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12:00 AM
Been some time since I was here
@chmod711telkitty Dumbass is not copyable
@sehe If only it wasn't!
@Columbo Yeah, where have you been?
@sehe Maybe not cloneable, but it can reproduce in 'normal' sexual manner.
@Nooble Playing WoW
12:05 AM
@MartinJames That's not exception, though
@Columbo :P
@Nooble I should really stop this shit
In fact, I am now trying to program a chess.com bot that can play using Rybka in bullet mode
Well. Goodbye again, then
Just gotta finish learning UCI and WinAPI (the latter is really the problem)
I've been trying to make a genetic algorithm.
30ish hours ago.
@Columbo Why do you need to learn WinAPI
12:09 AM
@Nooble making screenshots
and extracting pixel data
and simulating mouse clicks
Nobody has ever done this before.
Can't you just sniff the incoming packets?
snuff them instead
Sounds way simpler than having to interpret pixels.
12:11 AM
good protocols make this practically unfeasible
Oh right.
They encrypt it?
@sehe That depends on your definition of "good". Some are intended to be open, and intentionally make it easy to build clients. Others...not so much.
well. I will guess that chess.com doesn't like fraudsters
But in general of course that's true
@sehe I believe chess.com supports the "ICS" protocol. As protocols go it's pretty poor (no standard, lousy documentation), but still at least somewhat known, and writing clients to speak it "well enough" is fairly straightforward.
I did read up on that once
12:15 AM
Not sure what would qualify as a "fraud" in this case--chess bots are pretty common on most internet chess servers.
Hrmm. I would think it is at least a bit funny if you go to those lengths to pretend to be a human player (assuming ICS is indeed supported)
I haven't used VS in a long time, today I use it, and now I've run into a problem.
I can't find the words to insult VS sufficiently
Cool story. So, you abandon your partner, and when you return after ignoring it for a long time, you expect cooperation as if nothing else was more important?
@Columbo You suck
@sehe I don't remember all of it for sure, but I don't remember whether it provides any way to say "I'm a human" vs. "I'm a machine".
12:20 AM
@Columbo I was suggesting words to yse
@sehe :(
Sad story is sad.
Anyway, that ICS thing sounds promising
but sniffing packets is kinda complicated, isn't it
12:22 AM
@JerryCoffin ... you know. I'm not gonna argue this. It was an assumption. I think it's fair to assume they can devise a protocol that prevents snooping/tampering and they can trivially send a user-agent ID along. I felt it was a fair assumption.
@Columbo aka "Winboard protocol", FWIW.
@JerryCoffin cheers for that
> Due to some Microsoft brain damage that I don't understand, WinBoard does not work with chess engines that were compiled to use a DOS extender for 32-bit addressing.
(I'm not sure I personally would like playing chess on a site where you can't even know whether you play a bot or a human. But I don't, so ... )
@Columbo so don't. You can just implement the protocol - why sniff anything
12:23 AM
@sehe Well, the vast majority of <2000 players never use engines
Needs citation
@sehe Wait, wait - so where do I take the information from
@sehe Fair enough--I wasn't trying to argue nearly so much as thinking out loud, trying to remember what I could about the protocol. Not sure it makes much difference in the end.
@sehe No, statistical evidence should suffice
My experience, e.g.
@Columbo "the information" (you connect to the server, start a game, the server sends you the information, you respond?)
12:24 AM
@sehe Wait, so I have to implement the "browser"?
(Not a visible one obviously)
Sorry I lost you.
@sehe Instead of e.g. Chrome, I write the code that connects and sends the packages myself
@Columbo You only need to send and receive packets.
ICS is a protocol that doesn't require or assume browsers. It's one of the golden oldies. Of course, if there's some hipster web layer on top, good luck
@sehe Reminds me of "This is a fucking website"
@sehe Really, I just want to crush people's Egos
That is so satisfying
12:26 AM
I cannot get past hello world without a "missing debug information" warning even though generate debug information is set to true.
@Columbo Stack Overflow is around the corner
To see how a GM crumbles under uncomparable speed and accuracy
Hehe. Or not.
@sehe Well, actually, I don't want to bullshit good players, since they respect and pursue the game
But those bitches that write "Lolz you're so shit" in the chat, I just... can't stand that
@Nooble Are you implying you have a .... bug? ... in your hello world that you cannot find without debugging?
@Columbo guess what kind of bitches write hacks to play engines across the user site?
12:29 AM
@sehe It appears that you are right. I shall solve this like I solve all my VS problems. devenv.exe /ResetUserData
@sehe hahahahaha
@sehe I'm the revenger!
@sehe Yeah, I'm the avenger!
I destroy little bitches without piety!
@Columbo If you combine your project with mine, you'll have a bot that 'learns' from its opponents.
In a matter of days it will grow to be the #1 bot.
World domination!
Okay, this isn't imgur I guess
12:31 AM
@Columbo Doan' hav no little bitches. jus' big dog.
If the OP actually tries to use this, I'm going to lose faith: stackoverflow.com/a/29044059/962089
@Nooble Libs. Link with debug versions.
@MartinJames You may be right...
Nope. Set to /MTd (Multi-threaded debug) libs
@Nooble Well, I tried:)
@chris I like it
12:35 AM
I jump at the chance to play around with Boost PP
It's fun, but usually results in something pretty useless
Bot that learned how to play tetris.
Pauses the game right before it loses.
> The only winning move is not to play
Guessing you watch VSauce
They had it on VSauce?
I haven't watched in a while.
Found that video surfing around for machine learning algorithms.
12:39 AM
@Nooble It was in the latest VSauce video
> You say you want to party, next you run off down the halls
It’s like you always choke once you make it to the balls
I remember it coming up on Reddit or something a while back
@sehe I never thought I'd see Disney princesses rap battle
@sehe SMG / Cinderella wins!
@chris So how about if he uses this? Looks to me like it fits the requirements perfectly well.
12:48 AM
@JerryCoffin Wow, what a focus on terminology.
I'm kind of wondering why the OP's constants aren't constants.
@chris ASCII a silly question, get a silly ANSI!
I dreamed about watching movies like this when I was younger
A: Finding a max from a known list of constant variables WITHOUT using arrays

