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10:00 PM
How do you pronounce Djikstra? Is it 'dykestra'
or Jikstra
You can click the play button. (The Dutch one on the left.)
> If you ignore the fact that it's "structured", even 'C' programming can be appreciated by the Real Programmer: after all, there's no type checking, variable names are seven (ten? eight?) characters long, and the added bonus of the Pointer data type is thrown in-- like having the best parts of Fortran and assembly language in one place. (Not to mention some of the more creative uses for #define.)
@thecoshman The point is that people are generally held responsible for their actions while drunk, but women who have sex when (sufficiently) drunk aren't--and in some cases it can even be treated as rape, even if all indications at the time were that it was entirely voluntary.
@Pris espeak -v europe/nl "Dijkstra" --ipa says dˈɛɪkstraː
10:02 PM
@Pris I say dikes-tra
It's a tough situation though--on one hand, can man can be held responsible for rape, even if he thought he was having entirely consensual sex. On the other hand, courts also want to deal with things like roofies or men really trying to get a woman drunk enough that she'll have sex, even if she would normally have refused.
@StackedCrooked awesome fidelity
@JerryCoffin I think you can get tested for drugs.
@JerryCoffin what is a roofie
@sehe i think it's when you spike a drink
@Blob makes so much sense
@sehe when you add stuff to someone's drink
bad stuff
@sehe Rohyphenol
roofie |ˈruːfi|
noun informal
a tablet of the drug Rohypnol.
10:05 PM
Ah! Etymology restored
@JerryCoffin there is a difference between not get awaying with stupid shit despite being drunk and being taken advantage off even when drunk. I agree that just because a woman is drunk doesn't mean all sexual acts are now drunk, but I don't accept that being drunk means the world can take advantage of you. Is it not still murder if the victim is drunk? Basically, it's not black and white.
> all sexual acts are drunk
I think there's truth in that
@thecoshman Well. The victim is no longer drunk when he/she is dead
I think cosh might be drunk
@thecoshman Yes--read my next post
10:08 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit answer them all. Be rich
@StackedCrooked ...with infuriating sound quality.
Hey, that's my plan
@thecoshman So, it was not black and white?
@Blob By the way, what DO they teach you?
Is there some sort of syllabus or course track I can look at?
I'm fairly interested
@Cinch which course? the Intro one?
10:10 PM
I have the strongest suspicion apt-get became a redditor:
The following packages will be upgraded:
  bind9-host dnsutils e2fslibs e2fsprogs gnupg gpgv host krb5-locales libbind9-80 libc-bin libc-dev-bin libc6 libc6-dev libcomerr2 libdns88 libgcrypt11 libgssapi-krb5-2 libisc84 libisccc80 libisccfg82 libk5crypto3 libkrb5-3
  libkrb5support0 liblwres80 libruby1.9.1 libss2 libssh2-1 libxml2 linux-libc-dev locales multiarch-support ntp ntpdate ruby1.9.1 sudo unzip
> sudo unzip
@Blob All of them.
Or what you're taking this year
don't think there's some public syllabus, but
Cool, you have ruby.
What do you use to model Hell?
intro starts with Scheme. you just learn how to think functionally. then they go to Netlogo
10:11 PM
Karnaugh maps
that's first semester (mandatory)
@StackedCrooked dunno what for. let me shed it
second semester starts with learning some terminal commands and then some html (very basic)
ruby shedder
@Blob How about math?
10:12 PM
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  ruby vim-addon-manager
@StackedCrooked ^ that explained; thanks for helping me keep my system secure :)
then they go to python where they mainly do things with some libraries (can't remember which; i'm not at that point yet) that creates web pages for you
not everyone follows the same math thing; it depends on what you learned in middle school
@Blob Probably Django
@Blob What does that mean?
but for most people it's euclidean geometry 1st semestery 9th grade, analytical geometry for 2nd semester. 10th grade is alg2/trig. i'm not sure how it works for 11th and 12th but i think in 11th you take calc and in 12 you pick an elective
@Cinch if, for example, you've taken geometry in 8th grade, you can skip it and take alg2/trig in 9th instead of in 10th
@Blob Interesting.
Damn it Hawaii, we don't even go past trig.
it's fine to curse
10:16 PM
@Blob The problem is if someone goes digging about 10 years from now and then says I dissed my own state in the worst way
@Cinch lol
It's true.
Do you learn digital circuits?
Electric circuits?
well, you don't learn it at school, at least
it's IntroCS1 (mandatory, everything else optional), IntroCS2 (that's one year total), then next year is AP CS (fucking Java because of collegeboard. Head of the department doesn't like it but he needs to), then there's Soft Dev (no idea what they do; full-year), Systems Level Programming (one semester)/Graphics Programming (one semester; typically for people who took Systems)
i don't know the details of the other courses as I haven't taken them yet
10:23 PM
@Blob And what about regular english and the sciences?
@Cinch 9th - Most people take bio, some take physics. 10th - Everyone takes chemistry. 11th - people who took bio take physics, physics people take bio
@Blob No AP?
and you must take at least 2 bio electives to graduate
AP is an option
i thought you meant normal thing
there are shittons of science electives
It just seems very... interesting.
So much education in one place
do you just want some lists?
10:24 PM
@Blob Yes
I now wish I went to your high school.
Oh THIS one.
@orlp Noice
Damn you guys are loaded
10:27 PM
hmm.. apparently you take pre-calc 11th
you can take pre-calc and calc together if you want
@Blob Not smart lol
so you can take multivariate calc and something else senior year
New York's education is ridiculously good.
@Cinch i'll probably do it unless i have no room for them
@Blob Have fun with trig identities lol
10:29 PM
@Cinch already learnt them
But you're probably a smart guy if you're in that school.
@Blob Define "learnt" that means different things when you cross oceans
@Cinch taking trig right now. trig identities/proving identities was covered up to ~2 weeks ago
bad use of "up to", but meh
@Blob I don't know how good you are so but I'm going to assume all of you are better than me already.
So jelly. So much QQ.
@Cinch don't know calculus :|
@Blob Calculus is a bitch but it's basically magic that was found.
It's the unicorn that worked
Algebraically finding a function for the rate of change of a function is a frickin miracle
10:31 PM
i sometimes watch MIT's courseware vids and get lost when they start using math
@Blob Perhaps I'll write a Calculus I - IV in 1 minute or something.
"now you all know how to make neural nets"
no i fucking don't
all that chain rule shit is magic to me
im back
u still here?
is it better now?
10:34 PM
@Blob Chain rule?
My god, I can teach you Calculus I in like 5 lines.
if you take the cross product of two vectors, the resultant vector will have the same direction regardless of the magnitude of the two inputs, right?
@Cinch prof was doing some partials
@thecoshman Unless the magnitude is 0 or negative, yes.
@thecoshman sure, whatever
10:35 PM
Fine I'll give you Calculus I in 3 lines:
Derivative = rate of change, find this by these:
A delightful bit of Swiss cheese!
x^2 -> derivative -> 2x, multiply the current variable by the power and minus power by 1
@Cinch well... it can have negative magnitude... else it's pointing in a different direction.
@thecoshman magnitude is never negative
@Blob how does it look
is i better now?
10:36 PM
i see it its working
@Cinch oh my god, that is soooo horny
im just asking in general @Blob
10:37 PM
don't know how to judge websites
> auto h = f * 10;
I think that should be auto h = f(x) * 10
@Blob Here's a hint: "It's rubbish"
but I acknowledge that x is wrong here
and don't know how you'd fix it
which is probably why it's just f
or overload operator()
to do nothing
well, return whatever f is
@Blob my neural nets have wide gaps so the dolphins don't get tangled up
10:39 PM
Yeah it doesn't support multiple variables either.
@sehe what do you catch?
colds, measles and mumps
never exceptions though
Fine: Calculus I in 10 lines:

