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12:00 AM
@Puppy Broad in my mind is == not easily reproducible.
well, your mind is wrong.
John Smith's keg 'beer'.
@Puppy As it has been before, please tell me why dear champion.
Hardware failure
Is the answer
Kinda obvious one also
cin >> somestuff means cin holds at least a '\n' and maybe some other stuff. How can I copy cin into another buffer?
12:03 AM
More likely bad memory
Also, BSOD is same as Linux kernel panic, mod more blue.
@CatPlusPlus Mine?
Also it's called a bugcheck
@CatPlusPlus 7 different lab computers exhibited the same behaviour.
Get yer terminology right
12:04 AM
BSOD = Bitch Slap Overdose
If they have memory from the same batch then it's not that unlikely that all chips are broken
@CaptainGiraffe Drivers...
Run memtest on them
Memtest is really only good for a specific type of memory failure.
But nonetheless, still good.
They are 4 years old, the behaviour is consistent. @MartinJames has the only possible answer.
12:05 AM
What the guy in comments had was swap thrash, that's a different thing
I will not contest that Cat.
@sehe Nice talk that you linked on Twitter. Thanks.
@orlp You shouldn't. Don't printers do like 300 dpi? That's still visible.
And besides, this plan would be overturned simply by printing with fast draft :P
Laser printers have much higher DPIs than that
Q: Help On My First Website!

Brendan WebbThis is my first go at things and the webpage looks good on my computer but looks wayyy different on others in terms of alignments. Is there some sort of coding I can do to make the page universal to all different resolutions?

12:14 AM
Also they are applied by the firmware, not the driver, settings don't affect them
Oh :(
@Puppy "problems"
How is that a tag on programmers.SE?
no idea
I thought that by definition every question was about problems, lol
What is the difference between programmers and stackoverflow?
One is bad and the other one is, too
12:18 AM
One is about programmers and the other is about problems with programmers.
Frontend integrations is such a bullshit boring work
A 'programmer' with severe problems:
12:20 AM
don't really see how this is supposed to work...wouldn't it stop allocating once it runs out of 1 gig chunks to give you?
@melak47 of course not
@melak47 no =) it keeps trying =)
you're not using the memory, why would the OS allocate anything at all?
welcome to virtual memory
@orlp It should just crash.
@CaptainGiraffe no it shouldn't
12:22 AM
Not really
if you're not using the memory there's no reason to reserve physical memory for it
Q: Memory allocation crashes the OS. Who's to blame beside the OS

Captain GiraffeThis short snippet #include <new> int main(){ while(true){ try{ new char[0x10000000]; }catch(std::bad_alloc bac){ } } } apparently crashes the entire operating system when compiled as a 64 bit application and run on a 64 bit Windows system. This is a valid c++ prog...

