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4:00 PM
for a $35 purchase
i agree
for like a 700$ purchase 300 on one 150 another
instead have to make 3 orders
or a way to get all the visa $ into my debit account
either one would thrill me
i think there are implications with doing multiple transactions or something
otherwise someone would've done it already
the roll-back
but if you did a series of pre-authos, solved
4:05 PM
well theres the issue of like
what if 1 card went through but the other card didnt
ya the pre-authos would solve that
what about returns
if a pre-autho fails, drop it
can't return to these cards in the first place?
if i return to amazon/newegg they debit me back my funds
what if one fails to return and the rest pass
then have a credit of XXXX.XX that could not go onto that card
4:07 PM
also what about cash back
or incentives
think they work like it was a single card
null and voided
@RoelvanUden Thank you.
@Greg What'd I do?
Killed IE?
Well this is fun
4:12 PM
SQL still?
Polling for a connection doesn't work either
It polls forever
@KendallFrey what are you trying to do?
Someone here before mentioned Slalom Consulting and I'm looking at their .NET dev position. It says minimum 35 years of development experience and a minimum of 2 years of experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, C# or Visual Basic, etc...!! 35 years dev??!?! LOL is that a typo or are they really looking for a super senior?
open a connection to a DB that I just created
wait... what?
4:14 PM
@KalaJ 35 years you should be retiring
that's 55-56 for a normal dev who gets a job out of uni
i think they meant 3.5
Did we even have dev Unis at that point? I think not
how did you create a connection without connect it?
okay, so I'm safe to apply then lol
@tweray *database?
@RoelvanUden My father has a masters of CS from the 80's
so i guess
4:15 PM
Actually, I think they meant 3 - 5 @KalaJ
Imagine the interview, so you only have 2 years experience... we are looking for 35 years of experience! What makes you qualified? LOL
@Failsafe PunchCard Science
@juanvan literally
why say minimum 3-5? that just means minimum 3
@KendallFrey 3+
4:16 PM
@KendallFrey recruiters/HR
a person with 5+ will probably fight for higher pay
maybe they dont want that
maybe theres a salary cap and they figure 3-5 years will be able to fit under the cap
@KalaJ You shouldn't care too much about those "minimum requirements". They're usually drafted by some ignored HR or management imbecile person, just go out there and throw around some buzz words and they'll be all "You're so awesome!" in no time. If the company is semi decent, it'll be a good job description with much less emphasis on "minimum" requirements; they're just looking for a good dev 99/100 times.
yeah, somehow <5 ppl are easier to bully, generally speaking
@RoelvanUden The EF remark above.
@Greg Aha, no problem.
4:18 PM
@tweray I found the opposite. Most times new people are the easiest to bully. People with experience know the market they are in and want above market salaries for their experience most of the time
you changed your carrot
@KendallFrey can you show the tsql or c# code you tried, i kind of still lost in the topic
I'm trying to find what I need to create a valid OAuth server with implementation.
you betrayed me
You discussed me.
@Failsafe 4355_0068
4:19 PM
@juanvan haha it's too late for that
the daemontools
haha well never knows
The naming convention - or lack thereof - in this database is really irritating
@tweray basically this:
yesterday, by Kendall Frey
new SqlCommand("CREATE DATABASE Foo;" connectionToMaster).ExecuteNonQuery();
new SqlConnection(connectionStringToFoo).Open();
Half of the primary keys are PK_TableName and the other half are PK_ColumnName
oh, i see, still yesterday's topic extended
4:21 PM
I've tried polling sys.databases.collation, it returns a value and the connection still fails
Waiting 10 seconds before trying works
trying in a loop does not
@KendallFrey i would try new SqlCommand("CREATE DATABASE Foo; go;" connectionToMaster).ExecuteNonQuery();
Jon Ericson on January 12, 2016
2015 was a banner year for Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network.
Doesn't GO only apply in... transactions or SSMS or something?
@tweray if that were the problem why would waiting 10 seconds work?
GO only works in SSMS, iirc
4:23 PM
ah, wait, I spotted something
hmmm, nvm mind then, i got a feeling it's more of the scope thing, but not sure yet
he spotted something!
plot twist: It's a spotted owl.
