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8:00 PM
@Rapptz $94.99
Even more hipster.
8:02 PM
the price is from ncixus.com/products/…
well he's livecoding music in lisp (i think its lisp anyway) so hipster comes with the territory
@Rapptz Eh :)
Clojure is the best lisp.
I was wondering why it's cheap.
And now I know.
Just DVI or VGA.
> Sam Aaron samaaron authored on Nov 20, 2014
i'll have to go up to $114.98 for HDMI
@Pris interesting
are DVI/VGA that bad?
8:04 PM
Is this rude?
@ChristianHackl Yes, client code might want to catch IOError but not MemoryError as an example. Either way - I'm not interested in discussing the usefulness of an exception hierarchy, merely the proper way to implement one in C++. I'm not interested in alternatives, or why what I'm doing is a bad idea. Sorry for sounding aggressive, but the SO crowd has the annoying tendency to think outside of the box, when I'm explicitly interested in an answer inside the theoretical box. — orlp 33 secs ago
no it's not bad
is this a question?
I'm using DVI right now.
DVI is literally HDMI without sound
8:05 PM
just the connector is different
VGA is bad however
@orlp seems ok
@sehe I'm just trying to prevent the inevitable discussion that always seems to pop up on my theoretical questions
@orlp If you just said it's a theoretical situation, it'd probably sound less aggressive.
@orlp s/my//g
@Blob given my past experiences with theoretical questions, a little bit of aggressiveness seems appropriate - I'm just not trying to sound rude
8:07 PM
"Ideally every exception just constructs its parent, but this is impossible due to virtual inheritance." Why?
@CatPlusPlus The child has to construct the base in virtual inheritance.
Yes... in normal inheritance too, so?
@orlp except DVI can do sound vOv
I think DVI can support higher resolutions if you have dual link cable...
How can DVI do sound?
and HDMI has DRM stuff...
8:10 PM
Calling base ctor will in turn go through its init list and call all the base ctors there etc
@CatPlusPlus no it doesn't
@Rapptz it has pins for audio
No it doesn't.
@thecoshman That's HDCP, which can be done over either DVI or HDMI.
I'm using a DVI-D dual link and it has no audio.
8:11 PM
@Rapptz DVI can have audio
Needs citation. Not repeating.
@CatPlusPlus now remove the default constructor
woof woof
Okay I see
Another case of language being retarded
8:12 PM
wait... I confused with what the analogue does :\
> In the end, it was felt that since there was no valid use for virtual inheritance of classes with data members, there was no point in complicating the language in order to solve the problem.
I should stop saying stuff about DVI
Multiple inheritance is good.
any time I do, seems I remember some other detail incorrectly
That said you don't need to multiderive exceptions ever
8:14 PM
@CatPlusPlus about what?
Stupid anyway
@orlp In this case, I don't think anyone is "thinking outside the box". Your question (albeit not for exception hierarchies, but for inheritance in general) was seriously considered during the standardization process. In the end, it was felt that since there was no valid use for virtual inheritance of classes with data members, there was no point in complicating the language in order to solve the problem. — James Kanze 5 mins ago
so wait what? C++ technically supports multiple inheritance... but never bothered to say how it should be resolved?
It's just does it the dumbest possible way and the solution to problems that arise from that (i.e. virtual inheritance) apparently doesn't work
@Pris what language is it?
Sceptre E225W-1920 is good, right?
please be good
i don't want to go higher than $115 ;_;
8:21 PM
Anyone remember gosub?
What is gosub?
It was a goto where you could return.
Perl has goto which does a tail call.
100 gsub 300
200 ..
300 foo
400 return // returns to 200
Basic on C64.
is that different from a normal call?
8:23 PM
But the return was optional.
is that different from a normal call?
I wonder how it was implemented.
my thing can support that
This is nice.
8:24 PM
with a normal call
@StackedCrooked That's cool.
Because if you keep calling gosub then the system needs to remember where to return.
@StackedCrooked How dare you even mention such things?
@StackedCrooked Same as a subroutine call but with a different instruction pointer.
@StackedCrooked Same as with normal calls.
It's called a callstack hth.
@райтфолд Where will the return address be saved?
The language does not have a stack.
On the call stack.
In some stack somewhere in memory.