seheSince we're deconstructing the question so delightfully: #include <algorithm> #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << std::max({ 30, 99, 140, 200, 220, 260, 300, 310, 500, 100}); } Not using arrays, not even as part of the implementation of a vector or similar

@chris Because OP doesn't know the difference between a constant and a literal?
12:57 AM
@sehe I hate this class of questions, the ones where you think 'who the fuck cares?'.
@MartinJames Precisely--perfect for bikeshedding. :-)
My solution isn't scalable enough. I should take in a macro to transform the number
I mean what happens when you want box1, box3, box5, ...?
@chris You should use MongoDB so it would be webscale!
@райтфолд lol ^ "HRW the warrior realizes the vehicle he chose is actually touching his balls"?
(apparently that's a pig, not warthog)
1:01 AM
Brb making a DI/IoC container for macros
I should finish Portal. I finally got around to playing it yesterday and stopped right before the last "level".
@chris 1 or 2?
Mostly because it was like 3:30 am
@Borgleader 1, but I got both together
For some reason, Portal refuses to use my graphics card and instead uses the integrated graphics
Even with a global setting to use the card
Haven't played anything else on this laptop yet, so I'll have to try others before I get worried.
That shouldn't happen o.o
@sehe How is it even possible that my Karma generator produces a segmentation fault? (I guess that it crashes due to karma::symbols.)
Because of bugs?
I'm happy this response satisfied your curiosity.
1:08 AM
Sure. But there should be a template error if I have incorrect code..
Complain to your compiler (he'll laugh and have your head in contempt)
Pro tip: my crystal ball is out of commission (the wife broke it). We have a nice site for questions: Stack Overflow
But in general the answer is fairly simple: Q. "How is it even possible that my Karma generator produces a segmentation fault?" - A. "In the same way that any other code does"
There were chances that there is a well known error that everybody knows about except me..
Dangling pointers. About 63% probability, Stackoverflow: 34%
@andrew It may be--but with no clue of the code beyond including something named "karma::symbols", how would we be able to guess?
@sehe Shit design, 99.9%, (OK, that does not add up, but WTF).
1:14 AM
Hi Martin. Could you make me a tea?
@sehe Now you mention it, I do fancy a nice cuppa tea. Kitchen...
Mainly linking this so I'll remember to watch it later.
Dishwasher & bed calling
Ok. Neil wins:
A: Finding a max from a known list of variables WITHOUT using arrays

Neil KirkThis solution finds your maximum without using any arrays or data structures whatsoever. int main() { std::cout << 500; }

