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7:00 AM
@Cinch Here's a friendly tutorial to getting started with Go: 1. don't
@ParkYoung-Bae lol
I feel that Go would be good for web systems or something.
It's perfect for lightweight and sustainable networking code or something according to what I read
Oh if it's something you read then it must be true
Everything on the internet is true
It is known
@Cinch Anything that's with the word "perfect" isn't.
7:21 AM
@StackedCrooked Parasyte is done. :(
@JerryCoffin I would choose supper or hot landlady over LRiO any time if I were you, what's the fuss?
Okay but seriously.
Is LRiO a girl or not?
I just can't help but scratch dat mental itch
That’s right. LRiO is a girl, or not.
Yes he's a girl.
7:26 AM
Welp who cars.
It's a mystery
It can be an alien too, nobody knows
sometimes it’s more obvious
Mar 20 at 9:22, by sehe
@Cinch google, padawan
Indian flags going crazy
7:31 AM
Sometimes I forget that some of the people I talk to are the top 300 on SO
@ParkYoung-Bae What are they even saying???
@Nican yeah
I should have lasted a bit longer.
Alrighty--hopefully I'll be able to do more with Lua today.
I managed to compile Lua two days ago so here's to finally binding Lua to C++
@ParkYoung-Bae I sense /s
7:33 AM
crowd cheering
So much /s
@StackedCrooked that's what she said
Hi all.
@ParkYoung-Bae ^ that was, no doubt, the message you removed
@sehe He, actually
7:36 AM
I've implemented Bullet physics in the library I'm developing, and OpenGL 3.0+
Now it vroom vroom.
@VictorLopez For what?
And why?
@sehe It was a semi-racist joke
@khajvah Your statement almost got me into pointing out that you're wrong... either you're clever or I'm not.
@ParkYoung-Bae no, not ever
Sigh ;_;
7:39 AM
Vroom Vroom is the sound of an engine running. Like an airplane, or a car.
Why not both?