Yeah, I guess so. But then there was probably a hard limit.
Like max 16 levels deep or something.
8:25 PM
I want this:
recursive for x in xs {
    recurse x.children;
@StackedCrooked Inside the interpreter. Keep in mind that this was in a purely interpreted language, so when the interpreter found a return, it looked on its internal call stack to find the next source code it should look at.
Jinja2 has it and it's extremely convenient.
Fuck writing functions.
I never used gosub. I could not think of a reason why it would be better than goto.
(I was 12 back then.)
8:26 PM
@райтфолд that looks very much like a function
@StackedCrooked Is there also comesub which is like comefrom?
a little less typing
comefrom and comeback :D
I was like: if I want to return I'll just use goto.
Why would I need this weird gosub.
Academic crap.
GO SUB Statement Considered Harmful
8:28 PM
> The goto LABEL form finds the statement labeled with LABEL and resumes execution there. It can't be used to get out of a block or subroutine given to sort.
I like how sort is special.
So when I read in a computer magazine that was a Basic which did not use line numbers I was very confused.
How could that possibly work? lol
My first programming language was VBA.
Followed by GML.
Good times.
8:29 PM
oh god
don't remind me of GML
I wish I were as clueless as I were back then. Programming was a lot more fun.
@райтфолд first language you used or implemented?
I didn't know the existence of the ! operator, so I used if (…) { } else { … } instead.
@райтфолд I know, right?
8:30 PM
@райтфолд How stupid can you be for not knowing that.
@StackedCrooked At least I could write programs without line numbers, dumbass.
TIL pak choi is really bland :\
@StackedCrooked according to that everyone is born stupid
Of Monsters and Men are good
Get the joke stupid.
8:31 PM
I think Scala should be one's first programming language, and teaching it should start with higher-kinded polymorphism, type classes and dependent types.
@райтфолд GML?
@thecoshman Yes, GML.
It had a repeat statement, which I still want in languages these days.
@StackedCrooked I remember that effect
8:32 PM
I was stupid as a kid. My only memory from kindergarten is that the teacher gave us instructions to make something. When she finished talking I didn't know what to do.
It was something with yogurt pots.
GML is weird in that classes are called "objects," and objects are called "instances."
It made me understand object-oriented programming.
@райтфолд Probably a designed by a former Object Pascal user.
o. kay.
@StackedCrooked I always had that in high school with PE. After an example I understood it, though.
8:33 PM
Objects oriented programming is supposed to be about objects after all.
@райтфолд hehe
These days I see OOP as nothing more but programming with syntactic sugar for tuples of functions.
My memories after that are blank.
what the fuck.
i measured 22" and the shit's not gonna fit on my desk
@sehe lol
A 22" dick.
8:35 PM
That's fucking huge man.
"My dick's so large, I can lay it from A to Z on the keyboard!"
@StackedCrooked Object oriented programming is a product of the patriarchal society, and intended primarily to facilitate objectification, especially of women.
@райтфолд qwerty detected
Most object oriented programmers are men...
8:36 PM
You may be on to something.
12 mins ago, by Blob
my thing can support that
@Blob A 22" monitor isn't 22" wide, the length from one to the opposite corner to the screen is 22". If you want to know how wide the complete thing (monitor, not screen) is, have another look at the specs. The screen size isn't what you want to know when finding out whether it fits on your desk.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I did no such a thing. You are a well known troll in the C++ room (yes, it's called "Lounge<C++>" usually) and I asked you if your being mad at this thread would be considered a successful trolling if it was trolling. I've also admitted that I'm terrible at trolling, so I might be using the term wrongly. — Jefffrey 46 mins ago
What the fuck is wrong with this guy
@sehe that was gosub. ezpz. this desk has stupid things confining monitor length to 16" max
@jPlatte oh yay i have hope
8:37 PM
Jefffrey's gone full telkitty
In Perl you can jump to a random label.
@Blob yeah yeah
@LightnessRacesinOrbit telkittty
watch out guys
If the expression evaluates to a label name, its scope will be resolved dynamically. This allows for computed gotos per FORTRAN, but isn't necessarily recommended if you're optimizing for maintainability:

