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12:01 AM
Man, it's hot.
I need a fan.
@Puppy Actually, there is. It can survive for quite a while in dead tissue. Nobody's sure exactly how long, so infection from it seems quite unlikely, but nobody's really certain (for one example) that it couldn't be caught for an accidentally disinterred dead body. Its genome has been fully sequenced, so the right lab could probably synthesize some if they really wanted to.
ITT Zombie apocalypse will be accompanied by a new smallpox epidemic.
I don't believe people are normally vaccinated against smallpox anymore either. Since it's (believed to be) extinct, vaccine would do much more harm than good.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'd be a lot more worried about smallpox than a few million targets zombies.
@JerryCoffin A big problem (or not really) is that you can't effectively test vaccines since immunised individuals won't ever be infected (bar the puppy taking my dare) and animals don't contract it.
5 hours ago, by Borgleader
@AaronKyleKilleen Public service announcement
i already tried =/
12:19 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes The protection from smallpox vaccine wears off after a few years (usually starts to drop noticeably after around 3-5 years), so essentially nobody is currently immunized against it.
i should have read 2-3 replies farther >.>
:17551156 Yes, it has. That's why nobody's immunized against it any more. There's no reason to immunize against an extinct disease.
Speaking of which, I think they're "almost done" with Polio too
@JerryCoffin I heard certain diseases once thought dead to the first world like tuberculosis are being imported from the third world
I don't think tuberculosis was ever thought dead.
Tuberculosis as cause of death from infectious disease is second only to AIDS.
12:28 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes in the first world
I don't think that was ever true either.
@Borgleader It's becoming less common worldwide, but I don't think anybody's even attempting to project when polio vaccination should stop yet (I take kind of a special interest in Polio--my dad had polio as a child and I mostly remember him in a wheelchair).
@JerryCoffin Yeah, I meant less common, I read an article about the efforts to eradicate it in Wired a few weeks ago.
.@codinghorror I wish there was at least a Snowden or two working at StackExchange before you retired to yachting. #stackexchange
I really don't like "magic keyword" method names :|
12:56 AM
@Borgleader Even in the first world, Polio isn't entirely gone though. I knew a guy who'd never been vaccinated, and died of polio around 1990 or so.
Fact: 100% of people that are not vaccinated die.
100% of people that say dumb shit about vaccines should die
@JerryCoffin According to the WHO, only Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa are not polio-free.
Why is europe still awake
@ParkYoung-Bae ...and 100% of the ones who are vaccinated die too (eventually). Polio certainly doesn't have even close to 100% mortality rate though.
12:58 AM
@JerryCoffin :thejoke:
The actual joke: Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate.
We don't know
I'm trying to fall asleep by drinking warm milk but it dosent werk
I want to make a stupid generic internet rpg
Stupid generic internet RPG?
"A meme to the past"
1:01 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Up until the late '80s (or so) they used oral vaccination, which used weakened, but still live, polio virus. It caused a few cases of polio every year, so they've since switched (back) to a vaccine based on dead virus instead.
Whaaaat there's Python 2.7.8
@JerryCoffin Yeah, but that's 30 years ago.
reddit is stupid why am i reading reddit
I don't know why this surprises me tbh I'm tired
@R.MartinhoFernandes The perils of getting old: that doesn't seem so long ago to me any more. :-|
1:02 AM
@ParkYoung-Bae Because you're just as stupid as reddit
@Borgleader Oh I totally didn't see that coming omg
Why am I surprised at the stupidity of an american product though
Hardest language to learn (hardest on top)
is Polish that hard to learn?
I mean harder than Chinese and Japanese?
Uh? Depends what language you're coming from
hell, harder than Arabic?
You speak romanian right
1:03 AM
Then everything hard
that's not true
No it's a joke
It's p hard
Dunno about others but relative distance from English seems fine
the only polish word I know is kurwa
in Romanian it's curva
1:05 AM
@AlexM. There was a study that showed that Danish children have a vocabulary significantly smaller than children who learned other languages.
