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12:00 AM
@Borgleader What.
No it doesn't.
Cake almost baked. I'll take my leave.
See you in a few days ^_^
@Morwenn ... you take days to eat cake?
@Nabijaczleweli Oh. #LOL. I found this in my hosts file http://sourceforge.net. That was due to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31481685/cant-find-a-member-of-boostserialization/31485344#comment50934348_31481685 and I forgot :)
lol - self p0wned for great justice
12:01 AM
@Borgleader I travel far away to find people willing to eat it.
@sehe you should not be downloading anything from SF anyway.
not safe
SF is the Nar Shaadaa of file hosting sites
Anyway, poor Guru Adrian.
Left us on Christmas.
Damn guy.
@Borgleader I like that this happened :)
I think he quit after some drama with a mod or something.
Why would he care. He was god, after all?
12:04 AM
@sehe Haha.
Took me a while to get that joke.
Maybe he was a god...
People who quit never say goodbye.
@Morwenn later!
I'm out too guys, heading home
> It's a particularly excellent time (as it is always) to reflect on those who have sacrificed so many hours, so much time, to converse with us here in the Lounge; only to have them disappear. ThePhD, GuruAdrian, and Pubby being just a few of the many we have lost. They never say a word, they always leave silently
such is life
Teaching software dev with the Feynman method doesn't work. Students have to experience design, failure and debugging http://buff.ly/1JNPYvx
it's rare when you know it's the last time you ever see someone, so there's no point in a goodbye
12:07 AM
Should resonate a bit here ^
@ʞɔᴉN Yeah but, for him, he quit at a special time.
Almost as if it was a new year's resolution.
Random partner projects is a really stupid idea.
in high school I knew a girl from Chile. she left like halfway through the year to go back home, and i never really said goodbye
the feels man
@ʞɔᴉN <3
You loved her.
alright im out for real, take it easy
@Nooble my love is all for you
12:15 AM
@Nooble he was in it for the money
@ʞɔᴉN L8r g8r
Q: Are all under 1000 reputation naturally idiots?

Daniel BeauyatLife is hard on Stack Overflow for us, the under 1000 reputation guys! Any 1k+ user is by definition cleverer than you. And it becomes a game for others to downvote you. It's a long time since I want to ask these questions: Is 100k+ reputation a matter of points accumulated in time or a matter...

Clearly not; I'm living proof. — Nooble 25 secs ago
cough :)
I have 10k rep and I'm still an idiot. — Borgleader 8 secs ago
12:30 AM
I have 200k rep and I'm still an idiot. — Mysticial 14 secs ago
I have 56 rep and I'm a Cardassian. — Elim Garak 41 secs ago
There is a way to "buy" rep.
Simply answer the questions for the help vampires/give me the code people.
@sehe I am #1 smart person.
Don't you know.
I was really tired, I lay down on the couch for a few minutes, am no longer tired
fu brain
On average, it takes about 1 hour for me to fall asleep.
12:35 AM
Or perhaps, gasp, laying on the couch was relaxing?
I need to upgrade my jokes.
I'm being outclassed.
@ElimGarak Does your engine allow for camera tonemapping & changing the whitepoint?
How can I prevent a divide by zero exception when I'm trying to set an array value?
@KalaJ what
@KalaJ ? Can you provide a simple code example?
and can you post it on SO ?
12:43 AM
Usually you prevent divide by zero exceptions by checking for 0 before you divide.
Well I am getting the exception but I'm not sure I have a simple code example
@Lalaland a[42] = throw DivideByZero {}; // very simple
@Borgleader Of course, and it's all exposed in the editor. Pretty much the entire postprocessing stage is exposed for tinkering. I do prevent making changes that only work locally as "hacks". If you cannot find a physically compliant good look, your lights or your scene (materials mostly) need work.
Or just say fuck it and use floating point.
well I am testing a function
I don't want to change the function, just setting something up so the test case is hit
so I think it's how I set the test case
brb, going to switch comps
12:45 AM
@ElimGarak Cool, I was wondering if that was a thing in game engines or only reserved to offline renderers such a Indigo (do look at the gallery if youre not familiar with it, theres nice stuff in there)
@Borgleader I actually just spent quite a bit of time making sure the defaults work perfectly, because every time you start using post process to make your scene decent, if those settings are propagated globally, you're fucked. Especially people who don't understand HDR and then try to brighten up interiors that way. Here's a default:
Don't mind the shitty-like cloth sim, that requires work.