If we spent three days talking about this only to "spot something" that solves the problem I'm going to be pissed
Don't worry, I didn't spot something that's been causing it all along
oy, it looks like polling for a connection does work
I was just misapplying it
4:30 PM
Oh fuck me I thought it was Wednesday all morning
there's no $(Configuration) variable in TF build?
@mikeTheLiar Woke up that way too almost forgot the garbage
so apparently
angular has a ngUpgrade option
like vNext
@mikeTheLiar Please tell me you weren't misguidedly humping things.
Or even making camel jokes
No I was just looking forward to lunch, but since it's Tuesday the lunch special at the place I was going to go are shitty today
4:35 PM
@mikeTheLiar i wish it was wednesday
my PC parts come in tomorrow
I love the smell of new silicon in the morning
i gotta spend all afternoon tomorrow replacing my mobo
then installing windows again
what you getting?
mb lol
4:37 PM
just the mobo? Ugh that's a pain
well apparently not just
i7 5820k, asus x99-a MB, 32gb ddr4 3000
hot you like the 5820?
ill find out
i have a fx8350 but i cant OC it
so it's stuck at 3.9ghz
4:38 PM
but the most important part is the storage
even though they advertise at 4.2
850 evo pro
im not sure if the MB supports m2
some people say yes some don't
4:40 PM
hi i can't get it working :(
and the specs dont say
I'll repeat....
I've this query SQL : SELECT DISTINCT MIN(vehicleFileName) AS vehicleFileName, Doors, Body, BodyName, ModelNum, ModelFrom,ModelTo,Species FROM CarDB GROUP BY Class_ID,MAKE_ID, ModelName, Doors, Body, BodyName, ModelNum, ModelFrom,ModelTo,Species HAVING (Class_ID = 1) AND (MAKE_ID = '-1') AND (ModelName = '500') AND (Species = 'CAR') ORDER BY ModelFrom DESC OK?
Now i've tried to make it but it still not work!!
did you try to convert it into linq
can you post the linq query you have so far
SELECT   DISTINCT MIN(vehicleFileName) AS vehicleFileName,
FROM     CarDB
GROUP BY Class_ID, MAKE_ID, ModelName, Doors, Body, BodyName, ModelNum, ModelFrom, ModelTo, Species
HAVING   (Class_ID = 1)
         AND (MAKE_ID = '-1')
         AND (ModelName = '500')
         AND (Species = 'CAR')
var veicoli = (from db in contestoDB.CarPark
where db.Class_ID == 1
where db.MAKE_ID == marca
where db.ModelName == modello
where db.Species == tipo
orderby db.ModelFrom descending
select new
vehicleFileName = db.vehicleFileName,
Doors = db.Doors,
Body = db.Body,
BodyName = db.BodyName,
ModelNum = db.ModelNum,
ModelFrom = db.ModelFrom,
ModelTo = db.ModelTo,
Species = db.Species,

veicoli = veicoli.Min(cv => cv.vehicleFileName).Distinct();
veicoli = veicoli.OrderByDescending(x => x.ModelFrom);
ok is not the same method of select query SQL
how can i convert?
you didnt even do the groupby
i don't know how to do it... :(
i'm an ignorant
i included it in my answer last time
i remember
4:49 PM
omg how many lb of salt is there in this damn italian pannini
Let me guess, pepperoni and bologna?
a panini is a pressed sandwich.
4:50 PM
@FailSafe ok i'll try it again
@tweray are you sure you are not just sprinkling a salt shaker into your mouth
@Failsafe ?
It's an italian sandwich, it requires at least a cup of salt and a cup of oil
here was this var db = (from c in contestoDB.CarPark
group c by new { c.Class_ID, c.ModelName, c.Doors, c.Body, c.BodyName, c.ModelNum, c.ModelFrom, c.ModelTo, c.Species } into carGroup
where c.Class_ID == 1
where c.MAKE_ID == "-1"
where c.ModelName == "500"
where c.Species == "CAR"
orderby c.ModelFrom descending
select carGroup);
i was sure before i eat it, now i'm not sure
4:51 PM
@Amy No. Panini are pressed sandwiches. A Panino is a pressed sandwich.
it feels that even the pita bread is salted
You know if you tilt your head back and mime shaking salt in your mouth you can actually taste salt? It's true, try it.
