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4:00 PM
@KonradRudolph Reference, pointer, whatever. I had to pick one or the other, and "function pointer" is more recognizable in print while function reference is cleaner in code.
@RMartinhoFernandes Good. Also the fact you know how to quickly type "§"
@Potatoswatter It's on my keyboard layout's "4" key actually.
Is there a land where that symbol is widely used? O_o
Lawyerspeak maybe.
Did you manually map it there?
we're like, six Chromers and one Failfoxer
4:03 PM
@Potatoswatter Portuguese keyboard?
@Potatoswatter No, it's really part of the default layout. AltGr+4 gives it.
It's even printed on the key.
This layout is stupid anyway. I have tons of things that are not used in Portuguese at all.
Things like «» guillemets, ¨ umlauts, £ pound symbols, or § section symbols.
Waste of keyboard real estate.
As I examine my keyboard, I think the symbol I use the least is | (bar).
um, that's the 'or' operator
Actually, I think the only symbol that I don't use in C++ code is the ` backtick. (which I use on SO)
and the Unix pipe
did you mean '¦'?
4:08 PM
@ecatmur I'm aware, but all the rest I use more frequently
@ecatmur I don't have that symbol on my keyboard
@MooingDuck Do you use the @ sign or $?
That ¦ thing printed on keys usually ends up typing |.
@Potatoswatter erm, no. I use them often enough I didn't think it through
yup, and the ¦ symbol types |
why do we put up with this?
I don't care about what's printed on keys.
4:11 PM
user image
Blank keyboards rock.
That thing is way too expensive and it doesn't make coffee.
Hahaha, it's a nihilist.
How is this related to nihilism?
You fail <some related subject> forever.
@RadekSlupik I still need to look for @#$%^&
4:16 PM
any other design questions to be answered?
@DeadMG There's plenty ;)
then ask them and I shall answer
@RadekSlupik: That wasn't censored, that was a list of symbols :D
@MooingDuck If you'd ask me "where is @ (or any of those)?" I wouldn't be able to answer, because my fingers don't speak.
@MooingDuck Yeah I just noticesd :p
4:17 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes now I'm wondering if I can type those symbols without looking
because it just dawned on me that I do type @ without looking :/ Shows what I know about what I know.
Anyone ever heard of including <algorithm> and getting operator!= for free in your class?
@0A0D no
Also operator!= is a one-liner.
@0A0D Without using namespace std::rel_ops; and some more code? No.
Also, std::rel_ops sucks balls, don't use it.
It's an internal implementation detail that somehow leaked into the standard.
Ok, because a senior developer told me that yesterday.. first I had heard of it.
Well, no. Not without a broken stdlib.
Q: How can I specialize a C++ template for a range of values?

MikeIs there a way to have a template specialization based on a range of values instead of just one? I know the following code is not valid C++ code but it shows what I would like to do. I'm writing code for a 8-bit machine, so there is a difference in speed for using ints and chars. template<un...

Once again RMartinhoFernandes saves the day
Woah, +7 in a minute.
My alts and me
4:34 PM
Woot, Portugal is winning.
@TonyTheLion Cthulhu-ish greeting.
4:36 PM
who they playing against?
@Konrad why did you delete your answer?
Hehe, Nice Answer badger in under 5 minutes. That's a first.
@RMartinhoFernandes Are you watching the game? =)
second goal was nice
@ManofOneWay Yeah.
So someone in here actually enjoy sports
4:40 PM
@ScarletAmaranth I normally have to wear glasses, but I don't wear them. If I occasionally do put them on it seems like the resolution of the world around me has greatly been improved.
@RMartinhoFernandes Because it’s sh*t. I misunderstood the question and although the answer can be adapted – see Chris’ answer – it’s actually wrong.
@StackedCrooked o_O ? As in regard to what statement of mine ?
4:40 PM
@ScarletAmaranth You can click the gray arrow at the left of my comment. It links to this comment.
@jalf Are you watching the game??
@ManofOneWay You're rooting for Denmark :<?
@RMartinhoFernandes Of course
I'm from Sweden
@StackedCrooked Oooh, didn't know the g---r---ay arrow trick.
Pretty hard
@RMartinhoFernandes Basically...
4:42 PM
Thanks SO advertisements..
I'm a bad person.
@JerryCoffin > "because DirectX is a fairly poor design" now that is very gratuitous
Hello friends
Hello enemy
4:46 PM
> process it under encipher() function
encipher, the new mix between cypher and encrypt
For stronger cryptography
craptography = really bad encryption
A: Efficient integer compare function

