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1:00 PM
@ParkYoung-Bae oh come on
@BartekBanachewicz Let me play my drama show pls
@Pris try dhist.doesnot.exist/demo.gifv (feel free to link that, it's PD)
@ParkYoung-Bae I'll add mine
It's significantly more difficult to pull off correctly when you're not a girl anymore
1:01 PM
In fact, more lines of code than needed to run the entire Linux kernel, the LHC, a Boeing 787, or the frickin' Space Shuttle. — Lightness Races in Orbit 16 secs ago
We have rightfold for that
Why a company would ask developers to register to get access to their SDK is beyond me
why does it matter whether you are a girl or not, I am plonked by half of the lounge
Because marketing
1:03 PM
@ParkYoung-Bae are you still on about that
I'm taking the fucking time to give your shitty sdk an ounce of interest and you ask me to FILL A TEN FIELD FORM
it's not free it costs your personal data duh
Is it nVIDIA
Intel (but NVIDIA also)
1:04 PM
I hear for Intel you also need to submit to the horrors of owning their GPU
Yes I'm still on about that because I want that SDK but I don't want to fill that form
I'll just put your name, Bartek
something something new intel gpus are ok something
@ParkYoung-Bae lol
@BartekBanachewicz Meh yeah gen 5 is ok (iGPUs, Iris is still shit)
I should get a joystick for the space games
NVIDIA OTOH still can't get a clue that their marketing on OpenCL is retarded
1:06 PM
Head tracking is such a stupid gimmicky toy, but god do I want it
OpenCL has marketing?
NVIDIA's policy on OpenCL is fairly straightforward: 1. don't implement it
@sehe or theres a bug in his trim function :P
I'll try to find that SDK on bittorrent
Or something
That's safe yes
Just put some random shit in that form
I put "Bartek Banachewicz"
1:09 PM
I'm registered as Cat Plus Plus in NVIDIA developer portal thing and nobody cares
Occupation: cat
> Get the Free Starter Edition
@CatPlusPlus x52 or bust
@CatPlusPlus can be DIYed
x52 is too expensive
I've heard about people implementing that with a cap with leds and a webcam successfully
Besides I don't need HOTAS
@BartekBanachewicz Can not be bothered
1:12 PM
2 days ago, by Cat Plus Plus
@BartekBanachewicz Stop being poor
I'm unlikely to buy it either
@ParkYoung-Bae Iris is a slut
It's not a matter of not being able to afford it
It's a matter of not wanting to spend that much on a stupid joystick
but but so many axes on the throttle
shit I have to get back to my embedded development
damn C
damn ARM
I'd be fine with roll/pitch/yaw and fire controls in one thing
I can use the keyboard for everything else
1:13 PM
then I dunno you can buy anything in 100-150 PLN range I suppose
it looks so cheap and crappy too though
@CatPlusPlus what about throttle?
Saitek supposedly has a terrible track record when it comes to build quality
Get yourself a Spaceball!
@thecoshman Keyboard
1:15 PM
In E:D at least I want to learn how to fly with assist off (i.e. no correction to zero when you cut throttle)
Er, Spacemouse.
@CatPlusPlus I have a gamepad from them and it's clocking 10 years already I think
I've resoldered the cable though
@Bartek Where do I get the binaries for the marmalade games? (yes I'm lazy to search)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Can it fly?
1:16 PM
RAT is also OK when it comes to build quality; no issues here
@CatPlusPlus it was a manual damage of the cord near the base
all buttons, plastics, axes are still pristine
@R.MartinhoFernandes I have bought one of those for Natalia last christmass
the newest small wireless one.
it's pretty cool, but I wouldn't use it for gaming
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol almost 400€
@BartekBanachewicz That's 100 bucks.
Also they didn't update their site to new VAT rules tsk tsk
1:18 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes something like that yes
@CatPlusPlus The small thingy is just 100, but yeah, still a lot.
@CatPlusPlus @R.M you can get them with huge discounts if you're a student
Thanks @Bartek
@ParkYoung-Bae I don't know if there are binaries built
Jefff put up the list on wiki
@CatPlusPlus grumble grumble
1:19 PM
Oh. The wiki.
I bought it here @CatPlusPlus
but again, if you're not doing professional 3D work I wouldn't bother
a 150PLN joystick will do just fine
> professional 3D work
well, I mean you're doing it regularly and a lot
@BartekBanachewicz so... not professional?
it takes quite some time to get used to, and i.e. for me, a casual sketchup user, would prolly be an overkill
1:21 PM
Please note, 1) Int *foo = 0079; does not set foo to 0079, it sets *foo to 0079. 2)0079 is not decimal, its octal.. — Sourav Ghosh 1 min ago
@thecoshman I suppose if you're a very dedicated hobbyist you're going to buy pro-grade hw anyway
regardless of profession
took that picture today
Hmm. IO completion ports. We meet again.
1:24 PM
The password must be at least eight characters long, and can contain letters, numerals, and punctuation.
It cannot contain spaces.
It must contain at least one alpha character [a-z; A-Z].
It must contain at least one numeric character [0-9].
It must contain at least one special character from the following list:

` ! @ $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ ] ; : ' " , < . > / ?