jk... I am not clever
You say "This vrooms ok".
$ git push
Counting objects: 111, done.
Delta compression using up to 8 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (52/52), done.
Writing objects: 100% (52/52), 18.59 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Total 52 (delta 43), reused 0 (delta 0)
error: file write error (No space left on device)error: unpack failed: unpack-objects abnormal exit
fatal: unable to write sha1 file
thanks! its the correct answer :) — lkleung1 29 mins ago
Yay. I didn't even now I entered in a quizz
@Cinch Multimedia app development, focused in games.
7:40 AM
@ParkYoung-Bae Did github get fucked?
@VictorLopez No, I mean WHAT do you use it in?
Physics simulator?
@ParkYoung-Bae What what? Push ends up doing a send-pack and the pack is prepared locally. It uses bits from all of the payload for the compression algo
Neat mobile game?
I just managed to discover this and I wonder why there aren't more of these (and cheaper!). I guess patents... :(
7:41 AM
@sehe Also hi I just found out you're +200 so gj
@Cinch this is the code.
@Cinch gj?
I have no clue what that is
@sehe gigajoule
@sehe Could you reword? I'm not sure I understand
@sehe good job
@VictorLopez ...Yeah I still don't get it.
@ParkYoung-Bae I mean, it needs to prepare the whole pack, not fully streaming. For the compression
@Cinch thanks. I'm not that old though
@Cinch I first thought you were sarcastic. lol
@VictorLopez Yeah your README isn't that great so idk anything still really.
@MarkGarcia No fuck no I give respect to those that give to others.
Unless I'm being disrespectful. In that case, beat my ass harder than your morning omelet.
@Cinch Right now I'm working with a Sonic the Hedgehog remake for PC using Bullet Physics and OpenGL 3.0+, pairing with the SonicRetro forum members for reference with the assembly code.
@VictorLopez Bullet physics? Do you even?
7:44 AM
ITT everybody seems to be drunk early
Also how did you manage to work around TDM GCC and to_string()?
@sehe ICBW but it seems the problem is at unpack time, on the remote
@Cinch It does not have support for to_string unless you patch the header. I guess it has to do with some GLIB defines.
@Cinch The GCC members said they won't be including to_string in a support ticket, I think that for 64 bits it works fine.
@VictorLopez Sigh.
It's not GCC dev's responsibility to fix a MinGW issue.
7:51 AM
@Cinch this What are you trying to achieve?
@VictorLopez That's so damn old.
It was also a dummy project.
The biicode guys are spreading.
So... if I pretend Lua is a C++ library...
I fear this new development.
What biicode?
7:53 AM
@Rapptz Oh! Yeah. They're multiplying at a high rate.
An attempt at a "dependency manager"
@Cinch Yes, scripting language integrated.
@Rapptz It doesn't sound like a bad idea
@Rapptz Also Hi, I just compiled Sol + Lua.
@khajvah Until you actually look at it.
7:54 AM
@VictorLopez What are you talking about.
@Cinch Congratulations.
@Rapptz (I smell /s)
@Rapptz Isn't it just a package manager?
Okay now I have a weird problem
@Rapptz Rejoyce
7:55 AM
Why is my dynamic program running without its dynamic library?
I should work on this more but no time or interest.
@Rapptz A future failure
@Cinch About that it is really easy to implement a scripting language in order to minimize your static memory and load it dynamic via .lua files.
@VictorLopez I already did that.
It was really ugly with like 8 parameters so I stopped working on it.
WTF Why is my dll-dependent program running?
@Cinch Actually I'm about to implement lua to load the scenes and the actors into the engine, once I get the workflow class ready for scene management. Is it good? Lua.
7:57 AM
@VictorLopez Lua's fine.
@ParkYoung-Bae well, does it run out of space?
Basically, just link up your functions and class definitions to Sol and everything should go smoothly.
@sehe Yep the home partition was at 100%
@Rapptz Wait, is this yours? I was reading the code like 20 minutes ago.
7:59 AM
@Rapptz Yeah I think I'm having a flag problem...
For some reason g++ likes to include the static library even though I try to link as dynamic
liblua.a is not a dynamic library
@Rapptz ...
nice try bub
What is happening?
I don't know
8:00 AM
@VictorLopez Someone is discovering computers
> a flag problem
I am now self-aware that I'm using a PC.
Got nothing to do :(
8:02 AM
@Rapptz Why is you code only header files?
@Rapptz I was going to use your library but I had a question that I needed to solve before git submodule add it. shared pointers, how can they be achieved?
@Rapptz Question--then what is the .dll file doing there?
@Cinch I don't have a .dll so good question.
@Rapptz No but when I built it it spit out a dll
I'm puzzled.
@khajvah Easy to integrate and a lot of my code is template heavy which is header-only by nature.
plus I don't really like the .cpp/.hpp model anyway
8:05 AM
.cpp/.hpp would be fine if it were the other way around
@VictorLopez Not sure what that means.
aka write everything in a single file, compiler produces .obj and .h
How can I shift a bitmask e.g. 1111 1000 down and get rid of all the empty bits without using a loop?
@ParkYoung-Bae Sounds like modules.
@FatalSleep asm intrinsics
8:06 AM
E.g. shifted down 1111 1000 should yield 0001 1111.
@Rapptz You mean this thing we'll never get
Coming Soon 2052.
@ParkYoung-Bae Could you elaborate?
modules in c++?
It's more likely than you think!
8:07 AM
