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9:00 PM
By having a .edu email.
Free for students? Guess I'm gonna have to sign up for this.
Is there anyone in Amsterdam?
Top Gear special was good
@Ell You wanna go out for beer?
9:07 PM
I haven't watched Top Gear for months.
I just realised Java has non-erased generics.
@rightføld It does?
Arrays. :P
new T[1] and new U[1] have different generic types.
If T is a template parameter, new T[1] does not compile.
You get a "generic array creation error" or something.
It's not.
@FredOverflow class tags ftw
9:10 PM
class Foo<T>
    T[] test = new T[1];
^ does not compile
def foo[T: ClassTag]() = Array[T](1) < compiles :P
@FredOverflow why would you not allow that :O
@AlexM. It cannot work due to erased generics.
Q: How to create a generic array in Java?

tatsuhirosatouDue to the implementation of Java generics, you can't have code like this: public class GenSet<E> { private E a[]; public GenSet() { a = new E[INITIAL_ARRAY_LENGTH]; // error: generic array creation } } How can I implement this while maintaining type safety? I saw a s...

@rightføld How is that Java?
3 mins ago, by rightføld
I just realised Java has non-erased generics.
@FredOverflow lol java
So you're talking about one of the most annoying features of Java.
9:13 PM
Javas generics are erased at runtime
@Ell No, they are erased before runtime ;)
The JVM has no notion of generics.
@FredOverflow was thinking of something for new years. But too much money I think
Just before runtime :P
@Ell You mean visiting Amsterdam?
Please help get this deleted by flagging as abuse. Thanks!
9:17 PM
> apple.se
> comes to lounge<c++> to get it closed
how did you manage this?
@bjb568 No?
also the guy is fucking right
only ghosts can cause that
@AlexM. *deleted
must be pics from @Jefffrey's house :P
9:19 PM
oh you...
Or is it your delicious pizza, @AlexM. ?
BTW, SSL is broken on loungecpp.net
@Nooble just noticed there's a pizza there lol
we know
@bjb568 It is not abuse. Please do not abuse the flag-as-abusive system and certainly do not come into chatrooms asking others to do so.
9:21 PM
@bjb568 There's little not broken on that domain.
It would have been extra-awesome if there was a named face in the pizza.
in Java, 4 mins ago, by Jefffrey
AFAIK generics are like an handicapped version of templates in C++. Is that correct?
That's unintentionally trollish.
@bjb568 In fact, it's funny. So I upvoted it. Get a sense of humour, Appleboy.
I couldn't put it that way either. Java generics are just compile-time implicit casts.
A: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Shogging through the snow I'm assuming that's not what "abusive" in this reason is referring to You know what they say about assumptions... ...they say that they're often wrong. Like you are. In this case. If someone is abusing the site by posting gibberish, flag it as such. Any combination of 6 spam or offensive ...

9:24 PM
@user3665224: Whether a question has an answer has nothing to do with whether it should be re-opened. And, it already has four reopen votes: the first one was mine. Thanks for playing. — Lightness Races in Orbit 35 secs ago
@bjb568 It's not "gibberish". It's a joke.
@bjb568 Take it to "Ask Different" chat then
Don't come on to other sites trying to recruit for your lynch mob
@LightnessRacesinOrbit The post was meant to show that the flag reason isn't strict.
Abuse of the system counts. Trolling is abuse.
hurrrr durrrr
9:26 PM
It's not trolling
someone made a joke on the internet
yawn blah blah yawn
Why everyone thinks everyone is trolling.
time to lynch the fucker
go for a lie down and come back when you don't have a stick up your arse :)
9:27 PM
It shouldn't be an answer, it should be a comment.
But seriously, it's not trolling, jesus.
lol, and then you come in here and you start flagging regulars @bjb568
good job
give me owner powers so I can kick him
ugh stop flagging for fucks sake
wait, who got flagged
two times though
9:29 PM
i'm not deleting it this time
there must be someone else flagging other than blowjob there
the line must be drawn here
this far, and no farther
9:29 PM
@bjb568 Yes, be nice. That includes not acting like you are acting.
liro is much more natrual than lrio
When you come onto a random site and order people to form a lynch mob and abuse moderation rules, you get a little snark back. Get used to it, sunshine.
@bjb568 Delete it yourself.
I'm sorry that I thought this room would help with upholding Stack Exchange values. Bye!
9:31 PM
ahahaha, oh god, I deleted a script from Unity
which was opened in MonoDevelop
I would be surprised if this room cared about any value whatsoever.
and the shit IDE didn't know what else to do other than crash
nvm, it was just unresponsive for a while
@bjb568 How is that abuse really?
It's a legitimate question
@bjb568 pahahaha
9:32 PM
@Jefffrey Good code.
@bjb568 The more you know...
wow, my Hat question on meta accrued some score
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Tell me more about your rep accretion
@Fred Rodent guy is a scary opponent right?
9:35 PM
#include <stdio.h>
#include <complex.h>

