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8:00 PM
@KhaledAKhunaifer So are programmers
@MartinJames on the veno tonight :D
wait what
the P in psychology is silent?
some nice cote de rone... rhone... it's red stuff
@thecoshman -Shortly.
fuck you english
in dutch
we say psychologie
@orlp Yes
and the p is not silent
we say knie
and the k is not silent
Yo have any of you tried Duolingo
it's 'sigh-koll-oh-gee'
8:02 PM
I've been using it recently to try and recall some of the French we learned in school... its pretty okay
@BartekBanachewicz I'm about to play some matches of HS. Do you wanna watch and get the achievement?
def loop(fn: => Unit): () => Unit = {
  @volatile var continue = true
  val thread = spawn { while (continue) { fn } }
  () => {
    continue = false
Best abstraction ever.
They have some cool voice recognition stuff
@Jefery lol, saddest story ever
8:04 PM
lol Vagrant gave machine only one CPU and 512 MB RAM.
@Jefery just hand your head in sha,me
That's about as little as your dick.
@thecoshman What? Why?
8:07 PM
@Jefery I don't understand why blizzard only gives us 9 deck sluts
oh wait, I can't dictate like that, I'm not blue
I'm worried, cosh. Is everything ok?
Is it safe to modify a container that you are iterating through using a ranged for loop in c++11?

for(auto& line : list_lines) { if(something) { list_lines.push_back(new_line); } }
he's probably drunk
@TonyTheLion hey!
I've only had a glass so far
8:08 PM
Its showing :P
@Prismatic Not if list_lines is a vector.
I'm just salty over terrible modding
@Prismatic No
It's unrolled to use begin/end, so whether iterators are valid after a push_back depends on the type of the container.
also just desugar the loop and check for yourself
8:09 PM
@thecoshman the video you posted is funny, not because of how he discuss some letters. but because he's already using them at the same time he's criticizing them.
all the iteration invalidation rules still apply
indexed loops win again
@Prismatic Define "safe".
:\ I'm not sure if I want to get piercing or tattoo more
@thecoshman One can be removed easily
8:10 PM
@Prismatic also wtf are you doing
Vector iterators are stupid. They should store a pointer to the vector and an integer instead, and throw exceptions when going out of bounds.
@thecoshman The parrot and eye-patch are more important to the pirate image.
@milleniumbug I am splitting one long line of text into multiple lines based on a maximum line width
@JerryCoffin the eye-patch is actually a myth, it's just that pirates often got into fights and thus often had black eyes
Its weird to add to an array while you iterate through it, but it feels right in this case
@Elyse Wouldn't the bounds check be bad for performance though
@thecoshman Are you serious about getting a piercing or a tattoo?
@Prismatic yes... why?
Just curious. I got a tattoo... not really sure how I feel about it lol. How old are you?
piercing is cheaper... but more awkward and I worry about getting my hair caught in all the time
@Elyse too inefficient representation
8:14 PM
@Prismatic old enough to have plenty of ink already :P
get a penis piercing
or can't I say that around here?
@TonyTheLion probably not
you mean a piercing that looks like a penis?
@thecoshman Ah ok. What kind of tattoos do you have? Are you into tattoo art at all?
A: Indenting Paragraph With cout

Jerry CoffinThis could still use a little bit of work (e.g., the indent should really be implemented as a manipulator, but manipulators with arguments are hard to write portably -- the standard doesn't really support/define them). I believe it also still needs a bit of work on how it handles new lines, and[E...

8:15 PM
@Prismatic there is no reason you cannot offer unsafe_begin() and unsafe_end().
@thecoshman Black eyes, or sometimes eyes that were missing. IOW, it's not really a myth at all.
Also, data() and data() + size() already exist.
@Prismatic ergh, mostly fairly 'clean' stuff. Not 'realistic' but definitely not that classic style
@JerryCoffin ah, canny fool you :P
@Prismatic what you got?
@thecoshman I use i3wm anyway
@Ell that's the tilling one isn't it?
I like full screen things too much to bother with that
8:17 PM
I got a traditional tattoo done like this
I'll see if I can find the exact one
as in full back like that?
@Elyse What a brilliant idea.
A: pointer to vector at index Vs iterator

Jerry CoffinIterators are (potentially) invalidated by anything that could resize the vector (e.g., push_back). You could, however, create your own iterator class that stored the vector and an index, which would be stable across operations that resized the vector: #include <iterator> #include <algorithm> #...

