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8:02 AM
@Ell Modules are not about linking libraries.
Compiler flags are outside the scope of the standard.
Did you took a picture of your bathroom wall?
what does it say? do I want to know?
titten spielen?
thanks, I recognize the letters
"Titten" is "breasts" and "spielen" is "to play".
8:15 AM
free porn video is what google brought up :|
@R.MartinhoFernandes makes sense. thanks
I don't know why compiler flags have to do with breasts we can play with...
yeah, not good thoughts for a public restroom
@R.MartinhoFernandes That your todo list?
@R.MartinhoFernandes look how considerate the person was. it's on tape. how sweet
what a nice person to vandalize without doing damage...
8:18 AM
@doug65536 I thought it's on his bathroom wall. If it's in the public, I swear I don't want to go outside.
I don't think they're available in VS2005. — TravisG 1 min ago
^^ oh god....
Please someone post a "burn it with fire" comment.
why would anyone use vs 2005
I wish it were easier to quickly search SO from this chat window
what is up y'all?
morning land lovers
There's no link to the chat faq on the starboard, why is that?
8:30 AM
rush on!
It has been moved to wikidot.com/gaming
@LuchianGrigore It decayed. We need to renew it.
Speaking of which, SO is slow today.
Whoever writes a new one will have their name immortalised in the starboard for two weeks!
New here? Do us a favour, and read this.
8:31 AM
Searching a query takes quite a bit of time.
@thecoshman Needs more bold.
Lazy mods
Mods aren't available. They are asleep.
@R.MartinhoFernandes is that bold enough for you?
@thecoshman Can you make a capital D and add a period at the end?
8:32 AM
and no spelling mistakes either :P
hmm... should the period be part of the link?
I usually don't make it so.
Wait, am I slow? What time is this?
@thecoshman you should structure your sentence so that you don't have to ask yourself that.
8:33 AM
Am I in the future?
I think strictly no... but at the same time... looks funky with out it being so
@tom_mai78101 where are you?
Q: Should a full-sentence HTML link include the period in the linked text?

MichaelIn HTML, if a full sentence is used for a link, should its terminal punctuation (i.e., period) be included in the linked text? Consider these two examples: <a href="about:blank">Watch the video on YouTube</a>. <a href="about:blank">Watch the video on YouTube.</a> Is t...

What further optimisations? What about... -O3? — R. Martinho Fernandes 44 secs ago
@LuchianGrigore hmmm... context
@R.MartinhoFernandes why not -o4?
8:35 AM
That's furtherer.
too far?
Q: Haskell: Why is ((.).(.)) f g equal to f . g x?

user2043097Could you please explain the meaning of the expression ((.).(.))? As far as I know (.) has the type (b -> c) -> (a -> b) -> a -> c.

^^ Oh hey: boobs operator
What a crappy question.
> Which looks pretty amazing (or bizarre). Clang managed to go from 19 to 8 seconds, while D optimization did nothing???
ITT dude finds out what everyone else already knew: D compiler sucks.
8:42 AM
I would be more than happy to know why this question has received 3 downvotes and 2 close votes. I'm really curious... (I know D may sound obscure to most people, but that's definitely not a reason to downvote... without any explanation)... — Dr.Kameleon 1 min ago
D so obscure.
Maybe it's more obscure than Haskell.
@Mysticial -1 Not enough tag.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Is this actually true? For example the Linux kernel is rarely built with -O3. From my C++ experience the compiler will often emit 2 version, one that is optimized and one that is not optimized when it should only omit the optimized version, this is a problem because it may be too strict when choosing when to use the optimized version. — Mikhail 3 mins ago
WTF does this mean.
@R.MartinhoFernandes wut
8:45 AM
@Mysticial I can only understand up until the second sentence.
But the Linux kernel is rarely built with -O3.
Yeah, I can imagine why the kernel needs to be built with -O2 or -Os.
But the rest of the comment is just pure WTFery.
Q: Writing new "malloc" and "free" functions

Johnny PaulingFor an interview question: how would I write new "malloc" and "free" functions? I don't think "using new and delete" would be an acceptable answer or using something similar like LocalAlloc/HeapAlloc