Evgeny KluevThis code has no branches and uses only 4 instructions. It should outperform other branch-less alternatives on recent Intel processors, where cmov* instructions are quite expensive. Disadvantage is non-symmetrical return value (INT_MIN+1, 0, 1). int compare_int (int a, int b) { int res; ...

@Ell 2ROT13?
setl only sets the lowest byte and leaves the rest untouched, right?
upvote my PHP and Java bashing answer
A: Learn programming backwards, or "so i failed the FizzBuzz test. Now what?"

DeadMG But I was stranded yesterday trying to figure out (not google) a solution for the FizzBuzz test because I didn't have the if($n1 % $n2 == 0) method memorized. Nobody memorizes that thing. You're supposed to come up with it on your own. If you know the modulus operator and you know what i...

@FredOverflow Y u no post that in comment?
4:55 PM
@DeadMG I edited it into his answer, do you think that was uncalled for?
@FredOverflow Well, kinda. I mean, it could have perfectly well been a comment.
@DeadMG That sounds like you're going on on an unrelated tangent. But I haven't read the question yet.
@DeadMG I wanted to get my test case output in there somehow. And multiple lines of code are pretty much unreadable as a comment.
@FredOverflow You don't need all of them, or even any of them, they're all the exact same test case: compare(x, x) for some x.
I'm sure he'll correct his mistake and take my stuff out. If it's still there tomorrow, I'll do a rollback.
4:58 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Try it, it might help out in that regard.
How can you write a complete system (of whatever) and fail to do FizzBuzz test ? WTF ?
FizzBuzz is trivial if you know modulo, otherwise it's difficult
You can probably write systems without using the % operator :)
@Pubby not overly, just keep "count since last fizz" and a "count since last buzz", and it's still pretty easy.
5:01 PM
@FredOverflow Yeah, just use URL encoding when you need the %. Oh wait..
How can you not know modulo ? #2 WTF ?
@Pubby Uh? You can do it without knowing what % is
Q: Design pattern for an automated mechanical test bench

JJSBackground I have a test fixture with a number of communication/data acquisition devices on it that is used as an end of line test for a product. Because of all the various sensors used in the bench and the need to run the test procedure in near real-time, I'm having a hard time structuring th...

Q: Pattern for Accessing MySQL connection

Dipan MehtaWe have an application which is C++ trying to access MySQL database. There are several (about 5 or so) threads in the application (with Boost library for threading) and in each thread has a few objects, each of which is trying to access Database for its' own purpose. It has a simple ORM kind of ...

Why do people need patterns for everything?
Makes them feel confident they're doing the Right Thing™
@FredOverflow Because they are stupid.
5:04 PM
A: In plain English, what is recursion?

Ryan AllenThe OP said that recursion doesn't exist in the real world, but I beg to differ. Let's take the real world 'operation' of cutting up a pizza. You've taken the pizza out of the oven and in order to serve it up you have to cut it in half, then cut those halves in half, then again cut those resulta...

Great, now I want pizza. Recursively cut.
@DeadMG I'm tempted to upvote because "should be able to come up with it", but I don't agree it's the PHP.
Nono, seriously, if you are employed as a programmer or you have a degree in Software Engineering / CS and you say: "Oh well, I didn't memorize <whatever with modulo>.", they you should consider a different career.
@FredOverflow It's turtles all the way down.
@ScarletAmaranth The problem is actually memorize
@Cicada Oh, that's what i said ...
5:05 PM
No, that's what she said. Literally.
@ScarletAmaranth However, if you said "But I didn't memoize..." then that's another case.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend a few minutes facepalming.
@ScarletAmaranth Because he delivers?
@RMartinhoFernandes Yeah that's a stupid statement o'mine.
ronaldo fail
5:08 PM
@bamboon :(
@StackedCrooked Wouldn't turtles in the lower levels get crushed by the turtles in the higher levels?
haha gotta love that list
@FredOverflow That's the dirty secret of the turtles.
Q: SFINA not working on llvm/clang

FoziIn the following code I'm trying to call a functor with whatever it takes as its parameters, "whatever" being a limited set of options (the two here are not the only ones in my code). #include <memory> #include <iostream> template<class T> struct call_with_pointer { // la...