So, this is the example... hopefully it makes some sense
The first code snippet is my test code
@elyse Managed to get eval to sort-of working state :v github.com/TheCatPlusPlus/lisp
the second code snippet is where the exception happens in my function
The problem is how I set the parameters in my test code but why?
Please. There is a site for questions like these:
12:51 AM
@sehe Is that like Reddit?
I have a miserable day - hayfever it seems
When's the funeral?
in 100 years for sure
I thought people were allowed to ask questions here? Did we change the rules?
12:54 AM
Watched a few episodes of Aquarius. Not sure if I like the show, but need something in the background to keep me company.
@Lalaland Did you read the rules?
A while ago.
Well, I read them recently, asking questions is okay... When you're regularish, nice and people start to like you.
I don't check every month.
I am feeling horrible, my nose is itching & I could not stop sneezing :'(
12:55 AM
@sehe, I know but this is such a minor question. Sorry for the trouble. This is one of those things I'll probably figure it after a few hours of debugging and then handpalm because the answer was so simple
Usually when there is more than two code snippets, people on SO run out of fucks to give. If you can ask your question in a sentence, you'll get a response.
I need to move to a place with no hay in spring, maybe becoming a sailor or something
Also, C != C++.
@ElimGarak Cough. livecoding.tv/sehe
12:57 AM
well they're relatively small snippets haha. I'm sure it's about the array but I don't see how I'm dividing by zero
@KalaJ It seems like you to check psp->splTimePwrRampStep and SPS for zero before dividing.
SPS will never be zero
I'll double check psp
Thanks @Lalaland
@ElimGarak, yup I know. Just C chatroom is dead
@sehe Twitch has reached coding shores!
@KalaJ It's that usually, C is here an object of mockery.
@ElimGarak Oh. I thought you meant twitch is better for this for a second
I can see why @ElimGarak
12:59 AM
There's nothing wrong with C.
When I'm done with this, hoping to go back to C# xD
It's just that there are better alternatives.
@ElimGarak And the point was I'm spending ~4 hours now on the same question (and some distractions of course)
@Lalaland Nothing right either. :P
where things make sense
1:00 AM
AFAIK C is only useful for two cases: minimal runtime dependency, really high performance needs.
Otherwise C++ or Rust are almost always direct upgrades.
@KalaJ Or c++.
@Lalaland Yeah, I use it only in experimental kernel development, on the low side because C++ needs a runtime, exceptions and shit. But cannot really justify using it anywhere else, beyond shits and giggles.
@sehe You don't seem particularly enthusiastic about it on the cam :P
Also 3am. Tired
Lots of people doing web coding there, not sure that really requires a live coding session.
@sehe you are a pessimist
otherwise why would people calling a falling market, a bear market?
1:05 AM
@Lalaland Mostly lack of tools for other things
@Lalaland, double checking my tests but you're right, it was psp! Thank you so much for your help!
@CatPlusPlus Correct. That makes 3 reasons.
@Lalaland No, just that one
Also, @sehe, you have quite the following there. Been there long or the site's fresh?
Actually looks like another test is overriding the values... that might be why... interesting.. It runs perfectly in isolation but divide by zero when all tests run
got it, wrong deference pointer set :P
@Lalaland, thank you!
1:15 AM
@ElimGarak I'm not sure. I just sometimes stream my SO work (so people can see what I happen to do).
No idea whether 7 viewers is "a lot". Some people come for the vim, allegedly
oh, the site counts total views (+2000), not concurrent people viewing
icon misled me
Yeah. UI sucks pretty big time on livecoding
:s/UI sucks/Most things suck
Well it's a user content driven site, so the suckage can be amended by quality users.
1:30 AM
took some antihistamine pills, feeling better
and dizzier
@ElimGarak Nope. The suckage is in the UI. And it affects the ability to furnish quality content
And with that, time for bed
Don't fall asleep now
that would be a waste of time
@thecoshman I can remind you of this periodically
Sleeping is a waste of time.
If I could take a pill to avoid sleeping (with no side effects) I would.
Think of all the extra hours in the day you would have.
Sleep prepares you for the final one. :P
I don't think anyone would face death wondering "Darn, I wish I was unconscious for more of my life."
From second person experience, it's pretty much fear, uncertainty and sadness. If you get to die in a bed.
Sometimes you get to die screaming, or not even get to that part.
The last one is the best. Contemplating it doesn't help.
1:43 AM
Disagree. I prefer the second person experience.
Ensure a bit of tradition
Not much.
dyu hear about the pokemon tournament?
Some guys wanted to trick their blam blam in there. Did a fatal mistake, tho. Bragged about shit before actually doing anything. Must've been Star Citizen programmers.