It's awfully complicated for no reason other than people being stupid
I know hungarian is pretty hard
I had a hungarian friend who told me about all of the weird stuff in the language
I had a hung aryan friend!
Nuxalk (), also known as Bella Coola () is a Salishan language spoken in the vicinity of the Canadian town of Bella Coola, British Columbia by perhaps 20 elderly people. While the language is still sometimes called Bella Coola by linguists, the native name Nuxalk is preferred by some, notably by the Nuxalk Nation government. Though the number of truly fluent speakers has not increased, the language is now taught in both the provincial school system and the Nuxalk Nation's own school, Acwsalcta, which means "a place of learning". Nuxalk language classes, if taken to at least the Grade 11...
@ParkYoung-Bae Dat pun <3 /cc @ThePhD
1:09 AM
@AlexM. This chart is so unbelievably stupid.
it seemed weird to me too yes
@Borgleader I don't get it. :c
also take a look at the shit that lives underwater
so happy I don't live underwater
jesus that's ugly
@ThePhD Its a pun on hungarian
1:09 AM
More like a face-hugger fish.
@AlexM. Wait til you see ophiures
those seem too small to be so disgusting
Not when they're crawling by hundreds under your feet <3
also is it just me or does Chrome handle text selection & dragging differently than other apps
like, I select a word, and if I don't click on a letter when dragging, it changes the selection
suppose the string aaaa
if I select it and then drag after clicking on an 'a', it works
1:13 AM
After the presentation Stacked linked here about the way chromeOS does its work, I wouldn't be surprised.
but if I somehow click between two a's, it starts a new selection
which is so damn annoying
Chrome is bad hth
1:55 AM
buh why are all my tests failing in such a weird way? I don't even know how to make sense of it
@Crow Sounds like your tests aren't very well designed.
indeed. I think the db for the test environment is getting weird because it won't let me add to it
@Crow At least right off, that sounds like a problem with permissions (but who knows for sure).
well actually. I can explicitly add to it, but when I try to access the endpoint that's supposed to add to it, it says it was successful but never shows up in the db
2:15 AM
awesome news
> Kinect 2.0 will release for Windows this month.
2:30 AM
can you do this with a multimonitor setup?
like, an animated screensaver
that fills all screens naturally
so that it looks like what ends on a screen continues on another
man I look at multi monitor setups like how my grandma looks at mobile phones
I really need to get another monitor
hmmmmm i doubt you can do such screensavers
can a screensaver span 6 monitors? thats the problem
you can setup 6 monitors on eyefinity on a single machine
@AlexM. I just tried the default Bubbles screensaver on Windows and the bubbles flowed from one monitor to the next, so yes you can.
holy crap multimonitor is awesome
it's like magic
Although, the configuration in that image is a little odd so their might be issues with that, i think they usually assume monitors to be in rows (and not one being upright on the left and such)
but otherwise yeah it works
there are three desktops in that screenshot
2:38 AM
you can set monitors on different resolution configuration
i.e. some in portrait and some in landscape
only doable on win7 and above I believe
yeah but continuity gets a little weird when you do that, i used to have a 22" and 24" monitor together at different resolutions and moving a window between then was always a little odd
as long as they have the same reso the physical size doesn't matter
I love my dual-monitor setup :D
even though I have problem with colour calibration on them
2 monitors display slightly differently of the same color is annoying as hell
I have 3 monitors (same model) and the colors aren't exactly the same. Close but not quite perfect.
yeah, annoying isn't it?
i don't have professional calibrators to fix it
using the windows calibration software is useless
2:57 AM
@AlexM. Doing it from one machine doesn't seem all that tough. Doing it from two separate machines (as it shows) is more difficult.
synchronization software?
I didn't even notice there were several desktops until you guys mentioned lol
man. Designing a tile engine is a pain in the ass.
any of you guys have any experience developing app(s) for iPhone/iPad?