If F is a function, derivative of integral of F = integral of derivative of F = F

Find derivative by finding instantaneous change at a point; proof is infinity-based magic, but here's the deal:

Regular: F = x^3 -> Derivative: F' = 3x^3

Integrals calculate the area of a function under a curve until the axis it hits.

Reverse the process for derivatives:

Derivative: x -> Integral(Derivative): x^2 * (1/2)

Derivative of sin is cos and derivative of cos is -sin
@sehe not vaccinated?
10:40 PM
@Rapptz this is really great. is it githubbed?
nah it was a proof of concept for learning expression templates ~7 months ago.
I know @ThePhD liked it too and he might have expanded it.
@Cinch wait so you make coefficient the power? what if you have something like f(x) = 3x^3 + x^2?
No, you raise the power by 1 and then divide by the resulting power

x^3 -> x^4 * (1/4)
i mean
for derivative
coeff = power
not coeff -> power
Deriavative of F = 3^x2 -> F' = 6x
Because you take the 2 down and 2*3 = 6
@Blob x^2 -> 2x
2x -> 2
2 -> 0
10:44 PM
f(x) = 3x^3 + x^2
apply to each term?
what takeaway shall I order in tonight
@Blob f'(x) = 9x^2 + 2x
Chain rule: If you have (3x)(x^2), if F(x) = 3x and G(x) = X^2

