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4:00 PM
only if becoming super rich would make me super fit
No one has guns -> problem solved
@Borgleader knifes
@Borgleader except for me I get all the guns
All your gun are belong to us.
4:00 PM
@Mikhail and then sell them hurray billions of dollars.
@rightfold Are you what they call a Chav?
@Tuntuni s/guns/gun/
@rightfold Ah right it was base. Good catch.
@Mikhail maybe.
chav |tʃav|
nounBrit.informal, derogatory
a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour and the wearing of (real or imitation) designer clothes.
4:01 PM
Oh god i hate those :/
Nah I'm not aggressive.
@rightfold in the USA those are upper class characteristics
I want to vote for Dutch elections.
Our hipsters are the progeny of busy professionals who want their kids to carve their own path in life.
I want to improve this rotting country.
4:02 PM
@rightfold you should leave
I'm going to move to Pitcairn Islands.
@rightfold there is no internet
That's good.
@rightfold arent those AMD video cards?
4:03 PM
I will talk to real people.
@Borgleader what no
| common_name = Pitcairn Islands | image_flag = Flag of the Pitcairn Islands.svg | image_coat = Coat of Arms of the Pitcairn Islands.svg | symbol_type = Coat of arms | image_map = Pitcairn Islands in United Kingdom.svg | map_caption = Location of the Pitcairn Islands relative tothe United Kingdom (white, top lefthand corner). | image_map2 = LocationPitcairnIslands.jpg | map_caption2 = Location of the Pitcairn Islands relative to the west coastof South America. | national_motto = | national_anthem = Come Ye Blessed | royal_anthem = God Save the Queen | official_languages = English | reg...
ITT we are not real people
The Southern Islands series is a family of Radeon GPUs developed by AMD. AMD builds Southern Islands series graphics chips based on the 28 nm manufacturing process at TSMC. The Southern Islands design was reportedly taped out in February 2011. AMD gave a preview of the new design at the AMD Fusion Development Summit (June 13–16, 2011). On July 21, 2011, the company confirmed that it has working silicon in-house and it plans to release the first cards before the end of the year, the primary constraint being the stability of the 28 nm process at TSMC. The primary competitor of Southe...
what yes
IRL I am a real person, but not right now
4:04 PM
There live 48 people there.
Gentoo = staring at gcc output
Gentoo is fun.
@Mikhail there is.
@rightfold There exist 48 people.
> Internet: There is one Government-sponsored satellite internet connection, with networking provided to the inhabitants of the island. Pitcairn's country code (top level domain) is .pn. Residents pay NZ$100 (about US$75) for 2 GB of data per month, at a rate of 512 kbit/s.
4:05 PM
latency is too high
also locals are child molesters
2Gb per months? wtf
2GB per month for $75.
$75 for 2GB? wat?!
4:05 PM
do you want to get molested?
@Mikhail wat
@Mikhail but you are on the internet - throug space! worth it
On 30 September 2004, seven men living on Pitcairn Island (including Steve Christian, the Mayor), went on trial facing 55 charges relating to sexual offences. On 24 October, all but one of the defendants were found guilty on at least some of the charges they faced. Another six living abroad were tried on 41 further charges in a separate trial in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2005. The trial The trial was punctuated by legal challenges from island residents, who denied the island's colonial status, and with it Britain's judicial authority over the islands. Defence lawyers for the seven ac...
@Mikhail mfw 47/48 are actually children
4:06 PM
hmm.. why doesn't this crash?
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
const size_t SIZE = 5;
int *myarray = new int[SIZE];
myarray[SIZE-1] = -23;
printf("my array[0] = %d\n", myarray[SIZE-1] );
delete [] myarray;
myarray[0] = -1;
printf("my array[0] = %d\n", myarray[0] );
return 0;
I want to live on the Moon. I will die quickly but that is a welcome relief.
@0A0D Indent and monospace or wontread.
@0A0D Why would it?
@0A0D Undefined behaviour
Its UB but it wont crash.
4:07 PM
@0A0D Doesn't have to. The behavior is simply undefined. Anything could happen.
you deleted an array and then used it again, that's UB
Use std::vector<int> problem solved next topic.
UB != crash at all times
@0A0D Guess: the memory is still on the stack
UB == possibility of your PC launching a nuclear missile
4:08 PM
@Mikhail heap noob.
@0A0D because it is undefined behaviour and you are bad luck - please through yourself into here now.
a heap noob?
Man, rightfold is an ass.
I agree.
@Mysticial You wish you'd answered that one don't you? :P
4:08 PM
People who want other people to read code that isn't formatted are also asses.
@0A0D Just select the code and CTRL + K.
@Borgleader nah... I don't know shit about regex.
I upvoted it when the answer was at like +40.
heh, i upvoted as well
The answer's so god damn obvious ;_;
I definitely didn't expect to come back to it to see it at +500.
4:09 PM
I wish I could get one of those
I would be on the highway to 10k rep
@Borgleader Not really. Repcap eats it all away.
well, if it was a steadier stream rather than burst
time to sleep, I got a long day ahead
@Mysticial So even when someone upvotes, you don't get any rep?
4:10 PM
Not past 200rep/day or something
unless its a bounty or some other thing
@Tuntuni yeah...
@Mysticial Well that sucks ..
@Tuntuni I stopped caring after a while.
Without the repcap, I'd have ~166,633 right now. Whatever...
4:11 PM
@Mysticial How much passive rep do you get/day?
@Mysticial LOL wow.
@Mysticial is the south really that more expensive than SF? like San Jose?
@Borgleader gimme a sec to run the query
Fucking trains!
Q: Check if element is visible using JavaScript

