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5:00 PM
@NathanOliver Tricky part is... I don't see the point of down-voting answerers unless they know why we do it.. if they know why, they can join us and stop the behavior.. we could start plugging it.
Also revenge down voting gets fixed with a script that runs. If it does not then you can mod flag and they can look into it
@Ike You're at the risk of revenge downvoting for saying anything at all ever.
I'm not going to use a fake account to say what I want to say. I'm going to stand behind my words.
Also, people tend not to take kindly to being told not to do something by a 50 rep user.
@NathanOliver It's not just revenge voting I'm worrying about... I mean if the idea is to prevent people from answering poor questions, I feel like it would be so much faster if we did it aggressively... but always explaining repeatedly, "You shouldn't answer this poor question." "Next person -- you shouldn't answer this poor question (maybe even copy and paste)".
5:01 PM
@NathanOliver But I would never pursue that aggressively on my main account -- I don't want to build a reputation as the most asinine moderator with this one.
It's everyone's community, what gives you the right to be overly-aggressive, accusatory and inflammatory?
I still don't see a reason for why you need a second account.
@TinyGiant Oh sorry, did I use a wrong word?
@TinyGiant I am suggesting using a second account to provide constructive feedback that no one dares to do.
No, but your thinking around it seems flawed
5:03 PM
We don't need to be aggressive about it.
@TinyGiant Not to insult people.. but to be nice to them.
Any feedback you give, you should be more than comfortable to give it from your main account, or don't bother posting it at all.
We need less people upvoting bad content and more people downvoting bad content.
@DavidG I do it the way of not down-voting at all.
And why not downvote?
5:04 PM
@TinyGiant What I meant by aggressive here is like I mean how you guys here are ultra aggressive.
@TinyGiant In that you're actively seeking out bad content (aggressively) to rectify it.
We are?!
@Ike We are focused, but not aggressive.
@TinyGiant Oh okay -- so I want to use a second account to be focused.
We actually try very hard to not be seen as aggressive.
5:05 PM
@TinyGiant Very, very focused.
I still don't see why anything you want to say cannot be said from your main account.
@Ike most of the people in this room are a lot more diplomatic than i am
There is nothing huge that another user can do to you.
@TinyGiant With this one I would not dare to down-vote someone and tell them, "You shouldn't be answering this question! It's too basic."
@Ike But why not?
5:06 PM
@Ike Well, that isn't a very constructive comment.
I actually do say things like that, perhaps with more context like "This question is a typo, we should be closing these, not answering them"
@TinyGiant Mainly just because of my status in the industry -- I don't want to be known as an SO moderator. I'm pseudo-anonymous here with this account but people from my industry would quickly recognize from my writings or my picture who I am, and I want to keep a good PR, so to speak.
@Ike "too basic" isnt a reason to close a question, meaning it isnt a reason that people should be using to judge answers by
@TinyGiant You guys have seen cases where even the politest criticism escalated, no? That's why I never take part in those -- I'm always coming in as the "good cop".
Then don't comment.
5:09 PM
@cimmanon The dynamics are ultra complicated -- "too basic" is just the most convenient way to describe it.
We don't need comment noise.
Being the good cop can often make our arguments seem less relevant though. Here we follow the rules and encourage others to do the same.
We need more downvotes on bad content and less upvotes on bad content. Remove the reward and the behavior will cease.
@TinyGiant I don't agree with that strategy being effective unless there's a way to teach through the process.
And while doing that, work very hard to not be seem aggressive, and in fact spend a lot of time discussing how we can help users to improve/
5:12 PM
@Ike It does work though.
^^ attracting new tool answers
If people see that they get nothing good from doing something, and only bad from doing that thing, they will stop doing that thing.
The issue that prompts me is like this: stackoverflow.com/questions/34249827/…
If you feel like posting a constructive comment, link to a meta post that supports your comment.
In that post, Alex is a long-time user and contributor of some great content. I don't think we can just say, "He should know better."
5:14 PM
Now I'm not even included there in the two people who down-voted him. But I would love to explain to him why he got down-voted.
But too afraid to do it through this main account.
@Ike But why are you afraid to explain that?