Derivative = f' * g + g' * f
how are F and G related in this case?
@Blob They're not, you just break the two parts into two for individual integration
If you multiply the two together
what about f(x) = x?
10:47 PM
@Blob 1
since 1x = x
I'll draw you something
What I get from GetPixel is independent from the background lighting I have currently set, correct?
oh bring 1 down, not 1-1
@Blob no, it is 1-1
because x^0 = 1
for some reason i think of -1ing
@LightnessRacesinOrbit steak, with a b/j (you have 8 more minutes)
10:52 PM
@sehe he had those for breakfast already
Alright, stupid question actually, nvm
oh. poor dude
> Sceptre E225W-1920 Res: 1920 x 1080 Size: 22" Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Response Time: 5 ms no IPS Price: $$114.98
this is decent, right?
wanna confirm before i add
it's the thing i referred to a few hours ago
@Cinch your handwriting is readable. nice.
what's f''''?
10:56 PM
the 4th derivative of f
count the number of ticks
it's cut off
looks like a 0
it's 0
and the integral of 1/x is ln x
So you're telling me 36 doesn't change. I AM IMMORTAL!
11:00 PM
Calculus 2 is a bitch because integration of functions is much harder than finding derivative and consists of unicorn methods that have become standard
Calculus 3 is derivative in 3D, not too hard, just pretend all other variables besides the one you are deriving are constants
Calculus 4 is 3D integrals (volume and flow and force modeling, yay! Physics!) but is less bullshit because the integral bullshit is past, it's just... hard to do 3d stuff.
Now you know Calculus, YAY!
i'm not confident in my skills
i might get someone hurt
Don't worry, cheat on all of your tests with this: wolframalpha.com
@Cinch lol
Are you doing GCSEs?
@Columbo I am in college, thanks very much.
@Cinch I am too!
11:03 PM
@Columbo What you learning?
@Cinch M, FM, P.
@Columbo foreign to me, sir less acronyms please
@Cinch Maths, Further Maths, Physics
@Columbo Oh you're one of THOSE guys
@Cinch ?
11:04 PM
...Come over to the EE side mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
IEEE is waiting for you
@Cinch I know IEEE.
E.g. IEEE 754
@Blob Also Computer Engineering > Computer Science.
@Cinch Bullshit.
@Columbo Nope, because I can learn CS any time I want
The more practical a subject is, the more useless it is.
11:06 PM
@Columbo lol
@Blob Useless as in you're useless if computers were to disappear tomorrow
useless in that it's easy to learn anyways?
(I hope the sarcasm is discernible)
EMP? Have fun doing anything after that with your mad Django skills
However, it's not entirely untrue: Consider that practical approaches are trendy whilst theory persists into eternity.
11:07 PM
"django" doesn't ring a bell. it's something else.
@Columbo Unless practical concepts are fundamentals like how to make a lightbulb or a heater
@Cinch What have you learned from Computer Engineering so far
@Cinch I hope you don't learn to do basic jobs at university lol
Right now, I'm doing:
Calculus IV, Digital Design Basics (CMOS and logic and Boolean algebra), Electical Circuits I (DC and some AC), C++
found it: cgi
Wait, making a heater? For what in hell would you need to know that unless you're responsible for designing one?
@Cinch Not A-Levels? :/
11:09 PM
@Blob British AP stuffies.
@Blob Thanks, Captain Obvious.
@Cinch lol? Make fire and get a fucking kettle?
what's A-level?
@Cinch Lol a yank :PPP
i only ever hear it in british-contexts
I am literally on the opposite side of the world from the UK.
11:10 PM
it's weird when you edit a past response to answer a question from the future
@Blob I was just gonna say
@Fanael Now remove the rep and we're talking
@Cinch You sound really naive
@Pris I'm being flippant for fun.
Kill me.
@Pris But why do you say this
can someone give me a "go for it" so i can stop worrying about monitors? ;_;
"Sceptre E225W-1920 60Hz 22.0" Monitor" is fine, right?
@Blob Does it really matter?
11:14 PM
@Cinch apparently. i had a $60ish one which i was gonna get but they said it was shit.
@Blob Well listen to whoever you want
look at the most starred message that's not pinned
@Blob I don't understand what you're trying to show to me
3 hours ago, by Cat Plus Plus
You can't afford cheaper ones
Can anyone help with CMOS gates, by the way/
@Blob This is the most starred message...
11:17 PM
that was in reference to me saying decent ones are easily $100
i meant the top one
bah. i give up.
to be fair, "most starred message" means nothing as there are messages with far more stars that aren't displayed because of the time thing. depending on your screen height, you see a different number of them
@Cinch Take care not to wear rubber shoe soles ...
@Blob you're just making your argument worse lol.
@Cinch i'm defending my careless thinking
11:20 PM
Sometime you just need to admit you're wrong instead of tripping over your own arguments with new ones.
(me too.)
@Cinch "to be fair" generally sends the "ok i'm wrong, but in my defense" tone
Q: Program resetting position variables in vector