{-# LANGUAGE MagicHash #-}

lexC# :: String -> [Token]
lexC# = ...
8:49 AM
^ bad idea.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yet another, "Teach me Japanese in a Stackoverflow answer." question...
It's a downvote.
@R.MartinhoFernandes The title is also a wreck.
8:55 AM
That doesn't look like C++.
@Mystical It's not just "my boss". We've had licences for all of the new Visual Studios for a long time (some smaller projects also use them), but various reasons keep us from switching everything over permanently. A lot of people have a lot of dependencies to VS2005 stuff (not just us either, also outside customers which use our APIs, so we couldn't for example switch to VS2012 and use C++11 stuff). Besides, VS2005 isn't that bad. I'd like to use more C++11 and when it comes to technicalities like this, it's annoying that it lacks features (or the profiler from VS12), but otherwise it's fine — TravisG 52 secs ago
¬_¬ does some one need a plonking?
A good spanking at least.
@NewStudent Saying "plz" makes people not want to help you.
8:57 AM
I see stuff moved to the bin followed by a fart of letters. The only conclusion is stupid questions by a stupid person
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Enough with the hostility in the tags. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq] [no-helpdesk]
i really need the answer badly
Don't lower yourself to begging. Have some pride.
do u know the answer ?
do you ?
9:05 AM
@NewStudent I hate to say this, but if you haven't realized it already, nobody is interested.
@R.MartinhoFernandes What were the previous tags?
go-away and so on.
I remember removing many such tags, but I don't remember seeing them added backin
You can search for the room topic changes.
I don't think I touched it a few months.
@TonyTheLion indeed
@R.MartinhoFernandes perhaps 'enough with childish room owners'?
9:12 AM
What the hell did you guys do on Sunday?
I quite liked the get-out and go-away and no-pointers tag
@TonyTheLion kind of falls foul of the "don't be a dick" rule though
yea, I know
WTF is a tooth plumber?
9:16 AM
Didn't know there was a chat. :)
@R.MartinhoFernandes a dentist?
> I sometimes think about what I think about when I'm not thinking about what I think about.
Anyone know how to wire up functions in an instantiated template to another class, using delegates? :D stackoverflow.com/questions/14723314/…
@Mysticial Well, this is actually a German word made out of tooth and plumber (Zahnklempner). I happen to know the word for dentist ("tooth doctor"), but maybe they have two...
so do you speak mostly German or English with your coworkers?
9:19 AM
English still.
But when they send e-mails to everyone, they do it in German.
No-singletons tag was also nice. Anyway, mornin'
@WindAndFlame Have your free downvote.
I cant downvote
new to SO
@R.MartinhoFernandes in England, you have dentists and orthodontics, dentist are more for shit that has to sorted whilst orthodontics are for more cosmetic things... perhaps it is the same sort of thing with German?
9:26 AM
no way, you downvoted me.
so not cool .;)
if you don't wanna get downvoted, don't dump your question here
@WindAndFlame yeah, he's a bit of a dick for that. To be fair though, it's equally not cool to come here with questions
then what is this chatroom for?
whatever we decide it's for
you would think a newbie would get a heads up first.
9:27 AM
to chat, obviously
for posting questions, then.
there's a tag with "no-helpdesk" written in it.
Its for kittens
56 mins ago, by thecoshman
New here? Do us a favour, and read this.
9:28 AM
Also, read the room FAQ
there's a big pinned message on the right
Lol guys, that got mixed up a bit
it says I CAN ask questions in chat.
9:28 AM
@WindAndFlame no, the question and answer site is for questions and answers, the chat room is for chating
So neener
but also says We don't care
@WindAndFlame you didn't though, you dumped a link to your question
this conversation is futile
9:29 AM
@TonyTheLion Pretty much this.
That's different from asking in chat
@WindAndFlame dumping a link to a question is not asking a question
@WindAndFlame Well, to be fair... when someone asks a question that nobody is interested in, the person gets ignored.
and do not just ask your question here, as chances are the response is 'ask on SO proper'
yeah, I asked... right before the link.
its all good.
9:30 AM
We also usually scan C++ tag thoroughly, no need to post it here again
Got to make sure you walk on eggshells in techie forums... God forbid one of those Playstation fanboys is lurking around.
@WindAndFlame Sorry for the bad impressions we're giving you. We get enough "drive-by-linkers" that it really tests the patience of some of us.
In fact, just before you showed up, there was someone literally begging for help with some ASP.NET question.
ah, it's just a downvote
there are much worse things that I could have done
Like post a stupid comment ^.-
9:34 AM
Nah, let's not get into that. I suppose the worst that can happen is him getting a reversal badge off you...
I already have enough stupid concepts, and the occasional, "hint", to drive me mad.
So, after a month of trial, I have come to the conclusion that my body can tolerate coffee again. Yupeee!
Its like, "Hmm, Let me go ask someone a question that I beat my head against the wall for, to hear them give me ... wait for it ... a hint!"
@SecurityMatt The question was about C++ however. And if you use C++ without using RAII then you are doing it wrong and you should feel bad. — Konrad Rudolph 23 secs ago
I want to beat someone in the head with RAII letters.
9:36 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Woot :)
I should celebrate with another substance that my body doesn't tolerate much. Like alcohol.
Maybe Friday.
Its not like the entire C++ standards community isn't on crack anyway... "no, no, make_unique<> isn't there because make_shared<>() was good enough.. no wait, we just forgot.
So, mixing static and dynamic polymorphism.... using collections of function pointers.... and function delegates...
File a proposal then. Meh.
9:38 AM
Is this considered an anti-pattern?
yeah, another 10 years for the next revision.
I am just being complainy... Need food, then I will be all tolerant and stuff.
I have to get up. I slept for only 6 hours, but I feel nice actually. I think I really can change my sleeping habits
@R.MartinhoFernandes heh
@KonradRudolph So am I supposed to feel bad if I use a C++ compiler to compile C code? :P
@Mysticial That should be obvious
could anyone throw out a keyword I could search for, for the best way to manage collections of function pointers? Like map<std::function, lotsofpointers *>
err, map<functiondelegate, std::shared_ptr<functiondelegate>>
lots of dogs, throw me a bone. ;)
9:44 AM
@WindAndFlame Hit whem with SFINAE instead - it's heavier.
@wind std::function
I love them!
Oh wait what the fuck why is function a key dude
@BartekBanachewicz thanks... looking in functional now.
@BartekBanachewicz A key-dude?
9:46 AM
nothing to see here.
Function pointers? Does anyone use function pointers in C++, (other than, say, compiler developers)?
on occasion
@MartinJames I use a C++ compiler to compile C code. So yes. :)
@MartinJames calleables, often. Function pointers are just one brand of calleables
Q: Setting thread frequency in C++