@Elyse IMO there should be a "unsafe" qualifier so you can say T *begin() unsafe { ... }
Not a full back, it was much smaller... but it was done with a manual tattoo needle like the monk is holding. So it doesn't look inked, it looks like a bunch of dots
@JohannesSchaub-litb A lot of things would be unsafe, then.
8:18 PM
and can qualify types with unsafe: unsafe std::vector<int>& v = ...
Such as dereferencing a pointer, or a reference.
thats what I have on my back
or something similar anyway
@Elyse I agree. but not declaring something unsafe will not mean it is safe
any idea what it really says?
@JohannesSchaub-litb :(
8:18 PM
Supposed to be protection by the buddha in the '8 directions of the universe' or something
for backwards compatibility reason
text is like the only thing I will not get
@thecoshman "silly white boy who overpaid for a tatoo he didn't even understand".
but yeah, I've a nice clean skull on my shoulder, a (not so) cheap and cheerful snake on my wrist, and a grave of bats up my side
@JerryCoffin basically yeah :P
8:20 PM
@thecoshman yeah
@thecoshman you can do fullscreen things in i3wm
I want to get sleeves like that
if you want t "alt-tab" out of it you can just do mod+f and then navigate as usual
in some countries, half nude pictures are NSFW
@JohannesSchaub-litb well, in my place, that photo is a problem because it's showing his bellybutton
at least he's hiding his boobs.. so I guess it's OK
8:22 PM
I typed sudo aptidude
Good thing this is an American chat and I don't care :}
@Prismatic sleeves are cool, but I can't plan them out :\
@JohannesSchaub-litb true, best suspend prismatic
I was thinking about getting my ear pierced a long time ago but I'm kinda scared about the pain involved lol
What a pussy
Dude just feel how fleshy your ear lobes are
now imagine a bolt being shoved through it
8:27 PM
@Prismatic Knew a guy who got drunk and passed out a frat party, and when he woke up had not only a hangover, but really painful ear lobes...
Dude just feel how tight your butthole is
I'd rather not ty
now imagine a 1cm diameter tube shoved through it
enjoy that colonoscopy btw :]
You have no idea what pain is
8:29 PM
actually this week I'm having an issue with my colon
pain hurts
Alright real talk lounge, what's the worst pain you've felt in your life that you can remember
@orlp what's wrong with this?
The pain of programming
I was just about to write programming doesn't count
8:29 PM
Also what the fuck cosh was suspended again, for 6 days this time
at first it felt as if there was a blade placed next to my colon, whenever I set on it
Are you fucking serious
@Jefery you're having a laugh right?
Wait what?
@Ell read three more times
8:30 PM
@Ell Not really
When I found out that NodeOS was not a joke.
@KhaledAKhunaifer what did it turn out to be
1cm diameter is nothing :V
I don't wanna know if it's more
I'm fine with 1cm
@MartinJames Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated by javascript
8:31 PM
@Prismatic Gout. Far and away the worst.
@Prismatic the colon is having a hard time, and I'm addicted to exhausting my body doing stupid things too that I can't help it.
That could be taken in the wrong way
@CatPlusPlus Thanks, I'll check that out.
@TonyTheLion The department of redundancy department approved this message.
snack overflow continues to be an excellent fucking site
8:32 PM
Wait, why was cosh suspended?
@JerryCoffin you're welcome, if you wish to subscribe to my feed of redundant statements, you can :)
@TonyTheLion I'm too conceited to subscribe to anything. I superscribe.
Really Good Moderator Transparency
@CatPlusPlus I sense frustration
8:34 PM
4 mins ago, by Cat Plus Plus
Also what the fuck cosh was suspended again, for 6 days this time
2 hours ago, by thecoshman
@JonClements fuck off did it
@TonyTheLion "Captain, I want to wear a normal uniform!" "Why?" "For an hour every week, I can sense millions of men staring at my cleavage."
Why 6 days? Why not a week? Why do I get the 7 days:((
8:37 PM
Is it garbage policies? General incompetence? Call 0 800 FUCK SNACKOVERFLOW and tell us your pick!
next up: Cat gets suspended too
<thecoshman|angry> "@jefery well what?"
<thecoshman|angry> "@martin well, it's seven day ban, but instantly we are at at 6 days if you round down, which of course snackchat does"
well, I know cats can be more dangerous than humans.
Well, I never get any problem with Stack Overflow Management™ and I'm not really what you'd call "polite".
Maybe it's just racism against pirates.
wow, you actually have put a ™ next to Stack Overflow Management, wait a minute, that means that Stack Overflow Management is trade-marked, but not Stack Overflow alone.. confused
8:42 PM
tempted to flag
@EtiennedeMartel piratism
I guess only those who act like angsty teenagers get the banhammer.
@BartekBanachewicz oh please refrain
mainly because you love me
@TonyTheLion but cat banned
8:44 PM
It'd be funny if there's be a trade-mark next to a middle-finger ascii art .. I love this kind of things together that randomly make no sense
@EtiennedeMartel I was not around to witness the banhammering and cannot confirm or deny this accusation.
Evening gentlemen
@Nathan hi