The Piece MakerI am working on a little project and I am trying to establish a grid with Aphids and Ladybirds present inside it at specific coordinates. I have constructed a 2-dimensional array to contain the grid positions and vectors to house the aphids and ladybirds. For some reason, when I create the aphi...

upvote why
@Blob to me, "to be fair" sounds like you're trying to put more right on your side.
must be the "New York-Hawaii" social difference.
@Cinch hm. i hope it is
i use "to be fair" a lot
@Blob ...speaking perfectly or super cleanly over here has the impression that you're trying too hard (or an ass) so things differ
11:23 PM
it's generally taken as sarcastic in my social circle
@Blob Well, you do go to an elite high school.
9 mins ago, by Blob
user image
i'll probably get kicked for this
but can i just get a "yes" from anyone
@Blob why don't you just google reviews? what else am i gonna tell you, I don't know monitors.
seriously ;_;
is it decent?
11:25 PM
reviews for monitors are a thing?
you get exactly what the specs say
there's nothing to review
@Blob Then why are you asking us to review it for you?
@Blob Yes there's a thing called Amazon reviews or something
@LightnessRacesinOrbit i'm not asking for a review, i'm asking if the "specs" are good
@Blob then google each spec and figure out which one is good
@Blob Define "good".
11:26 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit i can't.. i'm asking someone who knows their crap do to it instead
if i could, i'd just judge myself :|
@Blob No, you did not understand me.
@Blob You have not specified your requirements. So nobody is qualified to say whether it will be "good" for you or not.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit i wanna play games. i probably need a monitor for that.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'm looking at the question you posted.
it's weird idk it's missing a lot of implementations
and wtf is with his scanf
    aphid.emplace_back(aphids); // Debugger resets the posX, posY values here.
I don't think he ever defined this one.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Did he even initialize his manager variables?
11:33 PM
@Cinch yes...
Oh wait I see.
    aphid.emplace_back(aphids); // Debugger resets the posX, posY values here.
yeah I don't see an implementation for this.
@Cinch what do you mean
@Cinch What do you mean "an implementation"?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit definition for the function
he didn't implement the function
@Cinch Why would he need to implement std::vector<T>::emplace_back?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit oh my god I've never used this one before.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Is it even standard C++?
11:36 PM
His switching between plurals and singulars and calling vectors by the same name as not-vectors is very confusing.
@Cinch Yes.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Is there a difference?...
@Cinch Between what and what?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit push and emplace back
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Oh I see it doesn't copy, only constructs.
That's a good talking point for copy vs construction I should throw into my tutorial
11:39 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes chalk one up: /cc @StackedCrooked
copy also involves construction so perhaps pick different terminology
@Cinch god. of course not. Did you hear of cppreference.com?
@sehe I did, I just looked at it and the SO question.
I'm not saying it's bad you didn't know. I'm seriously confused why you ask things like this:
3 mins ago, by Cinch
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Is there a difference?...
That's just annoying. You can look it up. Of course there is a difference
@sehe Yeah that's a problem i talk/type too much before thinking
11:41 PM
:D Cheers. Good to know you're aware of it
@Cinch s/too much /at all /
@LightnessRacesinOrbit lol!
true too.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit that's nasty
Welcome to the lounge. And LRIO in particular :)
11:43 PM
@sehe I've been here for months IDK what you're talking about.
anyways I'm going to start writing another C++ tutorial.
it better be good
I wonder if @Mysticial managed to release his software today.
awesome imagery; mildly annoying soundtrack
I think it's gonna have to be a burger
@sehe begs for a your-mom joke
not really. go back to r/antijoke
11:56 PM
@StackedCrooked your mum begs for a your mum joke
I should make it my life mission to write a plugin that replaces youtube comments with fortune quips.
@sehe I'm seriously pissed off by the fact that people try to convey astrophysics using fancy CGI. I mean, to some extent it's feasible to have a visualization of your concepts, but c'mon?
@Columbo why would that make you mad? what would you prefer?
@sehe LOL "we've never seen them directly, but we know that they are there ..." What of a cool metaphore :-D
you restore that message right now
11:59 PM
@Columbo wth
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Why am I not plonked?

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