int main(void)
    double imaginary i = 2.0*I; // pure imaginary
    double f = 1.0; // pure real
    double complex z = f + i; // complex number
    printf("z = %.1f%+.1fi\n", creal(z), cimag(z));
@bjb568 avatar looks like young Cat++
How does this work?
@JohanLarsson I have no idea what you're talking about. Who is "Rodent guy"?
like wow
macros and language keywords, how else?
9:35 PM
I meant the keyword
@FredOverflow The guy in Java with some kind of rat as avatar :)
It's just weird to see it in C.
as usual, compilers can implement whatever the fuck they want.
which in this case is crazy shit but that's another matter
@JohanLarsson The entire room seems to be filled with stubborn idiots unwilling to engage in serious discussion about how Java sucks as a programming language.
so it was full of Java programmers then
9:36 PM
Aw, I was starting to make witty jokes about "hole room".
what a shocker
they are particularly dense, these ones
@FredOverflow yep strange attitude.
I don't like programmers who can't admit that their favorite programming language sucks.
About Unihedro: I don't know if he really is this dense or he is just displaying an defensive attitude that he would probably call "trolling".
9:37 PM
@Borgleader this
How would they react if I came in the room and just blatantly said "Java sucks"
@FredOverflow Why would they think it sucks if it's their favourite language?
@FredOverflow Wide doesn't suck.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Come on. Every programming language sucks.
@Puppy yeah yeah except Wide
@Nooble Probably bin the message and forget about it.
9:38 PM
@Jefffrey I'm tempted...
@FredOverflow Some way more than others.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I'll be honest, I just felt like using the word accretion :P
@FredOverflow APL doesn't suck, but it's not my favourite language either.
Agda doesn't suck.
@rightføld A programming language that requires you buy a special keyboard. That sounds like a sane idea!
9:39 PM
You can't do anything serious in it though.
@FredOverflow Or just download a special keyboard layout.
Why doesn't APL just use trigraphs? :)
If Haskell ecosystem is terrible, the Agda one is non-existent.
@FredOverflow do you know Groovy?
I know it is a programming language. And that's about it.
9:40 PM
@Borgleader ;/p
in Java, 49 secs ago, by Nooble
Java is terribad.
"Fun" in the Java rum.
@FredOverflow I decided to use it as a configuration language.
I want to try impersonation.
Hmm, how the hell am i going to "contain" llvm in my .lib so i dont have to link against it in the .exe above it =/
@rightføld In what sense?
i dont wanna pimpl :(
9:43 PM
Real-life impersonation.
Like role-playing?
@FredOverflow Female impersonation.
Or prank calls?
From male.
@Jefffrey not such a malicious response as I thought. They don't seem like bad people.
9:43 PM
@FredOverflow No, to extract secret information.
@Jefffrey sigh Can we please stop flag shaming? Go ahead if someone flags "I like C++!"... but flags are meant for someone to express that they think it's offensive. That's their opinion. Express yours by declining the flag. You're also making assumptions on who flags -- which is quite frankly wildly inaccurate.
@Nooble There doesn't actually appear to be anybody there.
@rightføld What kind of information from whom?
@FredOverflow Secret information from anyone.
Just in general.
@hichris123 lol
9:44 PM
@hichris123 ...So it was you who flagged? ;)
@hichris123 No, it's for them to bitch and whine incredibly loudly and go scream in the ear of every 10k user on the chat "Help Mummy, it's so offensive!!!111"
@FredOverflow Yep. :P
lol @ people being offended
Nobody here is offended by anything.
silly morons
9:45 PM
Q: What happens if you remove the polarization filter from a computer monitor?

glanceHave a look at this youtube video (and some extra footage here). Here I will post a gif showing in short what it is about: It shows that if you remove the polarizing filter from a pc's monitor and you place it on a pair of glasses, you obtain a monitor which looks white (not showing the actual...