@MartinJames The debug output is pretty clear here.
Besides if it actually runs out of memory then it throws bad_alloc which is handled
Some pointers are moved around in the process control block...
12:23 AM
@melak47 store a number in a byte every other kilobyte, and watch your world burn :)
@Nooble lol, true:)
If it doesn't get to swapping then it would just spin idly throwing and catching
The hell, 60 bucks for a timer with a touch pad amazon.com/Sport-Stacking-Speed-Stacks-StackMat/dp/B00ADUXF5E. 'Nother thing I gotta build meself.
@orlp Well, yes there is. If you don't, you get one of the major problems with Linux. You can allocate a huge chunk of memory, and it seems to work--but then when you try to access it (which should be entirely safe if the allocation succeeds) it crashes and burns without warning.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Accuracy to 0.001 seconds
12:25 AM
Fuck overcommit
@R.MartinhoFernandes Factory shop kitchen timer, £0.99, (battery included).
@JerryCoffin That's the reason why my Pi program immediately writes zeros to the entire block of memory it allocates at the start of a computation.
@MartinJames Touch pad is important.
@orlp Hell, I can build one with microsecond accuracy, and it's still trivial.
@orlp Yeah, right.
12:26 AM
If it's gonna crash, it's gonna crash at the beginning.
@orlp that certainly works better than @CaptainGiraffe 's snippet :)
@Mysticial Good call.
@JerryCoffin you can build mechanical switches that detect with microsecond accuracy when contact is lost?
@orlp Not for that price, no.
You can turn overcommit off in linux, can't you?
12:27 AM
@melak47 Are you deliberately daft?
it's only my laptop
@orlp Yes
my screen's now black, but sleep and resume still works :D
I can't even find knock-offs.
Bounce-free microswitches are surely available, complete with certificate of conformance, at a price.
12:29 AM
@orlp They'll detect when the last bounce happened to (quite a bit better than) microsecond accuracy. My FPGA board starts with (if memory serves) a 50 MHz clock. Metastability takes 3 clocks, so we're still talking about ~16 MHz.
Here's a friendly guide to swap, especially under Windows: 1. dont
@JerryCoffin bounce?
also...wtf. apprently, while my computer was busy allocating all the memory...it installed an update.
@orlp Switch bounce--at least with cheap switches, when you close them, it'll frequently open and close several times before stabilizing.
please tell me the update was a now-half-installed driver
12:30 AM
I hope it's broken now :v
@JerryCoffin but last bounce is definitely different than when your hands left the switch
that thing annoys me
Then... remove it?
@CatPlusPlus IME, disabling swap on Windows reduces perceived performance, even when the RAM is not overloaded, (i7, Vista 64 Ultimate, 12GB RAM).
@JerryCoffin unless the switch bounces stop within a microsecond you do not have microsecond preciison
12:32 AM
@orlp Define "when your hand left the switch". You'll probably still be touching it, but you've released pressure to the point that the switch has closed.
@CatPlusPlus one does not simply uninstall onedrive
@JerryCoffin Let's say when the entire hand has 1-5 mm of clearance from the switch
@orlp That depends on the switch, but it's certainly possible to find them.
I'm sending 500 euros to people in need. I hope you get your share.
Probably an electrical switch would be most accurate, measuring resistance of your body
@CaptainGiraffe I'm in need of euros, want my address?
12:34 AM
@orlp In that case, you're talking about at least 10s of milliseconds for the hand to move that far away from the switch.
Found a knock-off for $13. Sold out :(
@Jefffrey It looks interesting but his constant "How many of you ...?" questions annoy me as fuck
@orlp Won't work - too much EM interference.
He's saying that more than once per minute
@AndyProwl Yeah, and he doesn't even tell us what's the result of the poll.
12:35 AM
My finger is riddled with 50, 150, 24KHz shite.
You defy gravity?
Not really
You hang
12:38 AM
And then you die
It's fast at least
If you don't die OTOH it may be bad
@CatPlusPlus You're born, you pay taxes, you die?
@milleniumbug I'm stealing that one
I've already trademarked it.
12:43 AM
Yes but is it registered?
Life is great
Fuck it. There is no question on either C or C++ front page that I can be bothered to downvote, never mind answer.
There's no such question on any other page, either
@CatPlusPlus Seems you're right. 'multithreading', 'sockets' and 'operating-system' are also full of shite. Not even going near Android, Java, PHP etc.
Android? Like iOS is any better ...
12:56 AM
Symbian :D
> The following system libraries are missing: /usr/lib64/libGL.so.1
when i try to run gDebugger :(
@Borgleader try sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev
I think...
@ParkYoung-Bae 4 bycs
@Nooble Nope :(
thanks for trying though
try { ... } thanks for trying { ... }
1:08 AM
@Jefffrey Heh.
I hate pseudo-unnecessary for-loops...
@Jefffrey lol
for what reason?
1:42 AM
A steak joke is a rare medium well done.
That reminds me of, "what do you call a psychic midget who has escaped from prison?"
@HovercraftFullOfEels good one
@Nooble I think I just need a symlink to one of these?
2:07 AM
Hey does anybody know of a package that can solve/guess ||b-Ax||^1 (under L1)? I'm wondering how such a thing behaves when there are ambiguous solutions...
This is stupid. I should be asleep.
I'm currently on break AMA?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Why aren't you?
I'm watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with my friends over Skype.
Yeah, sounds even more stupid if I say it.
2:35 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes what
first of all, you read it. it's a book. the book is better.
@Blob It's a radio show.
@R.MartinhoFernandes i still maintain that the book is better
Avast's postpone restart menu shows: 1 hour, 4 hours, 6 hours, tomorrow, next week, next century
just like cookies!
2:55 AM
Brap frakking brap.
Q: Whats happening over here

user2546419what is happening over here? why can't I print the second number? #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a[2],i; for(i = 0; i < 2 ; i++) { cin >> a[i]; } for(i = 0; i < 2 ; i++) { cout << "number" << i + 1 << "\n...

no wait never mind that check out this bullshite
Q: (Decimal)x Diffeernce betewen Decimal(x);

Shobha Pv(Decimal)x Diffeernce between Decimal(x); x is actually a MLBigNumVar defined as 1e18 in one product and as 1e35 in another why is (decimal) used and why decimal() used???

@LightnessRacesinOrbit Function-style cast vs C-style cast I guess
Yeah, that's what it is.
3:11 AM
Do you all think the quality of questions on SO gets worse as time goes on?
What if one day all questions are either titled "Help" or "Whats wrong"... or "WHAT IS HELP WRONG"
Since September 2012 yes
> Coding high performance beautiful cross platform scalable vector desktop widgets
ooooh shut up
@ParkYoung-Bae That actually sounds kinda neat, where's it from
People who update websites and break all old links without updating them are annoying as fuck
Its like they have zero consideration of anything except making the layout more hip and modern by copying everyone else
this person has some nifty libs github.com/r-lyeh?tab=repositories
that avatar ...
> My name is r-lyeh and I code videogames :neckbeard:
stopped reading there
Do you guys think there should be a keyword that chokes the compiler if a vtable hasn't been optimized out, or if a vtable table lookup occurs? Like how we have override?
4:06 AM
Q: Is the curtain behind Obama in this picture a "muslim prayer curtain"?