goto ("FOO", "BAR", "GLARCH")[$i];
8:38 PM
Q: How can i make a keylogger in python 3.4?

Marius Belkhir MahioutAll the keylogger instructions, tutorials and manuals i found online used PyHook which is only availiable for python 2.7 and older. So i was wondering if there is an equivalent module or way of making a keylogger in python 3.4. Greatly apreciate all answers!

Fucking awesome!
@Borgleader telkitty
La la la. La la laaaa la.
@orlp flagged it as low quality
@LightnessRacesinOrbit You . <----------------------> . the joke
8:39 PM
@Borgleader yeah IDGI
A: How can i make a keylogger in python 3.4?

Lightness Races in Orbit Click on the "Start" button Choose "Shutdown" Go away and do something else

@LightnessRacesinOrbit JeFFFrey
The dragonfly it ran away,
But it came back with a story to say.
And that's how the story goes,
The story of the beast with those four dirty paws.
This is not an answer. Kindly delete it. — райтфолд 20 secs ago
rightfold joining in with the playground antics
You are so cool.
@StackedCrooked Probably. Just not anything serious or worthwhile.
8:42 PM
"I think I see yooooooooou\n" * 2
> 14.61" x 20.04" x 2.21" w/o stand
nope, won't fit. top-to-bottom restricted to 17.5ish and left-to-right restricted to 16ish
i need a different table. -.-
irb> print ("I think I see yooooooooou\n" * 2)
I think I see yooooooooou
I think I see yooooooooou
=> nil
Ruby is great for printing lyrics
@LightnessRacesinOrbit "He started it!" (points finger)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Meh!! You deleted 'keylogger guy' while I was typing my sarcy comment:(
@Blob Why is the height of the monitor on your desk restricted?
8:46 PM
@jPlatte one sec let me remove personal things and take a pic
And how did you expect to put a 20"-or-bigger widescreen monitor on a desk where you have only 16" space horizontally? :D
Whoo, time for Aldnoah /cc @Mysticial
you suck
@Jefffrey I like a different operator for that.
8:46 PM
Perl has x for repeating strings.
I love driving at night listening to music
It makes me very happy
I love cycling during the day listening to music.
You should try that @райтфолд
camera fucked. needa restart phone
8:47 PM
I hate driving.
I want to ride my bicycle.
@jPlatte Portrait mode?
@Borgleader kinda subtle that
@Blob yeah, you still got that dick flung all the way out? We'll wait a moment while you roll it all up
@Jefffrey and your close ones!
@Blob iphone detected
@JerryCoffin Theoretically possible, but he also wanted a very cheap one, I'm pretty sure screens that are always in portrait mode or can be moved into portait mode are (relatively) expensive, simply because they're less common.
8:50 PM
I go to work on this every day.
28km every day.
@Pris The dude is using Emacs and natural keyboard. Nice.
@sehe nope. a bit not-up-to-date android. had to restart twice actually
@райтфолд Join these people on the 10 speeds.
8:52 PM
Does the not-up-to-date part really make a difference?
it does to the NSA
@jPlatte What? There are monitors that don't support being turned to portrait mode? How dare they?
@jPlatte I'm not using the latest version of Cyanogenmod
so i guess it probably does
I meant regarding breaking camera apps / drivers or generally an unstable system. But yeah, regarding security it probably does.
8:54 PM
@Blob That camera needs be booted instead of rebooted.
@JerryCoffin Samsung Galaxy S3
The NSA is probably happy about my current CM 9 system too, but somewhen this month I'll probably stop connecting to any online stuff with that thing and use my more-or-less-shiny new Ubuntu Phone ^^
@Blob Ehrm, how about just removing that stuff on the desk that's in the way?
Coliru is always valid.
@jPlatte the thing goes down in some hole-shaped crap (which is why i need the box under my laptop.. i need to see the damn thing), so the length is still restricted. i might be able to remove the top crap but that leaves two bars hanging. urgh
i'll switch to a diff table that doesn't have this crap
there's one in my parents' room
8:59 PM
Or get a nice new height-adjustable desk, like me :)
(they're just hella expensive :P)
price being an important factor, i'd rather share my bed with the computer instead
@Blob Give it the boot!
Use your debugger. – Martin James 3 hours ago
Sorry, didn't get that. What do you mean?