See, told ya clang has borked SFINAE.
@Cicada You may need to work on your spelling. The correct spelling is "accurate", not "gratuitous". :-)
What is SFINA :D ?
5:10 PM
Substitution failure is not an error (SFINAE) refers to a situation in C++ where an invalid substitution of template parameters is not in itself an error. David Vandevoorde first introduced the acronym SFINAE to describe related programming techniques. Specifically, when creating a candidate set for overload resolution, some (or all) candidates of that set may be the result of substituting deduced template arguments for the template parameters. If an error occurs during substitution, the compiler removes the potential overload from the candidate set instead of stopping with a compilation ...
@RMartinhoFernandes Wheel of fortune! Substitution is not a ...?
@FredOverflow That's SFINAE :)
@ScarletAmaranth Substitution failure is not an
@RadekSlupik So it would seem ^^
@ScarletAmaranth Oh, stupid auto correcting brain of mine.
5:11 PM
I hate people who don't complete their
@JerryCoffin Troll ahead. Do go on
@ScarletAmaranth Substitution failure is no alternative, maybe?
@FredOverflow You saw the video that Sehe posted a while ago about faces getting distorted after a while because of brain making stuff up ?
Look out there's a snip-
@RadekSlupik I tend not to think things through because
5:12 PM
@RadekSlupik Substitution failure is not An?
Substitution failure is not acceptable!
@Cicada By "go on" do you mean "leave" or "continue"?
@JerryCoffin "Continue"
Leave is "go away"
#define leave break
5:14 PM
@Cicada Some people use "go on" to mean "leave".
@JerryCoffin I don't know all the variants of english :(
you know
I really should have spent the last six hours revising for my exam tomorro
5:17 PM
@Cicada Depends entirely on context.. I would have taken yours to mean 'continue'
@DeadMG Hmm. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
So anyway, what will the next step by should we decide to actually make the project work ?
@DeadMG my past self is always getting my present self in trouble
In any case, it's almost hard to talk about how badly messed up DirectX is, because it's hard to decide where to start. Probably at the beginning: it's all based around COM, which is, itself, a complete mess. Then, they make poor use of the poor facilities that COM does provide.
@RMartinhoFernandes You say that as if he has the ability to turn back time.
5:20 PM
@StackedCrooked You don't?
@JerryCoffin I guess ugly APIs are attractive to game developers :D
Sprinkled with void* and C-style casts for good taste.
@JerryCoffin I chuckled slightly
@Collin I can turn back the clock. Does that count?
@StackedCrooked Well, at one time it did have a considerable (~2:1) advantage in speed over OpenGL. For better or worse, that was a fairly crucial, "formative" time though, so most game shops started out with DirectX. Since then, most have undoubtedly build considerable infrastructure around it to hide its ugliness. On one hand, that means they don't have to deal with it very directly most of the time, and at the same time means switching to something better would probably be quite painful.
It's a familiar story.
5:25 PM
@JerryCoffin You seem to know a thing or two about graphics, what's your opinion on "The unlimited detail technology" that some folks have been claiming to have in a functional state :) ?
@JerryCoffin I'd wonder if there even is anything better, it's not like the OpenGL API is a dream to work with, it's essentially a mess of implicit object bindings, implicit state and implicit "ownership".
> If this all sounds a bit technical to you, just press the "What is it ?" button on the side and we will try and explain things in a bit more detail.
@ScarletAmaranth I don't know enough about it to comment intelligently.
This all sounds like bullshit to me, so what do I press?
5:27 PM
@JerryCoffin Do you think it could possibly be viable in future ? (Also reducing the stress on hardware that's been rising with modern graphically intensive applications and games ?)
@KillianDS I wouldn't say OpenGL is anything close to a dream, but at least IMO, it's still a lot better than DirectX.
@ScarletAmaranth fake (and gay)
@JerryCoffin Don't let the puppy hear you.
@ScarletAmaranth You mean those real-time voxel ray-tracing engines?