@mikeTheLiar that's a dank meme friendo
but in where c.Class_ID there is an error
4:52 PM
@mikeTheLiar I'm not going to pantomime sucking dick at work, bro
c is not exist in current context
I have plenty of time at home to pantomime sucking dick.
@Amy I once saw a sign that said Enjoy our freshly made Panini's!
I shuddered
@ShotgunNinja are you sure theres pantomiming involved
4:53 PM
my inner grammar nazi is crying
@Failsafe pretty sure anything else would be cheating on my fiancee
you monster
@ShotgunNinja what if it's your own dick
@Failsafe I'm a programmer; I'm not that flexible.
4:54 PM
I may be scrawny, but I'm not bendy.
♫so no one told you life was gonna give you crabs♫
i wanna help
i... errr... what
4:56 PM
@MarkusWerner dude mfw
can i star that
i would have starred that if it's a single line
You can help by getting me a panino, I'm starving
i starred it
oh great
4:57 PM
yup, you're famous now
soon all the chicks will want to know about you, your panini, and your asshole.
awkward silence intensifies
Sorry I'm busy shoving a panini in my asshole
just went and grab a sprite to smooth it down
@Failsafe who are these up users
5:02 PM
@MarkusWerner what do you mean
Was going to get panera bread for dinner too
@juanvan why get panara bread when there are panini's in your asshole ready to go?
shit, i hoped i did the same thing. shouldn't trust this pizzaria
now i'm sure my blood pressure is at least 90 160 something
@Failsafe Am full now, don't need lunch
5:17 PM
So EF is doing some weirdness in setting up the Database from my Code.

I want a many to many relationship between two objects Matters and Contacts.
a Matter has lists of different kinds of contacts like:


and Contacts have a list of Matters and Roles:


EF Sets it up like this:
i just finished my panini how you guys doin
You can format your code in chat, with the magical keys of CTRL + SHIFT + K.
actually CTRL + K will just work
@BenjaminGruenbaum Did you ever get your F# question answered?
5:29 PM
@Michael if you want many to many relationship, you will need a List<Contact> in your Matter class as well
thanks for any help
@tweray and then just hide the other lists from EF so they dont create relationships?
Looks like I got my database issue sorted. Thanks all!
@Michael i have no idea what other lists are for tbh, if they are just relationship to some other unrelated table, then just leave them there, you should only need one list for a any single external table that you need to relate though
5:34 PM
@MarkusWerner Does it work without the group clause?
I suggest removing pieces from the query until something works, then try adding pieces back until it works again.
@tweray I see thanks
@ReedCopsey I was mainly just looking for you - got a minute?
what's up?
@ReedCopsey we're currently debating cancellation semantics for JavaScript promises (our analog for C# tasks). I brought up F#'s handling of cancellation tokens and said that the style should be considered (as an alternative to Rx like disinterest semantics, and to explicit C# like cancellation tokens).
I think you would do a much better job explaining how they work and "representing them " to the committee/list.
esdiscuss.org/topic/promises-as-cancelation-tokens#content-23 here is when I brought it up and Kevin (the proposal champion) replied asking about it.
I can take a look a bit later
from what I remember, though, JS promises are more analogous to a Task than to an F# async, right?"
ie: they're effectively the action and the result?
5:53 PM
If I were creating a ship lets say in a Galaxy/Space game.. with ever expanding capabilities.. could that Ship object be:
dynamic ShipObj = new ExpandoObject(); ?
@ReedCopsey they're effectively only the resut
yeah - I don't think the F# model would work, tbh
they're more like a C# Task<T>, where F# is more like Func<Task<T>>, if that makes sense
part of why F# gets nice, but different, cancellation semantics is that the "async operations" aren't running/existing yet
so a single token can be handled in a more automatic manner by the scheduling mechanism
That makes sense, I guess the problem is the strict semantics
We're talking about cancelling Func<Task<T>> things though, like cancelling async functions.