It cannot begin with an exclamation point (!) or a question mark (?).
It cannot contain your login ID.
The first three characters cannot be the same.
Thank you Intel
ergh, so tired of work :\
Join the club
Oh wait you already did
@ParkYoung-Bae Gee fuck.
Turns out a week away does not help, but then I did subject myself to a week with my family
At least there's no maximum length.
1:25 PM
> The sequence of the first three characters cannot be in your login ID.
@ParkYoung-Bae abcdefgh#001
I'm facing at least two extremely tedious months
@CatPlusPlus y?
@thecoshman You need an april family.
Server work on this project
1:26 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes ¬_¬
@thecoshman # is not on the list. REJECTED.
I need to get this shit into production shape
@SamDeHaan abcd_001
@CatPlusPlus so... shit?
And right now I have to finish frontend work for a stupid chat feature
Boredom and jabbascript
at least it is... erm... nope, sorry, it's shit
1:30 PM
@chmod711telkitty that's really grown
lol, and now they send a verification e-mail with the verification link starting like this: https://https://
good job
Decent way to weed out bots
That's it for the night, I am off to bed :p
@ParkYoung-Bae it's extra secure that way
@chmod711telkitty looks incredibly shopped. I don't know how you can get jagged lines artefacts in photography
@ParkYoung-Bae doubly secure
1:32 PM
In mono/master 1,251 classes have been replaced with Microsoft's open sourced ones. With over 144 patches to MS referencesource.
this is pissing me off
I'll just install the AMD SDK I guess
Check input maxlength
I was about to say to Robot
I bet there is a maximum limit, but it's undocumented for extra kek
But it let me register with that pw
1:35 PM
Holy mother of Bjarne why is Intel so bad at computers
@LightnessRacesinOrbit lol
@ParkYoung-Bae Because they make them.
@ParkYoung-Bae Because you English well!
@ParkYoung-Bae Yes that's what usually happens
Q: C++ Aggregation with Navigation from Child to Parent

Gerhard WonnerHow would I implement an aggregation relationship with the possibility to navigate from a child object to its parent object? Do I need to use forward declaration?

Damn that indian rice I got is so good
1:36 PM
I.. what .......
And now when I use the "recover lost password" they say my account does not exist so I'm not sure who to believe anymore
@ParkYoung-Bae I can't recall where, but a site has let me signup with a password that wasn't valid. I think it was too long :\
@ParkYoung-Bae Quite the elaborate troll they got going there.
They thought of everything.
@R.MartinhoFernandes stop giggling before you hurt yourself
Pretty sure it's Bartek's doing.
1:37 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes no, this sounds clever
@park isn't time for you t'go bed?
A broken clock is right twice a day.
Oh. I also happened to try "recover account name" (just in case it's not the one in the confirmation mail, for whatever reason), and they say this email is not registered so there's that
@thecoshman 21h40
@R.MartinhoFernandes depends how it's broken vOv
unless a blunt machete past a bloody wrist is a time these days?
1:40 PM
So they fail all of auth 101
@Bartek may I ask for a favor
not quite, they've yet to send her the plain text password
@thecoshman There's no password!
@thecoshman No password for an account that was not registered was sent to an email that does not exist
@R.MartinhoFernandes ... just because they are too bad to be able to fail, doesn't mean they will not fail once they get chance.
@ParkYoung-Bae those clever dogs -_-
1:42 PM
I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that I may be doing something wrong and start all over again
@ParkYoung-Bae inb4 "That email is already registered"
I'll grab the popcorn.
what flavour?
dill cheddar.
Man the new google drive is so terrible. And every time I revert to the previous layout it eventually jumps back to the new one... get a clue and stop fixing what ain't broke
1:44 PM
:( I want kernels popcorn now.
@thecoshman Not even!
@rlemon is that a brand?
@thecoshman Popcorn?
@R.MartinhoFernandes ... like just plain?
1:45 PM
So they let me register with the same email again and sent another confirmation email
it is some top notch popcorn.
@Pris oh my... so tiny
@ParkYoung-Bae mm
@rlemon popnotchporn
1:47 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Context?
@sehe I like it!
and you managed to work porn in there
@rlemon try using coconut oil, works really nice :)
@rlemon Rule 34
@thecoshman Are you still talking about food?
.... should I google popcorn porn or not....
1:48 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes o_0 ofc
It worked this time omg
I give this whole registration process A+ for smoothness
10/10 would not buy again
On the plus side I got something to complain about
Which is nice
@Jefffrey ah shit didn't link. it's ogl statevar thread on GH for opengl haskell project
Because there's not enough things to complain about in software?
1:51 PM
I'm open to suggestions
Have I mentioned how I will not buy Android again because fuck Google?
@ParkYoung-Bae I've got too many of those
@ParkYoung-Bae how's that gmail account going?
I'd like to have a more programmable phone but all choices suck and they're too fucking expensive for something you carry around all day long
I'm considering Jolla
I do technically have self hosted email... but I've yet to trust myself to move over to using it for anything more than a proof of concept.
I'd use my own mail server if all webmail interfaces didn't suck ass
1:55 PM
They suck for provided mail too so
The fuck is a programmable phone
Every phone is programmable
@ParkYoung-Bae o_0 that makes no sense. self hosting and web interfaces are different things
That is a clever observation indeed
Though desktop mail clients suck also
There's just no winning in email world
@thecoshman What I meant is, I want a web interface to my self hosted mail. But on a scale from Zimbra to RoundCube (ie, 0/10 to 0/10), they all suck.
1:57 PM
Oh, boy. Whining whining and whining.
Things that are good about email 1) it's just about easier then pen and paper... maybe
@ParkYoung-Bae looks like another android
Yes we should just accept the shittiness and not say anything about it
@BartekBanachewicz It's not android
That'll sure improve things
1:58 PM
@ParkYoung-Bae lmao
@CatPlusPlus Thunderbird is not too terrible... getting used to it for work...
@CatPlusPlus Whining and do nothing about it sure will improve things
@CatPlusPlus Microsoft Outlook~
@CatPlusPlus Available in HK too though
1:59 PM
TIL EU is a country

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