I am Elim Garak and this is my favorite lounge on the Lounge Citadel.
1:57 AM
goed morngen beches
Hey, bo. Still bringin' down the world's economy down there?
mmm china going up so far
there's still room for collapse though :D
I look forward to it with glee!
It's always fun
1:59 AM
Then we Cardassians gonna roll in and make you our bitches like the Bajorans.
Straight off to Galotep with y'all!
@elyse am I not special to you
inb4 no
well fuck you too!
You just wanted to flex your rep with multiple lines!
I just post shitty answers and people give me updoots anyway
I'm confused by my own latest answer, even
If you need some bread, I can hook you up with JB's tow truck.
2:04 AM
Damn mosquitos.
See, I can do the Domagoj costume too
Isn't that like a universal got-something-stuck-between-your-teeth-but-smiling character sequence?
I'm not sure
Another mosquito sighted. Diverting to intercept.
Flying erratically. Lands on display. Dies from complications due to a smack across the whole body.
I find "clapping" be quite effective at killing the suckers.
2:07 AM
The previous one died like that.
Now I shall pose his body to taunt the mosquito homicide detectives when they arrive on the scene.
One of these days I should invest in a fly swatter.
But it's so satisfying to kill them with your bare hands.
The problem with that is that you often have to go retrieve it in an another room. By the time you get back, they literally get wind of it.
And scramble.
We hoomans displace a lot of air as we move.
Longdong, ever seen one of these:
Nope, looks like Japan
The hairstyles here are very different and quite uniform
Very short on the sides, longer on top, brushed sideways
I smell a question.
2:14 AM
And not a C++ one
you guys familiar with employment agreements?
this one section in the agreement has me perplexed.
I'll bite, which?
Well that depends entirely on the legislation of the country you reside in
2:16 AM
A mosquito just bit my leg. I am like so offended.
It's shit
Don't sign
That's standard. You make shit. They can take it from you if it blossoms.
@culturalanomoly That's abusive, remove it.
tell me about it. that's why i haven't signed shit yet.
2:19 AM
Also what an interesting company name I would never call my own company [redacted]
John Carmack was actually under such stipulations before forming id software.
These clauses are abusive and should be nuked from LRiOrbit
He broke those rules and then had to make games for his former company in order for them not to take id to court.
2:21 AM
But then again, there wouldn't be id without that company given that they "borrowed" company computers on weekends.
you guys are reinforcing my sentiment.
It's absolutely normal that they own stuff you produce at work or during work hours, but they should have no right to creep outside of those boundaries.
Actually I remember I read something similar the other day on Linkedick
@MaiLongdong Indeed, but it does happen a lot.
@ElimGarak And that's why you should not sign!
However, there are issues enforcing those clauses, especially if you're not a dumbass. You get something, you hold onto it, you quit, work a menial job for a while and then go for it. The issue is just the "time-sensitivity" of possible success. Or accidentally making yourself somebody.
Still, a bad clause.
Also, why is it redacted, it's difficult to mock redacted.
Keep in mind, if you sign, that any projects you create in the timeframe of working with them are subject to that shit. So if it blossoms 10 years and three companies later, they can come back for you. Especially with computers timestamping everything today.
2:28 AM
yeah, getting the feeling this contract is pretty vicious.
It's all their property, states right there. If made during or after work hours of your contractual agreement.
If you doodle dickbutt on toilet paper it belongs to them
and if you think you can make something that is not related to the business, watch out, "is useful to the business" is also there. Money is useful to business.
Dickbutt is useful to business
yeah. that "useful to the business" bit adds 500 pounds of shit to the offer ...
2:33 AM
Contracts tell you a lot about the company you're going to work for. Personally, I'd rather work for €500 less with great folks and good faith contracts.
reading contracts is for scrubs
how do you increment the index of an array of strings using pointer arithmetic?
@cp101020304 { "bye" }
@ElimGarak ?
@ʞɔᴉN what do you mean by "reading contracts is for scrubs"? anything meaningful hidden there?
2:41 AM
I have a string array and I want to iterate through all the strings using pointer arithmetic
@culturalanomoly That's Nick. Nick is fun. :P
just sign it, you can trust people :)
People are the nicest.
2:44 AM
@cp101020304 Post your code here and give a link
2:57 AM
is it common for company's to adjust their agreements in response to feedback?
Companies which have that particular section, naw.
They can't be the only opportunity out there, look a little. Take your time.
3:22 AM
thanks @ElimGarak
3:44 AM
@MaiLongdong You do OpenCL right? I want to send my non-commercial software to some people but I really don't want them stealing my kernels. I'm scared they will use string and steal my code, any advice?