StuffixI'm looking for a method to check whether an element (as a div, an img, etc.) is displayed and visible to the user on the screen in JavaScript/jQuery.

4:13 PM
Let's see how many downvotes this can get.
@Mysticial :( You should go cry in a corner. All this lost rep
Always late in italy
@Tuntuni League of Legends World of Warcraft
@bamboon I haven't really checked. But anything two-story house is gonna be over a million USD in and around Silicon Valley.
Says I get 165.03 a day. Doesn't account for the amount lost to passive repcaps.
@rightfold 1st one sucks, 2nd one is good.
4:14 PM
@rightfold Are two games that I play
@Mysticial That's almost half of repcap on passive rep alone...
A: Should UTF-16 be considered harmful?

Pavel Radzivilovsky This is an old answer. See UTF-8 Everywhere for the latest updates. Opinion: Yes, UTF-16 should be considered harmful. The very reason it exists is because some time ago there used to be a misguided belief that widechar is going to be what UCS-4 now is. Despite the "anglo-centrism" of UTF...

interesting read.
High rep would be neat but I don't have hours to spend on repwhoring
4:17 PM
@BartekBanachewicz flamingdangerzone.com/unicode/2012/10/27/… also interesting
That question apparently got upvotes instead
Q: We need to be a little less hostile

SLaksI've noticed a distressing tendency for questions that seem basic or overly short to be immediately closed and downvoted into oblivion. Case in point: Check if element is visible using JavaScript Within a minute of being asked, this question received 12 downvotes and was closed as "not a real q...