user1799959I would like to write a thread in C++ that runs at a pre-defined frequency (say 1000Hz). Is there a way to accomplish this? OR Is there a way to set the frequency of a C++ thread? Thanks in advance.

close votes
9:50 AM
@MartinJames Not really. They're primarily useful in C interop, or sometimes as just "function objects" you pass to a template.
Well, unless I can find a way to override the vtable behavior. :D I was thinking function pointers.
@BartekBanachewicz from experience: you can get away with it for as long as you can get away with it. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy and subtle. Also, when something breaks up the streak (1 bad night) you can get badly out of shape in a matter of one day.
@MartinJames POSIX threads prior to C++11.
Just saying (I think I'm qualified to comment...)
9:51 AM
@WindAndFlame You absolutely can't.
I need to dynamically link a class' method with another class' template method.
And Windows threads as well.
@Mysticial no need to be using them
thanks @DeadMG
@sehe What else are you supposed to use on Windows? (prior to C++11)
9:53 AM
@Mysticial prior to C++11? Well, boost threads obviously
And without Boost? :)
omg. I am so glad I missed boost.
_asm {} FTW!!
Windows threads etc. is API - I don't look at that as 'C++'. vtables was the only other use I could come up with off-hand, (hence my 'compiler developers' caveat).
I must be doing something wrong, someone smiled at me :P
@Mysticial PPL/TBB, boost::thread, Qthread, etc.
9:54 AM
Boost 1.53
@Mysticial and without windows?
man, boost.lockless so disappointing
@WindAndFlame Hey. You're supposed to be all tolerant and stuff now. Or you have an exceptionally high metabolism
@sehe WRONG! When I say "No Boost", you're supposed to say "Get out! Get the fuck out!!!"
@DeadMG too many element type restrictions?
@Mysticial I'm polite like that
9:57 AM
Have you looked at LibCds?
@sehe :)
I have PPL so no
no need then
fortunately, I don't actually need to use boost.lockless
9:58 AM
Y U all close question about thread frequency? Frequency is just 'interval' upside-down. Reliable 1000Hz not possible on general-purpose OS, but the questino was not that bad?
@sehe got distracted... going now.
@WindAndFlame Have fun
@DeadMG boost.lockfree -ftfy
I don't even understand the restrictions
@MartinJames what?
9:58 AM
what's the difference between trivially copyable and nothrow copyable?
it's not like in either case, you can make any guarantees about time or atomicity.
and in neither case does it throw.
@R.MartinhoFernandes (re YouCompleteMe) it needs a Makefile parser, however. At the moment you have to specify the compilation flags in a Python file which makes this a bit too complex for my taste

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