@Mikhail In general I don't think there is any way to "win".
You might as well just xor "encrypt" it.
Actually it looks like you can precompile OpenCL kernels.
But you are really just adding layers of obfuscation.
Well you can't precompile with nvidia I think
xor looks interesting but I'm going to have to figure out how to incoporate that into my build process...
If you are using GNU make it should be pretty trivial.
Also, remember that whatever encryption you do is pretty much worthless as you have the encryption keys by definition in your application itself.
All it does is prevent someone from running strings on your binary.
@Mikhail Sorry, you need to wait for SPIR-V to be released
Right now there's nothing you can do
Anyone know what the point of using a pointer and forward declarations for the pImpl idiom is instead of using source-file local variables (ie anonymous namespaces)?
3:58 AM
Isn't the entire point of pimpl to reduce compile times by allowing you to include less headers?
Not sure how the two are related
pimpl saves compile time because it doesn't need to know about the implementation of the pointer
Usually you implement pimpl using a forward declaration to an implementation struct or class in the header file of your class, and then write the implementation in the source file
What is your suggested alternative?
Instead of having a forward declaration and any 'impl' members in your class header, why not just have the implementation in your source file, and use an anonymous namespace to refer to it.
because you need to include headers for the implementation?
4:01 AM
What does that have to do with anything
headers slow down the compilation
Your original header stays the same. Its only the source file that changes.
Wait. This is a normal pimpl header: ------
struct foo;
class Blah {
  unique_ptr<foo> darn;
The only difference is the original header doesn't have any reference to the implementation in the form of a forward declaration.
Yes, but when you include the interface part of the pimpl, none of the implementation headers get pulled in. Thus you avoid dumping tons of headers into your classes.
4:03 AM
with corresponding source: ------
struct foo{
  int oops;
@Prismatic Can you show an example of what you are suggesting?
	// h
	struct Blah {
		void Foo();

	// cpp
	namespace {
	   struct BlahImpl {
		   void Foo { cout << "Whatever"; }

	   unique_ptr<BlahImpl> impl;

	Blah::Blah() { impl = make_unique... }
	void Blah::Foo() { impl->Foo(); }
sorry for the indentation, dunno what happened there
Your impl is global.
We need one impl per Blah
ah yeah
good point lol
Although, it wouldn't take much work to make it non-global
std::map<Blah*, BlahImpl>
Something like that.
It's an interesting idea.
the class Im using is supposed to be a singleton, so I thought about doing it that way
4:08 AM
Yeah, so you can avoid includes by using globals
Singletons suck.
It's usually nicer to create a normal non-singleton class and then just have one global instance of that.
meh. I don't ever enforce singletons, I just document that there should only be a single instance of this class hanging around
But your suggested style would enforce that it's a singleton.
It would discard state when someone tries to create another instance though
I do wonder the tradeoffs between pimp vs anonymous global std::map<Foo*, Data>
4:10 AM
You could just throw from the constructor if the pointer is not null or something I guess
@Prismatic Yeah, thus enforcing the singleton nature.
I think pimpl is still better.
Keeping the std::map updated would be a big possible source of bugs or memory leaks.
1 hour later…
5:29 AM
> Hackage documentation generation is not reliable. For up to date documentation, please see: [link]
How convenient.
then on that link
> Please see the full tutorial on [link].
5:40 AM
oh fk. same shit, different day
> Internal compiler error at 0x4931fa with base 0x400000
compiler bugs are always fun
Infernal compiler error.
lol 11 flags on my messages
i wish I could introduce the following semantics to members of my classes
I feel kinda proud
5:51 AM
> There's a difference between
> * Requesting a change
> * Being notified a change has been made
I guess I'll just quit this room and come only on my alts from now on.
do flags have any kind of penalty
whoo, 30 positive reviews. And 30 reviews total. \o/
@ArneMertz Send a Frown!
@Xeo? your game?
5:54 AM
My company's game (that I also worked on)
The Good, the Bad and The Rules.
I wanted to add "The Ugly one is you.", but that's a bit mean maybe.
it doesnt matter how witty the message is, no one will ever read it
to whom?
Actually, at least we could gauge who actually read the message, if they feel insulted.
6:18 AM
@Xeo How did the early access release go?
25 mins ago, by Xeo
whoo, 30 positive reviews. And 30 reviews total. \o/
No major problems either
Except for those people with 21:9 resolution displays. Fuck 'em. :<
6:59 AM
Those are huge problems

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