@DavidG Hmm, afraid, tired.. not sure. :-D I did explain for this one -- stackoverflow.com/a/34313592/4842163
@Ike Do like I do. I am not the down voter but you might have been downvoted because insert reason here
@DavidG But that's because I actually up-voted.
5:16 PM
I had a discussion with a 500k+ rep user a few days ago as they answered instead of closing.
(I didn't downvote but,) Everyone should be encouraged to vote on content, and comment on content, but never comment on votes. Voting is anonymous for a reason. If someone thinks content is not useful they should downvote it. If they have something constructive to say about the content, they should leave a constructive comment about the content. Comments are not, and should never be, tied to votes. — Tiny Giant 37 secs ago
But here it's very important to establish when explaining to someone why they were down-voted that we didn't down-vote to make it clear we're coming at this from a neutral stance.
@SmokeDetector edited-
@Ike So prepend your statement with "I didn't downvote but," even if you did downvote.
Isn't it just wording anyway? "Fantastic post on pointers." means "I up-voted you" with or without saying it.
5:18 PM
That immediately makes it not about votes and all about the content.
Yeah, that's why I typically comment after up-voting.
@Ike That comment would be too chatty.
Comments are inherently noise.
What is the procedure for answers that are exact copies of other answers? Custom-flag?
They should be used to request clarifications, or offer constructive criticism, but never for "This is a great post" or "This post sucks".
5:19 PM
I'm gonna try to tell Alex why I think he was down-voted.. maybe I'm just being a wimp.
@cybermonkey mod flag, link to the other answer, cite plagiarism.
@TinyGiant great, because I did just that :)
^ same
@Ike Don't comment on the votes, whether they were yours or not.
Say something like "I didn't downvote but, X and Y could be improved."
5:20 PM
was actually on SU, but the same policy should apply there as on SO
@Ike As a seasoned user, he shouldn't take too much offence. Feel free to invite him here if there's any pushback though.
doh, I just did
oh, but he shouldn't take offense, because I up-voted him! :-D
@TinyGiant In a perfect world, you shouldn't need to say "I didn't downvote but,"
5:21 PM
@gunr2171 In a perfect world, and I rarely do. I only did in that comment to prove a point.
@Ike BTW in your comment you said you brought this up on meta. This is not meta this is chat. There is a difference.
^^^ That
@NathanOliver I brought up specifically that post on meta.
@NathanOliver Only to find a divided community on this... some people say don't down-vote decent answers to bad questions, some people say do...
5:23 PM
@NathanOliver I deleted it -- got down-voted to death.
@NathanOliver Was asking what the community's stance is on this -- if we should or shouldn't down-vote reasonable answers to poor questions.. then got into arguments about whether it's even a reasonable answer, etc.
@Ike Downvotes on meta don't mean the same thing as on main.
There was no harm in keeping it up.
Why delete though? Votes don't count and you can link to it.
@LynnCrumbling Ah, it was making me mad... I just don't like getting mixed messages.
You may want to consider undeleting it.
I understand.
Nothing wrong with that.
One of them is even at -21
@TinyGiant It wasn't the meta score.. I think Servy's arguments were throwing me off -- I don't understand his stance on this at all.
Oh. Heh.
5:26 PM
@TinyGiant He seems to agree with the idea of down-voting answers to bad questions.. but I don't get a 100% clear message.
All you're going to get on that topic is opinion.
@TinyGiant It's where I was getting flustered... like I want a clear message so I can down-vote answers (or not) in confidence.
Because then you get into the area of voting on context instead of content.
@Ike I'd vote my conscience on that ;)
In my opinion, you should always vote on content, and never vote on context.
5:27 PM
Dec 15 '14 at 21:27, by gunr2171
Servy has a thing with criticizing a lot of people on meta (for better or worse)
@TinyGiant Yeah... I think servy's argument was that context and content are heavily tied together... he sees the quality of the answer as kind of a scalar multiplying with the quality of the question.. at least I think that's how he looks at it.
@gunr2171 Oh, I like servy's style.. straight shooter.. but it got me even more confused than I started to try to figure out what the right (as in ethical) course of action was -- how to vote, how to comment.
afk for lunch
I'm honestly surprised because Servy is usually by the book.