^^ lol
> and downvoted into oblivion.
I love that phrase.
@Mysticial Lounged. Nice :D
4:21 PM
@Mysticial ironic how that got downvoted into oblivion too.
> Because it was a terrible question and it was posted in the Lounge<C++>
I'm laughing my ass off.
I'm sorry, I didn't really get the idea why transition to UTF-8 should be less painful. I also think that inconsistency in C++ makes it worse. Say, Java is very specific on the characters: char[] is no more than a char array, String is a string and Character is a character. Meanwhile, C++ is a mess with all the new stuff added to an existing language. To my mind, they should've abandoned any backwards compablity and design C++ in the way that doesn't allow to mix up structural programming and OOP or Unicode and other encodings. Not that I want to start a holy war, that's merely my opinion. — Malcolm Mar 7 '10 at 16:59
how can I control feeds in a chatroom?
Feels like this one will be downvoted into oblivion too.
4:23 PM
inb4 I get banned.
Inb4 the lounge is overpowered
inb4 Stack Exchange's voting model is broken.
OK, I've read that 'Malcolm Mar' thing three times now, increasingly slowly. It still makes no sense.
Add a new feature to Stack Exchange such that questions posted in the Lounge cannot be voted on by Lounge regulars anymore.
@rightfold lol what?
4:25 PM
@rightfold yeah, what? lol
I just realized were like the mob. "Hey guys, this question sucks", and we proceed to nuke it from orbit xD
Lounge Nukes from Orbit
@Borgleader [Itallian Mobster Voice] SO can be a very dangerous place.. but we can protect you, for the right price
4:27 PM
I see this as a serious offense.
@Borgleader Yeah, this looks bad.
I need to do some networking.
Maybe the question shouldn't have been so shitty
4:30 PM
Let's see how bad my careers profile is doing.
@Shog9 To our defense though the original question was bad, and showed no research at all. Was it an overreaction that we all went and nuked it? Possibly. Did the original question deserve a bad score? Definitely.
damn people and their shit questions
> google title of OP's question
4:31 PM
> Public views 14
> Employer views 9
> Search hits 68
oh sfml has a new logo
Shit question, case dismissed. Bring on the dancing lobsters, etc.
2 mods at once... yikes
@BoltClock don't look at us like that :<
4:31 PM
@BoltClock not sure if pretty or messed up face
@BartekBanachewicz good
And a new website that doesn't look that shitty. :P
@SLaks I believe it was a joke. Whilst burst of up or downvotes happen from Lounge, each of the regulars is judging by himself. The fact that it happens in a short period of time is IMHO irrelevant. — Bartek Banachewicz 1 min ago
It'd be a dumb rule anyway
Also why is he defending the question anyway?
after the OP changed it I (js noob, mind it) found it interesting
4:33 PM
inb4 OP is his son
@rightfold l0l
@Borgleader The original question was not good. The updated question was still a duplicate. That said, we routinely go after groups of folks who vote in a coordinated fashion (occasionally in response to complaints from some of the people in this room) - if folks here are voting blindly, without regard to the actual nature of the post in question (seriously, 8 downvotes and only one dup-link? The related bar is right there), then that could end up being a problem.
I reckon that if I want to get the answer too it's worth my upboat
@rightfold He's not much older than I am :P
@Shog9 I -1 this message.
4:35 PM
@Shog9 AFAICT, only 2 or 3 of us actually voted shortly after the link was posted.
I'm pretty sure you guys have been in SO longer than I have but I've seen shit get downvoted to -15 and deleted much faster than that.
@Shog9 we are not voting blindly. And if you want to take any action WRT downvoting here, look at everyone separately.
Also it'd be a blanket statement to think the statement that Zoidberg made even had an effect on our voting behaviour
Because the fact that the link is dumped is merely a link. Each and every one decides if and how to vote. Also that ^
Long story short, that question got "lounged". — Mysticial 16 mins ago
(It was at -9 when he posted it there, and it had -13 total votes when I saw it)
