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2:00 PM
@JoeWatkins PHP 5.6 forever?
I'm in Lahndan, @DaveRandom are you by any chance at PHPUK?
I don't mind change, but changing some colors and rearranging icons does make it feel kinda superfluous
@Jimbo no, owing to not being a multi-millionaire. Sorry :-(
@Gordon there's less stuff there, clutter removal
@Jimbo i like it..
@Machavity what is an PHP 5 ?
2:04 PM
Er... GitHub has gone black too...
@samayo linkedIn is definitely a downgrade
yeah, I'm very upset about all of it ... it's like a new internet, that I didn't ask for ...
A: Top Navigation Update

Steven PennyThe new top nav needs a dark theme. Since it is clear that the design/moderation team is going through with the white/white theme, all I can do is to help people get the dark theme back. To that end, you can use the Stylish add-on with Dimitri’s dark theme: Or Steven’s dark theme with redu...

if it helps ^ much better in the darker colour
@JoeWatkins a mythical ancient programming language. but not as mythical as PHP 6
2:06 PM
@JayIsTooCommon Yeah, it changed as soon as microsoft bought it ...
this just shouldn't be allowed; you can't come into my house and start painting the walls however you like, you shouldn't be allowed to do it on my screen ...
@Wes My Little PHPony
@JoeWatkins With this analogy, you're actually looking through the window of someone else's house...
@Jimbo Oh no, now they can never go back!
fuck off @Jimbo, you're meant to be on my side ...
@JoeWatkins I was, I put Naked at the end :'(
if I am looking through the window, naked, then they want me to look through their window naked ... there ... now I'm not the creep anymore :D
@Tiffany You probably don't want to bother learning React. Nobody will be using it next year.
does anyone know why this isnt making a 3d array? pushing to an empty array
array_push($xArray, $row["username"], $row["kills"]);
2:14 PM
who can I shout at for making me get old ?
@JoeWatkins scientists, and their lack of stem cell research funding
@Tiffany To be fair, it's really not as complicated as most people make it to be.
@ScottArciszewski Do you have or plan to make a WP plugin that adds sodium_compat support to updates for those that would like to use it without waiting on Automattic adding it to core?
@RachelDockter Could you just do $xArray[$row['username']] = $row['kills'];?
Depending on what you want... I've never used array_push()...
@Leigh I don't want to learn React anyway
2:15 PM
@RachelDockter are you making a social network for serial killers?
i want it like $arrayx = [username] [kills] kinda
@littlepootis lol
@littlepootis yes, ur in the database
@crypticツ The real issue here is that you think it's a good idea to use it right now.
@RachelDockter Yeah, the code I typed should give you that
2:16 PM
I'm honoured
@Leigh it's better than nothing
ill give it a go ty
@Jimbo You coming to PHPSC boob ?
@Leigh the idea of using JS for CSS feels like pushing a square peg into a round hole. I know there's use for it in high usage environments like Netflix, but still sounds/feels weird.
@Jimbo seems to just be adding the username :/
2:17 PM
dear god how many times can I say some variation of "use"
@JayIsTooCommon Nah, got rejected a few times so didn't bother applying again
@RachelDockter Will need to see what $row looks like to be able to help you
@RachelDockter I suspect what you want is $xArray[] = ['username' => $row["username"], 'kills' => $row["kills"]];
@Jimbo that just means they have standards? Come anyway :)
		while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) //For every post, display each one
			$xArray[$row['username']] = $row['kills'];
looks like that, dave is there anyway to push that instead so it doesnt delete prevous indexs
2:19 PM
$xArray[] = ['username' => $row["username"], 'kills' => $row["kills"]]
really ?
wait, you you literally just want an array of rows?
@DaveRandom what do you expect to happen? :-)
$xArray[] = $row;
If your db looks like:
| username | kills |
james 99
james 21
dave 0
joe -1