@TinyGiant So I think from servy's standpoint, it is pretty much impossible to have a decent answer to a bad question.. because the bad question alone makes it impossible.
5:29 PM
@Ike Well, that is pretty well proven wrong. We even have the reversal badge. "Provide an answer of +20 score to a question of -5 score"
@TinyGiant Yeah, the badges also give me conflicting messages.. I'm very confused! :-D
@TinyGiant The reason I would have trouble ever down-voting what I consider a decent answer to a bad question is because I can't clearly cite that this is against the rules or anything like that.. or that the majority of the community agrees that it's the right thing to do
I personally think that people shouldn't answer bad questions, because of the roomba rules, but that is about context and not content.
same.. if we put it in context, easier
@Ike You'll never get consensus on that.
5:31 PM
but the discussion there that I deleted was about content -- servy's argument is that answer content quality is very, very coupled to question quality
@TinyGiant Equally people should consider not upvoting an answer to a bad question as it may prevent the roomba deleting it.
What is this roomba? I do not know this angle.
@DavidG I agree, but again that is about context.
Bot to clean up VLQs?
A: Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year?

Jeff AtwoodJust to formally document the exact policies we have in place to remove old abandoned / dead questions, the Community user will delete questions in the following circumstances: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked ...or... it ...

5:32 PM
^^^ Dem's da rules.
oh neat -- that at least gives me some clarity on why we should or shouldn't do something
yeah, I noticed there -- and, maybe just my nature, but I can't operate without a consensus! :-D
When really, the entire problem, is that not enough users have delete votes.
when I get mixed messages I get all confused and I start going loose cannon
5:35 PM
This is content that should really just be voted for deletion, but there is so much content like this and so few users with delete votes.
If every user with 10k had delete votes instead of 20k it would be a lot easier to clean that stuff up, instead of waiting for the roomba.
I might put a lot of faith in "training"... like Alex there -- 60k+ user (meaning he's been around).. just explained why I think he was down-voted by two people.. now he knows.. and I keep hoping then he'll stop answering these bad Qs, and he'll join us and explain to the next guy why he shouldn't answer a bad Q... and we get a cascade
Unfortunately, that it not a common occurrence.
That is why we are constantly advertising the room on meta.
doesn't work when tried?
5:37 PM
No, in practice, these users are playing a different part of the game.
I'd even take it if these guys just stop answering
Too far different than the part that we play.
so I was hoping just explaining to Alex there will at least get him to stop
I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt.. that he did this not knowing he's risking being down-voted
Anyways, I have some work to do, and we've about talked this to death, so let's move on for now.
5:39 PM
okay, cool
FGITW and rep-whoring are the biggest reasons people answer bad questions. (Absolutely not saying Alex is one of them by the way, just pointing that out!) If we try to get people to not upvote those answers, that can help us keep the site clean.
How about go all the way to down-vote? Usually that's what I do -- just don't participate. I am trying to find the confidence lately to down-vote.
Anyway, home time for me! Laters ppl!
see you
5:43 PM
Bye david
@Closey starting
@rene By the power of the Vote! Review!
passed c# audit
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
rene passed a audit!
5:55 PM
You all don't get depressed looking at VLQs for a long time? I keep trying to think of exactly why I'm doing it, and I think my personal reason is indirectly trying to promote HLQs -- new ones.
@Ike I do it to keep the site as clean as possible and make it easier for others to find good questions to answer.
Also to try and keep google from listing Stack Overflow results lower and lower. The more bad content that google indexes, the lower in the listings we are.
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene You've completed 40 CV review item(s) today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 7 minutes, averaging to a review every 12 seconds.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
6:03 PM
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 18 seconds ago and lasted 8 minutes and 39 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 12 seconds.
I was just wondering where I would spend my delete votes on ...
^^ Continuing the great legal cleanup, use your best judgement as always
The 'c' one is nice
'c' was deleted last night after I created this list
6:08 PM
@KevinBrown about half of those are gone now
@cimmanon All but two I believe
Note that right now I'm just burninating , so if you are looking for other delete votes I'd look at those questions
f and h are the only survivors.