@Shog9 I understand. I still think it deserved a few downvotes. Also, is a dupe link like VTC or simply a comment with a link to a question that's already been answered?
^^^ accurate or not, that's not the sort of impression y'all want to be projecting.
Then blame Mysticial.
4:37 PM
Classic @Mysticial
@BartekBanachewicz: I don't think so. When coming from a link in the lounge, users are far less likely to actually read and judge the question in its own merits — SLaks 1 min ago
@Rapptz That's the impression regardless of whether or not Mysticial commented
.......... Why is everything my fault. :)
yeah, @Mysticial I think you overdone this a bit
@SLaks dude you don't even come here. :|
4:37 PM
I come in vaginas.
@Rapptz he linked a nice article; I am not entirely sure how it translates to internet chat though
@Shog9 There is no 'y'all'. Mysticial is not a PR for the Lounge.
@LucDanton Agreeing.
@rightfold I see what you did there.
1 min ago, by Manishearth
@Rapptz That's the impression regardless of whether or not Mysticial commented
4:39 PM
@Manishearth Uh, how?
@Mysticial no, you'd have 314,159.
@rightfold Well that escalated quickly.
You're not getting the joke.
@Rapptz As a non-C++ (non-chat.SO for that matter), my impression of the Lounge is that it's a bunch of cranky and mean users. Sorry to be frank, but that's my impression from reading some of the transcripts here and from meta.
In other news, prime number dude deleted his answer.
4:40 PM
And this impression is shared by many others
@Manishearth Eh. Blanket statement that has no merit tbh.
well we're a bunch of dicks.
@Borgleader That was another nice one. :)
@rightfold I am. Those are the digits of PI.
4:41 PM
@Borgleader Which one?
@Manishearth Well, I certainly cannot speak for others though I'm glad that you can.
@BoltClock How to find a prime number? "if its not a multiple of 2,3,5,7 its prime"
@Manishearth Your impression is quite damn well right.
@Manishearth I don't mind that you have impressions but if you blame others for your own misconceptions that doesn't leave much room for discussion.
Shog's point was that you guys give out such an impression. Nothing to do with Mysticial
@Borgleader lol gotta love that one
@Rapptz THis is from comments on meta posts referring to LCPP
@rightfold Oh... dear...
> I think the best way to find the prime is only check given number is divisible by 2,3,5,7 numbers only.
@Manishearth Such as?
4:42 PM
@Manishearth To be clear -- you got the impression from Meta or from here?
@LucDanton both
@Manishearth That's odd, I've never seen you down here before
LCPP gets linked to many times in meta and other places
@Borgleader transcripts.
@LucDanton What? I never blame others? In fact I've never even vocalised this view because I know that I don't know enough about the room to hold such a view. However, this is the impression it's had on me. Please don't take it personally :/
There's only a tiny fraction of people from here that comment on meta. Of course first hand impressions from the chat are otherwise fair.
4:43 PM
Hey! Is anybody here?
@LucDanton AFAICT those comments came from non LCPP members
@Luis No
I want to learn C++ and I have background, are there recommended books?
Check out the List, under the frequent tab in
4:44 PM
great thank you
first result when googling: c++ recommended books
It's well known that the C/C++ chat room is not the most cozy place on earth... If you can't stand the tone there (I know I couldn't), I guess the solution is to stay away from there and to ask the question on Stack Overflow, where it belongs. I agree the flagging thing is unfair (as it takes just a couple of users who don't like you to block you), but well... — Pekka 웃 Jun 1 '12 at 14:14
A single example, probably could find more
@Manishearth I don't like this situation where a tiny connection (from bad questions that end up with a terrible score even after some rescuing; to commenters on Meta that also happen to use this chat) means that some people are trying to cure the symptoms rather than the cause.
Please do so.
Obviously if you prevent people from this chat or wherever else from downvoting there will be less terrible questions with negative scores. In fact a universal cure here is to remove downvotes altogether.
4:45 PM
Q: Why am I suspended from chatting for a message that's from May this year?

