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6:01 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm not sure, it mainly depends on accommodation and travel expenses, which I haven't checked yet. I was thinking 2-3 nights
I have 9 spare vacation days for the Unconference, this trip, and Essen. :/
so little!
how many days is unconference?
6:03 PM
@Xeo Everything else I'm reserving already.
And I went to Abisko in February.
1 or 2 I presume
Wait. Unconference is in June, not July.
Last holidays before October are in May.
Taking Japanese classes gave me 8 more vacation days / year. That was nice.
Maybe I can do Ascension-Whit Monday again.
@StackedCrooked However long you want, really
You can come for 1-2 days, or longer
I'll prolly stay a week or so
6:07 PM
@StackedCrooked June 13th everyone is to be there. Then we arrange whatever else around it as we see fit depending on people's schedules.
So, yeah, with 6 vacation days I can do 12 days off like last year.
That reminds me, I should check bahn.de again
Silly me, I can do that every year.
Awesome. I can make this a recurring thing.
@Andy what does 14-18 May look like?
If I leave Prague on Tuesday, I can be in Berlin by Sunday, with time for an afternoon visit to Dresden, and one day to rest as Monday is a holiday. Awesome.
6:12 PM
inb4 crash jokes aren't funny
inb4 but this one is
Don't mention the wa... crash
inb4 someone flags that image
@R.MartinhoFernandes Sounds good to me
That's a terrible joke
6:24 PM
Jefffrey design me a website.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Hey, you can't do that. Only we can do that.
@райтфолд Sure, what website
Mill website.
I have no idea what Mill is. And you telling me it's a language doesn't help.
Mill is a CPU.
@AndyProwl Wait, how do you plan to pick me up? By car? Isn't that a 400km trip?
6:28 PM
(The vaporware Mill CPU is less vaporware than pantoona's Mill. :D)
@R.MartinhoFernandes you booked for it yet?
A: Why this code raise to EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW?

szulakYour variable is too big to keep it on the stack. You should use dynamic storage duration. char* data = new char[2048*2048]; Alternatively, you might want to use a smart pointer for keeping a reference to aquired memory: std::unique_ptr<char[]> data(new char[2048*2048]); However, if you rea...