@PaulRoub It can't be migrated at this point, if that's your end goal
what does voting your conscience mean?
6:12 PM
@PaulRoub Voted to leave closed, migration leaves a big mess. If the question is valuable on the target site, it should just be asked there.
@TinyGiant I have absolutely Zero interest in seeing a question that off-topic reopened.
@Ike Vote how you would vote if you saw it without someone asking you to look at it. Vote how you fell it should be handled.
@TinyGiant But at least one commenter, and one review voter, did. I need more coffee before trying to understand why.
@PaulRoub Good to know. I was somewhat unclear on your comment.
Oh, I'm too late. I was thinking of putting a bounty on it and editing it to include a programming question.
6:14 PM
@PaulRoub I left a comment there explaining the 60 day issue with migrations
^^ joke :-D
@PaulRoub Review completed as leave closed.
6:26 PM
Lulz exists.
It's a plugin, so we can't even get rid of it.
@Drew User is not blacklisted. (5685790 on stackoverflow.com).
7:06 PM
Day 17 was real easy!!!
grumble grumble it would be nice if C++ had built in things like that grumble grumble
Everything is in the method that generates all the combinations of bottles (and that's 3 lines of recursive code :D).
C++ doesn't have functional methods like map or flatMap?
@Tunaki map but not flat map.
Hmm I've done some C++ but what's boost?
Looks like the Spring of C++
Oh I am not saying we cant get it. Just it not part of the standard library. I like to write standard code so that there are no dependencies.
7:14 PM
Yep, agree. That's a shame. Is it in the pipes?
Maybe one of these days.
Switch to Java, you'll see, it's real nice :D ;)
@Tunaki I think my next language to get comfortable with is going to be C#
I have to get some work done.
Be back in a bit.
7:21 PM
How long before we send out the search party?
@NathanOliver : ) great selection!
I figured you would approve.
@NathanOliver Woot!
Did anyone notice they added a jobs (beta) button on the top left on main?
7:33 PM
7:44 PM
What do you do with an answer from a user that can't flag, answered a question with the same answer from another question and provided a link as attribution?
Hmm, that's an interesting idea.. finding jobs more directly through SO.
@NathanOliver Can I see the post?
oh, doesn't even add anything original -- just a link
Yes. A link to the answer and then the actual solution. Technically it is not plagiarism And I can't tell the user to flag as a duplicate as they don't have enough rep for that.
7:48 PM
I'm also curious about a course of action here.
normally I'm very passive about answers unless they're blatantly OT.. since I don't see them as quite as high of a priority as Qs given that they're like children of Qs
so when in doubt I just don't do anything or down-vote
Yay, I have the Hat trick hat :D
Nice. I haven't capped in weeks.
does it count against a cap if you bounty?
7:53 PM
No. Accepts and bounties do not count towards the cap.
I mean like, let's say you got 200 points in a day.. and bountied it off
actually, it just counts if you have earned more than 200 per day
not that you rep-capped per se
@Ike Oh yes that that does count. If you gained it and then gave it away then you do not have it.
@NathanOliver aww shucks. I just did that today -- won a bounty, then bountied another Q. :-D
7:54 PM
@Tunaki I can't see how.
@Tunaki Uh, no
@NathanOliver If I knew it counted against the rep cap badges/hats, I would have waited till tomorrow to bounty. :-D
@Tunaki No
Surprising from a 13k. Anyone to comment?
@Kyll Yup, surprising.
7:55 PM
Okay then
Well I am going to write a meta on the answer I found
I'm commenting then
thanks :)
There we go
@Kyll Please read the help center, to a 13k rep user.
7:58 PM
@Tunaki Yeah.
kind of an unusual 13k user -- about as many Qs as As
@Tunaki Hey, they don't have the Informed badge!
The "Jobs" tab just appeared for me.
Ah, same
Wow, quite some job offers
8:13 PM
Well, there are no jobs for where I live... =(
see answers
I know we're not supposed to tell votes but... DOWNVOTE THAT TO HELL!!!
> I cannot come up with a suitable title, read the topic instead
^ that sounds like a nice read
normally I don't like to down-vote answers to even poor Qs -- but those were like, "I know I shouldn't answer this, but...." -- so felt pretty comfy doing it there
8:17 PM
I have sympathy for the naive -- not so much for the rebels :-D
rebel scum!