Always a pleasure starting the evening with a middle finger
8:46 PM
maybe I won't have to flag it
@MadaraUchiha maybe you can tell us why @thecoshman was banned for 6 days?
@TonyTheLion Hmmm
s this some game of "Ping @thecoshman so when he gets back he has 99999 pings?"
Give me a few.
@Puppy lol
8:48 PM
maybe we should ask @thecoshman why he was banned
I'm sure @thecoshman won't have a problem discussing it
@Puppy Yes, that would most likely be the best. I don't want to expose things said in private.
@MadaraUchiha (he says he has no idea why)
@MadaraUchiha Odd choice to issue a public ban for private words
@Puppy Oh, the words were said in public.
We tried to resolve things privately prior to the public ban.
8:50 PM
this makes me feel so sad.
used to be whenever there was Lounge Drama it was all about Puppy.
now I'm the one who comes in five hours late to the party
Puppy is now a good boy
Puppy's making a new website for himself
Well, to put it bluntly, cosh was discussing, to put it in his words "something involving a gender, an act between genders, and a container"
it'll be even worse than the old one
Hi, if I have a value instance of a class and in the class's constructor I add it to a global vector of shared_ptr will it be destroyed/freed once the value instance falls out of scope?
8:52 PM
@MadaraUchiha lol
I use discord mainly now.
It's pretty nice.
o rly.
I think you may have misclicked.
The fuck
I misclicked
8:52 PM
How are people so bad at context
This link is right in the middle of the popup
And there is no confirmation message
Who designed this shit
Good job
8:53 PM
I was reading the rules of the chat and I was curious..
When asked to stop, he didn't take it well, wasn't being overly constructive about it, and so was suspended from chat.
@BartekBanachewicz I like how it doesn't list C and C++ developers
are we some kind of black sheep
Sounds like our pirate alright.
@MadaraUchiha No he wasn't, it was a sarcastic response to a vast mod overreaction to what Jerry said (chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/27227773#27227773)
8:54 PM
@CatPlusPlus agreed
@Prismatic we're not webscale
Because it fucking deserves one
@BartekBanachewicz buzzwords trigger me, please stop
Careful m8 you're expecting mods to read context.
@CatPlusPlus It... wasn't really the only instance...
8:54 PM
That's quite a task you're asking for.
the rules page doesn't talk about the things I should talk about, so what are the things I shouldn't talk about
the mod is not gonna help you if you all jump down his throat
@KhaledAKhunaifer Java
8:55 PM
@Prismatic but then again you can leverage your devops skills and supercharge your careeer with networking skills on social platforms
@MadaraUchiha It was until he got suspended for an hour for it, which also was a goddamn overreaction
he just stated his observation.. and mods went crazy aboutit
>tfw you read context
You can't relate, can ya?
@BartekBanachewicz disgusting
now I have to take a shower
8:55 PM
here's an observation: I'm fat.
@Puppy They don't want help, they just want to stir things up
@Jefery what about sexual stuff?
Can someone tell me what this is about?
@KhaledAKhunaifer Perfectly fine
I've read the transcript and I still don't get it.
8:56 PM
@CatPlusPlus I wasn't a part of the decisions made, but there are constructive ways of resolving issues.
I didn't get it either
Instead of owning up and admitting to the overreaction, mods continue stupid suspensions for a thing that wasn't ever done
@Rapptz mod overreaction
you should add litb to the room owners and it will all get better
He was being a jerk to the mods who tried to contact him in private.
8:56 PM
@MadaraUchiha well admittedly that's pretty stupid
He resumed the activity for which he was suspended in chat for, regardless of how overracted it was.
@MadaraUchiha wait, so SO has a private chat function?
how can you use it
you can't
@JohannesSchaub-litb Only mods can use it.
8:57 PM
by being a smurf duh
mods only
huh why is that
that's discriminating
because <insert Jeff Atwood quote>
8:58 PM
So after being unsuspended in chat, apparently the suspension had no effect, and after consulting an employee who happened to be in the mod room, we've decided on a 6 day suspension on main.
I'm thankful there is not private chat function
< we are humans aswell >
\ ^__^
\ (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||
Can you imagine how many people would contact you in private for help?
8:59 PM
Personally, I think it's important for users to understand that things said and done in chat can, and will have effects on main, so I wholeheartedly support the decision.
@Rapptz Yeah, even I, SJW Supreme, thinks that's an overreaction.
"That is derogatory in any context" laffo
@CatPlusPlus thanks
You can think it's a stupid thing to say, but to go and blast the message altogether is idiotic.
We even have people contacting top contributors via email, which is much more than 3 clicks away.
8:59 PM
so is everyone here a programmer with a comp. science degree? :P
@Nathan no
*or a comp science student
People on this freelancing site are STACKED
8:59 PM

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