@R.MartinhoFernandes Yep, by car, distance shouldn't be a problem
4h39, no stops, Eurocity train, can take bikes, 39 euros? Awesome.
wtb userscript to autohide snack overflow oneboxes
6:31 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh wait so you're not cycling to Prague?
@AndyProwl I'm cycling from Prague.
Ooh, I see
Which is why I was confused by the picking up business.
Well in that case it would probably be easier for you to continue up to Brno
@AndyProwl Ah, thought so, too.
6:32 PM
Have you been in Prague already?
@szulak exception safety, memory safety, buffer overflow safety.... to start — Mgetz 7 secs ago
The plan is to leave Berlin on the 14th, and then leave Prague on the 19th, which leaves five days to visit Prague and Brno.
@R.MartinhoFernandes There is quite a lot to see there, so we could either meet there on your way from Berlin, or have a walk around on the way back
Brno is worth visiting for the pubs, mostly :P
6:35 PM
Can any one answer a general math question I have related to my code =x, it should be easy im just dumb :l
@AndyProwl Are you on holidays or something during that time?
@AndyProwl Where do you live again?
@Jefffrey In Brno, Czech Republic
@R.MartinhoFernandes I don't think so
I'm curious, why Czech Republic?
But I can take one or two days off
6:36 PM
@Mgetz I think you should reconsider what did you write in terms of comparison std::vector and std::unique_ptr. — szulak 40 secs ago
Then maybe I'll visit Prague on Thursday/Friday, and then Brno on the weekend?
what an idiot
@Jefffrey I met a girl who was studying there and I wanted to move away from Italy anyway. The original plan was Malta, but then I changed it
@R.MartinhoFernandes Sounds fine
Or maybe Brno Thursday/Friday and you can show me around Prague in the weekend?
Yep, whatever you prefer
I won't be able to accommodate you in Prague, though
6:37 PM
It's ok.
@AndyProwl Maybe I should vist too:)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Wait or maybe I will
I have a few friends there
@AndyProwl Do you speak english where you are?
I'm listening :)
@Jefffrey I did in the beginning, now I don't anymore - except at work, where we sometimes have foreigners to interact with
@MartinJames By all means do!
6:38 PM
I'll get train tickets to Prague, and then I'll figure out when to get to Brno. I'll have to change in Prague anyway.
What's funny?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Don't mention the war...
6:39 PM
That's not a tank
@CatPlusPlus Gas tank.
@AndyProwl You mean that you learned the language they speak there?
he knows
lol "the language they speak there"
What could it possibly be
6:40 PM
@Jefffrey Yeah, more or less. I learned Slovak, which is pretty similar to Czech
@Jefffrey 'Large beer please'
@Xeo There's a whole story behind that btw
(my girlfriend was Slovak)
Well she still is, but she's not my girlfriend anymore
Glad to hear she's alive.
6:42 PM
"She used to be Slovak; she still is, but she used to too"
used to namespace std;
Perhaps @wilx could join us for a beer in Prague
and @MartinJames could join us for 10 beers too
Where's Alex?
Cluj, I think
6:43 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Where is it?
@FredOverflow London
@FredOverflow London.
No, I mean that it has been a while since I last saw him
ah, yeah that's true
@FredOverflow London
6:44 PM
> seen 4 hours ago
4 hours is a lot man
he's lurking
You could do like one day of work in 4 hours
I had like 10 hours today and I barely managed half an hour of work
I'm sitting at 2h30m
6:45 PM
I'm having one of the biggest programming crises ever
@CatPlusPlus Are you on a vendetta because I kicked your ass earlier?
Stupid JS crap
@AndyProwl Sounds like every Monday
@AndyProwl I do not drink beer, ever. I could do some red wine though. When?
@Jefffrey What
@wilx At some point in the May 14 - May 18 time frame
Not sure exactly when
@wilx You shall be forgiven for not drinking beer... maybe
6:47 PM
@CatPlusPlus It's been like that every day since December
@AndyProwl It's this room's fault. Its standards are too high.
Then when you don't meet them, you fall in depression and you get stuck.
@Jefffrey No no, it's my fault, I just suck
@AndyProwl Yeah, that doesn't really go against what I said.
6:49 PM
@Jefffrey Trust me. In Lounge standards it would be even worse
:\ my screen really does need replacing... getting series burn in
Then don't watch series.
Was it made 30 years ago
How do you get burn in
pixels get stuck, so I get ghost images.
Too many series.
6:51 PM
@thecoshman none of us are real. the lounge is just a ghost image formed by dead pixels
I saw apple chips. They look yummy.
Try deleting a few seasons
I mean...
@R.MartinhoFernandes ¬_¬ you can stop now
Actually apple chips, not Apple chips.
6:52 PM
I am not a pixel. I am a free man.
I also know of the existence of banana chips.
banana chips are awesome
@R.MartinhoFernandes you're cheap
@AndyProwl Well, it appears that covers the weekend when I have my kids with me. So, only May 14 or May 18 would work for me.
6:54 PM
@wilx All right, I think it will be fine because Robot will be in Prague either at the beginning or at the end of that time frame, if not both
@AndyProwl OK.
@AndyProwl Maybe:) Last time, I stayed at the Continental, just down from the err.. 'Moulin Rouge Hostel' :)
Well you know the dates.
@MartinJames I did not know we had such a thing here. :)
6:58 PM
@wilx Aparrently, it's only 'average' as far as 'very expensive hostels with complimentary entertainment' go.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I will see what I can do. Maybe, maybe not...
The fuck
Berlin-Brno 1st class 69€. 2nd class 109€.
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
@Jefffrey ok I got a web design.
7:02 PM
Poor @JeremyClarkson. If only he'd abused a child instead of a producer then the @BBC would've covered the whole thing up.
When I went to Paris I traveled first class because it was 5€ more or something.
@MartinJames Continental is not bad, anyway if you're coming you can stay at my place
This time it's 40€ less.
How the fuck.
@R.MartinhoFernandes "Yes sir, that is the correct pricing, but 1st is all booked up"
7:04 PM
The fickle train economy
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol, you sure the 2nd class price is not for a two-way ticket?
@EtiennedeMartel yeah, but clarkson was a special brand of oaf... almost american in character. (if you said that to him he'd probably punch you)
Well that's fucked up then
I'll go buy it at the station just to be sure I don't get screwed over.
7:06 PM
@wilx It's in Brno
@AndyProwl Thanks. Gotta see what's happening in the next month or so first..
you're booking train tickets in English?
Wouldn't you?
7:10 PM
yes, but I don't speak German and looking to book train tickets heading to Germany
Why would I not?
I've shown two options, so OP could choose the one he/she wants. Anyway, I edited my answer and removed raw allocation. — szulak 11 mins ago
It's even responsive!
When I have the option, I choose English interfaces in almost all cases
7:12 PM
I'm booking them from the German train thingy. It's just the interface in English.
@milleniumbug I saw, he's still an idiot for preferring std::unique_ptr<char[]> over std::string or std::vector
Nice Z3 has MIT license now!
No more commercial use restriction.
Wait. Wrong screenshot
That lists two 1st class prices.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I like how it still says "Normalpreis", though
Man, flight is cheap in Urope.
holy crap a dup of something I JUST answered
Q: invalid use of non-static member function

NashI'm aware this might be a stupid question and yes - I have search in here and on Google but still can't resolve my problem. I have something like this: class Bar { public: pair<string,string> one; std::vector<string> cars; Bar(string one, string two, string ...

