney!) is the closest that English comes to pronouncing the German "ä".
10:35 AM
hello all
@awoodland It's true. I figured image pattern recognition was just that :P
@Ell I am at home, because I called in sick, having a cold keeping me in bed on Monday. I guess I'll be back at work tomorrow, though.
all speak english here?
@Neil Human brain > computer at recognizing images
@Neil normally if you have a specific vision problem to resolve you can break it down into something that's simpler and more solvable than the generic broad "make computers see" big question
10:37 AM
@DeadMG I'm lazy.
@sbi oh I'm sorry about that :/
I wonder what algorithm our brain uses to recognise images
well, if you consider that it parses complex images at a very rapid rate
@awoodland Well the point was really experimentation. If it were a trivial thing, I likely wouldn't be interested in achieving it in the first place, but in general you're right
@Neil did you think about doing a PhD? :)
10:38 AM
y i so strong gag reaction
@Ell: It doesn't use any recognising algorithm at all. It will just take the image and look it up in an universal database it's linked to. It will do this for everything. The "intelligence" is merely the individual bandwidth of this connection (SCNR).
@DeadMG you can inhibit your gag reflex
@awoodland Yikes, that difficult eh?
@DeadMG its common knowledge don't ask me why I know how :L
@Neil rumour has it a professor in the 50s (I forget the name) set "computer vision" as a project for a summer student thinking it'd be a 6 month problem
perhaps 60s
10:40 AM
@Zeta that means it would have to hash every possible image? hashes are all different, but the brain can recognize similar images?
@awoodland I think doing the job effectively would definitely require some sort of fuzzy algorithms like genetic algorithms or neural nets
@Ell there's lots of speculation about that - the early processing steps (e.g V1 and V2 are fairly well understood)
I don't think you could program to 100% effectiveness something by definition that is extremely variable
@Ell: Meant "take", not "hash". I guess it's time to get a coffee ._.
Though you'd think locating a cube in a photo would be relatively easy
10:42 AM
@Neil if it's just a cube you can use an edge detector (of which there are plenty) and then look for sets of edges that make plausible projections of a cube into an image
@awoodland where can I read up about this? that doesn't require me to have a degree to understand?
@Zeta okay :) haha
@awoodland But if two sides have the same shade?
It wouldn't get detected
The visual cortex of the brain is the part of the cerebral cortex responsible for processing visual information. It is located in the occipital lobe, in the back of the brain. The term visual cortex refers to the primary visual cortex (also known as striate cortex or V1) and extrastriate visual cortical areas such as V2, V3, V4, and V5. The primary visual cortex is anatomically equivalent to Brodmann area 17, or BA17. The extrastriate cortical areas consist of Brodmann area 18 and Brodmann area 19. There is a visual cortex in each hemisphere of the brain. The left hemisphere visu...
Not to mention it could conceivably look like a square and not a cube
@Neil yeah you can easily come up with scenarios that are ambiguous (and you can trick humans for great profit with books on optical illusions)
you can do some stuff about shadows though in a few different ways
10:44 AM
@awoodland You can trick humans, yes, but we're a lot more difficult to trick
Meaning there's plenty of room for improvement
you can go for illumination invariance (e.g. model colour without luminance information) or you can go for explicit shadow detection
@Neil if you really want to find cubes with a machine human like visual information isn't the way to go - use a laser scanner or something
@awoodland I think you make some excellent points, and I think that would be a great start. Though I would want to improve on that
(OpenCV is great if you want to play around with things like corner and edge detectors)
The US military some years ago did an experiment on an anti-tank mechanism installed in planes that would automatically release bombs on them when the plane flew overhead
The program was basically a failure, at first. The programmers couldn't achieve better than 30% recognition whereas a trained soldier could spot around 70% (camoflauged or whatnot)
However they used some sort of fuzzy logic and actually achieved better results than a trained soldier (75% if I'm not mistaken)
So it's definitely possible
I would be happy if it could detect cubes when a human could detect one
it's an arms race though - you can bet the people in the business of hiding tanks will have taken that on board and altered their design if it's a significant problem and that unexpected change is really hard to handle as a machine
@Neil you'll find humans are really terrible too - if you ask them to mark up the answer to whatever vision problem you're working on manually they're likely to disagree. For example if I had a picture of my desk and asked people to mark all cubes on it some people would mark the laser printer as one whilst some wouldn't.
10:51 AM
@awoodland It would have to fool human eyes as well, otherwise putting gigantic pink flowers on top of your tank would have the inverse effect they'd want to achieve
and even the same person would probably disagree with themselves 1 week later
@sehe Dis morning enough ?
Well programs are starting to be quite resilient in that respect. There might be limits to what it can accomplish, but I don't think those limits are what human beings can do
@Neil Programs make much better use of available resources, but human brains are hardwired to perform certain functions with vast quantities of computational power.
@DeadMG Well that's another thing in favor of the human brain for sure
10:55 AM
Well, evaluating scenes that we see takes great portions of our brain processing power.
Would be interesting to see a fuzzy logic chip in the near future
@ScarletAmaranth I don't think there are any "brain profilers".
@Neil that sounds a lot like analogue computers
I read somewhere (a few years ago, so it's probably no longer true of modern computers) that a skyscraper-sized supercomputer would have enough connections to have the equivalent amount of connections present in the brain of an ant
@DeadMG Theres MRI that can capture what part of brain is currently active in real-time, processing visual images requires many parts to "light up".
10:57 AM
@awoodland qbits baby
Imagine the implications of powerful imaging software
brains are all asynchronous as well aren't they
You could put cameras up on the streets of a city which search for criminal behavior
whereas computers are more serial. or have I just made that up?
And reports anything strange to police
imagine how much control the government would have
10:59 AM
@ScarletAmaranth That does not mean the required resources involved.
what if they add lasers to them... the computers will rise and destroy all!
Government already has that kind of control, really

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