@KillianDS Yeah except for it's not really "voxel" based in the old "voxel view" if that makes any sense :)
Anyway, I've seen some real time presentations and even though they were quite impressive, everything was static and looked like ... shit :)
@ScarletAmaranth It's voxel based, they just claim to have an alternative voxel representation, but in essence it still are voxels.
I still have to see a decent demo for dynamic objects, all I've seen up until know are fairly static models.
@KillianDS Same question then, do you think it could be possibly viable in the "near" future ?
> I just put this picture at the end because I liked it. It has refections and lots of really complicated trees and detail, detail, detail. (editor's note: this follows a 640x480 picture where you can't even read their own logo properly)
isn't sans serif that font that everybody hates?
or is that comic sans?
5:31 PM
@DeadMG Comic sans.
Fonts with serifs suck.
So, sans serif is usually a good thing.
@ScarletAmaranth For static models, yeah, I thought ID was even going to include it in their NG engine for things like terrain and indestructible environment. It would be based on SSD streaming though, so predictability is a real key here, which is just not compatible for animated models.
@RMartinhoFernandes You should be getting populist badge pretty soon. :)
@ScarletAmaranth I mostly question whether it's anything really new, at least fundamentally. Virtually all the earliest books on how to write shaders included examples of generating the Mandelbrot set (truly infinite detail) in a shader. At least from the looks of things, this isn't even that close to the edge of the envelope though.
@Mysticial What for?
Oh, my answer was not accepted.
@RMartinhoFernandes Yeah, we've argued about it before. It doesn't go much of anywhere.
5:33 PM
I just put down two votes to make it 11/23
Populist is gold, right?
Them gold badgers are hard to get.
nothing is too hard for the robot
You already have two of them. How did you not know?
5:35 PM
@JerryCoffin @KillianDS Thanks.
@Mysticial Yeah, I know I have them. I wasn't sure of the goldness. And didn't bother checking, I'm watching the game.
haha ronaldo fail again
Damn cheapo 3G connection kicked me off for an hour right after posting a Q
oh oh
Anybody got an idea how the compiler keeps track of constant variables? (in the context of using const_cast)
Should be 4-2.
Fuck you Ronaldo, get your shots straight.
@Drise const is part of the type. Using it with correct semantics is up to you.
@Drise it doesn't
5:41 PM
How can I get Google not to redirect me to my country-specific site? Google.com points to google.com.ph, and that server doesn't respond.
Seems there's a major routing issue at my ISP.
Also, how important is RTTI?
@Potatoswatter I think there is a link at the bottom saying "google in english"
@Drise What kind of question is that? RTTI isn't even a very well-defined term.
@bamboon Yeah, if you can load the page in the first place.
@Potatoswatter How important is the concept?
@Potatoswatter Click "go to google us" at the bottom
Or something like that
5:43 PM
By the way, that just sets a cookie, the TLD is still reset.
@Potatoswatter google.com/ncr
Screw you!
@bamboon awesome!
5:44 PM
@ManofOneWay :P
Note that still creates a cookie
How/where did you find that?
What is "ncr"? "No country redirect"?
No Country Redirect
Restaurant, byebye <3
localization in HTML
how utterly random
next up: localization in PROLOG, localization in APL, and localization in Brainfuck
5:50 PM
Next up, the Netherlands.
For the "simple English" definition of recursion, how about the "one picture" version:
user image
Germany > Netherlands qua soccer.
@RadekSlupik aber hallo
Aber natürlich.
and how to type Unicode codepoints... on OSX only
5:53 PM
@DeadMG Wut?
Unicode keys?
@RMartinhoFernandes My Unicode lecture notes
ironic that a lecture series all about portability and flexibility doesn't cover more than one OS
⌥⌘T, then choose one from the window that pops up. :P
Hey @DeadMG how's it going with the game? Is there a set date on which development will start?
5:58 PM
@RadekSlupik Assuming you don't count the work I've already done as "start"? :P
34th Neverember 3153.
Oh. :P
Let's word it differently. When will the repo be online? :P
you mean, the public one containing the source code for the build I've been posting?

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