@EtiennedeMartel that's a train ticket
That explains it.
Trains tend to be more expensive
7:19 PM
Flying is not much more expensive though, at least with low-cost companies
Fucking hell.
@AndyProwl ah Ryanair... the only airline that would literally do cattle class if they could
Where's your god now?
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol, cheap tickets but not with bikes:)
I think I need to add 10 euros for the bike, though but I'll ask at the counter.
After the fiasco going to Sweden, I don't wanna risk fucking up a booking again.
7:25 PM
Go for it!
@Etienne just had a stroke.
See, this is why you should have paid those taxes the king demanded.
Or whatever.
I know crossing an ocean is supposed to be expensive, but I paid a thousand bucks for this ticket to Norway.
7:28 PM
Old world, best world.
Oh.. I can do better..
Default arguments must be compile-time resolvable. The value of this is only known at runtime. — Cameron 55 mins ago
how does this kind of nonsense get upvotes ffs
(Incidentally, I gotta leave soon if I don't want to miss my plane, because that would be a lot of wasted money)
7:31 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Where are you going?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit 'Cos no fucking cheap flights from EMA to Brno:(
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Bergen, with a stop in Amsterdam.
@MartinJames y u going there
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Maybe Czech R.
7:32 PM
that went well
@MartinJames I heard the Czech have good beer.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Pissu... meeting.
Because beer. Why else?
7:33 PM
Slivovica, too
@Lightness I'm visiting the Czech Republic and we're setting up a mini-unconference, it seems.
To Prague, 2nd class is 2 euros cheaper than 1st.
Wtf. I pay 2 euros more, go 200km farther and get 1st class.
7:37 PM
I cannot find parking at Stansted that is cheaper than the air fares:(
@StackedCrooked you're the guy who made coliru.stacked-crooked.com right? I have a bug report
@MartinJames Can't you get there by bus?
Ryanair is cheaper than parking. Amazing.
@AndyProwl Possibly...
7:38 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
@R.MartinhoFernandes Nice to see that at least parking is expensive everywhere.
@StackedCrooked coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/4cedb8f318ea9211 - should print freq. 0 8 times at the end, but only does it 5. Verified with VS.
> Verified with VS
@OMGtechy Have you verified with g++?
7:40 PM
Anyway it does not seem like a coliru bug
At worst it could be a bug with the compiler
But before taking a better look, I'd bet my money on your program having UB
@MartinJames lol
@MartinJames you're looking off-site, yeah?
@milleniumbug don't have g++ to hand, am checking with other compilers though atm
@OMGtechy "Verified with VS" lolwut
It's more likely that your code is buggy, invoking undefined behaviour or somesuch. Don't raise bugs with online compilation services until you're sure. And even then you actually mean to raise it with the compiler itself.
@MartinJames dude go off-site
The machines at the station say 59€ instead of 69.
Nothing makes sense.
7:43 PM
@AndyProwl the only thing I can think of the 0's aren't explicit in the std::array at the end, but they should be default initialised because it's in the std::array right?
TRWTF is postfix-"€"
@OMGtechy If there is a bug, it lies with GCC, not Coliru.
Ah right
Also, it's probably not a compiler bug.
I'm wondering if there's an execution time limit or something for it
7:44 PM
The more likely cause is that there's something fishy in your code.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Jetparks offering at £39.99 - still more than airfare:(
@OMGtechy Your code takes a lot of time, so that's probably it. Don't worry though, every other online compiler has these.
A: C++ - Getting size in bits of integer

FredOverflow I want to know if it's exactly 32 bits long (8 hexadecimal characters) I am interested in knowing if the value is between power(2, 31) and power(2, 32) - 1 So you want to know if the upper bit is set? Then you can simply test if the number is negative: boolean upperBitSet(int x) { ...

Are my solutions portable?
@milleniumbug mmm, just tried it on tutorialspoint.com/compile_cpp_online.php (g++) and it works fine. It'd be nice if it said "execution time exceeded" though to be clear about it, assuming that is what's going on
@LightnessRacesinOrbit It's all I had :P
@OMGtechy Yes
7:51 PM
@FredOverflow It's bool in C++.
@OMGtechy Indeed, that would be a nice feature.
The hell.
All trains have all bike places fully booked.
It's still two months from now.
That sucks
You could still cycle on the way to Prague and go by train on the way back, assuming there are places
I don't like the height profile :p
7:55 PM
Or you could try shifting the date a bit
The date is perfect because it's framed by holidays.
But I'll check my options.
Then probably that's why it's all booked
> So you want to know if the upper bit is set? Then you can simply test if the number is negative

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