Stack Overflow is the second tab to the left :)
replacing this
command = raw_name << int_ << int_;
with this
karma::symbols<int, std::string> register_;
register_.add(1, "aaa")(2, "bbb")(3, "ccc")(4, "ddd");
command = raw_name << register_ << register_;

leads to an segmentation fault. does anybody have an idea?
1:21 AM
Stack Overflow with a SSCCE
@sehe Oh man, he starts off okay but what he doesn't realize is that he probably could have saved himself a lot of agony by switching to unique_ptr and just changing a bunch of function signatures to not take shared_ptr/auto_ptr by value and instead just taking a weak pointer / weak reference (he did do the weak reference stuff, which was good).
That article is so old
@sehe ok. i will do that tomorrow.. good night everybody
@andrew Something tells me you didn't minimize the problem enough: coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/b652ec3af3bdd210
Night all
@sehe Oh. Thank you for pointing that out.. I hate this kind of errors.
@sehe Maybe I'll find the problem myself. Otherwise I will create a thread.
1:30 AM
@sehe G'night.
Wonder what JavaDateTime I'm supposed to use...
@sehe Nighty night
@ThePhD Consensus seems to favor Joda.
@JerryCoffin So it seems! But, uh. ~School~ and stuff is the only reason I'm using Java, and I doubt they even know what Joda would be if I sent them something using it...
Is it difficult to implement pow and log efficiently manually in a std::bitset<8>?
1:38 AM
@Jefffrey Do you mean implement a pow/log that takes a bitset as one (or either?) parameter?
Well, a custom type, that contains an std::bitset yes.
@Jefffrey Is there a specific reason you wouldn't just use std::log(your_bitset.to_ulong(), foo) (or reverse the operands, if needed)?
@JerryCoffin I guess that means that it's difficult. Just wondering for std::bitset<128> actually.
I'm basically writing my own fixed size integer.
A kind of a bignum with fixed bits.
@Jefffrey I'm not saying it's particularly difficult, just wondering if there's a good reason to do otherwise.
I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to implement this fixed size integer. I know someone else solved this already, it's just for fun.
So I immediately thought of std::bitset.
1:43 AM
@Jefffrey In that case, you'd probably implement pow using successive squaring. E.g.: stackoverflow.com/a/20114154/179910. Do you want a common or natural logarithm (or base 2 logarithm)?
I assume log in C++ is base 2, right?
it's base e.
std::log2 for base 2 and std::log10 for base 10.
@Jefffrey No--natural (base e = 2.718281828...).
I see
@JerryCoffin Oh yeah, you linked that to me already. Remember? For that RSA pic I was asking questions about.
@Jefffrey No, but I guess it's not surprising--my memory makes a sieve look like a hermetic seal by comparison.
1:46 AM
Eh. Thanks.
The Free Lunch Is Over appeared in March 2005.
It's been 10 years already.
booleans, 8->32 bit integers in C# are guaranteed to have atomic read/writes...
Wonder if the JVM has any guarnatees like htat.
Even if they are not atomic?
Well, a write is an indivisible instruction.
So I suppose that makes them atomic.
But that's not enough..
@ThePhD JVM guarantees to eat your memory.
equal_range saves the day.
1:59 AM
One of those fancy algorithm thingies?
2:14 AM
@ThePhD Yes--basically std::lower_bound and std::upper_bound in a single call.
i'm watching all these mit courseware vids
not understanding any of the math
Java methods can't always be treated as Clojure functions. Two solutions: (1) memfn which is awkward (2) lamba's which work really well.
^ How reminiscent of C++
@StackedCrooked Indeed--if you didn't know better, you might almost guess they were stealing borrowing ideas from C++.
2:23 AM
I found an old post by Rich Hickey on C++ templates. It was from 1995.
He was trying to write a generalized functor iirc.
1994 actually
So yeah, memfn could be inspired by C++.
Told ya languages moving in herds ☺️
template <class P1,class Callee,class TRT,class CallType,class TP1>
inline MemberTranslator1<P1,const Callee,TRT (CallType::*)(TP1)const>
makeFunctor(Functor1<P1>*,const Callee &c,TRT (CallType::* const &f)(TP1)const) {
	typedef TRT (CallType::*MemFunc)(TP1)const;
	return MemberTranslator1<P1,const Callee,MemFunc>(c,f);
He didn't slack.
In retrospect boost::function was really good compared to this.
Hey guys
They managed to make it powerful without scaring the user with too many angle brackets.
@StackedCrooked Took a long time and a lot of work to get to that point.
2:30 AM
Good job Douglas :)