My main problem is that he knows the asker his new, and is answer is simply 'bce' without any explanation whatsoever. It doesn't help the asker at all, since they already suspected that was the answer
Really doesn't add anything at all when it comes down to it
Well it's closed and deleted now. Whew.
@Rob In that one there was second answer that was even worse... He said something like, "I know I shouldn't provide an answer and will probably get down-voted for it, but since you're new [...]" (something to this effect)
@Rob Fortunately he deleted it on his own when the down-votes started coming. The other one was kind of naive -- fortunately the people in the comments suggested he write such answers into the comments next time, hopefully he learned something from it.
8:24 PM
> Your question is likely going to get closed due to being of poor quality (Stack Overflow is not for homework and homeowork-like questions)
I was going to comment before it was deleted: You answer is likely to be deleted as it is not an answer.
I always want to try to make sure that people learn something from a bad experience, and don't just end up being confused.
@Tunaki homeowork is like work except a lot less
That's a feature-request that I like: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/312729/1743880
whoops, misclicked and closed my browser
8:31 PM
I like that too -- even just documentation encouraging behavior might have a strong ripple effect
@LynnCrumbling Looks well-formed, added comment redirecting to SE.
I saw that - Nice :)
Somewhere on the other side of the building, the head of our marketing department is crying.
(that question is what we do - she wanted me to comment.)
Well, if it's reposted on SE, you could answer there...
8:36 PM
@LynnCrumbling I've closed several Tool Rec questions where someone had already recommended my company's products. It does sting.
That should get me so sort of hat, no?
"Closed a tool rec that would fit what your company does EXACTLY."
Otherwise known as the Benedict Arnold.
[tag:feature-request] Benedict Arnold hat:
"Closed a tool rec that would fit what your company does EXACTLY."
grr. I hate you auto-tag-formatter that never does what I want it to.
There's a snake in my boot!
8:41 PM
That's not laser. It's a little light bulb that blinks
night all, going to sleep early tonight :)
And there's another roll we didn't get onto.
Good night, @Tunaki
8:43 PM
I tried. You were doing a quote from Woody right?
do you guys think it's right that a question that has been put on-hold already can be down-voted further and further?
@Ike More pressure to self-delete...
@NathanOliver I was - and I loved that you picked up not just on Toy Story, but the character.
my worry is that it might make the author panic and not properly read the help center and edit the post properly.
@Ike Sure. If it hasen't been fixed or deleted then it is okay
8:43 PM
@LynnCrumbling Yeah, for those hopeless ones where deleting is the only action, much agreed.
@Mogsdad It came out when I was 11 so it definitely left an impression.
doggone it. fine.
Someone's poisoned the water hole!
I have been chosen!
it's kind of pitiful to me when I see those authors start doing panic edits as the down-votes come in
8:46 PM
without even realizing that they're not really helping the post
^ one-box of the day for me... worth it.
You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.
So play nice
What? You want your mommy back? She never loved you! Don't be such a BABY!
it's a rare occurrence but I occasionally see that case where the Q might have a glimmer of hope if it's edited right.. but if it gets like a gang down-vote and -8 score or something, probably too late to reverse trends... then again I'm thinking of a rare case scenario.. shouldn't optimize the rare case
8:50 PM
On-topic cv:
^unsure whether that's on-topic or not
@cybermonkey Oh, it's on topic right now.
@LynnCrumbling IMHO it's better off on Super User as it involves debugging why a closed-source program won't start (given, it's VS). If it was any other program it'd be off-topic.
no, I was talking about my cv req.
ah, ok, I was talking about mine :D
8:54 PM
@cybermonkey SO makes special allowances for development tools. It's probably on-topic, since VS is for development.
@LynnCrumbling yeah, but I'm not so sure that it covers debugging crashes with IDEs
Our alternating avatars are very colorful; I'm enjoying that.
wrecks the pattern since I hat fun
"hat fun"... hahaha... plop. LMAO
you forgot italics
9:04 PM
@NathanOliver I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@cybermonkey For what it's worth, I would say that post is on-topic because it is about "software tools commonly used by programmers", from help/on-topic.