@Rapptz beep = vars.new() for example, how can we achieve that an object.new() returns a shared_ptr?, so when we destroy with nil it destroys only the pointer.
@FatalSleep Lookup for x86 bitscan/find first set operation
but .h/.cpp make clearer code in the end I think. It is easier to go through headers
@ParkYoung-Bae Okay.
2 mins ago, by Park Young-Bae
.cpp/.hpp would be fine if it were the other way around
And now we have WinMain@16 errors... Sigh.
8:08 AM
@VictorLopez The actual logic is on you. I just make it so it's easy to map Lua <-> C++. So just register the shared_ptr and try it out -- I'm not sure how that'd work in Lua though. Lua is garbage collected by nature and having a shared pointer in lua seems very odd.
Different languages, different semantics.
@VictorLopez Why not just handle the memory management in C++? Use Lua for setup and configuration, but don't make the framework in Lua...
help I shot myself in the foot again
@Cinch You are surprisingly bad at this compiling and linking thing :v
idk wtf is going on.
8:10 AM
Google It™
Lemme guess, you're trying to compile with VS as "windows application" or something
@Rapptz I did.
@ParkYoung-Bae windows form* application
Chances are you forgot a main function.
Good job if so.
@Rapptz It's your own code, bub.
8:10 AM
> bub
not a good idea
My code obviously doesn't have an entry point.
It's a library.
@Rapptz tests.cpp
no repro
you shouldn't try to build tests tbh
@Cinch Because you can inherit and add the scenes in a static way, no problem, but I'm handling pure shared_ptr like this because engine is some magic.
8:13 AM
Also just a heads up
@ParkYoung-Bae Thank you, found exactly what I am looking for.
You need at least 800 MB of free RAM to compile the tests
@FatalSleep You're welcome
@Rapptz I'm fine.
It compiles in like 8 seconds.
I doubt it
8:13 AM
@Cinch Why are you compiling the test?
Is there a way to store types in a list in C++ and then do something like some_cast<decltype(type_list[index])>(...);
@khajvah Because the test should work? It's been working all this time.
@Pris Boost MPL
I managed to compile Lua with g++ and then a version of Sol using the premade Windows binaries.
@Cinch Tests are for library developers, if you are not planning to contribute, you don't need them
8:14 AM
@Pris std::tuple.
@khajvah Who said I wasn't?
@Rapptz std tuple is fixed
@Pris what does that mean exactly?
@Rapptz That means I like Sol.
@Cinch ok, fine. Forgive me
8:15 AM
not you
You can't add or remove 'elements' from it.
he wants a dynamic container of types, that he can index (at runtime apparently?) to get a type to cast something to
Short answer: Impossible like that.
A runtime container of types?
tuple? You can std::get from the tuple.
I also want a way to bring back the dead
8:16 AM
pretty much impossible
it's time to Reconsider Your Design™
Pssst: boost mpl (still compile time though)
@Pris Your best bet is probably to use a switch() based on the size of a type and cast based on the result of the switch.
that's a terrible solution
Obviously we should recommend Agda.
At least it's a solution, albeit temporary.
8:17 AM
ABGA, American Boer Goat Association
Nah, I've just gone and DoneItWrong™
@Pris You can. At compile-time.
If I have a container of shared_ptr<voids> dont the shared_ptrs 'know' the type
they'd have to, to be able to call a destructor
type erasure
8:19 AM
@Pris This seems really ugly to me.
It is ugly.
std::shared_ptr<void> uses type erasure so it just works magically.
Not really magic but yeah
I've abused std::shared_ptr<void> before as a poor man's boost::any.
Great fun.
I'd do it again if I could.
Hmm... I think it'd be cool to have a type for storing data types though.
The only thing you can really do is some kind of CPS with std::vector<std::function<something(void*)>> and store functions in there that cast from void* to the correct type and go from there.
@Rapptz I find the aliasing constructors deliciously decadent.
8:21 AM
I mean wtf.
I build Lua using -fPIC.
@Pris You could always do an array of bytes and just read the bytes off however rather than dealing with type casting...?
A runtime container but not for types, a workflow for these. Does someone know about a flow library? Something that could enable the application to index the objects based in conditions.
@FatalSleep no
> Not even C programmers say "It's fine not to have generics, just use void*".
Rgought so.
8:22 AM
g++ -pipe \
-std=c++11 \
-I. -ICatch/include -IC:\Users\ME\Desktop\prog\depend\lua-5.2.4\include \
-LC:\Users\ME\Desktop\prog\depend\lua-5.2.4 \
-Wl,-Bstatic \
-Wl,-Bdynamic \
-llua \
-o test.exe
> Beginning with GCC 4.8.3, Stack Smashing Protection (SSP) will be
enabled by default.
@FatalSleep I don't think you can pull types from type_info objects
8:24 AM
ITT @Cinch cannot into Markdown
@Pris Are you doing upcast or downcast?
@райтфолд Good.
What is wrong with these flags?
No, it's terrible and unnecessary.
Reminds me of someone
8:25 AM
Didn't gcc 4.8.3 come out like last century
inb4 no generics
@Rapptz guaranteed notoriety: be standoffish and insult things people like
@райтфолд It doesn't break anything, and only shows that broken code is broken.
That's good in my world.
@ParkYoung-Bae It's got that and more!
8:27 AM
Because you can use std::is_base_of<foo, T>() and then later casting because down casting should require you to use dynamic_cast, static_cast and so on.
@VictorLopez I'm not using inheritance
struct Thing {
	template<typename T>
	void doStuff() { }