TonyI have just been suspended from chatting in the C++ lounge for a message that was deleted by the @Feeds bot, that is from May this year. Why now the suspension (30 mins) for a message so old already?! Reason for ban I'm confused.

Welcome to Modville. Again.
@RobertHarvey Hello
I am cranky and mean because they're all bad and deserve it
here, have a tag.
4:47 PM
Two downvotes should have really been enough. Just sayin'.
16 mins ago, by Rapptz
Maybe the question shouldn't have been so shitty
@LucDanton What? This has nothing to do with commenters on meta who use this chat. I was talking about commenters on meta who don't use this chat
@BartekBanachewicz Thanks
@RobertHarvey Robert, the question was at -9 score when linked here and when I saw it linked in the meta post initially it had -13 total.
And I didn't really have that much a problem with the downvotes
4:48 PM
@Rapptz That's 2 too many
@Manishearth Sorry, I was explaining my perception of things. I was starting to get the impression we weren't talking about the same thing.
I just didn't think it was appropriate to blame @Mysticial for what Shog said -- I was saying that the impression of the Lounge has nothing to do with Mysticial
@BoltClock What I'm trying to get at here is that there is no "this question is lounged" situation here.
@Rapptz If that's true you're probably being falsely accused. You might want to point that out to the Meta folks.
Sorry, I'm just being facetious and not actively contributing to the discussion :/
4:49 PM
that question, irrelevant of being -13 or -9, was a dupe. That enough means it was bad in terms of being appropriate for SO.
36 mins ago, by rightfold
Q: Check if element is visible using JavaScript

StuffixI'm looking for a method to check whether an element (as a div, an img, etc.) is displayed and visible to the user on the screen in JavaScript/jQuery.

Do we care about meta?
See? -9.
Last time I checked we didn't
4:49 PM
It was heavily downvoted prior to being here.
Oh, and it already had about 8 or 9 downvotes before it got posted here, just saying. So don't blame Lounge<C++> for everything.
The statement linked is taken out of context
@Rapptz ...and you forget that it got a lot of sympathy upvotes after being posted on meta
Ask @jalf about love for meta.so
@Manishearth I can see the score just fine, thanks.
4:51 PM
@CatPlusPlus By all accounts, we don't.
Sympathy upvotes are just as bad as coordinated voting
@CatPlusPlus I agree :)
Which btw we don't do, but
It's at -18 and +8 now, the votes are skewed thanks to meta making it out of our hands IMHO.
When a question is linkdumped here, we tend to take a look
And it tends to be shitty
So it leads to multiple users downvoting and/or closevoting
4:51 PM
I've upvoted a few questions posted here.
But it's a visibility thing, not coordination
Or I just don't vote at all.
We don't actively say "Go downvote this"
Meta is a den of sympathy upvoters that intentionally skew question scores in coordinated, mass votings. Everyone there should be banned.
This is all your fault @Mysticial
4:52 PM
Badness level: Stack Overflow.
Bad Overflow
Fail Overflow
@BoltClock oh great... :-O
std::cout << question.badness << '\n'; // prints -9223372036854775808
@Mysticial enjoying your new monitor setup? :3
4:54 PM
You don't even know C++ and you're getting us in trouble
Thanks mr pink desktop :<
It's not just trouble he's getting us into.
@Borgleader Yes, now I have 4 massive monitors to see all the mods yelling at me... :)
He's getting us into Fabulous! trouble.
@CatPlusPlus that's exactly what I wrote on MSO
I feel bad about using this meme but I'm also sleep deprived so guess what I don't care kiss my semicolon
4:56 PM
Oh well, thanks SLaks for posting it on meta, attracting a lot of attention and delivering me a good laugh.
And now it's time to take a shit.
Also confirming that we regularly make fun of bad SO posts
Yeah we do.
Kinda like the whole thing PHP room has going for it.
4:58 PM
IIRC, they have a web page with everything that is ed and stats.
if not for us they would complain on how is shitty instead
Q: What is my fault?

ShuklaSannidhyaRemove comments instead of locking the questions My question was locked due to "high amount of off-topic comments generated". It was because H2CO3 and Alex B involved in some stupid argument added some off-topic comments. I had nothing to with it and it had nothing to do with my question. I ...

And now we have this
yeah. you nailed it.
4:59 PM
@BoltClock Ah man.
@BoltClock aaaand he just edited it away
There's nothing inherently wrong with the OP but that was dumb.
his questions are all bad too.
Fact #1: people are dumb
@BartekBanachewicz s/his //
4:59 PM
so we're cranky and mean huh?

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