fredsbendI've been shown this image a few times: Naturally, it's a little ridiculous, because there are surely at least a thousand pictures of him near an American flag. But it is making a claim that the yellowish curtain behind Obama is some kind of Muslim prayer related thing. Is that accurate? If s...

fucking americans
all of them?
let's start with the ones who start that crap rumour
and go from there
4:42 AM
^ I could say the same thing for some of the questions that you have asked. So, if you can't help move on. Dont bother commenting. If this question violates the format, it will be closed. — user3875690 2 hours ago
4:59 AM
Yeah, sure. "What is ANSI C++?" is a great question. If you think I care about the downvotes, you are seriously mistaken. I just wanted my question answered (which happened) inspite of you. — user3875690 7 mins ago
This sort of twat.
historical contribution level = 0
.·. patience level = 0
Oh my god I just upvoted one of LRiO's comment
god help you
no wait I cba
Oo LRiO is bullying toying with a newbie again
That one is pretty tough though
lol you guys
if I had to guess, I'd say Jerry is here spunking over my "oh gees" comments before I can expand them into something meaningful. which I've tried thrice now
oh well, I give up now. well done, you prevented improvement of a comment. hope you're happy.
@chmod711telkitty a newbie who acts like not-a-newbie is the worst kind of newbie #amirite
Community was better this week.
5:12 AM
Isn't SO such an awesome place for you, LRiO, always some fresh meat to be found when your old flame vlad isn't around much >_<
exactly :D
reminds me of that scene in BSG: Razor when Cain rips the shit out of Kendra Shaw for fun. cos fresh meat
tbf the ship then half blew up a few moments later
karma perhaps
how are the chickens, dear?
happily around
Ok. I apologize. I guess my responses were arrogant. Will try to contribute more and put more effort in framing questions. Thanks — user3875690 16 secs ago
@chmod711telkitty good =)
night honey
Oo, tomalak, it's only 5am ...
sadly it's somewhat later than that already
not closer to 6am but almost
it's closer to being closer to 6am
wait, yeah. shit. wtf. byeeee
/cc @BartekBanachewicz @Puppy @райтфолд @sehe @JerryCoffin @LightnessRacesinOrbit
twats all
(too scared to plink sbi)
> We have all seen nasty comments online - whether they be a row on Twitter or a catty response on Facebook.
shoddy journalism: no mention of the Lounge
5:18 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit @sbi
@ParkYoung-Bae gee, thanks. you're a good friend.
I know.
He reads the transcript anyway.
his loss
well anyway goodnight
5:38 AM
Man you know how sometimes you feel some major aspect of a project is trivial or pointless but in the back of your mind you're probably just not understanding something important and you feel all terrified because you just know its gonna bite you in the butt later
5:48 AM
6:04 AM
How wonderful. A 15 hour day devoted almost entirely to debugging a horrendous mess, and when I get home, I find that the landlady decided to throw away my supper and LRiO's still making unprovoked personal attacks. What a wonderful life.
On the bright side you were not involved in a plane crash and/or are not breathing with an oxygen tank with late stage AIDS/cancer/etc
@Pris Happens to everybody at times. I get especially worried when projects seem like they're going too well.
@ParkYoung-Bae Hmm...I guess there is that.
Cheers :)
Good morning people
@ParkYoung-Bae That is a weak consolation, TBH. :)
6:10 AM
Yay. New ST3 update.
Good morning all of you :)
@Rapptz Dev resumed?
He's been updating a lot this year.
@JerryCoffin Your description sounds so similar to my life..lol..:D
6:12 AM
best change is the one to build systems
it's actually usable now
@ParkYoung-Bae I am wondering...if you even sleep ?
Q: Can a software "hard freeze" or serious hardware problem completely disable the whole cockpit?

user8558I think, the glass cockpit of a modern plane has some sort of a central power supply, or at least some central controlling software. What happens, if this central power suddenly disappears, or the central software freezes? Yes, of course, this would be a severe failure, and would put everybody's...

Imagine if they were running windows vista.
@K.K Sure I do, why? I'm in UTC+8 timezone
@ParkYoung-Bae: I thought u are online since yesterday..haha...so I asked...:D
@ParkYoung-Bae: hmm..
6:35 AM
So I just took a look at Go's website.
Go seems good but seems to be really thin. Any opinions?
I like turtles.
@Cinch What does thin mean?
@khajvah Thin as in it lacks some flexibility.
It feels like too little Nutella spread over too much bread.
Do you mean there aren't many features?
Well... Yes?...
6:50 AM
IDK I suppose any C library could be adapted to Go but the point is that the language itself feels "thin" to me.
I don't know anyghint about it:)
When I read about it I feel like there should be something more but idk.

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