Then you'll want something different
2:19 PM
@MadaraUchiha there's an article that talks about the difficulty of being a front-end dev, I'll have to try finding it again
no not everything in the row, just the username and kills
@bwoebi either nothing or a crash
@RachelDockter ok then
2 mins ago, by DaveRandom
@RachelDockter I suspect what you want is $xArray[] = ['username' => $row["username"], 'kills' => $row["kills"]];
@crypticツ That's currently an unknown.
2:21 PM
@Jimbo hah @JoeWatkins, take note.
bah now its displaying empty
@Tiffany Frontend is hard, but the choice of tools isn't what makes it difficult
@JayIsTooCommon I have no problem having -1 kills on the social network for serial killers ...
@RachelDockter Can a person have multiple rows like in the example I edited above?
no 1 row per username
i want to get every username and add it to the array but also attach their kills with them
2:22 PM
then what you want is what @Jimbo said
Frontend is hard because there's no real architecture, there are no established best practices everyone can get behind, and frontend is hard because testing is nigh impossible.
7 mins ago, by Jimbo
@RachelDockter Could you just do $xArray[$row['username']] = $row['kills'];?
i tried that, it was just adding usernames
hold on
@MadaraUchiha I have a solid foundation in HTML/CSS, but what's happen in the past...I wanna say three or so years make me feel like I'm behind the times
do that and show a var_dump() of the result
2:23 PM
Array ( )
@Tiffany HTML/CSS hadn't changed that much in the past 3 years
im doing print_r instead idk if its any different
It's a (very) solid understanding of JS that you need to succeed in frontend
@RachelDockter do you have data in your database :) ?
2:24 PM
@RachelDockter always use var_dump() over print_r(), but that's not the problem
@MadaraUchiha I can figure out weird CSS bugs (usually it's a float problem), but I can't build a new website based on the fancy CSS3 shit that's become accepted by more and more browsers
Okay so debugging 101, run mysql and do a "SELECT * FROM your_users_and_kills_table" and show us the output.
@Tiffany Step 1: Learn flexbox. Step 2: Done.
Or a subset of it, not the whole lot ;) HA joe got there first
2:25 PM
but that's more of a "I need to update myself" problem
@RachelDockter If the result is empty then either a) you reassigned it to an empty array b) you are using the wrong name somewhere c) there were no results
or d) aliens
i went back to my array.push way and its not working anymore, hold on
i think its d tho
I find that CSS is mostly layout + color:, background:, font-family:, ....
@RachelDockter also don't use array_push() unless you really have to
All the real fancy pancy things are almost never used in production, because they're prioritized so low in browser support they're not worth it.
2:26 PM
note also that array_push() makes no sense with associative arrays (i.e. an array where you care what the keys are)
do we have any 11ers who are rubyers .. I need someone to pester
I will rub yer if that would help?
fucking angular
!!? define angular
2:28 PM
Search for "define angular" (https://www.google.com/search?q=define+angular&lr=lang_en)
• Angular | Define Angular at Dictionary.com - Angular definition, having an angle or angles. See more. (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/angular)
• Angular | Definition of Angular by Merriam-Webste… - Define angular: having little flesh so that the shapes of your bones can be seen : thin and bony —… (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/angular)
• AngularJS Documentation for module - What is a Module? You can think of a module as a container for the different parts of your app – co… (https://docs.
@JayIsTooCommon I can write rubbish code. close enough?
ok so the exacly same code doesnt work anymore which makes no sense

<label>all</label><input type="text" name="all" value="true"></br>

$all = $_POST["all"];