I stayed at work until 23:00 because a mac mini took ~4 hours to update what was needed to build my game
that's my experience with apps for iPhone/iPad
3:11 AM
@AlexM. poor soul.
is your game coming along nicely?
Okay, well, if I were to create an app and only wanted to use it for myself, would it be possible to build it in Xcode and put it on my iPhone without having to sign up for the developer account and pay $100?
@cyberspace009 we ultimately didn't release it on iOS, only on android
and kindle, so also amazon's store
@AlexM. ^^
@AlexM. What's the name of the game? BTW, hooray for Android!! I love to work on Android SDK, too.
@DemCodeLines afaik you have to have the license to test on a device
3:15 AM
is the license $100?
@cyberspace009 it's a game for children (i.e. aged 10 and below), not sure you'd be interested in it
@DemCodeLines per year, yes
just use android if you want to build apps for yourself
or of course, an iPhone and jailbreak it
I'm sure you can somehow test your apps on a jailbroken phone without a license
yeah well i am trying to build a personal cloud server for my home and as part of the process, I wanted to build the apps on android and iPhone (my family has both iOS and Android phones) myself, but I guess that won't work out.
do some more research, I'm not an authoritative knowledge base in iOS development
but nothing really beats building an .apk and just distributing it around
it's like in the old days, with .jars and all that
man, downloading this awesome game and sending the jar to classmates via IR and later bluetooth
I remember playing a 3D rally game in multiplayer too, like that
oh hey. I got a 110% for my final grade in a class. so schmart
@Crow congratz.
3:26 AM
Hello, World!
3:44 AM
I have to convert shit to binary for the networking exam
that must be messy
and stink
but there I go being all literal!
4:05 AM
Hello, it's a new day World!
This was actually wish #406. Wish #2 was for him to lose the ability to remember that each new wish wasn't my first.
so much to study and also two more long assignments to do
but at least I watched an anime in less than two days
that's like a record for me
4:23 AM
@thephd I thought google was extremely selective about who it hired
looks like people like it
Thanks MAL.
the ending to Haganai was one of those endings because of which I decided to read about the endings of any anime I want to watch before watching
except I watched Haganai quite spontaneously so I didn't have time for that
what's with this bullshit trend in anime
with inconclusive open ended crap
can't writers just draw a final conclusion for everything and everyone in the story
@AlexM. i know :(
seriously it's like they're lazy or something
when I read a story I want to also see a nice ending to it
I don't want to build my own
I'm not the fucking writer
maybe they want to leave the door open for a sequel
at least boobs of all kind were displayed
might increase the rating after a few days, once the frustration is gone
4:45 AM
Fappity fap fap fap.
@StackedCrooked let me see if the manga is done
light novels seem to go on tho
last one was released in june 2014
is it good?
my fucking god the AI prof I have is essentially satan
everyone else, and I mean the whole college
is fine with I dunno, decreasing your final grade a bit because you haven't done the assignments and all that during the semester
4:50 AM
it's a typical slice of life
or at most have you show them all (optionally) and still grade you accordingly for them after the exams have ended
it's really short
3 minutes per episode
playlist of it here
no, my prof only grades late assignments with at most 5/10 and you are still forced to bring in at least 3, as you would have been during the semester
and they're so complicated with partial grades for each depending on the methods you use
4:51 AM
maybe he is not human
it's a she, unfortunately
So, she's Satan because she punishes you if you slack off?
she looks like Satan because she's the only one with this attitude towards students
a colleague got a 9.49 as his final grade
she didn't want to just give the guy a 10 (9.50 => 10)
now the guy has to retake the exam hoping he'll get >= 9.50
and it's not a matter of her hating him
the excel formula outputted that 9.49
that was his grade, and she wouldn't try to help him
(most profs turn 9.30 and above to 10)
same for 4.30+, which is turned into 5
I'll never get computer scientists
at least I've already turned in one assignment during the semester so I only have two more to do now
I could pass AI just fine with just the exam but no, I'm forced to do these shits
and when you look at it, it's pointless; I'm not doing the assignments to pass, because I'd pass w/o them just fine
they're just an inconvenience I have to to through to actually be allowed to take the exam
^ Maybe this will cheer you up.