> Version 1.34: Boost.Function now implements a small buffer optimization, which can drastically improve the performance when copying or construction
I'm surprised this optimization has been there for so long.
oh boy, already 3:30
@StackedCrooked I really liked digging through that source code, faux-variadics and all.
I also dug through the std::vector code early on...
hey @ParkYoung-Bae (=
@ParkYoung-Bae Hey!
2:34 AM
Boost function source is really wacky. So many preprocessor stuff that I can't find my way.
@Xeo By the time std::vector was available in most standard libraries, I was one about my tenth version of the same basic idea. I sure don't miss the old days!
I don't think I was at the GA for too long before I really got into templates. I remember wanting a polymorphic function wrapper for something, trying some stuff, finding boost::function and getting inspired by the source.
@LucDanton Il est quelle heure, 3h30 ? inb4 "it's a perfectly reasonable time to be awake"
hey guys for anyone who is interested i am working on a free open source game engine starting today, so if you want i am putting up a git hub for it in a minute.
@ParkYoung-Bae Yeah! Look at the Xeo here!
2:36 AM
Oh, yeah.
@LucDanton I've been reading a visual novel. I easily lose track of time with those.
been a long time since I've been awake past 2am
I still haven't had time to install dev tools on this laptop. I shall do that today.
I have a partition to resize but cba.
I should sleep but cba
2:43 AM
Somehow, @R.MartinhoFernandes' story about wandering around all night made me wanna do it too. Too bad this place isn't as interesting as Berlin
oh well, I guess I should actually try to sleep. I don't wanna sleep the whole day tomorrow
@Xeo So get on a train and get to someplace more interesting. You don't have to be back 'til Monday, right?
@JerryCoffin Too bad I cancelled my monthly ticket starting this month :/
it had a pretty big range on weekends
@Xeo Where are you?
Not that there's anything operating at these hours, except for hourly night busses
@ParkYoung-Bae Boredlin
2:49 AM
@Xeo No, but in two or three hours there will be.
Wandering all night would be more 'interesting' in the wild ... Once I wandered through a graveyard at midnight with 3 others because we went car camping & someone thought doing some geocaching would be fun thing to do @ midnight.
Welp, last level of Portal took just about forever
It was last year actually
@chris I remember really liking that level
2:55 AM
@Borgleader It was enjoyable
But I spent forever with the right idea for one part, but doing something slightly wrong that I couldn't have known
Also you can do ocean swim or hiking in the dark, both are considered dangerous.
It's unfortunate when that happens, but that was the only time
@chmod711telkitty Doesn't sound bad. Years ago, I spent a couple of years working in an outdoors store. One winter afternoon we got in a shipment of new head-lamps, so about dozen of us decided to test them out by hiking up (and back down) Pikes Peak that night. Fortunately, I still drank huge amounts of caffeine, so I was only half dead during work the next day.
Probably depends on the trail, equipment & experience. Walking up & down a well defined trail with good head lamps & experienced pals is not all that bad.
I have done bush bashing in the dark after walked 20km into the wildness during the day.
Fall down a metre at side of a ridge & broke some skin
That's after walking across a small creek & getting all wet (in winter)
Lovely times
Recently I started to find overnight trails marked 'easy' can no longer satisfy my appetite to walk long trails.
I probably should only sign up for overnight bushwalking/hiking trips that are graded either hard or extreme.
I also enjoy running the track with my 10kg backpack on when it's flat.
3:48 AM
someone experience with visual studio watch expressions?

Got an pointer to an array(const char*) and VS detects it as uint, how can I output its values with a fixed length(eg 30) in hex?
hello arseholes
@Xeo You're a child.
why does the Java logo have 7 stars?
go to bed grandpa
4:13 AM
@Xeo DO IT
@ParkYoung-Bae and now there’s a robot
I am just returning home from another random walkabout.
I managed to convince some friends to join.
We only returned because it started raining.
Is that why you went to the Arctic? To train for the temperatures?
It's not too cold.
lemme check
4:15 AM
oh yeah
I don’t know why I’m shivering when I wake up though.
4:52 AM
@LucDanton uguis are insane

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