^ quite cool
Except me. No offensive Koala jokes please.
so it's mostly useful against, say, lrio.
(speaking of secret information)
@hichris123 Flags are offensive.
@Puppy ... and? It is not your job to police who goes "whining", just to agree or disagree with the flag. (I disagree completely with your version of chat flags, but...)
9:45 PM
@hichris123 What on earth about my comment was "offensive"? You muppet.
@Jefffrey So are words.
Not really
@hichris123 It is always my job to police what content comes screaming on to my screen.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I actually take that as a complement. :)
@Puppy Er, huh?
@hichris123 Compliment*
9:46 PM
Today is the "complement" day.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit whatever. ;)
@Puppy Sure. Police the flag, not the user.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Fun when giving a demonstration to a client and then acting like you don't know why they're confused.
@hichris123 No but we have a right to call you on on being a twat for flagging everything that doesn't need flagging
just quit being an arse mmkay
Hi, Chris 123!
@rightføld yeah :D
though you can do that anyway
9:47 PM
we should make a TV series called StackExchange Nightmares
Where are the 122 other Chrises?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit k I'll go back to my horrible C++ code and attempt to make it work. Even though it won't.
Hopefully far away if they're anything like the 123rd one
@hichris123 ok
@hichris123 Also I'm fairly sure I knew everyone that was in the room at the moment of the flagging, except for that guy. So the assumption that that guy was the one flagging was perfectly fine.
@rightføld 123 other Chrises if you start counting from 0.
9:47 PM
As long as you don't post your horrible C++ code here it's fine.
@hichris123 No, I'm going to police the user. They're the problem in most cases. Once the flag is on the screen, it's too late to prevent it from appearing, obviously.
you can't invalidate-and-also-ban-that-guy-from-flagging.
@hichris123 Way more than 122. :(
@Puppy Again, that's a job for mods. Not you. (there's a custom moderator flag in chat)
I'll just leave this here
9:49 PM
Just stfu
@FredOverflow Who says there couldn't be more than 123 chrises? There can be chris124.
If you don't like what people say you have two options:
1. leave (please choose this one)
2. ignore the people in question
Flagging is for far more serious stuff.
@rightføld like what?
@hichris123 No, it's definitely my job. If you think it's the mod's job to handle terrible flags, then it's also their job to handle terrible content that you would flag, as they are exactly the same thing.
9:50 PM
@FredOverflow Telkitty beheadings and child porn?
@rightføld ew
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I will, but please talk nicer to me. I am not a Lounge regular. If I were a new user, I would think you were all a bunch of meanies. :P (seriously, talk to regulars that way, but not new users. it paints a bad reputation on the Lounge)
@hichris123 You assume that we don't want to be thought of as meanies and we don't want a bad reputation.
on the contrary I'm quite happy to be a bunch of meanies with a bad reputation.
What reputation? Can I downvote the Lounge?
apparently you can.
9:52 PM
@Puppy Well, didn't the Lounge get shut down once? looks on Meta
@Puppy Then your place is not here.
@FredOverflow Anything you would see in /b/
@hichris123 More than once, I believe.
@hichris123 I talked to you very nicely until you tried to get me suspended for no reason. Twice. Look in a mirror, bro.
@MoreAxes I've just added "a standard way of composing grammars in Spirit" that also shows you how to do debugging at the high level, and how you can have a custom struct instead of the non-descript tuple<>. There are some interesting observations regarding never-matching branches. See the code Live On Colirusehe 1 min ago
@rightføld Still aiming for here :) Only spent 1.5 hours refuctoring that for the OP
9:52 PM
@SecondRikudo On the contrary, I'm quite happy here.
If you want to be a professional, welcome aboard. If all you want is policing and being an ass, your place is not here, and you are mistaking your position in the community.
I am a professional but not here.
I think you got that backwards ;p
@Puppy So go and be professional somewhere else.
9:53 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Uh wut. I have not flagged any of your messages in the past 2 days. At least. I might have flagged you a couple months ago, but I can't remember.
You're not much better than those meta trolls
on the contrary
the meta trolls make things bad for everybody, and I just sit here in this one room with my friends.
@hichris123 it's very funny you care for the reputation of people you don't know. Then again, by default, I think I would agree that LRIO can be /a lot/ nicer - to all life forms likely
@hichris123 I thought this whole conversation started because you admitted flagging? And it was my messages that got flagged, so...
9:54 PM
such friendly room
@sehe Je moet ook wat, ouwe opa.
@rightføld lachuh
@Abyx Yeah you're never to blame for it being unfriendly at all!
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I knew that would get taken out of context. :( No, I didn't flag.
@Puppy you probably made a typo in "fiends"
9:54 PM
@hichris123 Then what the hell are we all talking about!!!
@LightnessRacesinOrbit shrugs My crappy C++ code?
I got all tangled up in this editor/play mode separation
God. Who's taking over the lounge here. It seems we have hichris and Second Rikudo trying to dictate how the lounge should be. And to add insult to injury, LRIO and Puppy are outdoing themselves to make a caricature and act rebellious in the light of any criticism.
I think I'll come back next year
@sehe That sounds dramatic, but 2015 is just around the corner.
9:57 PM
I don't want to get Madara angry
@FredOverflow wazzamapoint
so I won't enter the fray
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Did you just lend your mirror? Seems to be a suboptimal move
very good examples /cc @FredOverflow
Or not actually. Flagging spams it across all rooms. Yeah, it's prolly worth it though. *And* flag for mod attention
who's Madara
@FredOverflow y u no #scala
9:59 PM
wish C# had python-like tuples

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