@MaximillianLaumeister yeah, but it's about debugging said program that keeps crashing
IMHO having any question about programming tools is too broad a scope
@cybermonkey It doesn't seem to fit any of the guidelines on the off-topic page though
what about GitHub? programming tool, yet a question about 'GitHub isn't loading/has errors' (with the appropriate debug console messages, etc) would be off-topic
essentially similar issues
idk tool questions that benefit the community seem quite welcome here
9:14 PM
Must avoid the Triage queue when out of close votes.
as long as they are narrow, not recommend me a tool
@NathanOliver You've completed 40 CV review item(s) today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 17 minutes, averaging to a review every 26 seconds.
I finished the CV queue with one CV to spare.
asked a question on Meta about that cv request:
Q: Are questions about debugging IDEs on-topic?

cybermonkeyToday I stumbled across this question (no obligatory screenshot (gasp!) as the question is quite long) about Visual Studio 2015 crashing 'at random'. My initial thought was that it is off-topic as the question asks us to 'debug Microsoft's code' (as Clifford put it), and that such a question wou...

Later guys
9:30 PM
9:48 PM
This question is off-topic for Stack Overflow as it is not about programming. I would usually recommend another particular site in the SE network, but your question was low-quality to start with. — cybermonkey 6 secs ago
@cybermonkey It's spam, don't vote to close it just flag it as spam
@TinyGiant I interpreted it as some user who's trying to create 'help desk'-style questions, but I can see why it would be classed as spam.
@cybermonkey Well it is only there to support the product.
Whether it is intentional spam or not is a different question.
@Drew User is blacklisted. (5692512 on stackoverflow.com).
@Drew I just blacklisted him with the k command.
However he was not blacklisted before that.
ah the skip back after the failed attempt u first tried ?
I imagine that they'll be question-banned by now anyway
9:55 PM
yo mods we need more votes for spam. Stuff like this can wipe us out
"Seed" questions aren't necessarily spam, if they're otherwise valid and on-topic. ref: meta.stackexchange.com/a/13282/141629 "...and if you want to seed it with one or two questions yourself, that's fine too."
s2 2gone
Not applicable in this case, of course, since the subject matter is way off-topic.
sure Paul but that user, registered today, 3 questions in as many minutes
it appears that the account's now been destroyed
@Drew I thought new users were supposed to be rate limited for the first week or so?
9:58 PM
something like one question every 90 minutes, or maybe I'm mixing that up with something else
not only are there few of us willing to do this, but we are majorly unequipped to do it
10:13 PM
@Drew hey, Plop! ("Angel", "Plop"),
Forum is a source of contention in the Stack Overflow community. Forums are for discussion, Q&A sites are for Questions and Answers.
Stack Overflow is most definitely not a place for discussion.
seems like that is all that happens in Q&A about a third of the time
Discussion is off-topic on Stack Overflow, which is why questions that encourage or require extended discussion are off-topic.
10:22 PM
discussion usually happens with on-topic but clueless ops
Curious if this question stackoverflow.com/q/34344410 is off topic. It really seems overly broad, and asks for opinions in one of the many questions it asks...
A minimal amount of discussion is necessary sometimes to clarify the question and improve the content.
@MikeMcCaughan Too Broad, and that nice non-answer below it shining like a star.
if sometimes means 60 to 80 % of the time, I'm with ya
@TinyGiant Yeah, that answer is a stinker. I was just surprised that someone with that much rep would think that question's okay...
10:25 PM
yep, looks too broad to me, too.
Looks like a forum post to me, complete with a forum style answer.
not sure what the database aspect of the question has to do with javascript at all >.>
Not sure what the question has to do with the question.
And that pseudo code... Definitely not from a JS background ;)
10:41 PM
This closed question is starting to look pretty good. What do you think should be done about it? If you want to edit it, please state it before others start editing too.
The actual asked question is bad but could probably be edited imo
10:59 PM
@Kyll I think the solution in the question would make a good answer to the question (better than the accepted) .
And it would take a minimal amount of editing to make it a good question after that.

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