@orlp I looks very weird.
Running around again
9:03 PM
@StackedCrooked True object oriented programming--everything (i.e., even an action) is an object.
Running from running
@JerryCoffin it's more about having to move once rather than twice
The popper has the single responsibility of popping the queue.
@JerryCoffin There are even monitors without wall-mount thingies on the back. I happen to own two of those. They don't support portrait-mode either, but have rather nice color, and a nice brightness setting.
Very tight design.
9:04 PM
@MartinJames Sorry :( Was it a good one?
@StackedCrooked just remembered this (timed link): youtube.com/…
If I didn't use the popper, you end up calling the move constructor twice
Anyone here use the CommandT plugin.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit It may have had the words 'moron' and 'illegal' in it..
@sehe Ah. I remember that.
9:06 PM
@jPlatte sounds ridiculous. Next you're going to claim they still make monitors that don't do 3D either (and that even in 2015 we don't have flying cars yet)!
> the thing goes down in some hole-shaped crap
@orlp I don't see why it wouldn't be. Nice idea by the way :)
You're doing this on purpose, right?
Trying to keep you close to me, but life got in between.
@StackedCrooked seems like the bees knees for the enum thing
9:06 PM
@sehe no, i just don't know how to describe the stupid design
@Blob cough :/
you saw the pic, right?
@JerryCoffin Nah. I think all the monitors today support red/green 3D.
@Blob Now I did. Love how you incorporated the contentious-coloured-dress meme into the picture. I'm willing to bet your camera is actually broken
@jPlatte lol
my camera's fine. it just did that line-thing because it's a pic of a screen
don't know the science behind it but pics of everything else is decent
9:10 PM
The lines are not across the screen (rules out interference). Also, that was with CRT or high-freq backlight strobes, but ... I hope you don't have phosphorescent tubes there (in the screen)
runtime errors for syntactic things is so annoying with Python
Pure troll move.
@sehe no idea what you're talking about
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
SyntacticThing: there's a syntactic error in yer file
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I belong to you, you belong to me
@sehe That was another song
9:12 PM
@MartinJames ;p
@sehe TypeError: add_entry() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given) :v
How's that a syntax error?
It isn't. Whatever.
9:14 PM
As I remember, open classes mean that add_entry can be replaced at runtime
You mean dynamic typing sucks
Yeah, he does
No I don't.
You don't know it yet
Okay. So you just want to rant incoherently.
Not that either.
9:15 PM
Don't tell us what it is you want to achieve!
At this rate I probably won't.
@Blob Dunno--just tried with both cameras I have handy, and can't reproduce anything similar.
Y'all ever feel like you would be able to do so much cool shit if there were like 50 clones of you
Every time you even begin to think of a project, just copy yourself and have your clone do it
I'd get so much shit done
9:17 PM
@Pris I'd first bury all mirrors in the house. And get some extra insurance
@Pris Literally
I didn't get the bit about the mirrors
Awwwwwwww, my cat just crossed his paw over its face trying to sleep.
Or facepalming
That's exactly what I feel when seeing cute things
@Pris Wouldnt that just result in an endless loop?
@Pris I know what I look like. Can't handle a dozen of that in the morning
9:30 PM
@Jefffrey they would probably bend over backwards duck facing
> If somebody with down syndrome gets high, do they become normal?
Time to log off
> I'm not sure why, but I wondered this:
A female (sigh, or male) is considered raped because she/he was drunk during an otherwise consensual sexual experience and not "able to consent" in the eyes of the law.
Meanwhile, a person who commits a crime while drunk is held entirely responsible for his behavior.
My brain is going around in circles.
Is that really the law?
She has to be especially drunk or intoxicated, but yes.
Its clearly inconsistent and should be fixed.
9:44 PM
@Jefffrey As far as I know intoxication is not extenuating condition in the Czech Republic, for any kind of crime.
I'm not aware of such a law here either.
@StackedCrooked Is it really the law... where?
god, a million questions about null-terminating char arrays tonight
Dunno which law Jefffrey was referring to.
Italian law I suppose.
He should cite his sources rather than plagiarising.
9:50 PM
@StackedCrooked Honestly dunno
I know that if you kill people while driving drunk you are very much held responsible
but that's all I know
Very well.
Negative 2's complement = Take regular binary form -> flip all bits -> add 1 right?
@Jefffrey why wouldn't you be?
@Cinch "negative" 2's complement?
9:58 PM
Er, star trek fans? At LucasFilm? They made Star Wars
@Puppy OMG YOU'RE HERE!!! :D

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