6:11 PM
@tweray are you able to add tables directly to the DB and have EF find them in a code first environment?
I need an opinion
@Michael yes you can
but i don't suggest to cross the effort, it can cause some nightmare, if you control db schema by code, always control it by code, if you do the opposite, always do the opposite
@StevenLiekens TFS sucks
@tweray So I have some lookup tables that dont really need to have classes in code
agreed, after two days of trying to set up TF build and getting nowhere
6:16 PM
Do I just make the lookup tables have classes anyways?
I need an opinion on argument validation
Anyway, what's up with your arguments?
class A
    public A(object required)
        if (required == null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException();

class AB : A
    public AB(object required) : base(required)
        if (required == null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException();
the same argument is validated twice
6:18 PM
Not necessary since you're calling the base constructor
yeah but I don't feel comfortable making assumptions about what the base class does
Meh. I suppose that argument could be made but I don't it has much weight.
If you're inheriting from a class you should have a pretty good idea of how the base class works
Like, I get what you're saying about encapsulation but if you don't know how the base class works then WTF are you doing inheriting from it at all?
@StevenLiekens Typically you don't use parameters that you pass to the base class
So I'm fine with not validating
6:22 PM
Another good point. Let the base handle that stuff
I phrased that poorly but what I'm trying to do is agree with Kendall
I think the best argument is that the second if never evaluates to true
because it runs after the base ctor
I'm not really a fan of intentionally writing code that will never execute
@Michael if it's something not needed in your application at all, simply ask EF to ignore them
@tweray It something needed in DB but it doesnt need a class
6:27 PM
then as i said, if it's not needed in your application, ignore them
Oh wait, maybe not.
back from lunch
Can I get GUID as a parameter in my get method?
@Failsafe how was your panini?
@Obviously I'm not sure I understand the question
6:36 PM
@mikeTheLiar my ass never felt so warm and fresh
That is one fresh ass-panini
@tweray Im so lost. I need a lookup table of CaseTypes where I have data just listed. That has to be accessible by the context though so I can populate a datagrid in the UI. But CaseTypes are associated with Cases, so i need another CaseTypes table to where CaseTypes have specific Cases they are related with
well, if i understand your case clearly, then your application still need that table, it's only that you never directly querying that table separately. as long as your application is still fetching data from that table, then you need its datamodel
6:46 PM
@Codeman - All those questions seem fine but I would just preface some of them by saying "There isn't a right answers to this question. Think of it more as a conversation topic to give us an opportunity to get to know each other."
Personally I'm always more interested in watching people debug.
This may not be everyone's experience but I find that's the majority of my value. Digging through existing code.
Can someone explain what's going on here? I'm not sure what I'm looking at codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/69200/16002
Guys , Please I need Help .
I have dedicated server from Godaddy , i am not able to start SQL SERVER AGENT
when i check SQLAGENT.out , i found this error
This installation of SQL Server Agent is disabled. The edition of SQL Server that installed this service does not support SQL Server Agent.
i spent 2 days on this and i am not able to contact Godaddy .
your first problem was using godaddy
we can't help with that.
6:52 PM
Well I don't know what you want us to do about it. Install a different version of SQL Server
@Failsafe i agree with you :(
have you tried reversing the polarity?
@Amy what is that ?
Turn it off and on again
@mikeTheLiar what are the <> next to the Class name?
6:53 PM
Increase the gigawatts
like what typically goes in those?
Type parameters I believe
class MyClass<T> would be a more idiomatic version
oh I see
yeah that codegolf uses generics
So the nested generics I get but I'm not sure what Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y does
6:56 PM
Forces the compiler to create the generic types at each level.
Otherwise it would likely just ignore them.
I just pasted that into a project I was working on. immediately frozen
Y inherits from X. so it has itself as an inner class. so Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y........
phewww... it stopped
Also, for future reference, don't just copy/paste code that you find on the internet that you don't understand into an actively developed project
6:59 PM
i'm compiling it, lets see how long it takes
lol I know.
why not, @mikeTheLiar? what could possibly go wrong?
it looked harmless enough
Yeah so does a fork bomb
took 45 seconds to compile.

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