5:09 AM
dat video
5:28 AM
this works better tho
when I'm angry I need angry music
omg my throat hurts
holy crap this is even more awesome
I always said revenge had the best ea trax compilation but damn, it always amazes me
I have no idea who set it up like this
@StackedCrooked every mgmt video is how I'd imagine LSD is like
6:22 AM
I think I have the flu, bummer
Good afternoon.
So I just made this, which is some corner case of a JS gallery thingy which could very easily be replaced with much simpler logic.
And I already made code for it.
@Jefffrey flu you!
6:49 AM
Q: Must i have 1 MVC (model, view, controller) for every class which i have or just 1 MVC (3 classes) for all my other classes? PHP

tastroLets say that i have a User and a Post class. Do i then have to create 1 controller, 1 view and 1 model class for User and a Post class or should there be 1 controller, 1 view and 1 model class for User class and 1 controller, 1 view and 1 model class for Post class?

7:07 AM
apparently the social justice warriors tried to raid and shut down 4chan and then got counter attacked and tumblr users at least the sjw people had to quit tumblr for a while
7:25 AM
'has being'... reading that grates on even me.
Q: Performance Lack in my C++ Code

SleicreiderAt the moment i'm trying to optimize my c++ code to get better performance, because I have a strong java/c# background. I've tested simple examples like getter/setter between classes and realized using them with references like this: int& MyClass::getNum() { return num; } void MyClass::setNu...

7:57 AM
> At the moment i'm trying to optimize my c++ code to get better performance, because I have a strong java/c# background.
so many shit answers
I've also found this text somewhere: Because references are typically implemented by C++ using pointers, and dereferencing a pointer is slower than accessing it directly, accessing values passed by reference is slower than accessing values passed by value. — Sleicreider 14 mins ago
8:22 AM
Well, it is true
@Jefffrey Except it's not, unless the value fits in a register, since accesses to values on stack do the exact same thing as accessing things via a pointer.
@Griwes uh, there's an extra level of indirection if there's a pointer and not a value on the stack anyway vOv
> This part was factored out of the main text after a funny discussion in comments under some awfully bad answer (that failed to notice an obvious, multiple-level XY problem in the question) and after a guy who admits to have no contact with language newcomers nowadays claimed to know
> ... better about teaching the language to said newcomers than someone who sees how much pain and hate for the wonderful language his ways of "teaching" it (or rather, teaching C with Classes) cause day by day (and used the "no real programming experience" as a (de facto ad hominem) argument that I have no clue about the topic;
not a single comma was given that day
> or rather, teaching
> obvious, multiple-level XY problem
8:33 AM
XYZ problem.
Your problem is X, you try Y and you ask about Z.
aaaand fever
I'm a super germs bomb.
@Griwes except it often is, because the stack offers excellent spatial locality, and stuff at the top of the stack are almost guaranteed to be in the L1 cache already
which would be the best and fastest now for getter & setter? using pointer instead of reference, resulted better performance! — Sleicreider 7 mins ago
> in c++11, I'd expect this to be fastest. (if possible) it will move the vector
(on a move constructor)
Or, much better, pass it by value and then move it. — Puppy 7 mins ago
@Puppy Won't that also make a copy ? — Quentin 4 mins ago
8:49 AM
Arjen has outdone himself in this album
this song is called Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin, and stands well enough on its own
though of course, as with any progressive album, I recommend listening to the whole
@Haoest more specifically - it's not a Hash in the first place. At all. — sehe 17 secs ago
Oh, bad answer galore. Needs a downporing of d/v

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