echo "all: " . $all;
it echos nothing?????
Are you actually posting data?
2:31 PM
it was working 5 mins ago and it was the exacly same code
every other label in the form works but not that one
this is the type of thing that makes me go crazy
Did you open the inspector for your browser (F12 in every major browser) and make sure that field is there and populated?
@Tiffany I feel you (about: frontend :()
@Gordon thank. you.
yeh im looking at it now in inspect
on chrome
@RachelDockter how are you getting on with learning how to use a debugger?
2:34 PM
im debugging with echoing right now and its showing that php is broken and its not my code thats wrong
Hoo there a new bar in SO
regex101 down for anyone?
@JayIsTooCommon please write a plugin for Jeeves using downforeveryoneorjustme.com.
2:37 PM
is "all" a reserved name or something, if i change the input name to all2, it works, but not "all"
@Gordon do you not like seeing my name pop up? Surely it brings joy to your day.
@RachelDockter no, you have another error somewhere
strange, oh well
@JayIsTooCommon it does, but it doesn't make me wanna open websites for you ;)
besides, it would be a useful addon to little @Jeevesy
2 days ago, by Danack
2 hours ago, by Danack
@RachelDockter No, but I would recommend stepping through that code with a debugger:
You are stuck, because you aren't using a tool powerful enough for what you need to do.
2:40 PM
56 minutes!!
is this a movie lol
@Gordon i'm banned from adding things to Jeeves atm... Joe wants tests because he's weird.
You need to be able to understand what your code is doing, which stepping through allows you to do.
@JayIsTooCommon Yo dawg, I heard you needed to test if a site is down. But you need to put some tests in your tests so you can know if your testing is testy
@JayIsTooCommon that's because he's too old to understand the new programming paradigm: break fast, move things
@Trucy that would be break things, move fast
2:44 PM
@Trucy No, we understand breakfast.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier no, the most important thing is to break things fast, moving things is just a side effect…
(I was trying to be funny)
God I hate that stupid facebook slogan
moin dan
2:48 PM
@Trucy (you succeeded)
@rdlowrey what slogan?
Feb 10 at 20:58, by JayIsTooCommon
43 mins ago, by Félix Gagnon-Grenier
30 mins ago, by PeeHaa
47 mins ago, by PeeHaa
uhhhhm did the header on github just turn black?
@jimbo are u there
@FélixGagnon-Grenier yeah. bullshit.
what is foo bar i see it everywhere
what does it mean
2:57 PM
Noun: foobar (uncountable)
  1. (slang) A serious mistake.
  2. (programming) A metasyntactic variable name, a place holder for words; compare foo, bar.
no one knows
Noun: fubar (uncountable)
  1. Alternative form of foobar...
oh right i wonder where it came from
misunderstandment of the german word "furchtbar", which means horrible or frightening.
3:00 PM
Roses are red, and so is CI. Your patch broke the build. It's making me cry.
basically Github and StackOverflow swapped headers?
"Maintainer of Active Record". Shit...
@NikiC :-D
@RachelDockter damn. that actually makes a lot of sense
@NikiC Yes, next week SO will be using php.net's header and Github will be using the Daily Mail logo
3:05 PM
!!github status
heh, never noticed that link
Yeh someone added it recently
it should only do that on Fridays...
no wait, it should be a rebecca link on Fridays
How can I exit from a loop of a recursive function without stopping it all?
]replace all links with rebecca on fridays
3:08 PM
@yessure break int
@NikiC yeah. sigh.
@samayo what do you mean?
!!docs break
[ break ]
I have tried it, but it doesn't work
3:13 PM
define doesn't work? Also paste your code somewhere so someone / we can help you
Anyone got that canon for debugging 101?
@Jimbo var_dump($var)
Here is the code, line 57-62 pastebin.com/q7Ygyr1Y
3:16 PM
holy shit balls
Hi everyone i'm new to cordginator php and i'm developing a simple cms
can anyone tell me how i can implement navigation
@DaveRandom I think that's the one Grace Hopper used
/me just noticed the shiny new stackoverflow ..
it's just the header that's changed
3:20 PM
@littlepootis now that you do, you can join the battle meta.stackoverflow.com/a/343726/1640606
@SajjadJaved You are basically asking: I am trying to be a car mechanic, can someone tell me how to install a new engine?
sory for that
I would suggest a standard beginner course (tons of those on the internet). Eventually you will discover how to do something like creating navigation for your blog.
Okay Thanks @Demien
3:22 PM
Since everything can be done in a thousand ways.. there is no "one way" to "implement navigation".
@SajjadJaved Routing will be a good starting point