	std::tuple<?> list_types;
Is there any way to make it so list_types will contain all the T's that doStuff is ever instantiated with
Oh, should it work with variadic templates? template<typename... Args>
13 mins ago, by Rapptz
it's time to Reconsider Your Design™
Why does g++ want me to have a WinMain? I don't have a graphic in my application at all.
It's a console app so idk why
8:32 AM
Is there a connection between CPU exceptions and programmatically implemented exceptions like in C++ of python?
@Rapptz idk I use -j4 and whatnot.
I can time it I guess...
it's a single file
@Rapptz Okay it takes 25
I guess I thought it felt shorter.
But nevermind that.
This WinMain error makes no sense.
I already checked like 5 of the same SO answer.
And it doesn't pertain to this since i'm not Code::Blocks and this is a console application.
@khajvah Some CPU exceptions are rethrown as language exceptions if that's what you're asking
8:37 AM
two space indents are the worst
people should be thrown in jail for them
@ParkYoung-Bae So, language specific exception hangling is just an abstraction?
s/just //
ok, thanks
This works

template<typename... Args>
struct Thing {
template<typename T>
void doStuff(const int& index) {

T data = std::get<0>(list_types);
std::cout<< "IS " << data << std::endl;


std::tuple<Args... > list_types;

Thing<int, int, int> t;


But it needs to be constant in order to work so maybe yes, as Rapptz said.
@Pris Templates:

template<typename typex, typename typey>
typex template_cast( typey data ) { return typex( data ); };

double yy = 45.55;
int xx = template_cast<int>( yy );
8:39 AM
Why is there code in my Lounge
Buwahaha, templates rock.
I think I'm going to try and find a workaround with yet another blessed layer of indirection, thanks
@Pris I just...
@Pris Test the example I gave you just now, it'll work.
@FatalSleep I don't understand how your example applies to my issue
Yeah me either after thinking. :D
@Pris Anyways what you're wanting is impossible.
8:42 AM
Ugh, annotations and default parameters in Python are so ugly.
format: str='\xa0¤\xa0#,##0.00' lol
I am so sheepish right now.
I didn't include the source file in my makefile.
Why are you using makefiles?
@VictorLopez Because I have yet to switch over to Ninja.
I've shunned all proper IDEs for the time being and am just using Notepad++ and g++
I'll switch over when I can
@Cinch Why are you using Notepad++ and g++? are you coding in c++ by chance? And who is that Ninja that you're were talking about?
8:51 AM
@VictorLopez Yes I am coding in C++...
Ninja -> build system
Oh nice Java backend.
@FatalSleep It's called static_cast.
Also what is with Python2/3 and stuff

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