Oky thanks @JayIsTooCommon for info i'll check
@Machavity I think it's the one Grace Kelly used
is Grace Hopper still alive?
no, died 25 years ago :-P
she was supposed to be a great speaker as well as satan the inventor of COBOL
@samayo ease out bro. this navbar is very much ok
@FélixGagnon-Grenier people don't like change
3:30 PM
that they do. but dude... there are some crazy reactions out there.
ok that might be a bit exagerated but you get the idea
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I'm no dude, bro :) but yeah I got you.
bro dude
@DejanMarjanovic dude pal bro
@Trucy I rarely use dude addressing people, more like in an exclamation way "dude!" but point taken
3:33 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier am no familiar with anglais, plz excuse moi ;)
!!urban dude
[ dude ] A word that americans use to address each other. Particularly stoners, surfers and skaters.
:( I'm only one of these three
> stoner
I smoked cannabis once
3:34 PM
well predictably OpenGrok JSON API is anything but simple, it returns JSON-encoded base64-encoded HTMLified lines of code.
totes 420 bro
I got stoned once
That explains the picture
oh wait.. there's a gun there
3:35 PM
@JayIsTooCommon that is @Wes avatar from Halloween
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Didn't know you skated. Sweet
@Trucy what's a cannabis?
@Machavity That is when I don't slip on oiled chicks
/me changes subject because fragile
3:36 PM
@DaveRandom a plant! We make ropes with it
so yeh @JoeWatkins predictably HHVM is waaaaaaaaaaay more expensive to index than php-src
it's been about 2 hours so far
wow ... I knew it would be more expensive ... but hours is a bit much ...
it's only the first run
subsequent runs are faster ?
it only re-indexes changed files
3:38 PM
ah than not so sad I guess ... it's not like we need a bang up to date index
I have a cron job set up to loop the sources dir, do a git pull and reindex once an hour
@FélixGagnon-Grenier doesn't hockey count as skating? so you are two :B
We can make it less frequent if that proves problematic but I don't think it will
it's flock locked as well so if it takes more than an hour it won't be a problem
@Wes Oh shit! true dat, thanks!
3:42 PM
hmm ... that might be a bit much, php-src and maybe hhvm change a few times a day ...
but the rest of them don't ...
how quickly does it discover there are no changes ?
@JoeWatkins it does it from git log, so very quickly and cheaply
hourly is good then ... for php it's annoying when lxr is out of date ...
Ideally we'd do it on a git hook
yeah ... did you ask anyone about modifying our mirror hook ?
you can do a part-index in theory, although I've not really tested that
not yet, was focusing on making the thing work first
3:46 PM
I have 2 models: appointment and recurrence, both referencing a table in my DB. The thing is, I'd like to have a model which is basically the result of appointment left join recurrence. Is there an easy way to do this?
yeah good call ... maybe it's a thing we could add so that anyone with @php address could hook into commits, some form on master perhaps
Yeh that's what I was thinking
Also it would be good if someone can build a web interface for managing repos on there @JoeWatkins
I'm not allowed to do web interfaces
@PeeHaa should do it
3:53 PM
I'll put together a JSON API for controlling it though
@Wes is also good at that sort of thing
i'll do it with bootstrap and jquery for you.
that's fine
@DaveRandom Java ?
@JoeWatkins no I put nginx on the back-end boxes as well, mostly because trying to make letsencrypt work with tomcat was :-( but also it means we can run PHP things on it as well
@DaveRandom that's a common misconception about me
3:54 PM
@Wes ? you're not
@Wes Well you are certainly good at making things look nice
just as well, they don't really have a user facing API ... some strange console interface in org.opensolaris.opengrok.search.Search
i suck
you do
star in 3 2 1....
3:56 PM
@Wes I'm tempted to pin it…
pin in 3 2 1....
@bwoebi btw, seen the latest logos?
@Wes yeah, and i.stack.imgur.com/Wqa5p.png is my favorite
@DaveRandom So https://lxr.room11.org/ is using the crappy VMs you've been working on?
TLS working and everything?
@JoeWatkins Everything we'd need to do with OpenGrok in the API would be invoking these, mostly a web UI would just be manipulating git and the filesystem.
3:58 PM
the one with the sock that i didn't do? told u i suck...
@bwoebi say it every time but angry > kiddie friendly
@LeviMorrison At the moment it's on my VPS as a front-end because I can't access either of the designated boxes
but it's fine on there for now and I can switch it transparently when they are configured

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